tagGroup SexIt Started As A Conversation Ch. 2

It Started As A Conversation Ch. 2


I awoke the next morning thinking that all I had seen and heard the night before had been a dream. Looking over at Ann still sleeping my thoughts began to come together and I realized it hadn't been a dream. My morning piss hard on was raging and I stroked it as scenes from the video went through my mind of Ken's cock violating her smooth pussy. Ann stirred beside me and opening her eyes saw my fist pumping.

"You might want to save that until later, it just might be a long day and evening. " She smiled at me and rolling out of bed headed into the shower.

I watched her bare round ass move into the bathroom and looked down at my cock. 'Maybe I better,' I said to myself and watched as my prick softened. I followed Ann into the bathroom to begin my day knowing it would be long one.

"So you saw the video? What did you think?" Ken and I were sitting on the patio while Ann and Carol were in the kitchen preparing dinner for later. "I couldn't believe it when Carol told me and then brought me over here last evening. "

"Oh for sure, I saw the video and I thought it was fantastic! Ann and I have talked about it before but I never thought she would really act on it. It was wild! "

"Hey you guys! Carol has something to show you! " Ann called from in the house. Ken and I shrugged and headed into the house.

On the floor in front of our couch were a couple pillows where Ann was sitting. Naked, with her fingers between her thighs, there was no mistaking what she was doing. Carol was naked on the couch and very close to an orgasm. Her fingers rubbed her clit through a thick mat of damp pubic hair and using her free hand she had one of Ann's thick latex dildoes and was ramming it in and out of her cunt. Ann's attention was on Carol and she lay with her cheek against Carol's thigh. Her fingers moved in and out of her own pussy while her thumb caressed her clit.

Ken and I stood mesmerized at the scene before us. Ken gathered his wits first and quickly got out of his clothes and with his hard cock pointing the way stepped over to Ann. Taking her head in his hands he turned her face towards his cock and as I watched she took his thick length deep into her mouth. My clothes ended in a heap on the floor next to Ken's, and my fist held my straining cock.

Carol watched Ann suck her husbands cock, glancing over at me she pulled the dildo wetly from her pussy. "Jon come put your prick in here... fill me up with your hot cum. "

Ann released Ken's cock and patted the pillow beside her. "Sit down here, you can't cum yet... "

Kneeling between Carol's thighs she took my cock and pressed the tip to her open slit. "OhhhHHHHHHH... " I held her thighs and shoved my cock deep into her until my balls slapped against her ass cheeks.

"That's it! Ram your cock in her Jon! Fill her up! ... " Naked he watched us intently. She was on the couch with one leg over the back and one on the floor, spread wide my cock was pumping in and out of her hairy cunt. Her huge breasts bounced against her chest as I slammed in and out of her. "... I can't believe I'm seeing this! ... it's always been a dream... "

"Ours too Ken. After yesterday I couldn't wait to see this! ... Ohhhh that feels good-d-d-d... " Ann sat next to him and he had two fingers buried in her pussy with his thumb rubbing harshly over her clit. "You're going to... make... me cum if you... keep that... up-p-p... " She had his hard cock in her hand and was squeezing it. Precum covered the swollen purple head.

"Cum... for... him... Ann... " Carol looked from my slamming cock to Ann's hand and Ken's fingers. With each thrust she tried to speak, I could feel my balls begin to tighten and my cock swell with a load of cum. "He's going... to... cum... I can feel... it... bigger... " Using her fingers Carol held the lips of her slit open and with her other fingers began stroking her clit.

I moved my hands and held her heavy breasts. The areoles were large and round and dark brown in color. Excited they were covered with firm bumps that pulled towards the nipple making it stand erect. I could see her clit was as large as her hard nipples, they were as big as one of those jumbo pencil erasers! Her pubic hair was dark brown and thick. Although nicely trimmed you couldn't see her flesh through it. It was matted from her juices and being spread, as she was, the outer pink folds of her slit divided it in half. Her fingers jacked her clit as my cock slid wetly in and out of her.

"OH... OHHH... " The muscles of Carol's pussy gripped my cock as she began to climax. I was close to cumming and every muscle in my body clenched trying to hold back shooting my load. "OHHHHHHH... CUMMMINGGGggggg... " She screamed as she stared at Ken's fingers bringing Ann to her orgasm.

