tagIncest/TabooIt was a Stormy Eve

It was a Stormy Eve

bySeries 6©

It had been a treacherous drive for Craig to pick up his sister Amy. The roads were hazardously slicked with snow and ice. When combined with the diminished visibility and the rush of holiday traffic, it made for a terrible Christmas Eve commute. He had barely made the short drive to Amy's apartment safely and was very concerned about their welfare for the long drive that awaited them.

Craig and Amy were sophomores at separate colleges in upstate Pennsylvania. Her apartment was on the way back to their parents' house several hours away, and he agreed to pick up his sister for the ride home.

The icy snow made little tinkling noises as it fell from the cold winter sky in the background to the crunching of his feet on the ice encrusted concrete. He carefully tramped his way along the walkway to his sister's apartment. Each frozen square sparkled with tiny reflections from the light cast from the lamp posts. He could feel his anxiety growing stronger with each step closer to the door. A long car ride alone with Amy was the last thing he wanted to do, let alone in dangerous winter weather on Christmas Eve.

He knocked on the door, waiting as he could hear her footsteps coming closer and the door unlatch. An additional wave of dread swept through him as the door swung open. Amy nervously stood at the entrance as the light from her warm apartment cast across them.

"Merry Christmas, Craig." She nervously greeted him.

People never believed they were brother and sister because they looked nothing alike. In fact, they weren't even the same ethnicity. Craig was a tall, lean Caucasian man with short sandy blonde hair. Amy on the other hand was a very slim, petite Asian girl with long black hair. Craig's parents adopted Amy when they were both a year old. Amy was five months younger than her adoptive brother. Her adoption seemed to be the root cause of their troubled relationship.

"Thanks, are you ready to go?" He mumbled.

"I am, but we can't go. The turnpike is closed because of accidents and ice. We're stuck here."

"Are you serious? What are we supposed to do?" He angrily replied.

"We're going to have to stay here and wait out the storm."

Craig looked down at his snow covered shoes as his face flushed with irritation. Spending the night at his sister's tiny apartment was an even less palatable choice than driving home on the dangerous roads.

"Just come in and calm down....Please?" The "Please" that followed Amy's request was uttered especially softly and hopefully.

"OK, but I'm going to call Mom." Craig said, fighting back his disappointment and anger.

"She knows. I already called her."

"I should talk to her too." He said as he pulled out his cell phone and dialed his parent's number.

"Mom, it's Craig. I'm at Amy's right now. I don't think we'll be there tonight."

"I know. Amy called a few minutes earlier. She told me about the road closure and the weather. It's bad out there. Just stay put, be smart, and be safe." Their mother replied.

"I was hoping to spend Christmas with you and Dad."

"It's ok if you don't get home until tomorrow. I just want you and Amy safe."

"Yea, I know. Our safety is important." Craig mumbled.

"You sound annoyed, is that all?"

"Yes!" Craig huffed.

"Are you sure it's because you don't want to be with your sister?"

"I just want to get home and..."

"Craig, it's time you and Amy stopped this childish squabbling. You're adults now and it's time to end your childish rivalries, disputes, or whatever you want to call it. It's time to bury whatever acrimony you two have and see each other for what you are -- two smart and loving people who are bonded together as family. There is no good reason for you two not to get along at this point in your lives. Be nice to your sister, and I'll see you tomorrow when the roads are safe." Their mother lectured.

"OK Mom. We'll see you when we can. Love you and Merry Christmas." Craig replied.

"Love you too, and think about what I said."

"So, what's the plan?" Craig asked as he ended the call and turned to Amy.

"Well, looks like you'll be sleeping here, but you're not going to like the sleeping arrangements."

"Dare I ask what the arrangements are?" Craig said as he looked around the small apartment.

"Well, it's a small efficiency apartment. So I only have the kitchenette, a bathroom, and the main room with the fold out bed. It's perfect for a college student. Not so good for overnight visitors."

"So, we're sharing a bed tonight?"

"I'm sorry, but it's more comfortable than the floor. Can we make the best of this, please?" She meekly replied.

Craig just put his hands in his pockets and forced a grin as he looked down at his shoes. He knew there was no fighting the situation.

"OK. But I don't have anything proper to sleep in. Are you cool if I just wear my boxers and a shirt?"

