tagRomanceIt Was Just a Short Story

It Was Just a Short Story


This is a combination of sweet romance and a nasty stroke story. I hope that it will alternately bring a happy tear to the eye while also getting other juices flowing.

She had dodged the bullet for the second time but knew what was inevitable. This man was the best thing to enter her life since...ever? He was handsome, successful and divorced. He seemed generally fond of her young son. He had been very generous and had not abused her in any way. This had been the second time his cock had slid across her forbidden hole where his fingers had already been on more than one occasion; she knew he wanted to fuck her there...sodomize her.

He had put his mouth back there...his tongue just inside. She was ashamed at how much it had excited her; even more so when she had reciprocated and that too had excited her. He wanted to fuck her in the ass...like some men did to each other.

Two weeks earlier a girl friend in her apartment complex had convinced her to get dressed up and accompany her to a local club which had a reputation for better male clientele than any of the other similar places in town. Attractive young women had no problem gaining entrance; men were screened and not all measured up to the strict standards.

Her son was with his father for the weekend. The "new man" and his friend had chatted with them at the bar. The other couple knew each other and hooked up fairly quickly. She had let him drive her home; they had stopped along the river and he had tried to kiss her but she had not responded favorably, turning her head away from him. Her friend had whispered in her ear as they were preparing to separate.

"Honey, take this one home and fuck his brains out! He's cute, well dressed and Roger says he's got serious coin."

She had not been trying to be coy when she held him off over the following week. They had made out on her living room floor and he had touched her pussy. She had decided that she would have to sleep with him over the coming weekend or he would lose interest.

Men expected that; she was neither terribly experienced nor particularly enthusiastic about sex. She had had sex with three men in her life. The first had been her high school boy friend on the night of the senior prom in the back seat of his daddy's car and it had not been particularly pleasant.

Her husband of four years hadn't done much to spark her enthusiasm. She had pretty much decided that sex was overrated. There had been a third man but it had been little more than a one night stand although they had fucked three times over a three day period; it had been more exciting than her previous carnal activities.

That man had encouraged her to suck his cock; it was a first for her and less distasteful than she had expected except when he came in her mouth and she almost choked to death. Still, she had enjoyed the feeling of his smooth hard rod in her mouth and evidently had taken him deeper and sucked him better than he had expected. He had told her she was a good little cock sucker; in spite of her repressed and overly religious upbringing she had smiled. It was nice to know she did something well.

This one had not called her for three days and she assumed he would just move on much as the other men she had met and been interested in since her divorce had done. When he had called, he told her the upcoming weekend was his turn with his two kids but he'd call her the first of the week.

He invited her to dinner on a weeknight and her friend from the apartment complex offered to baby sit. He took her to a very nice restaurant on the water; it was the nicest place she had ever been. All of the other women there were far more elegant and stylish than she would ever be. She wasn't unattractive but probably no better than cute and certainly not pretty or beautiful she thought. Her body was her prime asset; her tits were larger than average and at her young age still quite firm and self supporting. Her ass was prominent, a "bubble butt" but she stayed in good shape and her proportions were very appealing.

They had made out in his expensive car in her complex parking lot; he had fingered her and almost made her cum or at least she thought so. She knew the signs of an impending orgasm but had never really had one. She didn't masturbate; blame her Baptist preacher father and sexually inhibited mother for that one.

She looked very sexy; men at work often made passes at her which were more often crude than effective. They somehow assumed that she was one hot little fuck. In point of fact, she was woefully inexperienced and still not sure that sex was everything it was cracked up to be. Then this one entered her life.

She had decided they would "do it" the first time at her apartment early on a Saturday morning. They had made out again on her couch and it had moved to her bed. She had excused herself and gone into the bathroom, locking the door behind her. She had inserted a Norform in the mistaken belief that it would protect her from pregnancy.

