tagLoving WivesIt Is Not Cheating If... Ch. 07

It Is Not Cheating If... Ch. 07


It had been a long week. My big, beautiful wife Sandy had been torturing me all week with remarks about something pleasurable happening on Saturday afternoon. I tried every trick I knew to get it out of her, but the only thing I knew was that Kevin would be involved.

Sandy ran down the stairs that Saturday morning with her magnificent breasts bouncing free and unfettered by a bra while I finished my bowl of cereal.

"You'll have to worry about the yard later, Mikoli!" Sandy was grinning at me. "I need you to help me clean the house before this afternoon."

"What's the big deal? Kevin's already seen it before."

"That's not the point!" Sandy scolded me. "A house needs to look nice for company! Please help me with the housework?" Sandy pouted to me in that whiny, baby-like voice that turned my knees to jelly.

"Okay." I answered dejectedly.

For the next two and a half hours, we worked together cleaning the house. Afterwards, I sat on the couch relaxing, drinking a cold Pepsi. Sandy was sitting at the kitchen table, eating a sandwich. We had kissed and touched a few times during the morning, but Sandy had rebuffed me every time I had tried to go further. She kept telling me to wait until that afternoon.

"I'm going to take a shower and start getting ready for this afternoon." Sandy said with a giggle. "You can shower when I get out."

When I walked out of the bathroom a while later, clean and fresh; I saw Sandy standing beside the bed wearing a bright yellow sun dress. It wasn't quite "see-through", but I could clearly see the outlines of her nipples as they pressed against the fabric of the dress. The little guy jumped to semi-erect state in a millisecond.

"Calm down, big boy." Sandy giggled at me. "I laid some clothes out for you on the bed."

Sandy had laid out a dull red pull over, collared shirt and khakis for me, but she stopped me when I went to retrieve a pair of socks and briefs; saying something about me not needing them. I dressed in the clothes she had picked out for me while I watched her slip her feet into a pair of bright red heels.

"Sandy put a lot of thought and preparation into this." I thought to myself.

"Don't take too long up here." Sandy adjusted her dress and headed downstairs. "Kevin should be here soon."

I sat next to Sandy on the couch holding her hand, nervous and excited at the same time. I heard a car pull up outside and a minute later there was a knock on the door. Sandy directed me to the door. I opened the door and motioned to Kevin to come in.

"Mikoli, this is Kevin," Sandy said. "Kevin, this is Mikoli."

"Hello, Kevin. Welcome to our home," I said to Kevin. "Would you like something to drink?"

"Not right now, thank you." Kevin replied.

Sandy reached out and took us both by the hand. She walked to the couch, pulling us with her. Sandy sat on the couch and motioned for Kevin to sit on her right side, me on the left. We sat making small talk as Sandy alternated from holding mine and Kevin's hands and rubbing her fingers lightly up our arms. I was waiting on Kevin to make the first move and he must have been waiting on me.

"Come on already!" Sandy spoke after a few moments, her tone a little angry. "We all know what we're here for!"

Sandy turned to Kevin, pulled his head to hers and started kissing him passionately. I lifted myself up on one knee so I could reach the back of Sandy's neck and put my left hand on the side of Sandy's left breast. I placed a couple of kisses on the back of her neck before she broke from kissing Kevin.

"Stop, Mikoli!" Sandy implored me. "Just sit there and watch for now. I'll let you know when to join in."

I sat back down beside them. Sandy and Kevin continued to kiss each other and I noticed both had started breathing harder. I watched as Sandy grabbed Kevin's right hand and placed it on her left breast. I watched as Kevin fondled her breast through her dress and my dick got so hard I was afraid it would burst through my khakis. While Kevin caressed and squeezed her breast, I saw Sandy run her hand down Kevin's stomach to his crotch. She started rubbing his cock through his slackers. Five minutes later they were both panting for breath.

"Let's get these clothes out of the way!" Sandy gasped in excitement.

Sandy stood up, pulling Kevin with her. They hurriedly started undressing each other. Kevin lifted the dress up from the bottom while continuing to kiss Sandy while her hands worked at unbuttoning his shirt. They broke their kiss long enough for Kevin to lift the dress up over her head. With the dress off, those beautiful breasts were standing there in all their naked glory. As soon as Kevin saw them, he dropped his head to get his mouth on them and started kissing all over the right one while squeezing the left. He started sucking her right nipple while twisting the left lightly. Sandy was squirming and moaning at his ministrations on her breasts. She had on a pair of red, lace panties I hadn't seen before.