"Look, we grew up together. We lived in the same house for 19 years. We should be able to handle this."

Together they unfolded the trundle bed to convert the sofa for sleeping. After the bed was ready, Amy slipped off to the bathroom to change into a set of flannel pajamas while Craig just stripped down to his boxers and a t shirt. Apprehensively, the pair slipped under the sheets and blankets. The bed was surprisingly roomy and comfortable, but neither could drift off to sleep.

"Mom gave you her spiel? That this is the opportunity for us to finally get along?" Amy asked.

"Yea, she did." Craig sighed.

"She gave me the speech before you arrived. I never understood your animosity towards me all this time. We could have had some great times growing up, combining our friends and hanging out around the house and the pool." Amy lamented.

"I know. We were just so different growing up."

"Sure, but it was nothing irresolvable. I wanted you to love me like a sister. I didn't want to be some person who you lived under the same roof with and hated."

"I...I'm sorry. I just felt like you were Mom and Dad's, especially Dad's, favorite. You were the star of the basketball and track teams. You were the honor student. You had a ton of guys swooning for you, including some of my friends. I was the one barely passing and slacked along. I was the 'other' kid. You were what they wanted me to be. I guess I felt like I couldn't live up to the standard you set. Subconsciously I guess I felt like they adopted you because I was inadequate."

"But we were both a year old when I was adopted. You know that isn't why they adopted me. They thought it would be great to have a son and a daughter the same age. Mom and Dad loved you, and so did I. I don't know why you couldn't love me back. There were times you made me feel like I wasn't a real part of the family because I was adopted."

"I know. I regret it. I guess when I started going down that path I was too stubborn to change my way." He could feel a bit of shame overcome him for the way he had treated his sister for so long.

"You don't have to live with regret. We can put it in the past."

"I'm sorry; I wish I could go back and change things. Mom's right, it is time to put an end to this. There's no reason we can't get along."

"Don't do it because of Mom. Do it because you want to."

"I do." He said.

"I think we made some progress. I think we can sleep on this." Amy smiled.

"Ok, but first, one thing." Craig said as he rolled over and put an arm around Amy. "Merry Christmas, sis." As he gave her a warm hug.

"Thanks. Merry Christmas, Craig." Amy replied, hugging him warmly.


Craig awoke, confused where he was as he looked around the unfamiliar room in the dim morning light. It took him a moment to get his bearings and remember he was in the fold-out bed in Amy's apartment. The blankets and the body heat from his sister made him uncomfortably warm, and he pulled the covers back to cool off. In turning down the blanket, he exposed Amy. To his surprise he saw her pajama top had come unbuttoned. She was sprawled on her back, her top wide open exposing her small breasts and pink nipples.

Many mornings, he woke up with an erection. Embarrassingly, this was another one of those mornings. He felt a bit ashamed, laying there with an erection, feeling horny, and staring at his sister's breasts on Christmas morning. He thought about how they opened up and finally connected with each other. As he continued to stare, the shame faded and his desires grew stronger. He battled the temptation to reach out and touch his sister's perky little nipples. His battle was unsuccessful.

Gently, he teased her little nipple with the tip of his index finger. Watching it grow harder as he gently flicked it.

Amy began to stir awake and rolled over, incognizant that Craig was lying next to her with his growing lust. She awoke with a surprised shudder, forgetting that her brother was in bed with her, breaking her normal routine of sleeping alone.

"Uh, good morning. Merry Christmas." Amy greeted.

Then, she realized her breasts were fully exposed

"Oh my God!" She exclaimed. Her face turning pink with embarrassment as she quickly closed her pajama top. Her face turned to red when she realized Craig's erection was pressed against her thigh. .

"What are you doing?" She squeaked in exclamation as her voice failed her.

"I haven't done anything, don't worry." He said as he put a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

"Cripes, you have to admit that this is more than a little weird, especially for Christmas morning!" Amy exclaimed.

"I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me."

"Testosterone overcame you." Amy chided.

"Like you've never been horny at the wrong time."

After a long pause, Amy decided to take the risk.

"I saw you masturbate when we were younger."

"What?" Craig asked half amazed, half embarrassed.