She had donned the only sexy lingerie she owned, straight from Wal-Mart. It consisted of a one piece bustier with matching see-through panties and garter clips. She'd added fish net stockings. She left the bathroom as nervous as she had ever been in her life. At least he had been kind enough not to laugh at her. She had been surprised that he was still dressed.

His hands had excited her as they explored her nubile young body. He had whispered, "Let's take this off" and quickly removed her low budget seduction attire. He had gone down on her quickly and it had excited her. The strong taste and odor of the suppository had not excited him.

He had led her to the bathroom, rummaged through her drawers to find a disposable douche and motioned for her to sit on the toilet. To her shock and consternation he had spread her thighs, inserted the nozzle and flushed the offending substance from her vagina, all the while kissing her and softly caressing her breasts.

"I don't want to get pregnant!"

"That damn thing isn't going to keep you from getting pregnant and it smells like Lysol. I've had a vasectomy --- had my tubes tied --- can't possibly get you pregnant. I'll wear a condom if you don't believe me."

He had escorted her back to the bedroom and gone down on her again; he had not undressed. She found something appallingly lustful and improper that he had not removed his own clothing. She had almost come to believe that there was something wrong with her; that she was frigid. She was certain that she was not as normally orgasmic as other women. He had been patient with her; she could feel the warm glow spreading through her body. After eating her far longer than any other man had ever bothered, she came.

Her hips bucked; she screamed, she moaned and whimpered. It was more than the first orgasm a man had ever given her; it was the first one she had ever experienced and in that instant her perspective on sex began to change. He had kissed her and the taste of her own fresh but musky cunt had not been as distasteful as she had thought it would be. He had smiled benevolently. She had changed position and taken his hard cock in her mouth.

While she had with that one other man discovered that she could evidently accept more of a man's dick in her mouth than many other women, she really knew nothing about giving a blow job. Again, he was patient; he coached her and she did not protest. She even began to genuinely enjoy the feeling of his stiff smooth cock in her mouth. She was terrified that he would cum and she would gag and completely spoil the mood. He withdrew before cumming and kissed her again. He coaxed her over on her front and up on her knees. She had never had sex this way before --- from the rear. She said so.

She knew she was very wet; with her ex-husband she had often had to use K-Y due to a lack of normal lubrication. He caressed her full rump and inserted fingers inside her. Without thinking she responded by moving her hips. She felt his bulbous cock head exploring and seeking its entrance.

He was completely inside her in one, smooth deep stroke. The position obviously allowed him deeper penetration; she'd read that somewhere. She was very sure he was deeper inside her than any other man had ever been. She could easily feel his rock hard prick grazing her walls. Her son had been born via Caesarian so she still was tight there. As he began slow, deep and persistent thrusts, she began to enjoy the sensation more than at any other time she could recall. He stroked her young ass, fingered her little bud and touched her full breasts. She knew from previous experience that the pleasant feeling would end in a matter of seconds when he came.

Something made her glance at the bed side clock. The next time she glanced at it fifteen minutes had passed and he was still inside her, still very hard...still fucking her. A minute later she came for the second time in her life and it was even more intense than the first one.

He had whispered to her: "good girl."

She did in fact feel very proud of herself but alarmed that possibly he had something wrong with him, or she didn't excite him because he had not yet cum inside her. She felt his ardor and pace increase and within a matter of seconds he came, filling her tight little cavern with his cream. She was shocked when he moved to her head, gently rolled her on side and presented his still firm organ to her lips.

She took it in her mouth; she found the taste of his cum and her secretions not remotely unpleasant. He didn't jump up immediately and run to the bathroom nor did he roll over and fall asleep. He held her, nuzzled her neck, stroked her body and made her feel quite wonderful.