"Let me take your pants off, Kevin!" I heard Sandy say. "You can get naked too, Mikoli!"

She unbuttoned and unzipped his slacks as Kevin stood to give her better access and sank down to her knees as she pushed his slacks and briefs down. When his erect member sprang up, she bent her head and placed light kisses on its head. When Kevin's slacks were on the floor, Sandy brought her hands to his hard cock and balls. Sandy was lightly squeezing his testicles while bobbing her head up and down his 7" shaft, her mouth's downward path stopping when it hit her hand. That was only the second time I had seen Sandy suck another man's cock. I had shed my clothes at that point and was so turned on, I was about to spurt without even touching myself. I grabbed the closest piece of clothing in time to catch my ejaculate as it shot out of my pulsing dick.

Sandy stopped her oral assault on Kevin's cock and stood up, pulling Kevin into a kiss. While they were kissing, she placed his hands on her hips and the top of her panties. Kevin got the hint and slipped his fingers under the elastic of her panties and slowly started pulling them off as he trailed kisses down Sandy's front. He reached her pubic mound when her panties were halfway down her legs, past her knees and above the ankles. He started kissing across the top of her mound then, sank even lower, pushing the panties to the floor. He lifted Sandy's left foot through the leg hole of the panties. He placed her foot back on the floor, spreading her legs wide enough for him to kneel between them. Kevin lifted his head and brought his mouth to Sandy's pink slit and I heard slurping sounds as he feasted on her juices. My dick hardened into another rock splitting erection.

"I need to get fucked!" Sandy exclaimed as she reached under Kevin's arms to pull him up. "Sit down with your ass on the edge." She guided Kevin to where she wanted him. She straddled him and guided his hardness into her moist hole. She started rocking up and down on his cock as she lay on his chest to kiss him.

"Stand up on the couch so I can get your dick in my mouth, Mikoli!" Sandy told me between moans.

I stood up on the couch and placed my dick in front of Sandy's mouth.

"Fuck me while I suck his dick!" Sandy urged Kevin right before she plunged her mouth down on my dick.

Kevin started thrusting into her as best he could in that position. After only a couple of minutes Sandy pulled off my dick.

"This isn't working!" Sandy groaned. "Let's change positions! I'll get up on the couch on my hands and knees! Kevin you fuck me from behind while you get here in front of me, Mikoli!"

We untangled and got into position. "Now fuck me, fuck me hard while I suck his dick!" Sandy encouraged Kevin.

She grabbed my dick with one hand while supporting herself with the other. She got her mouth on my dick when I felt Kevin drive into her. He started driving into her sopping wet hole hard and fast. I had never felt a sensation like that before. I could feel the force of his thrusts all the way through Sandy and into my dick. Sandy was not actually sucking my dick, she was fucking it with her mouth as she and Kevin pushed and pulled backward and forward. What I was seeing and feeling was so incredible, that my orgasm was near.

"I'm going to cum!" I warned Sandy.

She didn't swallow and I always warned her before I came during a blowjob. Much to my surprise, she didn't pull off my dick. Maybe it was the excitement of the moment or maybe it was for some other reason only Sandy knew, but Sandy took my hot, salty load in her mouth, catching every spurt. After my final spurt when I started feeling that tingle that runs from my dick to my toes when an ejaculation has gone from pleasurable to a little bit painful, I gently pushed Sandy away while I pulled back. Sandy looked up at me with a twinkle in her eye and swallowed my essence, making my dick twitch even though I had come twice already.

Kevin must have started shooting his load into Sandy. Sandy started making her grunts and moans as her orgasmic spasms started. She was so out of breathe from her exertions that all she could do was gasp yes over and over. I watched as Kevin drove into her one more time and hold, his legs shaking before thrusting five or six more times, slower and gentler, before pulling out and falling back onto the couch. I handed Sandy my shirt to put between her legs as the three of us eased into sitting positions beside each other as we fought to catch our breaths. I recovered first so I went to the kitchen and got a couple of damp washcloths and a towel Sandy had placed there. I brought them back to Sandy and Kevin who were sitting snuggled up together. Again that little bit of jealousy raised its ugly head. I brought cold sodas for Sandy and me and a bottle of Kevin's brand of beer that Sandy had brought home.