"It was the first time I ever saw a penis, let alone a guy cum. I have to admit I liked watching you. I managed to see you a couple of times without you knowing." Amy admitted with a bit of embarrassment.

Craig thought about Amy's revelation for a moment.

"I'll make a confession too. A few of my buddies asked what it was like to have such a hot sister. I have to admit, they were right. I did think you were pretty."

For an uncomfortable moment the siblings silently looked away from each other.

"Do you think this may have been one of the reasons we fought so much growing up?" Craig asked

"What do you mean?"

"In addition to our rivalries and insecurities, we didn't want the possibility of something like this happening?"

"I...I...don't...." Amy fumbled. Unable to come up with a response that she felt should have been appropriate.

"Do you want to?" Craig interrupted.

"Want to what?" Amy exclaimed.


"What?" Amy exclaimed.

Craig slipped his boxers off and kicked them aside under the covers.

"Go ahead. Touch it."

Amy hesitated for a moment. She knew Craig was right. There had been times when they were younger that she wanted to try something with him, especially after she had seen him masturbating.

She was so nervous; her heart was pounding and her hand was shaking as she reached out and touched his penis. He gasped, in part from surprise that she actually touched him, in part from the sensation of being touched.

Rolling onto his back, Craig's hard cock was pointing straight up while in Amy's grasp. Her eyes were wide as she stared at his shaft clutched in her hand. Even though she had seen it before, his size seemed even bigger with it actually in her hand. Her fingers stretched to close around his girth and a couple of inches extended from either side of her hand.

They were both breathing hard as Craig gasped, "Stroke it."

Slowly her hand slipped up and down the thick stalk in her grasp. His skin felt warm and soft, yet hard in her hand. Precum was beginning to trickle from the slit of his mushroom head. Gently, she squeezed the shaft, milking a small flow of clear fluid that dripped down the head, over the rim and to the shaft she held in her hand, slickening his cock. The more she stroked, the wetter he got.

He was gasping softly with each stroke as he watched his pretty Asian sister slide her hand up and down. The excitement was too much and he could feel his orgasm building quickly. Amy could sense he was growing near and her hand became a blur as she pumped faster.

Craig arched his back, pushing his hips forward as Amy furiously continued to pump. He exhaled loudly as the rush of climax came, thick white strings of semen arced several inches up into the air, landing on Amy's hand and arm, coating his cock.

"That was probably the quickest I ever came." Craig managed to raggedly gasp.

Amy was still breathing hard and her heart was still pounding. She was nervous, excited, and even a little embarrassed about what had just happened. Craig's semi-hard cock was still in her grasp. She slid her hand up the shaft one last time to the head, milking a final spume of cum from the tip that made him gasp one last time.

Amy rolled onto her back, lying next to her brother. Her blouse still unbuttoned, exposing her flat belly. For a moment the pair just laid next to each other lost in their thoughts, the sound of their breathing was the only noise to be heard in the room.

Craig rolled onto his side and gently ran his fingertips up her taught belly, feeling her tremble as he continued up to her pert little breasts, opening her shirt wider as he circled the small mound of white flesh. His fingertips lightly tracing a circular path around her breast to her hard pink nipple as her chest heaved. She was shaking from nervousness and her heart was pounding. Her skin was goose pimpled at his touch.

He leaned his face to her heaving chest, blowing his hot breath across her hard nipple. Amy gasped as his tongue flicked the pink nub. His fingertips snaked their way lower, down her belly to the elastic band of her pajama bottoms and sliding inside.

His fingers found the small triangle of fur below her waist. He teased and raked his fingers through the soft curls of her pubic patch. He loved the feel of her coarse hairs running between his fingers. Amy moaned softly and arched her hips, hoping to force his fingers lower. But he wouldn't relent right away. He loved teasing her; getting her turned on and making her want more.

"Lower, please." Amy said in a moaned whisper.

"Please?" Craig whispered.

"Touch my pussy, please." She gasped as she pulled her pajama bottoms off and kicked them aside.

Slowly, his fingers inched lower again. Amy's hips writhed, hoping to end the torment, but it was no use. The more she struggled, the more he withheld his touch. He refused to end his little game, making her ache for his touch as her body trembled with lustful frustration.

