tagLoving WivesIt Has to be Fate Pt. 04

It Has to be Fate Pt. 04

byGrey Eagle 286©

This is a story about a young Marine Corps pilot during the era between the Korean War and the Viet Nam War. Reading the previous parts will lead to a better understanding of the plot and the characters.


Mica and Melissa strolled into the main dining room of the Duck Key Club at exactly seven o'clock, followed by Billy and Dawn. Both girls were stunning in their cocktail dresses.

Melissa was dressed in a black dress with a plunging neckline front and back and it had an asymmetrical hemline that started in front, daringly just above the knee, and dropped to calf length in back. Her long legs were clad in seamed sheer black hose. Her auburn hair was on top of her head in a crown braid interwoven with pearls matching her pearl earrings, necklace and bracelets. Black high heeled sandals completed her outfit.

Dawn wore an identical dress, except that where Melissa wore black, Dawn wore white. Her jewelry and the strand through her blond hair were black pearls.

Both men were elegant in perfectly tailored dark suits, Mica wore Navy blue and Bill wore Black. There was a hush throughout the large room as they escorted the ladies to their table. Tony waited for them there with a lovely young woman. Tony introduced everyone. The young woman, Betsy, curtsied to Melissa and said, "I am honored to meet you Princess Melissa."

Melissa smiled and said, "Please be informal this evening and just call me Melissa. This handsome young man is my husband and I am here tonight as Mrs. McDermott and not as a Princess." They all ordered cocktails. Mica had lemonade. Tony asked Melissa for a dance, she smiled graciously and said, "Thank you sir, but no! I always have the first and the last dance with my sweet husband." She smiled and extended her hand to Mica. He rose and led her on to the dance floor.

They fit together nicely and enjoyed the slow dance, Melissa's head rested on Mica's shoulder and her eyes were almost closed. 'This is pure heaven.' she thought. Her smile broadened when she felt his lips gently brush her forehead. She just wanted to drag him to the nearest bed but instead she looked up at him and whispered, "I love you, I want to take you home and rape you."

Mica looked into her eyes, "That is not possible; you can't rape someone who is helping you. Have you noticed the way Tony is looking at you?"

"He never takes his eyes off of me."

"Right, I do not trust him. Please keep that in mind. If he asks you to do anything, do not look at me, I will tell you what to answer by touching you: once for YES, twice or more for no. Like this--. Or if you feel nothing you must decide yourself." She felt his right hand tighten on her hand quickly three times. Then a finger tapped her hand gently once.

She smiled, "Very clear my Dear, no, no, no, and yes."

They returned to the table and found everyone ordering dinner. They looked at the menu and both decided on the filet mignon and lobster tail with baked potato and a house salad. The meal was excellent and the conversation was scintillating . Mica noticed that Tony was furtively looking around the room.

They had finished the meal and the dishes had been cleared when Mica noticed a very heavily built man walking towards their table. The man was about six feet tall but had to weigh over three hundred and sixty pounds, he appeared to have no neck, and his heavy muscled shoulders sloped to his head. His shoulders looked to be almost four feet across. His clinched fists were huge, two or three times the size of the average man's fists. His arms were equally huge.

The man stopped by the table and looked around at everyone. He smiled with his mouth but there was no humor in his eyes as he spoke. "Good evening folks, you have some beautiful women here and I want that one." He pointed at Melissa. He smiled again, "Girlie, you and me gonna have us some fun. You are gonna be fucked by a real man, not some sissy wimp like you are with tonight. If you don't get up and come with me peacefully I will smash your hubby or boyfriend into hamburger."

He pointed at Mica, "Don't worry, you can have her back tomorrow, she won't even be able to feel you for a week or two when you fuck her after I get all stretched out." He grinned. Mica stood and quickly stepped clear of the table. He saw movement behind him from the corner of his eye but his gaze was fixed on the wide man.

The man stepped toward Mica and grinned, "This is gonna be fun! You got guts, but I'm gonna hurt you before I fuck your wife all night long. She will be reamed out in every hole when I'm through with her. Not a damned thing you can do about it either little guy." Mica stepped back a little further away from the man, he took a quick look around. He noticed a number of large men moving in around him.

Mica looked back and said, "You must need a lot of help with so many buddies here to help you, are you afraid you can't handle me yourself?"

