tagErotic CouplingsIt Started With A Movie Ch. 04

It Started With A Movie Ch. 04


"Hey Andy, want to go next?" Todd asked him eagerly. The two argued a bit, obviously unprepared to be the next storyteller but then Andy conceded.

"This one takes place in Hawaii or some tropical island", Andy said. "I'm just out of or almost out of high school so I'm probably eighteen in this one."


I'm staying at a resort with my parents (I love having no responsibilities in my fantasies) and decide to adventure on my own. I drive a few miles away and through the trees I see a beautiful waterfall cascading down a mountain cliff and ending in a pool. Being that it's so hot out and I'm looking for adventure, I park the car and walk over to it. It seems like a picture out of a storybook. The pool at the bottom is light emerald-green and clear, and the trees give way to grass at the water's edge.

I glance around and see that the area is very secluded so I strip down and enter the water. I hide my clothes in case, as unlikely as it seems, that someone might come by and head for the waterfall. The water is rushing down with a thunderous crash and I have to get out and walk around to see behind it. I see that there is a cave behind the falls and it's created a private pool. The water is churning and there are numerous smaller spouts of water along the cave walls. The water is very warm here and if it were any hotter, it would almost seem like a Jacuzzi.

I love swimming around back here in the nude and in privacy. The scene with its rushing water and natural rock formations is primitive and exciting. The way the warm water is pulling and pushing my body gives me a hard on. Since I can open my eyes underwater, I submerge and find that there are tons of multicolored fish and shells back behind the falls so I take some.

I am underwater for some time and then I emerge in a deeper part of the pool. As my eyes clear, I see to my amazement that someone else is now in here with me. A native girl with tanned skin and long black hair stands on a rock on the other side. She is taking her wet clothing off and putting them between two large rocks. She enters the water and starts to swim around. The girl seems to be a couple of years older than me and has a slender body and a very pretty face. I am very nervous so I just tread water for a minute watching her. I am far more afraid of what her startled reaction to me will be, than of her seeing me in the nude. She is swimming toward me and halfway, she looks up and smiles at me. It seems that she knew I was here before she got in the water.

She stops about five feet away and looks at me with a smile, like this was all totally natural for her. She asks me something in her native language and then looks puzzled when I don't understand her. Then she smiles again and swims closer. She touches my face while we float in the water and then kisses me softly on the lips. As we tread water next to each other, our legs rub together. I move closer and she backs away smiling. I follow her to a shallower point and we both regain our footing. Although my shoulders are now exposed, the water is still up to her chin.

The girl puts her arms around my neck and we kiss. Her body touches mine and I feel her perfect breasts push against my chest. I reach down with both hands and squeeze her tight ass as I draw her towards me. The erection that my nervous fear had taken from me a moment ago is returning and she feels it. She reaches with one hand under the water and massages my cock while I pull apart her cheeks and gently probe her ass hole with my finger. I move my hand around to the front and feel her warm cunt lips as her legs continue to tread water. As I feel between them, I realize that the water has washed away any of her own wetness, which will make it too difficult for me to enter her. Realizing this also, she parts from me and smiles. Then she disappears under the water and comes back a moment later with leaves from a plant. The leaves are a pale green and she reaches under the water and rubs them between her legs. She then reaches over to me and rubs them on my stiff cock. The leaves are soft and slippery like aloe.

When she is done, she stands up again and pushes lightly on my shoulders. Her body floats upward and toward me. As her body settles again, she floats softly down onto my erection and the coating from the plant allows me to slide right into her. She holds onto my shoulders and hooks her heels behind my calves as she slides up and down on my cock. I put my hands under her arms and, pressing my palms slightly on the sides of her breasts, help move her up and down slowly. She has a look of ecstasy on her face and we both understand each other. There are no words needed.

She begins to speed up as much as the water will allow and I feel the grip on my body tighten. The water between us occasionally shoots up from our body movements and splashes on our faces. As my cock gets even harder and I begin to feel the tension grow, I see her eyes squint and I hear her moan and begin to cry out as she reaches her orgasm first.