Finally Craig relented. Not because he felt his sister had endured enough of his teasing, but because he didn't want to resist his own desire. Her pussy was drooling for his touch, streaming down to her crinkled little anus. His fingers slipped over the soft lips of her pussy, teasing her wet entrance without quite going inside and exploring her wetness. She groaned softly as he teased her hardening clit with his middle finger. His finger was wet with her juices as he flicked her sensitive nub.

As he let his fingers dance over her clit, he lowered his mouth to her small breast, letting his lips drag back and forth over her hard nipple. Her chest shook from each beat of her pounding heart. Amy's eyes were closed and her breath came in ragged gasps. Her breast was a perfect little mouthful that Craig gladly sucked all the way into his mouth. His tongue swirling around her pink nub as he lustfully sucked on the mound of flesh.

Amy's body was writhing as her brother had his way with her breasts and pussy, his fingers now churning in and out of her slavering opening. Her body was beginning to perspire, and her gasps were more vocal. Her fingers dug into the mattress as she grimaced with pleasure.

It felt so taboo to acquiesce to her prurient desires with her brother on Christmas morning, the holiest of all holidays. And she wanted more. She wanted to feel his cock inside her.

She forced herself up onto her elbows, sitting herself up. Momentarily, it confused her adoptive sibling. As she rolled toward him and swung her leg around his body, he realized what she wanted and rolled onto his back. His cock had grown rigid again.

Straddling him, she could feel his hardened tool against the crack of her ass. Conflicting thoughts of profligacy, lust, desire, sin, perversion all swirled in her mind, confusing her. But desire was the feeling that prevailed as she raised her body to let his cock slide between her thighs.

They both gasped as his thick spindle slid inside her drenched opening. She grimaced as her body slid down his shaft. His thickness stretched her soft walls, filling her warm passage. Slowly, she slid all the way down until she could feel his balls against her lips and his furry patch tickling her clit. She paused for a moment, relishing the feeling of her throbbing pussy completely filled by her brother.

Leaning forward and putting her hands on either side of Craig, she bore down. Her thighs pushing her hips up and down as she slowly rode his prick. Savoring each thrust that filled her wanton pussy while Craig gripped her ass.

Amy picked up the pace, her hips bucking up and down in a steady rhythm as her brother pushed his hips to meet her. Their bodies steadily slapped against each other as they gasped and moaned.

Any pangs of guilt or shame had disappeared from Craig's mind quite awhile ago. The only regret he had was that they hadn't reconciled earlier if things were going to be like this. He relished his sister's lithe body lustfully riding up and down while he gripped her sweet little ass. His thick cock glistened with each upward thrust, coated with her juices. He couldn't believe that sweet, perfect little Amy was fucking her brother.

He loved the feel of her body against his own. She felt wonderfully warm as her erect little nipples brushed against his body. Both of their bodies were moist from lustful exertion. Daringly, he ran a finger down the crack of her ass, tantalizing her tight little aperture.

The teasing of her anal ring turned Amy on even more. She buried her face in Craig's chest and pumped even faster, panting wildly.

"I'm about to cum." She cried out hoarsely.

Amy pushed up and down even faster, bringing them both closer to climax. Her long black hair was tousled and matted with sweat; locks clung to her face and neck. The bed squeaked and whined from her frantic efforts. Her thighs trembled violently.

Craig was meeting each of Amy's frantic thrusts with a push of his own. He could feel the pressure tightening in his cock and balls. It would only be a few mores thrusts before...

"Oooooohhhh!" Amy half moaned, half cried out. The walls of her pussy tightened around Craig's shaft, locking him within a turbulent storm of her orgasm. She hugged his body with her arms and legs, holding him tightly in her embrace as she rode out the waves of pleasure that shook her body.

Amy's orgasm was the catalyst that pushed Craig over the edge. With a guttural groan, he arched his hips and released gush of hot fluid deep inside his sister. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her tightly as several more spurts coated her insides and dripped down the base of his shaft.

The siblings lay on the sweaty sheets, tenderly holding each other as they drifted off into a short nap. They awoke after twenty minutes of light slumber, refreshed and invigorated. Amy lightly pecked her brother's lips.

"I don't think this is what Mother meant when she said to be nice to me." She smiled.

"You have to admit, it was the nicest Christmas present you'll receive today."

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