They didn't talk. Far sooner than she would have expected, he was very hard again and making his intentions clear. This was a completely new experience for her. He was going to fuck her again --- twice in less than an hour. He paused, exited the bed and went to the bathroom; she heard him pissing. She heard him rummaging in the drawers again. He came out and went to her small kitchenette, returning with a small metal bowl. Wordlessly he lifted her to a near sitting position on the bed, shoved a towel under her rump and retrieved a safety razor and a can of shaving gel from the bathroom. He had warmed the can under the spigot; he began to lather her excessively hirsute private areas.

She was at first fearful but soon began to enjoy the special attention he was paying to her little mound. He removed all of the hair that had sprouted at the crease of her hips and thighs and then proceeded to trim her pussy tighter than even she herself had ever done in preparation for a day at the beach. When he wiped there with the warm washcloth her pussy lips were devoid of hair.

He had left a rather artfully trimmed strip just above her slot. He'd instructed her to roll over and get up on her knees and spread her full butt cheeks with her hands. He had removed every vestige of hair from her ass. She was shocked but terribly aroused. She had felt his warm breath and incidental touch on her dirty place and was ashamed at how good it felt.

He had positioned her exactly the way he wanted her, propped up with pillows behind her back in a slightly reclined and near sitting position. He had moved between her legs, fondled her firm breasts, kissed her and entered her again. She couldn't help herself. For the first time in her life she was in a position to watch a fat cock split her thin, delicate labia. The visual stimuli excited her.

He took her small hand and placed her fingers directly over her clit. She had never touched herself there before. She was quite startled at how good her fingers made her feel. Long before his ejaculation she had enjoyed three whimpering orgasms.

He removed himself from inside her and placed his slippery organ between her breasts. He was going to do something dirty; he wanted to fuck her tits. She helped him by pushing them together. The slippery tool stroking her sensitive full breasts excited her as did the fingers that he allowed to stray behind him along her tight little crease.

He rearranged the pillow behind her head and she knew what he wanted her to do. Each time his long pecker would move upward between her breasts she would feel his hard nuts slap her belly. She opened her mouth and his cock head would just enter her mouth with each stroke. He came with a roar and more than half of his load ended up in her mouth.

She held it there, rolling the viscous fluid around with her tongue; some leaked out. With what might have appeared to be a grimace she swallowed and the remainder slipped down her throat and she didn't choke on it. She wanted more, greedily raising her head to clean his cock; she was rewarded with one final squirt which excited her. "Good girl." He had said it again.

They showered together some time later; she'd never done that before. He had washed her, paying particular attention to her pussy and her ass. He'd slipped just the tip of a soapy finger inside that forbidden place and it had startled her senses. She knew that was very wrong but it had not been unpleasant.

He had told her to pack a small suitcase; they were going down the coast to a world famous beach resort that she knew was quite exclusive. It was less than two hours away. In the car on the way he had encouraged her to pull her short skirt up as he drove and show him her panties.

He had said: "Take them off; take off the panties and show me your pretty little pussy."

She had protested; he had been persistent. She had given in.

"You don't masturbate very often, do you, Debbie? Play with yourself; get off with your fingers."

It had been so blatant and improper. "No. My parents were very religious...very strict. It was a sin. . . only bad girls did it."

"Please do it for me...now."

She touched herself there and then retreated.

"No, not like that, don't stop, keep doing that. Play with yourself. Make yourself cum."

"I don't think I can."

"You came several times this morning when I was fucking and eating you. Was that exciting for you?"

"Yes," she whispered hoarsely.

"Think about me fucking you; think about my hard cock deep inside your pretty little pussy. Close your eyes and think about how good it felt and make yourself cum."

She obeyed. The top was down on his fancy little two seat foreign sports car. The warm air was blowing her medium length blond hair; she could feel it tickling her folds and much to her surprise she came in a matter of seconds.

"Good girl," he had said, reaching over to feel her slippery slot. She started to retrieve her underpants. He stopped her. "Leave them off."

When they pulled into the front of the absurdly luxurious resort, she had tried again to retrieve them. He had grabbed them from her and put them in his pocket. As the uniformed doorman opened the door on her side of the low slung roadster, she was sure he could easily see her still glistening little slot. She was embarrassed. As they walked in to register she told him.

