tagIncest/TabooIt Runs in the Family Ch. 03

It Runs in the Family Ch. 03


Readers: Please note that this section contains some mild watersports along with cum sharing in case you do not like those particular fetishes.

Chapter 3- After Midnight

After their triple orgasm, Sheila, Marc and Les lazily reclined on the king sized bed for some time. Not much was said, save for an occasional moan as orgasms subsided. Sheila surveyed her two men, both wearing fishnet stockings and women's wigs, looking quite feminine save for the large phalluses and ripe ball sacks between their legs. When she finally ventured a look at the clock on the wall she realized it was already after midnight.

"So boys," she began. "What say we all have a shower and get a bit cleaned up."

Les nodded. "I think that would be a good idea. And how about we save a little water and all do it together? The master shower is plenty big enough for the three of us."

"Sounds like a good idea to me," Marc said. "As much as I like getting dressed up I would sure like to get this makeup off."

His parents chuckled, both knowing exactly what he meant. The three rose from the bed and headed for the master bath, where Sheila stepped inside and turned on the water, toying with the faucets until she had the water hot enough to be soothing but not uncomfortable. The men, who were taking off what little they had on, watched her intently and she leaned forward, her plump ass and puckered pussy staring at them, her pendulous breasts gently swaying back and forth as she reached forward to test the water with her hand. Once she had the water set to her satisfaction she turned on the shower head then backed into it's stream letting it soak her golden hair and cascade down her shoulders into little rivulets that descended the slopes of her massive breasts then cascaded like little waterfalls to the tile below. Both Les and Mark just stood and watched, mesmerized by her voluptuousness.

Opening her eyes, Sheila spied her two men seemingly frozen, staring at her from the outside. She let out a little laugh. "Come on in boys, the water's fine."

Finally released from her spell the two stepped in and approached her one on each side. Both seemed to have the same thought, for as they slid next to her each extended a hand towards the breast nearest to them. Sheila let them play with her toys for half a minute or so then reached behind her and retrieved the bottle of body wash. "Well, if you boys are going to play with my body you might as well give me a good cleaning."

She took the bottle and squirted an extremely generous amount along the top of each breast. Soon her two menservants were vigorously lathering her rack. And although she was fully enjoying the experience there were several other areas that she wanted them to "clean."

"Enough with the tits, boys. The rest of me needs washing too you know."

Les and Marc, whose eyes had been focused on their work, now glanced up and at each other. Les smiled at his son. He noticed that his son's rod was already half hard and despite the years and the recent events of the evening he was beginning to feel the tingling in his own. "You heard your Mother," he said. "Let's finish the job."

Marc nodded. "Yessir!"

"And then," Les added. "Perhaps she can return the favor. Just like the saying goes, 'you scrub my back and I'll scrub yours.'"

The men began to work their way down. Marc poured some of the body wash into his hand and began lathering his mother's back, working his way gradually down to her heart shaped ass. Les worked the front side, first getting underneath her massive tits then working down her belly to the small smooth triangle above her pussy. One of his fingers gently brushed against her clit and Sheila could not help but let out a moan of satisfaction. She glanced from one hard body to the other. Her son's cock was now completely engorged and she could see that Les' was extending as well. This boded well for more fun and games, and Sheila's mind was coming up with them by the basketful.

Les was doing a little thinking of his own. Glancing over at Marc, he said, "Son, now let's work from the bottom up." He knelt down and gently lifted Sheila's right foot off the tile, and began massaging it gently. Marc followed suit, getting down on the other side and working over his mother's calf until Les had returned the right foot to the tile, at which point he picked up the left one. Les watched with the slow attentive moves of his son with approval. Up above they could hear the gentle moans of pleasure coming from Shelia's lips. "This is your next lesson in pleasing a woman," Les told his son. "It's not just the parts that men like that a woman finds sensual. If you want to really please a woman, pay attention to every square inch of her body."

Marc nodded. "I will certainly remember that."

