It Was My Son's Fault


"Yeah….Mmmm…baby…. I love it…. Suck my balls…suck my balls!" he then started moaning and mumbling directing me on how he wanted me to suck his cock.

I sucked his balls and stroked his cock at the same time. I could feel the sweat building on my brow. I then took his cock back into my mouth. It was then I opened my eyes again. I looked up at the young man, who's thick cock filled my mouth. He had his head back with his mouth slightly opened. He looked like he was in another world. His lust was powerful. It was like he was transferring his desires to me. He was transferring his pure and selfish lust through his cock into my mouth and down my entire body. My entire body was on fire. Then the taste of his cock changed suddenly. It was then that I realized he might cum in my mouth. No man has ever cum in my mouth before, not even my own husband. I would suck his cock for a while until he was nice and hard and then we would make love. A few times after my husband and I had mad love. I put my fingers between my legs and scooped out some of his cum and tasted it. I was curious, and I wanted to know what it tasted like.

"Whoa…whoa…. baby…. slow down…" he moaned as he pulled his cock out of my mouth.

There was a mixture of saliva and pre-cum dripping from the tip of his cock. I looked up at him confused. I thought he wanted a blowjob. I thought he wanted to use my mouth for his satisfaction. That's when I got scared…Maybe I did something wrong…Maybe he didn't like they way I was sucking his cock. I started to get nervous and once again I got scared. He placed his hands under my armpits and lifted me to my feet.

"I'm sorry…. Please don't hurt me…I told you that I wasn't good at doing that."

Then he quickly spun me around facing me toward the stove. He pressed himself up against me and wrapped his hands around my waist and held me tightly. I could feel his cock pressing firmly against my ass cheeks

"You've got to be kidding me Rhonda…you're an excellent cock sucker baby…Shit! I almost came in your mouth."

I felt so dirty when he called me a cocksucker. For some reason the word cocksucker always seemed dirty to me. Then all of a sudden he reached up and cupped both of my breasts. It happens so fast it startled me. Immediately he started massaging my breast and squeezing my nipple. He softly massaged my breast paying special attention to my nipples. I was no longer in control of my body. My nipples got harder and harder by the second.

"Please don't do that…. I sucked your cock… please leave me alone now." I whispered.

Then he placed his lips on my neck and started sucking on my neck while he massaged my breast. It was all too much for me to take. The sensation I was feeling was too much for me to handle. My whole body was tingling from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. The spot that tingled the most was between my legs. I knew my pussy was starting to get moist. My pussy was yearning for some attention. How could this be? I asked myself. My pussy ached for some attention. It was like having an itch…a burning itch that was in a place you couldn't reach alone.

Then he moved his hands down my body and placed them on my skirt. Slowly he started raising my skirt. I was woozy, I didn't even realize what he was doing until I felt his cock touch my bare ass. I only had a pair of g-string panties on under my skirt.

"Please…please stop what your doing…Please…. I'm begging you."

"You want me to stop Rhonda….You want me to stop baby."

"Yes…please stop." I replied while trying to catch my breath.

"Ok…. baby…I'll stop and leave right now…I'll stop and leave you and your son alone forever…but only on one condition."

Then he said,

"I'll leave if your pussy is dry…If your pussy is wet…I'm gonna have to fuck you."

I couldn't believe what he just said. Then he quickly placed his hand on my hips and grabbed the strings on my panties. In one quick swoop he pushed them down to my ankles. With tears in my eyes I pleaded with him…I pleaded with him while his hands slowly inched towards my pussy.

"Why are you doing this to me…its not fair…look at what you've done to me...Its not fair, please I don't want to make love to you…. please stop what you're…I'll suck you off…I promise I'll do a better job…please don't rape me."

He didn't say a word the only thing I heard was his short rapid breaths. Which was increasing as his hands inched closer and closer towards my pussy. Then he whispered into my ear.

"Life isn't fair lady…and as far as the term making love…it doesn't exist in my world. Don't be mistaken Rhonda, I'm a man of my word…If your pussy is dry…I'll walk out of here. If its wet…I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you…you may not want to be fucked, but I think your body wants it…. Now lets see what going on between those thighs."

My fate was sealed. I was destined to be raped in my kitchen. I held my breath as I felt his hand pass over my pubic hairs. I knew I had lost. I knew that he was going to find what he wanted. Then I felt it. His finger slipped between my neglected pussy lips. Then he sank his finger deep into my dripping wet pussy. My knees got weak and I collapsed. He held me up by cupping my pussy with his hand and digging his finger even deeper into my body.

