tagIncest/TabooIt Started at a Halloween Party

It Started at a Halloween Party


Our daughter has always been rebellious. She's one of those brown-hair blue eyed innocent looking girls who just loves to be bad. It wasn't until her senior year in high school where things really started to become out of control with Anne as she became even more rebellious towards everything. Around that same period, my wife found drugs in her room which was the last straw for us.

That resulted in my wife and I agreeing to put a strict limit on her allowance since then. My relationship with my daughter was strained even further because of this, as I was always the obsessive father.

This continued all the way to her freshman year in college.



After my wife left town for a few days for a business trip, Anne insisted that I let her stay out past midnight that day so she could go to a big Halloween party which many of her new friends would be going to. It's sometimes hard to resist that innocent look she can give. And she made sure to let me know that it meant a lot to her and her new social life. I agreed to let her go and to keep it secret from her mother on the basis that her new friends seemed like a much more positive influence on her. She's been working a lot harder at school and hasn't been in any trouble since starting college. So I gave her a hundred dollars so she could go out and buy a new costume to wear.

She ended up getting a light blue fairy costume which basically looked like a cheerleader's outfit with wings on the back. She also had a matching face mask which just covered the upper part of her face. I wasn't too thrilled by how much of her cleavage and legs were showing, but I didn't want to get into an argument over it either.

Her friends picked her up later that night but I had a bad feeling about the whole thing. I was just worried about what might happen after seeing all these negative stories in the news lately. I wanted to go and check on her, to make sure she was safe, but I didn't want to embarrass her either. Suddenly a light bulb went off in my head; I could ask some of the other parents I knew who have students in this school where this party is, and I could go check on her wearing a costume of my own. I could find out what she's up to and she'd never have a clue.

After a few phone calls, I was able to find out where this party was, and I got in my car to go buy myself a costume of my own.


It wasn't hard to find to the location of their Halloween party. I put on the silly mask that I just bought, along with a pair of hand gloves and old clothes so that my daughter wouldn't know it's me. There were a lot of local college students roaming in and out of that place making a casual entrance for me a breeze.

I definitely felt out of place given how I was at least as twice as old as everyone there. Not to mention how awkward I felt coming all the way over here to check on my daughter. At that point, I started having second thoughts about this entire thing. I'm sure she's behaving herself and I'm just overreacting which I tend to do a lot.

I was about to leave until I saw some of the friends she came with having a drink, but she was still no where to be found. A few minutes had passed with me just wandering around looking for her, until I saw her walking down the stairs smiling in her fairy Halloween costume and mask, with her arms around some guy.

What the hell were they doing up there? I had a hard accepting that my 18 year old daughter would just hook up with some random guy at a party. I thought about confronting her and brining her home, but I didn't want to humiliate her and risk ruining our relationship which had already gone through enough bumps over the past year. But maybe it wasn't her. Maybe it was just someone who looked like her, and I was just being that obsessive father she always accuses me of being (which I am). I had to be sure. She and the guy she was with parted ways and I decided to go talk to him.

"Excuse me, that girl you came down with, was her name Anne?" I asked him.

A grin suddenly appeared on his face, "Yeah, that's her. Why, are you interested?"

"Interested in what?"

"Oh come on man, it's obvious you know. She'll suck your cock if you give her $50 dollars. Why else would you be asking about her sounding so nervous?" he said with a smile.

I was completely caught off guard and furious by what he had just said, and replied by asking him, "Does everybody know about this?"

"Nah, maybe about a dozen guys or so. She makes a lot of money from it too because she's totally worth it. Want me to introduce you to her? She's a friend of mine."

"Sure, let's do that," I said as I tipped him a $20. "I want you to do the talking for me. Just tell her that I'll pay extra since she doesn't know me."

I agreed on the basis that I needed to catch her in the act. I had to be 100% certain about this whole thing and would only reveal myself once we were in private to see who was really telling the truth. I took out extra money and we walked over to go see her.