Sandy and Kevin had recovered and cleaned each other up by that time. We sat and made small talk. Kevin and I were touching and caressing Sandy lightly while talking. After about thirty minutes Sandy put her hand behind my head and pulled my face to hers and gave me a big sloppy kiss, driving her tongue into my mouth. After a couple of minutes of tongue wrestling, she broke the kiss and proceeded to do the same to Kevin as I felt my dick get hard. After kissing Kevin for a few minutes, Sandy broke their kiss and suggested we all go upstairs to the bedroom. Kevin and I quickly agreed and we both moved to the bed with Sandy in the middle. I lay watching them kiss, rubbing my hand lightly up and down Sandy's left side from her hip to her breast. When Kevin scooted down to get his mouth on her breasts and nipples, Sandy motioned for me to start kissing her mouth. With both of us working on her body, it did not take long for Sandy to be ready again. She pushed me away gently and pulled Kevin up between her legs. Reaching down and grasping his engorged cock, she guided him into her hole. I re-positioned to the floor at the foot of the bed to get a better view of their coupling. My erection was rock hard from the sight. Kevin was stroking his rigid member in and out of Sandy's snatch as she was thrusting up to meet him. Her legs squeezed his waist as he fucked in and out. Her pussy was making a wet squishy sound as well. Kevin was kissing Sandy's face, mouth, and neck as he pumped in and out of her. After fifteen minutes of that slow, easy fucking, I heard Sandy's breathing speed up.

"Get up and fuck me hard and fast!" Sandy urged Kevin. "Mikoli, get up here and kiss me! Squeeze my breasts and play with my nipples while Kevin fucks me again!"

Kevin lifted himself up and started slamming his turgid rod into Sandy's hot pussy. I got up next to Sandy and started kissing her and squeezing her breasts. She reached over and grasped my hardness and started jerking her hand up and down my shaft. We kissed and fondled each other fervently while Kevin tried to drive Sandy's ass through the mattress. Sandy was thrusting her hips up to meet him with equal force. After a few minutes at that pace three things happened. Sandy jerked her head away from me and started mumbling in a voice just below a scream.

"So good!... Feels so good!... Fuck!...Fuck!" Sandy moaned as her orgasm hit her.

Kevin started slamming her even harder as his ass cheeks started to flex. I shot another big load all over Sandy's belly and side. Kevin slammed in one last time and held as he again splashed Sandy's interior walls with his seed.

I collapsed on my back next to Sandy. Kevin collapsed down onto Sandy's upper body. After a few minutes of catching our breaths, Sandy lifted Kevin's head up and kissed him. She thanked him and urged him over beside her on the bed. She went back and forth between him and me, giving us light kisses. After ten minutes, Sandy suggested that it was time for Kevin to leave. Kevin went to our bath and took a quick shower, washing the sweat and juices from our activities off his body. I slipped on a pair of gym shorts when he was done and followed him downstairs.

After escorting Kevin downstairs, I went back to our bedroom to check on my big, beautiful wife Sandy. She had not been kidding about not wanting to move as she had turned over onto her left side on the bed. I could tell by the way she was breathing that she was asleep. I slipped around the bed and looked down at her. She had a goofy half smile on her face, so I covered her with a sheet and went back down the stairs to catch the rest of a baseball game on TV. I dozed off on the couch and was awakened by Sandy coming down the stairs.

"Good evening, love of my life!" Sandy laughingly exclaimed. "This afternoon was so amazing! I'm still tingling! I'm also starving! Let's go get something to eat!"

"Okay, my love." I was just as happy.

We went back up stairs and cleaned up a little bit and were so happy as we smiled at each other, lightly touching and caressing each other. We went to the Italian restaurant that Sandy loved and talked about the afternoon's events. She laughed her loud joy filled laugh when I told her how Kevin and I had commented we would have to it again at almost the same time. Little did we know that it would be a good while before we were that happy.

Two weeks later, I had to take Sandy to the ER at the hospital seventy five miles away in a bigger city, that her doctor was affiliated with, the only doctor who had correctly diagnosed that she had Crohn's Disease. For two years before we met and the year that we dated, Sandy had seen most of the doctors in our little town and none had helped her with the abdominal pain, diarrhea, and loss of weight, one even daring to tell her she needed a psychiatrist. After that, her mother made Sandy and appointment with the internal medicine specialist in the big city.

Sandy was admitted to the hospital and stayed for two weeks. I went to be with her every other day while still working. Her private room had a chair that converted into a bed and I stayed with her the entire weekend, eating my meals in the hospital cafeteria. It was another three weeks of recovery at home before the doctor cleared her for normal activities. We would cuddle and make out during those times and Sandy would relieve me manually as I did her. It was okay, but nothing close to what the actual lovemaking felt like.