"You lose baby…Your cunt is dripping…"

His finger seemed to just melt into my pussy…I was so body had betrayed me in my hour of need. I don't know if I went into shock from the invading finger. But it seemed as though time had stopped. I put my head down and stared at the burners on my stove. I've stood in front of that stove a million times. But I've never stood there before with a finger in my pussy. I've stood in front of that same stove and watched those burners turn red hot. As I stood there in front of the stove the only thing getting hot was my pussy.

He plunged his finger deep into my body. Then he pulled it out and brought it up to my face. It was the smell of my own pussy that woke me out of my daze. Then he whispered,

"Look…Look…open your eyes Rhonda…look at your juices…Can you smell it baby… can you smell you sweet cunt juices…I can smell it from here…your pussy needs my cock"

He was so right. A part of me was disgusted, and another part of me just wondered…WHY? His finger was covered with my juices all the way down to his knuckle. It looked thick and heavy almost like a thick clear sugary glace.

Then he placed his left hand on my shoulder and started pushing me down.

"No please don't …No…. please don't …I'm begging you don't do this…Please don't rape me." I begged.

Then I felt the tip of his cock at the entrance of my pussy. I was moving my hips from side to side trying to avoid his cock while I begged him not to rape me. Then he gave me a hard slap on my asscheek.

"Hey Lady…SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" He growled.

That was the last thing I heard before he rammed his cock deep into my pussy. The force was incredible. He plunged his cock up and in me lifting me off my feet.

"Awwwwhhhh…fuck yeah lady." He moaned with his cock buried deep inside me.

He grabbed a clump of my hair with his hand and grabbed my hips with the other hand and rammed his cock into me again.

"I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you lady…. you better hold on bitch."

I knew he wasn't lying. I braced myself and he did what he said he was going to do. He started ramming his cock in and out of my wet cunt. He fucked me hard and fast with deep long thrusts. I felt so helpless. A strange man had broken into my home and now he was raping me in my own kitchen.

"Does it feel goooood…Rhonda…. Do you like it baby." Me moaned.

"No…No…. it doesn't. …Please stop…please stop." I cried out.

"Oh…I guess you like it real hard…Don't worry baby…I got'cha covered."

His attitude had totally changed. Now he was laughing at me. He thrust got harder and faster and my pussy got wetter and wetter. He pounded my backside. It was like falling on your ass over and over again. The sound of our flesh slapping against each other echoed throughout my large kitchen. My pussy was on fire from the friction and the fast pace of his thrust. Then I felt something I haven't felt in years. My pussy started contracting around his cock. Each time he drove his cock into me the sensation became greater.

"Yeah Rhonda…I can feel it…. Yeah baby use your cunt muscles on me…I knew it…I knew you were a fucking slut…You wanna cum don't'cha…You want cum don't'cha…I knew you where a whore…I knew you where a little suburban slut."

He called me all kinds of names while he assaulted my cunt with his thick cock. Then he suddenly stopped. He grabbed me and spun me around facing the center Island. He lifted my left leg up and placed it on top of the counter. Before I could protest he rammed his cock deep into my pussy. With my legs now open his cock plunged deeper into my body.

My whole body was trembling at this point. My greatest fear was about to happen. I was gonna cum and he knew it.


And that's exactly what happened. I exploded…as rush of pure pleasure electrified my entire body."

"Aghh…Aghhhh…. Agggggghhh…. NO." I moaned as he stabbed my pussy with his cock.

I was breathless and dizzy…I've cum before but never like that. He started laughing at me while he slowed down his pace. The sound of him pounding my pussy was replaced by the sloppy syrupy sound of my pussy juices flowing freely from my raped cunt. It sounded so disgusting. I've never heard anything like that in my life.

"See lady… that wasn't so bad…I told yeah I'd take of you."

My pussy was still contracting around his cock while he started to increase his pace again.

"Its my turn lady…I'm going to deposit a big load in your cunt."

"NO!….NO!….please don't cum in me….Please I'm begging you…I don't have any protection."

"Shut up Rhonda…I'm gonna cum inside your cunt weather you like it or not."

I panicked and I tried to get away…my attempts to get away were useless. All it did was make him angry. He grabbed me tighter and fucked me harder. By the way he was breathing and moaning I knew he was going to cum soon. Then I said something that I thought I would never say to a man in my life.

"Please don't cum in my pussy…please cum in my mouth…cum in my mouth

Pleeeazzzzzee…I'm begging you."

To this day those words echo throughout my mind. I was actually begging a man to cum in my mouth.

He stopped suddenly. I turned my head and looked into the dark sunglasses he was wearing and again I begged.

"Please…I don't want to get pregnant…I've done what you asked…please cum in my mouth….Pleeeeeeease."