"Oh yeah Shrimp, those guys just want to fuck your wife when I'm through wit' her."

"Well Otto, let's get on with it, shall we.?"

"You know me?"

"Yeah, Otto Shlobowski, you used to be pretty good but you are over the hill now. You are too old, fat and slow now. You can't hack it anymore in the big time rings, you don't move too good anymore."

"I'll show you how I move, motherfucker!"The bigger man lunged forward and threw a hard right hand. Mica slipped the blow and as he stepped to the right he lightly slapped Otto across the face. Otto whirled after Mica and was slapped again, only a little harder. He lunged again and Mica again slipped away to the right and slapped him again. Mica watched as Otto feinted with his right and threw a hard roundhouse left hook. Mica was not where he was expected to be, he grinned as he struck at his target. There was a loud sickening thump. It sounded like you might imagine hitting a beef carcass with a baseball bat would sound. Mica stepped back.

Otto grasped at his chest, his mouth worked as he gasped for air, his eyes bulged, then closed as his legs would no longer support his weight. The glasses and silverware on the nearby tables rattled when he hit the floor. His arms and legs thrashed about as he clutched at his chest.

Mica looked around and smiled as he saw the other large men were each controlled by another large man behind him, holding each in an arm lock. Mica walked to Tony. He looked carefully at the terrified man.

"You just couldn't leave it alone could you, now you don't even get to choose which option you will suffer." He grinned at the man standing behind Tony.

"Hi Dave, you are looking good old Buddy! Why don't you just put this slime ball to sleep for a while?" A large hand grabbed Tony around the neck, the thumb pressing on the pressure point. Tony slumped into his chair, unconscious. Dave was a large man himself, tall, broad, and well muscled, with sandy short-cropped hair and an infectious grin.

Mica smiled at Melissa and introduced Dave Arnold to his friends, "This is one of my best buddies in the world, he was my wife for three years at the Naval Academy."

Melissa and Dawn gasped and Mica laughed, "Don't get the wrong idea, every Midshipman at the Academy refers to his room- mates as his wives. There was no sex involved."

Melissa giggled, "Never?"

"Well, he was younger then and a lot cuter. NO NEVER!"

"Never? How about the time we smuggled the two coeds from the U of Maryland into our room during the open house?"

Melissa looked at her embarrassed husband, "Oh! Really?"

Mica watched as some men carried Otto and Tony off to another room. They appeared to be coming around but still looked groggy. Dave was openly admiring Tony's date. She said it was their first date and that she didn't know him that well. She said she was from Topsail, North Carolina. Dave said he was stationed at Camp Lejeune, about 25 miles away from there. They grinned at each other. Betsy looked at Melissa, "Are you really a Royal Princess?"

Melissa leaned over and whispered in her ear. Betsy smiled, "I understand now."

Once the excitement was over the six of them sat at the table. Mica explained that Dave was part of a group forming the new 2nd Force Recon Unit to be attached to the 2nd Marine Division at Camp Jejune. The would be splitting up the old 1st Force Reconnaissance Unit from Camp Pendleton, California and reforming both units, his new unit would be known as the 2nd Force Reconnaissance Unit of FMFLant.

Mica told everyone he had suspected Tony was going to try to pull a fast one and he had called Dave for help. He was footing the bill for the little R&R trip for the Marines who came to help another Marine. Mica smiled wryly at Billy and Dawn, "Sorry guys, I didn't want to needlessly upset anyone if Tony was not playing games with us."

Melissa smiled softly at her man, "You mean you didn't want me to think badly about Tony if he was playing it straight. Right?"

"I guess so."

Dave reached out and took Melissa's hand, "Young Lady, this man of yours is the best man in all respects I have ever known. I would never have made it through the tough parts at the Academy, like Fluid Mechanics or Electrical Engineering if he hadn't been there to help me along. He would help me and others understand stuff for fifty minutes out of every study hour. He studied for ten minutes. His grades were not as important to him as getting his 'dumb squad' through the course.

"Any time Mica even hints he needs help, I'll be there if humanly possible. Please remember this, it goes for you too, Melissa. Thanks to Mica I have the best job in the world. They say the Marines are the first to fight for Right and Freedom, and that is true, and I get to be out in front of the Marines to show them the way."

Betsy watched him carefully. She leaned over to Melissa and said, "I need to powder my nose, would you like to join me?"