Sandy went back to work with the same company, but at a different store and almost everything got back to normal. Occasionally I would hint about any guys showing Sandy any attention. She admitted that there were a few, but none she was interested in. My fantasy had been fulfilled, so I didn't push it. I was still struggling with jealousy and wondered if I could realistically watch Sandy cuddling in bed whispering sweet nothings to another man again.

The fear of losing her almost came true. Three and a half weeks after she had gone back to work; I came home to find Sandy lying on the couch. I could see she didn't look well, but still said the stupidest thing at that moment.

"Why aren't you at work?" I asked, puzzled and stupid.

"I got sick and couldn't go in." Sandy sobbed. "I see what you care about!"

"NO, I didn't mean it like that!' I knew at that moment how stupid my question had been. "I was just surprised! Oh baby, I'm sorry! What can I do for you?"

"Please sit here and hold me." Sandy was whimpering, so I wrapped my arms around her and rocked us back and forth on the couch.

Thirty to forty five minutes later, I helped her up the stairs to bed. I lay holding her while rubbing her lower belly in big circles until she finally drifted off to sleep. I eased her off my arm to go to the bathroom then lay back down on the bed and surprisingly went right to sleep spooned there with her. Two days later I came home to find Sandy lying in the living room floor babbling incoherently. She had fouled herself and there was vomit on the side of her face. The only thing I could think of was to get her to the hospital so I cleaned her up a little and half carried, half dragged her to my car. I made the seventy five mile trip to the ER in forty five minutes. Sandy's blood pressure was so low, two ER nurses and the ER doctor could not get a reading. The ER doctor told me it was a good thing I brought her in as she would not have made it through the night.

Sandy was admitted and they found a blockage in her intestines so for twenty one days she was on nothing by mouth except ice chips while the doctors hoped the blockage would clear. When it didn't clear, they did surgery. I didn't realize then how much that simple life-saving act would change Sandy and my lives. Due to complications, it was another three weeks before Sandy could go home. She was still weak and restricted on her activities.

I didn't try anything that first day as the one hundred and fifty mile round trip was too tiring on Sandy. The next day was Saturday and my plan was to spend it making up for lost time. I awakened first and slipped down the stairs to fix Sandy some scrambled eggs and toast. I carried them with a glass of orange juice on a tray to her in bed and sat on the edge of the bed making small talk with my beautiful wife. I looked at her in adoration, her brown hair cut short, her green eyes sparkling at me, her cute button nose, and her full lips. God I loved this woman!

After taking the tray from Sandy, I scooted up to take her in my arms. I started kissing her mouth while caressing the back of her neck with one hand and caressing her bare arm with the other. When I heard and felt her breath quicken in arousal, I moved my hand to her bare breast. Sandy then did something she had not done since we were dating, she grabbed the hand that was on her breast and pulled it away then pulled back from me.

"Don't!" Sandy spoke so harshly I thought I might have hurt her.

"But, Sandy! It's been so long!" I said to her. "I've missed this beautiful body! I've missed making love to you!"

"You just want some pussy!" Sandy spat at me. "I'm not in the mood right now!" She pushed me away, threw the sheet off her body, and hurried out of the bed to the bathroom and I heard the lock snap on the door.

I carried the tray and dirty dishes downstairs to the kitchen in a state of hurt and confusion.

"Yes, I wanted some pussy!" I thought to myself. "But, I also wanted to make love to the woman I love. Doesn't she realize that I still love her as much as ever?"

It was twenty minutes before Sandy came downstairs. She tried to put her arms around me, but I pulled away. Sandy started sobbing softly beside me. It had the same effect on me as every time I had seen her cry so I grabbed her in a big hug while whispering that I loved her and repeating my apologies over and over again. I sat there and rocked us much the same way I had done the first day I came home and found her sick.

We eventually made love to each other that day, but something was different. Sandy didn't get into it as enthusiastically as she had before. She wasn't actively participating like she had in the past, though I made sure to bring her off first before proceeding to intercourse. She just laid there letting me plunge into her. When I finished and had lain down beside her, she turned her back to me. I tried to get her to turn to me so we could cuddle, but she wouldn't. I had to settle for spooning her back as I lightly touched her body. I went to answer nature's call fully intending to come back and make love to her again but she shut me down completely. So my plan of multiple sex sessions that day went out the window.

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