tagRomanceIt Means "Dragon To Be" Ch. 03

It Means "Dragon To Be" Ch. 03


** Just a reminder that this story is already in the can and each of the chapters has already been posted.

I hope that it's enjoyed. 0_o


Long after the point at which they'd both turned to prunes, they walked past the cascade again and back to the room with the fire pit. Silke found that after the hot bathwater, the trip through the coolness didn't even affect her. The table now had two place settings and there were stoneware pots waiting for them.

"Our shadowy well-wishers?" she asked as they sat down to eat.

Tatsuya laughed and nodded, "Yes."

"I don't understand," she said.

"I'm not all that sure that I do," he laughed, "I think that our meeting was set up in some way, though I'm not certain of it yet."

He looked at her, "I'm not about to question it too much, but I will find out eventually, now that I have a pair of suspects in mind. I'll tell you what I learn since we seem to want to be stuck together, but so far, this is way out of the ordinary for either of them -- especially my aunt. They told me that they knew that I'd bring you here. That she'd have no problem with that alone bends my brain a little."

She paused and set her chopsticks down for a moment. "If you don't think that it might break the spell," she said with a little smile, "I'd like so much to know who it is that I've made love with today."

"I'm a little bit of a lost child here," he said without a hint of sadness, "Aside from his own heritage in the family, my father was a pilot who was hired for a job because of his skill at getting into and out of small, mountainous landing strips flying small to medium-sized transports. He was recruited in a rather strange way -- even by his standards - by an American. The money was far better than good enough to draw him.

I ought to point out that he wasn't in it for personal gain so much as he was interested in the return to his family. That, and the challenges which that sort of work presented to him every day on every flight. It was work for an airline which he'd heard very little of before. I don't think that he ever put it together, who he was really working for, but I doubt that the knowledge would have stopped him.

My mother was an American who worked for that company. She'd just started working for them in the states and worked her way up from selling tickets at her first posting in Taiwan. It was years before she learned who they really were. She wore a lot of hats there at the company offices, from clerical work to teaching the children of the American families who worked there. The company had large facilities and shared space with the U.S. Air Force on the Udorn base in Thailand.

To hear her tell of it, they fell for each other within about five minutes while she helped him with his paperwork as he was hired on. He began flying the same day, and they were together whenever they could manage it. I'm told that they lived every second of a great love between them. When they managed to work things out for a vacation, my father brought her here. They were married in these mountains and she was the first person outside of my family to be allowed to come to this place.

I was born a year or so afterward. By accident of birth, I'm Thai, and I learned the language from our housekeeper. I was about five when my father was shot down over the Plain of Jars in Laos. My mother quit her job and we came here where she was welcomed by the family that she was now a part of. I guess that she worked through her grief with their help and we moved to the states. Because I was the dependent of a pair of employees of a company set up by an American intelligence agency, I was given citizenship because of my mother's, since everything in Thailand was coming to an end as the airline was dismantled. I spent my childhood shuffling back and forth because she wanted me to know about my heritage and make the most of both cultures."

Tatsuya looked at the flames of the fire for a moment. "I was here the summer that I turned eighteen when I was told that my mother had been killed in a car accident. I flew back with my uncle and he helped me to make sense of everything that I needed to do. I found that with my mother's passing, a lot of my American family didn't really care all that much about me. I sold everything and came back here."

He looked around for a moment before he turned to Silke with a smile, "I stayed right here for almost a year, learning from my uncle. After that, I used some of my money and went to university in the States, working part-time jobs to keep myself alive so that I didn't need to use any more money than I needed to. Whenever I had time, I flew back. Then I went to school here, working at the family businesses on the side. We produce man-machine interfaces, speech recognition firmware and like that."

He smiled at her, "There's a bit more, but it's not important, really. The most important thing is that I'm a bit of an oddball here and in America. But I'm accepted more here, though I can survive easily in either place. I own a martial arts school in Maryland. Sometimes I compete in tournaments, and if I feel like it, I sometimes compete in Mixed Martial Arts competitions as well, though I never take those as seriously. They're more for fun to me. I can also say that you're not the only one who has failed at marriage, either."

