tagInterracial LoveIt Pays To Fly Economy Class Ch. 02

It Pays To Fly Economy Class Ch. 02


"Okay, I'll do it."

Gabriela squealed and threw her arms around me. She pulled me in for a deep kiss. I don't think I have ever felt lips as soft as hers. No sooner than she did so than the curtain opened and Jolie, Sheryl, and Miles joined us in the galley.

"Sorry, we couldn't help but overhearing," said Jolie.

Gabriela said, "Eavesdropping is more like it!"

"Um, so, how do we do this?" I said. "Do we meet up after the plane lands, and go to hotel or something?"

"Why wait?" said Sheryl. "I'm horny as hell listening to you two in here."

"Me too" said Miles.

What, so they heard the whole thing with the latch, and everything else? They all looked at me.

"But...but...where do we do this? There are people around. Won't they hear? Couldn't they walk in?"

Gabriela said "there's a prep and storage area on the lower level. Only flight attendants can go there, and we'll make sure we're not disturbed. And no one will hear. Which is good because Jolie can get...a little...loud."

Jolie blushed a little bit. "I'm not the only one, Gabriela!"

"Well," I say, "show me the way."

Miles peers around the curtain and sees that all the first class passengers are asleep.

"Coast is clear," he says.

Miles reaches out and takes my hand and leads me out of the galley and up the aisle to a door. It was a little strange at first, holding hands with him. But I immediately noticed how soft his hand was, and his grasp was firm but gentle. He opens the door to a small elevator, only big enough for one person.

"You take this down first, then I'll follow. There's a light switch on the wall by the cot if you want to turn the lights out."

I get into the elevator and he closes the door. I push the button and the elevator descends down to the lower level. It reaches the bottom and I open the door. The lower galley is about the size of a large walk-in closet, with a couple of bunks filled with pillows and blankets set up in one corner. This must be where the crew takes turns sleeping. The elevator ascends to the mail level. I find the light switch and turn it off. I stand there by the bunks in the dark, butterflies in my stomach.

The elevator descends. The dim light in the elevator illuminates Miles as he steps off and walks towards me. I close my eyes, nervously anticipating what will come next. I am not sure what to expect. I jump slightly when he takes my hands.

He says "don't worry, I won't bite. Unless you like that sort of thing."

I chuckle nervously. He runs his soft hands up my arms and across my chest. My nipples have always been sensitive for a guy, and this time is no exception. He immediately notices I tremble when his hands pass over them, and the hesitates there for a moment, expertly manipulating them with his fingers. Damn, how does he know I like that! I even feel a stirring in my groin and I start to thicken a bit as my breathing deepens. His hands travel further south, surrounding my crotch. He unbuckles my belt, unzips my trousers, and slides them down, along with my boxers.

This is the moment of truth. Can I handle this? Do I walk away now? The inner turmoil starts again as my mind starts to debat-uuuuuuuuunnnnnnhhhhhhh.....

A warm, moist, soft mouth envelops my cock, surrounding it and sliding it in all the way. Holy shit! How can I deny that it feels good? He slowly slides out as I begin to harden. He sucks it in again, running his tongue on the underside as he manipulates me with his mouth. I grow hard as a rock as he does so. Damn, he's good! He swallows me down again and I feel the back of his throat as his nose comes to rest against my crotch. I can't believe he deep-throated me! I mean, I'm not the size of a baseball bat or anything, but I've never had anyone do that to me before.

As he sucks in and out, he grasps me with his hand, stroking my cock in time with his movement. The room starts to spin a bit. I reach down and grab his head to steady myself. Almost involuntarily, I hold him by the head and thrust in and out of his mouth. I can't believe I'm doing this. But it feels too good to stop. He stays right with me, grabbing my ass with his free hand to pull himself even deeper in. Oh god, shit...I'm gonna cum! He's only been going down on me for a few minutes, but he's already brought me to the brink. Panting, I slam into his mouth again and again, and with a loud groan I explode. Convulsing I send streams of cum down his throat. He holds himself tight against me, taking it all in. Eventually, the spasms subside as I see stars. I stumble back against the bunks and land on my ass. He continues to gently suck and lick me dry as I try to stop hyperventillating. I try to stand up.

"Sit," he says. "Just rest. You don't have to do anything to me. I just wanted to go down on you. Relax."

He leans over and gently kisses me on the lips. It may sound strange, but it wasn't bad as I thought it might be.

"Sheryl will be down in a few minutes to join you."

And with that, he stood up and got in the elevator. In the dim light, I could see a smile on his face as he proceeded to the main level. I have to admit, I had a smile on my face as well. I can't believe I let another guy kiss me, much less give me head. And I have to admit, it was one of the best blow jobs I've ever had. Who would have thought....

My thoughts were interrupted by Sheryl descending and coming out of the elevator. She turned on another dim light in the corner. Turning around with a sultry look, she slowly walked towards me, unbuttoning her blouse as she did. Damn, she really did look like Catherine Zeta-Jones in Ocean's Twelve. Except Catherine Zeta-Jones doesn't have breasts like Pamela Anderson. Sheryl did. Except hers were all natural. She shed the blouse and kneeled down in front of me, her tits straining at her black lace bra.

"I know you might need a little time to recover after Miles."