"Yes Betsy, I'll go with you, how about you Dawn?" Dawn nodded and the three women left. Dave stood and gestured to several of his men and they hurried off a respectful distance behind the girls. Dave grinned at Mica, "No use taking chances."

In the Ladies Room Betsy grabbed Melissa, "Wow! That Dave is gorgeous, what a hunk of a man! Do you know much about him?"

Melissa said, "I have heard my husband speak of him many times, and I have met him a few times. He is a Captain in the Marine Corps. He is a bachelor and unencumbered, I believe he was engaged to a girl in California who didn't want to leave the west coast."

Dawn remarked, "Mica thinks the world of him."

"Well even if he is not a millionaire like Tony, he is much cuter."

Dawn added, "Honey, Tony is no way near being a millionaire. He is a bullshit artist, he was trying to get into your panties, that is all he wants. The best we can figure he is a glorified manager with a suite a part of his compensation. He owns very little if any of the place according to the corporate papers on file with the county in Key West."

Betsy was wide eyed, "Did I hear your hubby say Dave is stationed at Camp Lejeune?"

"You sure did girl, and we are only about 50 miles from you in Havelock, North Carolina, near New Bern. I expect Dave will stay with us or some place nearby for tonight. I know they drove down in two vehicles, one was a Chevy Suburban, and I think Dave drove his own car. Get a number where you can reach him and give him your home number. I think you will be hearing from him very soon from the way he was looking at you."

"God, I hope so! He seems to be a sweet guy, he really likes your Mica."

"Mica is fond of Dave too, do not try to be anything other than yourself with Dave. Before you commit to him, be sure he is what you want. According to Mica, he will not lie. Never forget that he is a Marine, a very, very tough career Marine. Mica was one too but he is going to resign when I do."

"You are a Marine too?"

"Yes, I am First Lieutenant Melissa Murphy McDermott, USMCR.

"I would never have guessed it! You are so beautiful and feminine. Not at all what I would expect."

Melissa laughed, "I once heard my girls talk about me when they didn't know I could hear them. They called me a mean cold-hearted bitch. Another one agreed, then said I was like a real bitch and that they were my puppies, and if someone messed with them the bitch would tear them to pieces. Then they all agreed that I was the best officer they had ever had. It made me feel real good! I sort of hate to leave, but I am pregnant and I do not think I can do justice to both the officer and mother jobs at the same time. I know that being a full time wife and mother is what I want to do."

Dawn giggled, "Honey I hear everything, your women love you and would do anything for you."

"I guess being a Marine wife is very difficult. I mean when they go off to war and all that."

"I have not had to experience that, and I would hate it, but if Mica decides to stay in, I will be the best wife a Marine could ever have."

Dawn looked at both of them, "Being a Marine wife is both heaven and hell. When they are gone it is hell, every time the phone rings you die a little. Everything is on your shoulders, taking care of the kids, running the errands, doing the bills, being both mom and dad, and on top of that no man. Then when he comes home it is heaven. It is what I do, because it is what he does. Believe me if you have the right man and really love him, it is worth it."

When the girls returned and were seated Betsy referred to Melissa as Princess, Dave raised his eyebrows and looked at Mica. Mica took Melissa's hand and held it up. "Would you like to see the Royal Ring, the Star Of Ceylon?"

The pretty girl smiled at Melissa and then reached out and took her right hand, "Is this ring real?"

"Yes, we have had it appraised and it is the largest star sapphire known to be in existence."

"God, I can't even imagine what it must be worth."

"Whatever you think, double it and you may be close."

"Wow where did you get it?"

"Mica's grandfather left it in storage for Mica to be given to his bride. "

"Did you know that before you married him?"

"No, neither did Mica. He knew he had inherited a large crate full of stuff that was not to be opened until he married, but that was all."

Dave asked Betsy to dance with him. Mica and Melissa joined them on the dance floor. Melissa saw Billy signal them as they danced, she whispered to Mica that Billy wanted them and they returned to the table. They were introduced to a very attractive woman, who said her name was Allison. She looked to be in her late thirties. She was the real owner of the Club. She insisted that she was going to honor the word of Tony and would pick up the tab for Mica and the whole party including Dave and his men. She said they would more than make up for it because of the turnout of people to see the Princess . It was evident she didn't know that Melissa was anything other than a real princess and that Tony was involved in a kidnap attempt. She said that the princess had brought many new customers in and they were all pleased with the service and the food.