They decided in a mutual way to leave their stories for the moment, and neither one of them ever minded the silence which fell between them now and then as long as they touched somewhere.

"Does your name have a literal meaning?" he asked.

"Yes," he heard her soft reply from under his jaw, "It is a form of Cecilia. Does your name mean anything?"

He chuckled, "I guess that it's either presumptuous of just bloody hopeful, but it means 'Dragon To Be.' Are you suitably impressed?"

"Mm-hmm," she sighed as she sucked one of his nipples against her teeth to make him gasp.

After the meal, he led her to his bed and they began it again. Silke wasn't sure just when it happened, but she became absolutely certain that she could love Tatsuya forever in his own right. This was nothing like anything that she'd ever experienced and she wanted to have him against her now more than anything. It seemed to be turning into a need. She couldn't help herself once and said what she felt in the middle of their passion -- breaking what was perhaps the oldest rule in the book.

Silke found that she'd astounded herself by saying it. She was certain that she'd have denied it even if she'd asked herself beforehand. Now that the echoes of her cry were all that was left in her mind, she realized that she did feel that way -- though it made no sense to her.

Then again, she thought, this whole long day was like nothing that she'd ever, ...

She knew it as soon as it was out of her, and he stopped instantly to stare into her eyes for a long moment. Silke once again thought that she'd ruined everything, but she hadn't been able to keep the emotion inside of herself.

Tatsuya slowly smiled and shook his head. "This isn't possible," he said, "No one has ever said something like that to me at a time like this and meant anything more than that they were feeling pretty good at the moment. But I can feel that you only wish for a more powerful way to say it, don't you?"

"But, ... "she felt her features take on a look as though she was a young doe who was caught in the beams of a car's headlights, "but I said it in German."

Before she could come up with a lie to cover it, hating that she'd have to break her silent vow of honesty to him to lie to him now, he told her.

"That doesn't matter. I knew what it means when I heard it. I love you too, Silke. I'd never have the courage to say this looking at your eyes if you hadn't meant it like that, but I love you. I just hope that it can exist outside of this place -- that it isn't dependent on us being here."

"You'd never have the courage? What does that mean?" she asked.

"After my marriage fell apart, I've never wanted to hear those words again, because I doubted that anyone ever really means it when they say it," he said, "Until today, I didn't think that I'd ever allow myself to feel this way ever again, but I just knew that I was lost with you as soon as you touched me. I just didn't think that you could feel the same thing as I felt. I thought that it was just me wanting what I could never have, since I've never had it in the first place."

She stared for a moment, "So you are saying that we can love each other and just be honest about it? Please, Tatsuya, I'm not a young girl at this. Grown women learn never to say what they really want at times like this. I've been careful to say only the truth to you. Please, if I'm right, please tell me that it's so."

He kissed her softly, putting as much into it as he could. "I'm sure," he said at last, "I love you, Silke Whatever-your-name-is, since you never mentioned it. I really do."

"Kriechbaum," she said, "Silke Kriechbaum. I've gone back to my maiden name."

He did his best and it bought him the sweetest smile that he could ever remember seeing, other than the way that his cousin used to smile at him when they were growing up. But in this case, there was nothing enigmatic to Silke's soft grin. She knew that he'd have trouble with the soft 'CH' sound in the middle. To his credit and her amazement, he had it inside of four tries.

"So you love me?" she asked, not yet being able to allow herself to admit that she'd really heard it.

"I love you, Silke Kriechbaum," he said solemnly. "I'd even take a lie detector test -- if you've got a polygraph machine inside your knapsack. We could do it right here. You could hook me up on the spot. You can even put one probe on my -- " She felt him swell inside her as he contracted his muscles there on purpose.