"YESSSSsssssss... me tooOOOOOO... " Ann's body convulsed against Ken's fingers. Her fist tightened around her cock forcing his precum to flow from the tip and over her hand.

"GAAAAaaaaa... " I erupted! Ann had reached between my legs and gently squeezed my full balls. There was no holding back and my load shot deep into Carol's tight pussy. "Ohhhhgawddddamnnn... " I felt each load spasm from my cock and fill her. "ohhh... damnnn... " Pulling back, my cock empty and still half erect, I could see my creamy load dripping from the pink lips. Ann released her hold on Ken's cock and he moved towards Carol.

"Honey, get up on your knees... " Taking her hips he helped Carol roll over. His cock, which was as long as mine but thicker, jutted before him. "Jon's cum is running out of you... your pussy is filled with it... " He wasn't talking to anyone in particular, his eyes glazed with lust, he moved towards his wife's cum dripping cunt.

Ann and I could see the soft curves of Carol's asscheeks. The hair went from her tight back hole and around each side of her slit. My cum dripped from the swollen red lips. Ken held his cockhead against the opening and pushed deep into her, then began thrusting. My cum was forced out the sides and coated his erect prick.

"Now... NOW!! ... " Ken held Carol's hips. We could see his balls begin to move as he unloaded. "NOWWWWWWWW... cummMMMMMM!! ... " The front of his thighs slapped against Carol's backside. "Ohhhhhdamnnn... " His motion slowed as his cock emptied.

"Oh damn! I feel so full! ... so damn full... " Carol moaned into the arm of the couch. As Ken pulled out the double load of cum ran down her thighs and onto the couch. Moving sideways she turned over onto her back still gasping for breath. Ann still sat on the floor staring at the three of us. Ken and I, our cocks flaccid and dripping with cum. Carol lying back with her legs spread and cum leaking onto the couch.

Carol looked at Ann, "Remember what we talked about?"

Ann nodded and moved forward. Running her hands along Carol's thighs her head closed in on her violated cunt. As Ken and I watched breathlessly Ann's tongue entered Carol's depths and as she sucked you could see her begin to swallow both loads that Carol held.

Carol held Ann's head gently in her hands, "Yes... oh yes that feels so good. Lick my clit... that's it... yes... yesSSSSSS... "

Ken and I sat holding our semi-erect cocks in our hands. The desire was there for both of us watching Ann lick and suck Carol's pussy, but being spent we couldn't come to complete hardness.

Ann slowed and moved away exposing Carol's glistening pussy. "Ok you two Carol really needs to get off," and she motioned us towards the dripping open slit.

Ken leaned forward and sucked her hard clit between her lips. I moved under his chin and pushed my tongue deep into her. Her body began to shudder. Her hand pressed Ken's head down and as I moved out of the way I watched him suck the cum from her pussy, then move back to her erect clit. My lips and mouth filled with cum I stared at her huge breasts, the large nipples hard as stone. I took the closest one in my mouth and began to suck. Pressing against the back of my head she forced me closer against her, the mixture of cum I held coating the nipple and areole.

I felt Ann move taking my hand she removed it from my cock. I continued to suckle Carol's breast and watch Ken lick her cunt. At first I was shocked when I felt a hand close over my cock, but then Ann closed my hand over a cock. She had put Ken's and my cocks in each others hand!

"That's it... play with each other's cock... jack each other off... " Ann was between Ken and I, her head between ours as she spoke softly. Her hands on ours urging us to do as she said.

As she gently removed her hands, Ken and I continued stroking one another. The feeling of a different cock in my hand wasn't repulsive but very erotic. I explored with my fingers and fist along the shaft and over his heavy balls. Ken hesitated at first then he too began to explore my cock and balls.

"Oh Carol... I told you they would do it! Ken has Jon's cock in his hand and is jacking him off... and Jon is stroking Ken's thick cock. " Carol couldn't see but Ann's description was bringing Carol closer to orgasm. It was having an effect on us too. I could feel Ken's cock growing in my fist and my own cock was hardening from his touch. "They have each other hard again! Carol you have to see this! They are going to get each other off! I can feel it! " And she could as both her hands were cupping our rapidly filling balls.

