tagNonConsent/ReluctanceIt Pays to Study

It Pays to Study


This incident happened during my first year in college. It was a Thursday night, which meant that most people at my state school were out partying, drinking, and having a good time. Unfortunately, I had to take an exam the next day, so I was stuck in my dorm, studying.

I was busy reading in my floor's common room until well after midnight, when all the students eventually returned from their nights of debauchery at one of the campus frat houses or wherever they had been. Most of them were, of course, drunk off their asses. They were stumbling back to their rooms either singing too loudly, laughing too loudly, or both.

The steady stream of drunkards eventually slowed down, but at around 3:00, the elevator doors pinged open again. Three girls walked out. Two of them were supporting the one in the middle - a pretty blonde who seemed to be passed out, or very nearly passed out. I looked harder and recognized the one in the middle as Stacy, the girl who lived in the room next to mine. As we were both 18-year old freshmen, we had a couple of classes together that semester. She was a friendly, outgoing chick, but we weren't really close enough to be considered friends.

"Hey, what happened to her?" I asked.

One of the other girls looked at me and snickered. "We were playing a drinking game, and Stacy here had a few too many shots."

"Of what?"

"Vodka," she giggled again. "We've had to carry her the whole way back." The girls then continued down the hallway, and I heard them enter Stacy's room and presumably drop her onto the bed before returning to their own dorm rooms.

A few minutes later, I closed my textbook and yawned. I needed a break. They say that nothing makes you hornier than studying, and it's true. Seeing basically every female on my floor parade past me that night in really low-cut tops and short skirts just made things worse. I needed to put in at least another hour of cramming, but the raging wood in my pants was making it tough to concentrate.

Sighing in resignation, I decided that the only way to get through this was to masturbate now and take the edge off. I stood up and headed back to my room to do the dirty work. On my way, though, I saw that Stacy's door was slightly ajar. Her friends had forgotten to close it. Out of curiosity, I knocked gently, but there was no answer. I couldn't resist; I opened it all the way and peered inside.

The lights were on, but as I expected, Stacy was passed out on her bed and snoring softly. What I didn't expect was just how damn hot she looked. At around 5'10", Stacy was tall for a girl, a little taller than me even. She was thin, and her breasts were on the small side, but she had some nice long legs that I had fantasized about; I really hoped to catch a glimpse of them whenever I saw her. Well, I was definitely catching a glimpse of them now.

Stacy was wearing a dark blue strapless dress, leaving her shoulders bare. Even more interesting, the hem of the dress had ridden up as she slept, and her smooth, sexy legs were also completely exposed to my gaze. I could see her white panties peeking out from the bottom of her dress. Her face was turned to the side facing me, and she breathed slowly and evenly as she slept.

My dick was rock hard by now. "Hey, Stacy," I whispered. No reaction.

"Stacy!" I called louder. She just groaned, and then her breathing returned to normal. I stood in the doorway for a few seconds longer while debating what to do... It was the easiest decision I ever made. I quickly stepped inside the room and locked the door before moving to the foot of the bed.

First, I bent down and carefully lifted Stacy's ass off the mattress so I could push her dress up to her waist. Next, I pulled her underwear off. She had shaved recently, and her beautiful pussy was completely bare. The sight of it turned me on even more. I pressed the panties to my nose and sniffed her scent. There was actually a wet spot on the crotch of her panties! Stacy had obviously been horny sometime earlier in the night, and her fluids smelled very nice indeed.

I couldn't wait any longer, so I tossed the underwear aside and took my own clothes off. Once freed from my boxers, my erect penis popped straight out like a loaded pistol. It was pulsing with need. I then climbed onto the bed, spread the unconscious girl's legs apart, and positioned myself over her. Moving my cock to her opening, I gently pushed it in.

Did she feel good? That would be an understatement... She felt incredible! Stacy's vagina was already soaking wet and ready for me, and as tight as she was, I easily slipped my entire cock inside her on the first thrust. Stacy whimpered a little when I entered her, but thankfully she did not awaken.

I was so excited by this point that I was close to finishing, so I just stayed still for awhile, enjoying the feeling of being inside this woman and having her pinned underneath me. One thing I noticed was that Stacy's face looked so relaxed while she was asleep. She was smiling slightly, as if she was in the middle of a good dream. The fact that I was fondling her tits through her dress - she wasn't wearing a bra - probably helped a little. I could have sworn that she got even wetter and actually wiggled her hips against mine.

After several minutes of this, I had to start thrusting. All of my self-control soon slipped away from me. Knowing that Stacy would not wake up, I grabbed her shoulders for leverage and started pounding my cock into her defenseless pussy harder and harder.

Every few seconds, she would let out a grunt as I literally pushed the air out of her. "You're a damn good fuck, Stacy," I muttered. "You like being my sleeping slut for tonight, don't you?" The only response I got from her was another weak moan, and I grinned deliriously.

She really was the best ride I'd had in a long time - maybe she was too good, because I quickly felt my climax approaching. There was no question about where I was going to cum, though. I didn't want to make a mess on Stacy's bed, and besides, there is no better feeling in the world than cumming in a girl's warm, inviting pussy while bareback.

I didn't know if Stacy was on birth control; frankly, I didn't care. She may have been tall and pretty, but at the moment she was also out cold, and I relished the feeling of control over this woman who might normally be considered "out of my league". If I knocked her up, then that was fine by me. It would serve her right for being so careless.

So, gathering a second wind, I thrust into her as hard as I could. "Here it comes, you dumb slut," I said. "I'm going to cum in you now, and there's nothing you can do about it..." And finally, I let go and shot my seed deep into Stacy's love tunnel. I shook like a fucking freight train for a good 15-20 seconds, emptying all that I had in her.

Afterwards, the strength in my arms left me, and I collapsed onto Stacy tiredly. I buried my face in her soft blonde hair and just lay there for awhile, which allowed me to catch my breath and also kept my potent sperm trapped inside her. Eventually, I did get up. I then put my clothes back on, pulled Stacy's dress down over her thighs, and walked to the common room to finish studying.

Well, I ended up acing that test the next day. I only saw Stacy a few more times, because she soon left college unexpectedly; about nine months later, I heard that she gave birth to a baby boy. I'll always remember the night that he was conceived, even though his mom certainly doesn't.

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