Silke threw back her head and laughed, and at far more than the absurd image that she'd formed of it in her mind. Tatsuya gasped and groaned as his penis was forced almost right out of her from the way that her abdominal muscles had tensed from her laughter.

"Put it back!" she chuckled, "I'm sorry for that, I couldn't help it, but please hurry and put it back in."

They were joined again and they only moved a little now and then as they looked at each other.

"This will take some care," he said, "If we live as far apart as we do, and I assume that you can't drop everything just as I can't right now. If this is going to grow, ..."

"I know," she sighed, "but I really want this. I've never wanted anything more. I just don't know how -- "

"Never mind," he smiled, "let's just try it and do our best. We still might find that we can't even get along."

"I have an idea," she said, "and it's crazy. I was thinking that people's lives are the big problem. Hundreds of years ago, people got married and almost all of them stayed together. Some didn't, but most did. They needed each other and stayed together. What did they do here?"

"The same thing," he said, "though there was always the thing that a wife lived for her husband and always obeyed him. I've never liked that personally, and worse, a woman wasn't even the master of her own home if her father-in-law was dead. The man's mother moved in and she became the old one's slave, so that's out. I'd never allow that."

"But your mother is dead, you said," she smiled, "I'm safe."

He shook his head, "My aunt. She's close enough."

"Would you protect me," she asked a little playfully, "so that she couldn't beat me as I did the washing?"

He smiled, "She's not like that, though her involvement in this little conspiracy makes me a little worried that she's feeling hopeful."

"How about if we just tried to do our best and see where we end up?" she asked, "I don't think that either of us has that much to lose in it. I will want a full and honest account from you about your marriage, and I will do the same for you. I'm beginning to see a few things that I might have been wrong about."

"What are you saying?" he asked, "that you --"

He paused for a moment, "You're very serious, aren't you?"

"Have you ever made love to anyone like this before, the way that we've done it?" she asked, "Look, I've locked myself away with a man before and never wanted to go on and on the way that I do with you. My God, you only have to look at me and I'm ready again, and I've seen how you react when I only smile at you in a certain way. I'm telling you, I want this with you. I've decided that I came here for you. I'm only saying that we should do what we can to keep going if this is what we both want. Let's just try for each other," she said, "if this is something that you'd want with me, all that I am suggesting is that we try. If I came to you as the bride in an arranged marriage and you had a heart, would you try really hard?"

He nodded after a second, "I would then, yes."

"What about now?" she asked him, "Want to try something crazy with me? Would you want to be my man -- at least until we can figure out if this can work if we try at it?"

It made him chuckle, "Yes," he nodded, "I'm all yours, then."

Silke sighed as she pulled her knees up as high as she could to get him deeper inside of her as she wrapped her arms around his neck, "Then I am yours too, Tatsuya," she said, "Just don't go too hard and deep like this, and don't mind whatever other nonsense that I might say."


Somewhere, deep into the night as they writhed together, they found themselves back in the same position, with Silke under him and her legs far back. They still went at it as though it meant everything to them, just a lot slower now. Silke still hadn't gotten over how he could make her cry the silent tears that she felt as she gasped softly with every long stroke. She'd feel her closeness now and then and she'd lower her legs just a little to heighten it for herself so that she'd shudder a little.

It was in the middle of it that she thought that she could see the others as they slipped past the bed and prepared to leave. The two figures looked at her for a moment from under their hoods and Silke was surprised to see that all that she could see of their faces were their eyes. Tatsuya looked up, noticing them and the pair nodded at both of the lovers once and then they were gone.

She whispered to him, urging him to take his pleasure now if he was close and he finished after a few minutes. As they tried to twine their bodies together, she asked him about what she'd thought that she'd seen.

"I was distracted," he admitted, "or I'd have known that they were still here. I'm sorry for that."

"Do you mean that they were here the whole time? Watching us all of these hours while we were together? Why, Tatsuya?"

"I don't know," he said, "I guess I've got another thing to figure out now. I can't say that they'd have been upset with us or I'd have known about them before now."