The two began working their way up her legs, rubbing the knees a bit then really massaging her thighs. Soon the four hands were nearing the intersection and Sheila obligingly opened up her stance to give them more room. As the two pairs of hands rendezvoused at her cleft, she closed her eyes and shuddered. The feeling of so many fingers working over her cunt lips was amazing. She felt one finger sliding into her sopping wet gash, then another beginning to move across her hard clit. Then another finger slipped into her cunt. She kept her eyes closed, enjoying the sensation, not really caring whose finger was doing what. Her moaning got a little louder. "If you two don't stop that you're going to make me come," she warned. Of course she really didn't want them to stop and of course neither did they. Soon three fingers were working their way in and out of her tunnel, like some three pronged penis, while two more held back her hood while another ran circle after circle around her hard clit. Sheila's moans increased in volume and speed and soon she could feel the electric current rushing towards her mound and began to shudder as wave after wave of pleasure assaulted her. When they began to subside she felt the hands depart and opened her eyes. On each side of her stood a horny man, with a hard cock and both were stroking them.

"That was excellent boys," she told them. "Now let's get the two of you cleaned up." Sheila reached back for the body wash once again and generously filled her palm, then rubbed her two hands together. "Okay," she said. "First you two stand facing each other and I'll do your fronts, then turn around and I'll do your backs." Without a word the two queued up. She had to smile at how easy it was to order them around. Sheila was really getting to like this dominatrix lite thing.

She started at their necks, making swirling circles gradually down their bodies. It took some concentration to do the both of them at the same time and she found she had to shoot quick looks to each side to maintain the evenness of it- not that she particularly had a hard time looking from one firm naked man to the other. She worked over their chests then descended to their firm bellies, then taking a cue from her men, went to their feet and work her way up. Soon she had passed thighs and was at the base of their balls. Unlike women, she knew very well that men had only a few erogenous zones and nearly all them were located between the legs. She started with the balls. Both men had generous pendulous sacks, and her soapy hands and fingers gently massaged them, rolling the firm little nuts inside around and around in her hand. Next she reached underneath, massaging the bulbous path between the balls and the ass. This brought a little burst of noise from her son. She looked up towards Marc and smiled. She doubted he even knew how sensitive this part of his body was. "You like that, son?"

He nodded. "Yes I do. It feels different- but in a good way."

Sheila stood, and once more reached for the body wash, lathering her hands once more. She instructed the men to move closer together until their extended cocks were nearly touching. Taking one in each hand she began at the bases and slowly slid her hands forward, making a twisting motion as she went. This quickly caused considerable moaning in stereo for Sheila. She stroked the two throbbing rods a couple more times, then let go. She suspected very much more "cleaning" of them might result in an eruption- something she preferred to save later.

"Okay, boys, now turn around."

The men obeyed, but she noticed they did so a bit reluctantly. Obviously her washing skills were greatly appreciated. Facing back to back, she began to rub the soap into their broad shoulders then worked her way down their backs and as before, started the bottom half from their calves and worked upward. Reaching their cute little asses, she decided it was time to alternate, as she could scarcely control herself and felt a need to get both hands on the sweet cheeks in front of her. She started with Les, telling Marc she would do him next and to just stand where he was. She had always admired Les' back door. His ass cheeks were cute and perky, as good as any woman's. She spread her fingers and kneaded the two mounds, then deftly slid a finger into the crack between, rubbing up and down on her husband's ass cleft. Slowly the finger wormed deeper, until it found the puckered opening of his asshole. As soon as this happened, she heard the familiar sigh of pleasure from Les. Marc who had been gazing around his shoulder could just barely glimpse his father's ass with his mother's hand sliding in between. He was trying very hard to keep from stroking his cock, but seeing this caused it to jump with excitement without even a touch, as he began to visualize the same sort of thorough cleaning for himself. Sheila gave her husband's rosebud a few more gentle rubs, penetrating his hole ever so slightly, then she removed her hands. Leaning over her husband's back, she whispered in his ear, "you might want to turn around and watch the rest of this." Les smiled, and as his wife's finger retraced its path out of his love canyon he turned to watch her finish up on their son.