Slowing down, the girl dismounts me and pulls my hand. The warm water seems cool in comparison to my rock hard penis as we slip through the water. She leads me a short way to the near wall and turns around to place her hands on a rock shelf. With her upper body supported, her legs come up and float before me. I separate her legs and get into position between them. I sway with the current, which pulls me into her. My ridged pole is now buried in her again. Her cunt is almost hot compared to the water and my cock begins to get harder again. I hold onto her hips because the water is now up to my neck and I start to fuck her again. The water is clear in the cave and the sunlight so brilliant that I can see her body under the rippling water. I watch as my hard dick slides in and out of her pussy and I see her cunt's lips extend and hold me when I pull out as if they didn't want me to go. Fish are swimming around us and as I pause for a second to watch, with only the head of my cock inside of her, a couple of brilliant yellow and black fish swim up and over my cock which connects us. The beauty of this place fills me with lust and I slam back into her, causing the fish to scatter. Her legs are bent around me and since I am not supporting her weight, I move my hands from her hips and grab hold of the cheeks of her ass, pulling them apart as I bury myself deep inside of her over and over. I fuck her so hard she looses her grasp of the rock shelf and floats in the water. As we start to float away, I grab hold of her hips again and continue to slide in and out of her. As her face breaks the surface of the water, she cries out with another orgasm. Still, I continue to fuck her until I feel my feet touch the bottom again. Then, with a grunt and a cry I pull out of her and cum into the water. The girl quickly turns around underwater and takes my cock in her mouth, catching the streams of cum as they gush out. I look down and see a cloud of black hair floating in front of me and off to the side I see a missed, pearly white string in the current of the water.

When she comes up she catches her breath, smiling, and then we kiss again. She says something to me in her own language. 'I love you too' I reply. Then she slowly turns and gets out of the pool. She grabs her clothing and looks down at me in the water before she leaves.

"Imagining the sight of this water nymph standing there naked or remembering the thunderous noise of the waterfall and the thunderous orgasm we had is all I need to masturbate." Andy said.

Looking around the room, Andy noticed Cathy and Chris. This time, it's Chris's hand under Cathy's pillow, moving it slowly up and down while Cathy was openly massaging Chris's bulging jeans. Keisha, taking the lead from Chris and Cathy, had a blanket over her lap and Todd's, with her hands underneath. Apparently, judging by the height of the blanket in front of Todd, Todd was no longer trapped inside his jeans. Andy's wife Claire had also enjoyed the stories because she was pushing a pillow up between her legs and squeezing it with trembling legs.

"Claire," Andy said. Claire looked started at him. Her eyes again had wandered to Todd. Andy knew whom her fantasy was about, so when she looked guilty Andy just said "Your turn."

"Oh!" she said. "Already?"

Adjusting herself and staring right at Andy who smiled back, she said, "Well, I have a fantasy about someone else in the room." She admitted. Then she looked at Todd who was the only one in the room who seemed a bit surprised at this. "Todd, don't take this the wrong way because I don't really want to have sex with you but...ever since I caught you in the changing room at the pool last summer, I've developed a bit of a fantasy about you."

"You saw me in the changing room?" Todd asked.

"Yah, I didn't think you were still in there so I opened the door by accident. Wow, you're pretty big." Todd looked embarrassed.

"I'd say so too." Cathy added, looking at the height of the blanket, which was now starting to droop. Keisha moved Todd's hand over his eyes and quickly pulled back the blanket to flash everyone a look. Still gripping Todd, her hand went only halfway up his shaft, leaving his still enlarged head standing up proudly. Todd quickly protested but the blanket was back again and the whole room just sat there and looked impressed. "How do you manage that?" Cathy asked of Keisha.

"We do all right." Keisha said with a loving and proud smile toward Todd. Then she sat back, still with her hand under the blanket and looked at Claire. "So, what do you want to do with my man?" she said with a sincere smile...

To Be Continued...

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