Melissa smiled graciously, "We are favorably impressed with the service and the food was first class. We find the Club to be a delightful place to spend an evening. You may quote me."

The woman smiled, "Thank you, I am sure we will use your remarks in our future advertizing. Am I to understand that you are currently residing in North Carolina?"

"That is correct; my husband is completing an obligation there at present. We have not decided exactly where we will live after that."

"I would like to offer you the hospitality of the Club whenever you are in the Keys. We have several deluxe suites available here including a presidential suite that would be appropriate for you. Your stay would be complimentary for you and your party any time during the season. I would even pay your travel expenses."

Melissa looked at Mica. She said, "I can't do this, please explain to this nice lady who I really am."

Mica nodded, he turned to the woman, "Ma'am my wife is not who you think she is. She is.."

The woman raised her hand and stopped Mica. She said, "I know exactly who she is, or rather, who she is not."

"Allison, do not be too sure about that. Please try on my wife's ring, the Royal ring, The Star of Ceylon." Melissa pulled the ring off and handed it to the woman. She slipped it on her finger.

Dawn said, "When it starts feeling hot pull it right off before it burns you."

Allison looked at her as if she were crazy and admired the ring on her finger. Suddenly she yanked the ring off her finger and handed it to Melissa. Betsy asked if she could try it on. Melissa said she could. Allison was staring at her finger when Betsy yelped, "Ouch!" and pulled the ring off."

Mica explained that Melissa had told them there was a curse on the ring against anyone not of royal blood. He said, "Mellissa says she never said that, but Dawn, Billy and I heard her say it. We believe it now."

Billy nodded, "I don't believe in curses or magic, but I know that damned ring is cursed in a good way. It is probably just the power of suggestion or some other scientific reason for the feeling of heat everyone but Mellissa gets."

Melissa slipped the ring back on her finger and held it out for all to see. "See, there is nothing to it." The ring seemed to glow brighter for a second then fade to its normal brightness. They all looked at her.

Mica said, "Did you see that?"

Melissa said, "What? I didn't see anything, I just know I thought it would be too big and heavy to ever feel comfortable on my finger. Now I am uncomfortable when it is off."

Mica looked at Melissa carefully, "Darling I would be very surprised to find you do not have some sort of royal blood flowing through your veins. I just know that you are my Princess."

Melissa giggled, "Don't be silly, who ever heard of an Irish Princess?"

Mica smiled, "Don't laugh, I have heard there were many Irish Kings, if there were Kings there were Princesses."

Billy chuckled, "Yeah! As fast as the Irish breed there had to be lots of princesses."

Dave smiled, "Have you heard about why they started using Irish people for medical experiments instead of dogs or monkeys? It is because they breed faster and you don't become attached to them like you do with dogs or monkeys." He ducked and the napkin Mica threw at him missed.

Betsy jumped up, she glared at Mica, "DON'T YOU THROW THINGS AT DAVE." They all looked at her. Tears were trickling down her cheeks. She glanced around, "I just don't like that." Dave stood and turned her to face him. He looked at her seriously, "Were you protecting ME?"

"I don't know, I never act like that, I don't ever act that way."

Dave leaned forward and gently brushed her lips with his, "Thank you, Miss Betsy, thank you very much. When Mica is throwing things, the safest place to be is right in front of the target."

"Oh! Yeah! You pick the target." Mica smiled evilly.

"Like I said, the safest place would be here." Dave touched Betsy over her heart with a fingertip. She looked up at Dave and then to Mica. She froze as she saw Mica holding a large butcher's knife. His arm whipped back and then forward. Her eyes closed and she felt a light impact over her heart. She looked down and saw a bright red carnation flower attached to her dress. Mica was smiling at her and she felt Dave quivering with laughter.

Melissa hurried to Betsy and took her in her arms, "You crazy Bastards leave this poor girl alone, you scared her to death. That joke is not funny."

Betsy looked at her, "Joke?"

"Yes! It was one of their sick jokes. They pulled it on me the first time I met Dave. I thought I was dead. But look at the bright side. Dave set you up and passed the dummy knife to Mica. After they did it to me Dave told me that they only do it to people they love or like a whole lot."

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