Once again she began the kneading, first one bun then the other. But this time she decided she needed a closer view of her work, so she knelt down like a catcher and continued. After working over each cheek individually, she parted her hands and started on the outside working in. As she reached the center of his ass she began to gently pull the cheeks apart, squeezing them with each pull. This caused Marc to instinctively move his legs a bit further apart, giving her better access, and also a better view. As she pulled his cheeks further apart she began to get her first really good look at her son's anus. Unlike his father's, Marc's little hole was perfectly round and smooth. It was, she felt, one of the most beautiful man pussies she had ever seen. As she splayed her son's ass wide open she glanced over her shoulder motioning Les to get down next to her for a better look.

Les seemed equally impressed. "Mmm, that's gorgeous," he said.

Sheila, seeing his sensuous pleasure at the sight, without saying a word, communicated what she wanted Les to do next. Les the good partner that he was, understood completely. Slowly, steadily, he moved his middle finger towards the crack of his son's beautiful bottom. He touched the tip to the top of the cleft, and as his wife held the cheeks apart, began a slow decent, brushing across his son's little hole, then continuing to the base of his balls, before returning along the same path. This produced a noticeable grunt of pleasure from above. Les repeated the process two more times, then after the third pass, on the way back up, the finger paused at the round little hole. Marc had widened his stance even more and Sheila had his ass splayed wide open. The finger ran little circles around the opening several times, then slowly began to worm its way inside. This elicited more moans. Soon his finger was in to the first digit, then the second, then as far as he could get it inside from this position. Gradually, it began to snake its way back out, then penetrated once again, this time curling upward towards Marc's prostate, another organ of pleasure which the two elder participants doubted Marc knew much, if anything, about. While Les fingered his son's ass, Sheila began to massage his balls again, rolling them around in her hand.

Marc was overwhelmed. "Oh, that feels really good," he managed to get out between sighs of pleasure.

The two continued to pleasure their son for another few moments, then Sheila announced that bath time was over and play time was set to begin again. All took one last rinse and were about to get out when Marc said, "you two go ahead. I'll be there in a minute- I really have to pee."

This caused a smile to crease Sheila's lips. She looked at her husband, who was smiling as well and winked. "No need for that honey," she said. "You can do that right now."

Marc looked at his Mother and smiled a bit sheepishly. "Gee, I don't think I've ever peed in front of a girl before- at least not since I was grown."

"That's okay," she told him. "I need to pee myself. How about you hon?" she asked turning to Les.

"As a matter of fact I could use a good whizz myself," he said.

With this, Sheila actually jumped a couple of inches off the shower floor, creating a tidal wave of tits, swaying back and forth. Now she grabbed her two magnificent orbs and squeezed them together. "Here boys," she said, carefully sliding to her knees. "I'll give you two a target."

She knelt in front of them, extending her big breasts outward, her head thrown back. Les looked over at Marc whose eyes were wide with amazement.

"Really Mom? You want us to pee on your tits?"

Les patted his son on the shoulder. "Believe me Son, she loves it. It won't be the first time."

Marc turned, looked at his father with some surprise. "Gee, you guys are really kinky. I love it!"

The two men stood side by side and aimed their semi-rigid cocks at the beautiful mounds in front of them. Les, wishing to ease the nervousness of his son a bit, said, "Okay, first one to start peeing gets to choose the dinner menu tomorrow."

Sheila nodded. "Sure, why not?" The two men stood at the ready, extending their rods. Just as Les suspected, he managed to begin first. Though Marc dearly wanted to be first, the oddness of the situation made it a little difficult to get things started. But as soon as he saw his father's spray begin to bath his mother's bosom, it seemed to ease up his tenseness and he shot a hard straight stream, that at first hit Sheila in the shoulder, splattering all over her. Soon they were both going at it pretty well and enjoying the view of all their golden juices flowing over the tops of her breasts, then pooling and falling in little rivulets over her big nipples. It took them a good couple of minutes to quit shooting their hot piss, partially because they really needed to pee and partially because their cocks were constantly attempting to harden up from the excitement. Finally, both were nearing the end with just a few feeble dribbles. Just about the time he was done, Les got an idea and turned his cock, shooting one last good spurt at his son's cock. Marc looked up and laughed, then he turned his own cock towards his father's and gave him a shot as well.