He continued to pound my cunt furiously while I begged him not to cum inside me. Then he said,

"I'm gonna cum lady!!!…I'm going to cum in your mouth!!!…. Are yeah ready!!!"


"Are yeah gonna drink it all up."


Then he rammed his cock deep into my pussy, slamming my body against the counter. Then quickly pulled it out and pushed me to my knees.

"Aghhh…I'm cumming!!!!!…. Drink it… Drink it up…. Open your fuckin mouth bitch." He shouted as the first blast of hot cum hit me in the face.

"Suck it lady…Suck it." He moaned as another blast of cum pelted my cheekbone.

The force and the velocity of his cum rocketing out of his cock was incredible. I tried my best to quickly wrap my lips around his cum spewing cock. He quickly grabbed the back of my head and rammed his thick cock into the back of my throat. His entire body trembled as he unleashed his seed down my throat.

"Yeah…bitch…drink it….Awwwe… Fuck Yeah lady…. Suck that shit…Suck it all out baby."

I sucked and drank cum for the first time in my life. I could feel his cum slowly sliding down my throat and running down my face and onto my blouse. On the outside I knew I must have looked horrible. But it was nothing compared to how I felt inside. I felt like a whore. There was a pain in my stomach; it was a feeling of absolute disgust. After his orgasm was complete he pulled my hair and made me look up at him. He was smiling and laughing. He looked at my cum soaked face and smiled. He placed his hand on my face and smeared his cum around my face as though it was some kind of facial cream.

"Lick it…Lick my cock clean…clean me up nice baby…"

I wanted it to be over. I wanted him out of my house. That's why I did what he said. I licked and sucked his cock clean. Just when I thought my nightmare was going to come to an end I heard a voice. With his cock still in my mouth I turned around and saw my son standing by the door with two thugs holding him



There I was in my knees covered in cum with a cock in my mouth. He pushed me away from his cock and started laughing.

"Your Moms a hot piece of ass Dude…and she sucks a mean cock."

My son looked down at me and saw me crying. That's when he broke loose from the two other young men that where holding him and lunged toward us.

"You fucking bastard." He shouted as he rushed toward the man that had just raped me.

I would love to tell you that my son beat this man to a pulp for raping me, but that would be a lie. My son is tall for his age but he's real skinny. If I had blinked I would have missed it. Ken leveled my son with one punch sending him flying across the kitchen floor. I got up and ran toward my son.

"Please…. stop…. stop it…please leave us alone…Take the money… please take it all just leave us alone." I begged.

He stopped and looked at the money on the table. My son was on the floor crying and his nose was bleeding.

"Your lucky lady…You're lucky I don't kick that little punks ass."

"Please go…. Please leave us alone."

That's when he started putting on his cloths. After he put his cloths on he grabbed the stack of money from the table and handed it over to his two friends that were standing there smiling and laughing. Then one of the men said,

"Hey Artie…you should thank your mom…she saved your ass…she gave up her ass to save yours."

Then they turned around and walked out of my kitchen. I held my son in my arms while he cried. Then he looked up at me. I had forgotten how bad I must have looked. I still had cum on my face.

"Mom…I'm sorry...I'm so sorry…did he hurt?…did he hurt you?" He asked.

I was in no state to answer his question. I remained silent until he asked me.

"Did he rape you mom?"

My tears answered the question my son asked me. I was a total mess. A part of me was so happy to have my son home safe in my arms and another part of me hated him. I'm a good person and I've never done any harm to another human being. That day I learned a good lesson. I learned that I would do anything for my son. I learned no matter what he did I would do what ever it took to save him. I believe my son also learned a lesson that day. I believe he learned that sometimes the people closest to you suffer the consequences of your actions.

Even though I love my son, at that moment I couldn't look at him any more. I got up and went upstairs and went straight into the shower. After I showered I went to my bedroom and tried to force myself to sleep. I wished that this had all been a nightmare and I would soon wake up.

A few hours later my son came into my room. He apologized and begged me for forgiveness. He told me that he would never ever do any type of drug again. He told me how much he loved me. He told me how it was all his fault and that if it took the rest of his life he would make it up to me. Just hearing my son say that he loved me made me feel good. It had been years since I heard the words," I love you mom," from my sons his lips. Some mothers hear those words from there sons everyday. As for me, I had to be raped.

My son kept his word. He stopped doing drugs and reapplied himself to his schoolwork. He's in college now and doing real well. He's filled out and has become a handsome kind and caring young man. Unlike most college kids my son calls me everyday. I told my son that he doesn't have to call me everyday. He tells me that he has to. He said he has to call me everyday because he doesn't want me to ever forget how much he loves me.

The End

Please send all of your comments to the address in my profile.

Peace and love

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