He tapped her on the shoulder and introduced us, "Hey Anne, I've got someone here who's interested in you. He says he'll pay you extra since you've never meet him."

"...I'm not sure, I only do people I know," she said to him.

I handed her 100 dollars.

She took the money and looked at for a few seconds thinking whether she should do it or not, before giving me a big smile saying, "Fine, let's go upstairs."


Before I knew it, we were making our way up the stairs. "You don't talk much do you?" she asked.

"No," I mumbled to disguise my voice.

"Shy I take it. I was the same way when I was new to this."

She locked the door once we were inside the bathroom. Just as I was about to take my mask off and prepare to scold her, she quickly dropped down to her knees and started unzipping my pants. I wanted to stop her, but I couldn't. I just froze. The sight of my beautiful young daughter preparing to take my cock out and suck it was too amazing to stop. I hadn't had this much sexual excitement in years. Not to mention my wife rarely bothers with oral sex anymore- she finds it to be disgusting.

She took my cock out and started stroking it.

"Nice cock, I've always had a thing for older guys ya know. You're my first," she said, before licking my head.

She continued stroking and licking me for a while before taking the entire thing inside her mouth. I couldn't believe that I was getting a blowjob from my own beautiful daughter. Seeing her cute and innocent face with her lips wrapped tightly around me drove me insane. Her head was bobbing back and forth as if she had done this a million times before. At 18 years of age, she was getting me off more than any other woman in my life.

Her beautiful blue eyes were staring right at me as she continued to bob her head. It was obvious looking at her that she was getting a thrill over this whole thing, but I didn't know what it was. Maybe she just loved sucking cock, or that I was her first older guy. Frankly, I didn't care.

I started moaning as I became close to an orgasm. Like the pro she was, she started sucking even harder and faster causing me to shoot a large load of cum inside of her mouth. Every time I shot a new load, she swallowed. She sucked it so hard that you couldn't even tell there was any cum; it all went inside her stomach.

"You taste pretty good," she said wiping the mixture of saliva and sperm off of her lips. All I could do was pat her on the shoulder to express my gratitude.

She got up and quickly washed her hands and mouth in the sink while I used the toilet paper to dry my cock.

"Are you a professor in one of my classes or something? You're starting to creep me out by how quite you are. And if you are, you better give me an A," she joked.

I gave a soft laugh and patted her on the shoulder once more before leaving. One thing is for sure, he was right about her, Anne was worth the money.


I was lying in bed awake when I heard her coming home a few hours after I did. I was still in an incredible state of disbelief over what had happened earlier; over how I found out that she gives sexual favors in exchange for money, and that I allowed myself to let her unknowingly to do it to me.

I blamed myself over this whole thing. Me and my wife were being too strict on her these past few months to the point where she had to whore herself out to have extra money. Of course she could have gotten a real job like anyone else, but we spoiled her way too much growing up for that to happen now while she was still in school.

Even though I felt ashamed for what I had done earlier tonight, I still found myself becoming aroused rethinking about it. It was an incredible taboo, my own daughter sucking my cock. I started masturbating thinking about how innocent she looked, and what a complete slut my little girl can also be. I guess I won't be able to do anything about it since I would have to explain how I found out. I guess the whole thing would just have to remain a secret.


"So how was the Halloween party last night?" I asked her during breakfast.

"It was pretty fun. Nothing out of the ordinary."

As usual, she didn't bother herself talking to me. We've always had a rocky relationship where I always had to be the bad guy disciplining her, and she ended up becoming closer with her mother, even though the decisions were made by me and her mom equally.

I did the dishes after breakfast and was about to do my usual Saturday morning laundry afterwards with my clothes already pilled up in my room. I headed back upstairs to receive the worst surprise of my life- my daughter was in my room looking at my clothes.

"Oh...my...god..." she said, holding the outfit I wore last night in her hands. "That was you at the party yesterday wasn't it? Oh god...how could you!?!"