Les gave out a little chuckle. "Maybe we can have a water pistol fight of our own some time- cock style!"

Sheila had stood now and was facing her two men. "Okay get against the wall and squat down a bit and see what your Mommy can do."

Les, of course, already knew, so he watched his son as the two turned about and slid against the back wall of the shower. As soon as they were in place, Sheila moved forward and bent her legs a bit, pointing her cunt straight at Marc, pulling the big labia lips apart. Marc of course was mesmerized by her clit and was more than a little surprised when a great jet of yellow fluid shot out from a tiny hole just below it. Through practice Sheila had gotten to where she could shoot a good two feet, and now her golden pee was bathing Marc's rigid cock and sliding down his nut sack. After a couple of good long spurts, she moved over in front of Les and gave him a couple as well. As the pressure ebbed, she stepped back a bit and spread her legs, letting the rest of her urine slide between her legs, the last bits pooling along her pussy and dripping to the shower floor. In front of her both men were slowly rubbing their rigid cocks, lubricated by her warm pee.

"Well, that was fun," she announced. "Now let's get rinsed off and see what else we can come up with."

They all rinsed off again, then engaged in a group toweling and headed for the bedroom once again. Sheila was trying to decide what to do next. She had come up with a dozen possibilities. All of them equally exciting and naughty.

Back in the bedroom the three thrust themselves onto the big bed, stretching out, feeling freshened from the shower. Sheila was in the middle lying on her back, her knees in the air, her legs slightly separated. Her men tumbled down on each side of her, lying on their sides facing the voluptuous woman between them. Without a word both began to run their hands along Sheila's arms and shoulders, breasts and belly. She shut her eyes and sighed but soon opened them again and looked at her husband. "So, are my kinky husband and son ready for some more fun?"

Les smiled, continued to massage the massive mammary in front of him, running his finger around and around in little circles about her big hard nipple. "What did you have in mind?"

Sheila gave them a devious little chuckle. "First, I want you two to put your panty hose, high heels and wigs back on."

Marc and Les looked at each other and smiled when Sheila said this. It was obvious to her that both of them were pleased with the idea. As they stood and went over to the chair where they had put their outfits, Sheila leaned back against the big pile of pillows at the head of the bed, spread her legs and began gently rubbing a finger along her quickly hardening clit. In a matter of less than two minutes, her two men had once again been transformed into her ladyboys and stood side by side at the foot of the bed, both staring mesmerized at her spread thighs and once again moist cunt lips. Both men were already getting pretty hard as well, especially Marc. But even Les, was at least at half mast.

Sheila decided it was time to see if she could coax her ladyboys into more intimate action. From their initial encounter and the fascination they both took with looking at and touching the other's manhood, she was guessing this might not be much of a challenge. Still, she decided to ease them into it.

"Do you boys like looking at my pussy?" she teasingly asked.

Les smiled broadly. "I don't think there should be any doubt about that!"

Marc simply nodded in agreement, his hand already slowly stroking his rod.

Sheila continued to caress her cunt with one hand, then lifted the other to one of her massive nipples and began to pinch it. "Well I want to watch my two ladyboys play with each other's cocks. So I want you two to jerk on each other's cocks for me while I play with my pussy and tits."

Les looked across Marc. "Okay with me," he said. "Okay with you?"

Marc just nodded, then stepped a bit closer to his father and reached down and began to caress his father's quickly hardening cock. Les did the same, reaching over to Marc's member which was sticking straight out by this time. Both continued to look at each other's rods, for the moment oblivious to the voluptuous woman in front of them.

Sheila was enjoying the show, but wanted to make sure she had complete control so after a couple minutes of this she said, "that's it boys. Continue to stroke those rods, but I want you two to look at me while you do so. I want your eyes on my pussy and clit, as I rub it."

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