He rolled onto his back and Silke was on him in a heartbeat. "That's for tomorrow, I guess," she said, "I hope that I haven't done anything wrong. I wouldn't want to offend them. Can I try to sleep on you like this?"

"I think that I'd be at least a little upset if you didn't try it at some point," he smiled as she laid her head onto his chest.


Silke woke up alone in the morning. The fire in the pit crackled a little and from that, she deduced that someone had given a thought to her comfort. She sat up and wondered what to do. Should she look for him? She thought about walking back to the inn, but she didn't know the way and she couldn't see a way to leave him a message. She looked around, hoping that there might be a piece of paper in sight.

That was when she'd seen one of the other figures again, standing in a doorway waiting for her.

As soon as their eyes met, the hooded person bowed low to her. Silke was astounded, but she had enough presence of mind to return the bow, noticing that this time, the other figure's legs and feet were bare. The figure beckoned to her several times. Silke thought about it and got out of the bed. She walked over and the person turned away and walked to the opening that led deeper into the cave, beckoning as she did so.

Silke followed and found herself in front of the cascade again. The one in the cloak stood in the doorway leading to the bath and indicated the cold waterfall with her hand. Knowing that one must be clean to use the bath anywhere in Japan, Silke steeled herself for another brutally cold shower. It wasn't as bad anymore she decided, and thought that she could get used to it. A few minutes later, she followed down the next corridor and was met by both of the mysterious figures.

They pulled their hoods back and Silke wasn't astounded at all to find Riko and the beautiful older woman who she'd seen often at the inn as she'd worked cleaning. The women bowed and removed their cloaks.

Silke wondered what to say, but before she could think of anything, her friend smiled, "Did you sleep well, Silke?"

"Yes, thank you." Silke replied a little cautiously.

The older woman bowed again and began to speak.

"My mother's English is not as good as mine, "Riko said, "She wishes to apologize to you for our eavesdropping last night and asks for your forgiveness."

Silke turned to the woman and bowed back, "Please tell her that there is nothing to forgive. I just don't understand the reason for it, if there was one."

When she'd finished translating, Riko said, "My mother asks that you bathe with us this morning. I am the one who must offer my own apology to you, my friend. Tatsuya is away until this afternoon and we would welcome the chance to sit and talk with you in the way of women in the past. The bath was always one of the best places for free talk among the women of a family, and Mother sees no reason why it still can't be so."

Silke caught what was said and when she looked at Rico, the young woman grinned, "Forgive us, but we heard what was said and we both feel honor that you care for him so much. The reason that we stayed was so that we could see if you were a good match for each other. We are both very happy for you."

The other woman spoke at that point and then her daughter translated. "She asks if you meant what was said -- that you would try together to be as a married couple. She asks why not just marry him. You can always just divorce him if it doesn't work."

Silke looked at them both and tried to choose her words with care. "I was married once and because of that, I want to be at least a little more certain if I do it again. I found that I have very strong feelings for Tatsuya," she began, "and I think that if it weren't for this mountain and this place, then what happened between us wouldn't have happened. But it did, and we are both so happy that it did. I wish for it to continue and I want for it to grow between us even away from here. We both need to talk so that we can find ways to bring our lives together."

After the translation, Riko said, "She wishes to know why you do not just give up your job and live with my cousin as his wife." The woman moved so as to get behind Silke.

"And," Riko said, "My mother offers to wash your back for you. She says that you are very beautiful and she likes your tattoo very much."

Silke smiled and nodded as she began her reply. "Yesterday, I wished for the ability to just live with him simply and be happy. I would still want that, but it cannot be easily done. My work employs many people, Rico, I design ships."

For the first time, Riko's face showed her surprise, "What kind of ships, Silke?"

"Big ships," Silke said, "Ocean-going ships. When I get back home, I'm going to begin on a new design. I think that it will take me at least two years to finish so that the ships can be sold and more made. Once that happens, I can leave.

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