She got me, I threw away my mask in the garbage bin the other night and I figured I would just wash my old clothes and donate it in the future, never to be seen again.

"Anne, I don't know what to say. I went there to try and look out after you, and once I found out what you were doing, I tried to put a stop to it, but I didn't have a chance..."

"Didn't have a chance!? Oh god, I can't believe you would let me DO THAT TO YOU!!!" she yelled as she ran to her room and slammed the door shut.


I tried talking to her after that fight, but she locked the door and wouldn't even answer me. I felt terrible. It should have been me yelling at her, not the other way around thanks to my massive screw up of not hiding my clothes properly.

She finally came downstairs to talk to me during the afternoon.

"Are you going to tell mom or anything?" she asked, sounding both mad and scared.

"No, I've decided not to. I mean how can I? I'm sure we can work this out on our own and not have your mother freak out over this situation. So have a seat, let's talk."

"Yeah, sure," she said, sitting on the couch next to me. "Why were you even there in the first place? And how could you let me...you know..."

"I wanted to look out for you; I had a bad feeling, that's all. You'll understand when you become a parent someday. As for why I didn't stop you, I keep asking myself that same question, from last night until now. And I still don't have a reasonable explanation for it. I suppose it has to do with my own sex life, between me and your mother."

"She's not, you know, taking care of you..." she asked.

"Let's not open that can of worms. But what I am interested in is why the hell would you be charging for sexual favors like some hooker? You're better than that. You're a smart and talented girl. I can't stand the thought of you degrading yourself to that level. And you know that's what you're doing," I told her as calmly as I could.

"I wanted the extra money to spend," she said, holding her head down. "And...I can't deny that I also like the attention I get from it, and...well...just doing something rebellious since you guys are always so strict on me."

"I guess I can see your point, but please don't blame your mother and I. We're doing the best we can for you. Look, I'll make you a deal, I'll give you an extra hundred dollars a week which your mother won't know about, and you'll stop doing what you're doing. Agreed?"

"Agreed, and thanks," she said as she gave me a kiss on the forehead before leaving.


I was watching tv in the living room when my daughter came down to talk.

"I'm going out with my friends later this afternoon, and..." she held out her hand signaling me for money and used that same innocent smile she always uses when she wants something.

"A deal is a deal I suppose. I didn't think you would be asking so soon with all that money you've..." I was just trying to be friendly, but I caught myself mid sentence realizing what I had just implied.

"And what's that suppose to mean?" she asked with a naughty smirk on her face. "That I've sucked a lot of cocks for it? I have, but I want your money from you since you agreed to it yesterday."

"You really love teasing me don't you?"

"Sure, but only because I know you like it. I have to confess; yesterday after we had that fight, I was really mad at you for a long time. But then I remembered what it was like when we were in that bathroom together. I've always thought of you as such a prude, I never thought you could do something so bad like tricking your own daughter like that. It really changed my view of you. I pleasured myself thinking about it before I came out of my room to talk. And I meant what I said at that party, that I loved the fact that you were my first older guy, and you do taste really good."

What she just said along with that devilish grin on her face got me extremely aroused, but I tried to fight it. "I don't know what to say Anne, other than we shouldn't be talking like this."

"Why? Is mom going to find out? You sure as hell aren't going to mention it. Besides, you always taught me the value of hard work and earning what you get, didn't you?"

"I suppose so," I said, feeling eager at where this is going.

"So what type of service can I offer you today? Would you like another blowjob? Or maybe a little strip tease?"

"Well I am paying you a hundred. That's twice what you normally get for this type of deal isn't it?"

She pulled off her t-shirt and threw it to the floor. It was the first time I had ever seen her in her bra, and she looked incredible. She had a lightly tanned body which was very firm and toned. Then off came her shorts revealing her athletic legs and thighs.

"Like it?" she asked, striking a model pose for me.