"You are not the first attractive woman without panties whose door he has opened. If he saw your cunt, he wouldn't let on in a million years. You have an adorable little pussy; you should be proud of it. If he did catch a glimpse, you made his day."

She caught a glimpse of the registration; he registered with his real name adding, "and Debbie." The clerk didn't bat an eyelash. The room went for seven hundred dollar for the single night. He tipped the bellman who had carried their two small suitcases from the car and said, "we can handle it from here."

They entered a spacious elevator which actually took them four flights down to their room. The hotel was built on a cliff and they had entered over forty feet above the ocean. He kissed her and fingered her in the elevator. When he ushered her into the room, she quickly discovered that it was actually three rooms not counting the bathroom and was positioned only a few yards from the crashing surf. He slid the broad glass doors open; they pocketed completely out of sight. There were a few people meandering along the beach; the first woman she saw was not wearing a top to her bathing suit. She turned to him in shock.

"This part of the beach is 'partially' clothing optional. The hotel is built at a point where the coast line makes a right angle. The beach on the other side is more 'family oriented'."

"I don't think I could..."

"Of course you could! Your breasts are magnificent and real; many of the ones you will see on the beach are neither."

"Do people..."

"Around to the left the beach is essentially topless and bottomless."


His talented fingers found her little slot again. "You have a beautiful body, Debbie. You're cute with your clothes on but you are quite magnificent without them. Let me see what you brought with you." He said, digging through her small suitcase.

"Come on! We need to do some shopping. Here!" He said, finding what even she realized was the best dress she owned. "Put this on."

He wordlessly undressed her and then redressed her in the sleek, simple black shift. She grabbed a pair of panty hose from the suitcase.

"No, you don't need those; your legs are quite flawless. You don't need the bra either...nor the underwear."

"I can't go out in public like this!"

"You can and you will. Be proud of what God gave you, Debbie. Stand up straight, put your shoulders back and walk like you own the place."

She recognized the high end names of the stores in the hotel shopping arcade but had never in her life been in any of their outlets nor been able to afford their outrageously priced clothes. She was shocked the first time he went in a dressing room with her although the staff acted as if it was a regular occurrence.

An hour later they returned to their room with over two thousand dollars worth of purchases that amounted to three outfits and a bathing suit that essentially covered nothing. He had also bought her a pearl choker with a matching bracelet: fifteen hundred dollars. He helped her don a stunning and quite revealing sun dress and took her hand to lead her to a dining room that opened onto the beach.

The dress material was almost transparent; she was certain that with the sun at the right angle anyone paying attention could see the dark vee at the top of her legs and the tight crease of her exquisite young ass. She was, of course, correct in her assumption.

The men and women varied in age but all had that look that said they belonged. She did not feel as if she did. The men were attractive; a number of the women were quite stunning. He sensed her lack of confidence.

"Most of these women here have had plastic surgery; so have many of the men. They are well-to-do and can be unbearably snooty. You are a very pretty girl; there is not a man or woman in the place that won't instantly know that those are your own home grown mammary glands and you have a rump that makes women jealous and men hard. You're wearing a six hundred dollar sun dress.

"You are undoubtedly the only natural blond in the room. They don't know who you are --- only I do --- and I'm certainly not going to tell them. If they stare at you --- it's because you look better than they do without a physician's expertise --- just stare right back at them and flash that adorable little smile of yours. Fuck 'em."

He turned her face toward his with his hands. "Debbie, you're not stupid and you don't come off as or talk like a bumpkin. You may not have a lot of education but you've done a better than average job of broadening your horizons --- you read, for Christ's sake, a lost avocation --- much to my initial surprise. Right now you feel like a shop girl; that's what you do and all you will ever be if that's all you believe you can ever be. Go ahead; our table is ready."

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