Ann moved away and Carol lifting our heads turned on the couch. Planting her feet firmly on the floor her own fingers found her clit. "Oh damn! You are! Get up here on your knees on each side of me so I can watch! " Ken and I moved together, never releasing the other's cock. Carol's fingers continued to masturbate her clit, while directly over her breasts Ken and I jacked each other off. Our eyes went from watching what our hands were doing to what Carol's fingers were doing to herself.

"OHHHHGAWDDDAMN-N-N-N-N... " Carol wailed. Ann had taken the double-headed dildo and inserted it deep into her pussy. As it protruded lewdly from her cunt she held the end and pressed it against Carol's open slit and buried it until the lips of their slits touched. Carol's finger moved faster on her clit as Ann rocked back and forth. "Ohhhh so go-o-o-o-d-d-d... " Ann's fingers caressed the outer cum covered folds of Carol's pussy.

"Oh FUCKKKK!! " Ann had taken her wet fingers and I felt her caress my asscheeks then she had pushed her finger deep into my ass! The feeling was incredible and my cum erupted across Carol's breasts and covered my fist and Ken's cock. He jacked me faster and load after load coated her breasts. "ohhh... damnnn... " I had stopped my masturbating of Ken's cock as I came and now as my orgasm subsided I began in earnest to get him off. Ann's finger aided in the climax as I watched her pump into his tight hole. I felt the cum travel his shaft as his eyes widened...

"gaaa... urrrr... ahhhhHHHHHH... " A solid stream of cum shot from his cock and landed on my belly. "OHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh... " I pumped his cock faster milking all his hot juice. It shot onto Carol's tits and added to the load I had just delivered. As the last of his load dripped out I released his cock and we both collapsed back onto the couch.

Carol's hands caressed her cum covered breasts as Ann continued to pound into her and herself with the double dildo. Ann smiled at Ken and I, then holding the dildo do in Carol's pussy pulled the end that she had buried inside her. Looking up into Carol's eyes she slowly lowered her face to the slit that was spread wide by the rubber cock. Moving it in and out she licked along the edges of Carol's pussy lips, then finding the hard button she sucked it between her lips and fucked her furiously. Her lips and hand a blur as she brought Carol to her climax.

"FUCKKKKKKK!! " Carol pulled at her glossy hard nipples, her hips arched off the couch pressing her clit tighter to Ann's mouth. "oh gawd... oh gawddd... ohhhhhgawd-d-d-d" Releasing her breasts she took Ann's head and pulled her up along her cum soaked body. Ann's face was covered with cum as Carol took it in her hands and their lips met. Ann's body tight to Carol's, their breasts... bellys... pussys... pressed tightly to one another.

Carol's hands moved slowly along Ann's sides and she cupped Ann's rounded ass cheeks and lifted her. Ann's own hands moved to her breasts and she squeezed and pulled her hard nipples. Carol pulled the swollen lips of Ann's pussy to her as her tongue licked the entire length of Ann's slit. Ken and I watched as she circled her tongue around Ann's clit, then flick back and forth over it.

"oh! OH! OHHHH!! ... " Ann began to grind her pussy tighter to Carol's busy tongue. Pressing forward her pussy lips were as one with Ann's lips. "I'm going to cum lover!! " Ann growled, pulling on her nipples. We could tell Carol's tongue was lashing Ann's hard bud, and the sound of her sucking Ann's pussy could be heard. "... cumming-g-g-G-G-G-N-O-W-W-W-W-W... " Ann's body stiffened against Carol's lips. Carol's fingers dug into Ann's ass and held her tight. "GAWDDDAMNNNNnnnnn... " Ann's orgasm peaked and as her body relaxed Carol released her grip on her ass. Sliding down the length of Carol, Ann rested on the floor between Carol's legs, her head resting on her thigh. The dildo slipped from Carol's slit and lay lewdly on Ann's thigh.

Carol softly caressed Ann's hair and looked to Ken and then myself, "Aren't you glad we finally got together?"

Ken and I smiled and nodded in agreement.

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