"I love it. You're very beautiful Anne."

She reached behind her back and flung off her bra revealing her perky breasts. They must have been b cups and they curved upwards. She had large puffy nipples that were light pink, which I thought were adorable, they matched her perfectly. I was turned on by her bikini tan line when she took off her panties as her breasts and crotch were pale white which was a result of her always going to the beach. Her crotch was also cleanly shaven.

She walked over to me and sat on my lap. We didn't speak for a moment; we just looked each other in the eyes thinking about how taboo all of this was, and how our lives would be changed forever. I caressed the back of her hair before pulling her towards me to kiss her on the mouth for the very first time. It was the most passionate and sensual kiss I had felt in many years, and with my own daughter of all people.

After a few minutes of kissing, I bent my head down to suck on her nipples. They felt incredibly soft in my mouth as I rubbed my tongue across both of them and massaged her firm breasts with my hands.

"Take your pants off, I want to suck your cock now," she said as she got down to her knees.

I pulled my pants all the way down to my ankles to which she immediately grabbed my semi-erect penis and shoved it inside her mouth. She wasted no time as she started bobbing her head up and down as she sucked, just as she did at the Halloween party, only this time she was more sexually charged. This time, she knows it's her father.

We looked each other in the eyes the entire time. Seeing her youthful blue eyes filled with lust for her own father showed me a side of her I never knew existed. I never wanted to think about if she had done anything with other guys or not, even though I knew she liked to flirt. Now here she was, sucking daddy's cock as if it was nothing out of the ordinary.

"Now I want to fuck," she said as she got up to sit on my lap again. "I need something inside me."

"We can't, I don't want to get you..."

"Don't worry, I'm on the pill."

I didn't even want to ask.

I held my cock upwards as she lowered herself onto me with her fingers holding her vagina open. I was mesmerized by the way her cleanly shaven vagina looked; it looked small and delicate, with a light brown labia surrounding it and it was pink on the inside. As soon as it touched the head of my cock, I could feel her wetness. And as she started to press her body weight down onto me, I could feel just how tight she was.

She started moaning loudly as I worked my way inside of her. And by the time I was all the way in, it looked like she could hardly breathe and held her mouth wide open. She was incredibly tight. My wife only let me have anal sex with her on two occasions; my daughter's vagina felt equally as tight as either of those two times.

After a moment of getting used to me inside her, she slowly started to gyrate her hips up and down. The more she did it, the more she moaned. Eventually she started moving her body to the point where she was riding on my cock- I was now officially fucking my own daughter.

She closed her eyes started screaming as she rode me. Her long brown hair was thrown all over the place and her tits jiggled as well. I started sucking her pink nipples again as we fucked which only caused her to scream even louder. After a few minutes of her riding me, her body suddenly started to stiffen and a clear stream of fluids started running down her vagina and onto me- she was having an orgasm. Not long after that, I had an orgasm of my own as I shot a large load of my cum deep inside her womb.

She collapsed on top of me. We were both out of breath and in a state of pure ecstasy over what we had just done with each other. She lifted her head off my chest and we both smiled at each other before embracing in another very long and passionate kiss.


My daughter and I were lying side by side that night on the bed shared by me and my wife. She decided not to go out with her friends that afternoon, instead, we spent the entire day together completely in the nude, and had sex a total of three times. From the time we first had sex onwards, we both never bothered getting dressed.

"So what do you want to do tomorrow?" I asked her.

"As if there's anything better than what we did today..." she said with a smile as she turned to lie on top of me.

"You're right. Your mother is coming back in two days, so we better enjoy what we have while we can. It won't be as easy in the future. But I'm really glad we did this. Not just because the sex was amazing, but because we got to really know each other again. I know I've been hard on you these past few years, but it's only because of how much I love you."

She sat up for a moment and gave me a heartfelt look, "I love you too daddy."


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very well done. could do with a part 3, bring in the aunt or other family.

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