"How did you know?"

"I've seen him have that affect on people before."

So they had shared before. I wondered if that meant there was a threesome (or foursome) involved.

"Perhaps I know a few things that could help you recover quickly," she said in a slightly husky voice.

She unclasped her bra and pulled the cups away from her breasts. I was right! Each nipple had a heavy silver ring through it. They had a slight amount of sag to them, but considering she was in her fifties, they were remarkable. She rubbed and grasped them and held them out to me. They overflowed her hand and each one took too hands to fully hold.

"Feel them. They're yours."

I reached down and ran my hands over them. Phenominal! She shuddered when my hands or fingers brushed her nipples or the rings. Hmmm.... I grasped the rungs and pulled gently. Her eyes went wide open and she gasped.

"Oh yes. How did you know I like that? Do it again!"

How could I ignore her request. I repeated it, with the same results. I pulled upward a little bit, the heavy weight of her tits stretching the nipples. Her eyes rolled back in her head.


Encouraged by her response, I went further. I twisted the rings in my fingers.

"Aiiiiieeeeeeeegggggghhh!!!!" she cried.

I grabbed both breasts hard and using them like handles, I pulled her to her feet. I spun her around onto the bunk and pushed her back.

"Yes! Yes! More!!!! I like it rough!!"

I kneeded her breasts, squeezing them hard, pinching the nipples tight. She trembled beneath me. I took one nipple into my mouth and chewed on it hard. She screamed.

"Uhhh uhhhh uhhh...I'm gonna come!!!!!!!"

Grabbing a breast tightly in each hand, I pressed her tits tightly together so I could take both in my mouth at the same time. I bit down hard on her nipples and the rings and pulled back.

"CCCCUUUUUUUMMMMMM IIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGG!!!!!!" she shrieked and convulsed violently. After several moments, she quieted down, gasping for breath.

Well, I was on a roll in terms of firsts. I had never been with a woman who could orgasm from just nipple play. She was right. It was certainly doing the trick in terms of speeding things up!

Sheryl sat up.

"Thank you! I haven't cum like that in awhile! How did you know what to do?"

"Gabriela told me you could cum from tit-fucking, so I just took that idea and ran with it."

"I'm going to have to thank her for mentioning it to you!"

We both laughed as she pushed me back on the bunk.

"Speaking of fucking my tits, let me help get you ready."

I lay back as she spread my legs wide. I anticipated that her maturity in age also meant her cocksucking skills would also be advanced. I was not disappointed. Skillfully she sucked me and ran her tongue over the shaft, lubricating it well. Apparently, I wasn't hard fast enough for her liking. She pushed my legs back even further, so my knees were by my shoulders. Ah, so she was going to work on my balls. I was mistaken.

She ran her tongue down the shaft and kept going...right to my ass! I raised my head up to look at her and interject.

"What the....uhhhhhhhh!"

My head flopped down as she circled my anus with her tongue. She flicked her tongue back and forth across the opening, then massaged it in circles. I felt shockwaves running through me. She buried her face between my cheeks and probed at my ass, insistently trying to force her tongue inside. I gasped for air. It was like she had turned on a switch to my cock, balls, and something deep inside. Her hand came up and started stroking my rock hard dick, which throbbed with every thrust of her tongue inside my ass. Thankfully, she stopped because I was sure I wouldn't last much longer.

"I think my little trick worked."

She slid up the bed, enveloping my cock with her breasts. She slid her torso up and down on my pelvis, my shaft wedged in between her cleavage. It was like fucking, but different. And the softness of her chest against my thighs was heavenly. I picked her up and leaned her back, sitting up against the bunk. I got on my knees and straddled her thighs so my hips pressed up against her chest. Grasping her tits in my hands, I wedged my cock between them. I started thrusting away, squeezing her tits tight together. I angled her nipples so they dragged across my thighs as I tit-fucked her. Her mouth dropped open and she looked up at me with wild, smoking eyes.

"YES, YES!!!! Fuck my tits! Fuck them! Make me cum!!!"

I pounded her breasts harder and harder. She gasped for air as I pinned her against the bunk wall. She grabbed my ass with both hands, pulling me up and down in time with my movements. I couldn't hold out much longer.

"Gonna cum...gonna cum..."

"Yes, baby, yes! Cum for me! Cum all over my tits!"

That sent me over the edge. Ropes of cum quickly filled tunnel of flesh and overflowed her cleavage. She squealed as she came one more time.

After our orgasms subsided, she took some moist towels from a warmer and wiped us both clean. We lay there for a few moments, relishing in the delicious feeling.

"God" she said. "You can do that to me anytime!"

"I would definitely like a repeat performance"

"Maybe another time. Now, you need to go get some rest. You still have two women with needs to be fulfilled."

How could I forget about Jolie and Gabriela? We straightened up and put our clothes back on. I went back up in the elevator first, to be greeted by Gabriela with a kiss.

"You must be exhausted."

She gave me some fresh squeezed orange juice to drink.

"Go. Rest. We still have another 19 hours to go. I'll wake you later."

Was I in heaven? She escorted me through the dark cabin to my seat, sneaking in a quick kiss as I settled in, half awake. I hope I had the stamina to satisfy Gabriela and Jolie. I thought about that as I drifted off....

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