tagErotic CouplingsIt Was Nice To Meet You Ch. 03

It Was Nice To Meet You Ch. 03


First off, Thanks to all the readers and also those that vote on these stories. We don't get paid for sending in these stories, I do it because I like to, and when I get a vote on my stories, it makes it all worth while!! *SMILE*


I felt a stir from Tasha, who still laid beside me in my arms. It slowly woke me up and I could feel her heart beating under my right arm. 'What an amazing evening' I thought to my self in the darkness of my room. My mind lusted for this beautiful girl sleeping next to me in my arms and how I wished I could see her in the darkness as she slept. I glanced over to my alarm clock... 5:12 am. My mouth was so parched, I needed some water. I slowly slid my arm from under Tasha neck and pealed our naked bodies apart, hoping not to wake her. I quietly tip toed out of my room into my apartment. There was no sign of Steve and Paula, only a little note at the door of my bedroom.


Had to go home, I am sure you know why.

From the sounds of the two of you last night, I didn't want to bother you.

Give me a call later and we will meet for breakfast.


I placed the note on the counter in the kitchen and grabbed two glasses from the cupboard. I filled them up with water from the fridge; I knew if I needed it so bad, Tasha would also. The water felt so cool and refreshing as it waterfalled down my throat. I filled my glass again and placed it down on the counter. I quietly walked to the bathroom and turned on the light. My eyes pulsed as they become accustom to the light. I went to the washroom, washed my hands and brushed my teeth. (Now I have one of those electrical toothbrushes, no way can you keep them quiet). I looked in the cabinet and pulled out a new toothbrush for Tasha, and placed it on the counter for her to see. I left the light on in the bathroom, grabbed the glasses of water from the kitchen and quietly opened the door to my bedroom.

Everything sounds so loud when you try to be quiet, Click, Click, went the glasses as I placed them on my nightstand. I heard Tasha stir and roll over in bed, I could see her in the darkness and the faint trail of light from the bathroom helped also.

'Is one of those for me?' Tasha asked in a sleepy voice, as I sat down on the bed and held her water for her. She slowly sat up and took a sip of the water. 'Thank you, I needed that' Tasha said in a more refreshed voice. I could slightly see her looking at me with her big brown eyes as she smiled at me. 'I need to pee' she said and we both started to chuckle from what happened earlier.

'I left the light on for you and a new toothbrush on the counter' I said as she passed me her water and slowly stood up. I watched the silhouette of her tiny body as she left my room and it started to excite me. I could feel the pumping of blood going to my member, not enough to get me hard, but half way there.

I laid down on my bed and fantasized about what we experienced earlier. A couple of minutes later the door slowly opened a bit more and she slowly slid back into bed with a sexy wiggle. Tasha pulled my naked body to her and we kissed, just little mouth kisses as I caressed her head with my fingers. She slid her body close to me, grabbing my cock and placing it between her legs against her pussy. At this point I could feel the blood rushing making my cock come to life.

'I love feeling you get hard against me' she said as she kissed me with a passionate kiss. I could feel myself getting fully hard against her and the harder I got the more I could feel the warmth and wetness of her pussy. We gently kissed, touched and looked at each other, well as much as we could in the faint light. Our bodies were pressed so close to each other, I could feel her heart beating faster and faster against mine. I tickled my fingers down her spine and gently grasped her ass in my hands, while she held my head and deeply kissed me.

'AAAHHH! Tasha let out a gasp, as I guided her ass gyrating against each other. She slowly rolled over onto her tummy as she guided my hand over her to lie down on top of her. Tasha slowly spread her legs allowing me to kneel in-between her, laying softly on top of her with most of my weight supported in my arms. My hips slowly pressed against her ass and I could feel the wetness of her as my cock slid past the opening to her vagina. I softly brushed her hair up and kissed the valley of her neck which caused her back to arch pressing my lips harder against her neck. I felt her hand reach under her body and grab the tip of my cock; she pressed it against her clit as we gyrated against each other. A gentle kiss on her shoulders started her moaning, as I moved my legs to straddle her. Tasha squeezed her legs together and it felt so tight between them and the moistness of her pussy brought me to a new level of euphoria. I needed to be in her again, I slowly reached over to grab a condom.

'I was wondering when you were going to do that' Tasha said in a moan. I slid the condom on as fast as I could and she spread her legs and arched her back inviting me to enter her. I let out a moan as I slowly slide into her, feeling the warmth and wetness that I felt before.

I gently kissed her neck and shoulders as I softly pumped in her. I could feel her fingers on her clit as she moaned in enjoyment. Everything started of so soft and gentle, but eventually changed as her hips started to bounce. Tasha's back started to arch more as she wiggled her ass more and more.

'Deeper' she moaned. I grabbed the sides of her hips and pulled her ass higher in the air. 'OH GOD!' she moaned as my hands held her hips and I slid into her as deep as possible. I could feel her fingers violently rubbing her clit which caused me to loose control. I started to thrust myself harder and deeper in to her; all you could hear in the room was moaning and the slapping of our naked skin together. Her hips started to buck as she pushed harder onto my cock; I was at the point of no return.

'OH CHRIS!!' she yelled and I could feel her pussy clench so tight around my cock milking the cum out of me. The clenches of her orgasm went in rhythm with the pulses of mine as I ejaculated into her. I moaned deeply as my body fell over her back and my arms wrapper around her tummy, letting the feeling of my orgasm subside. We climbed under the covers and I wrapped my arms around her, holding her naked body against mine as we drifted off to sleep...

I slowly opened my eyes. I could see the sun creeping through the blinds and the birds singing outside. I looked over at my alarm clock, 9:38 am. Tasha's body felt so warm against me as she slept peacefully. My arms were still wrapped around her body and I could feel her hand in my hand that was tucked under her neck. I looked at her; she looked so beautiful sleeping there next to me, what an amazing girl to wake up next to. I could feel her breathing and my breathes were so much deeper then hers. The duvet was pushed down to her waist, but with the sun trickling in it was very warm inside. I looked at her as she slept, her hair was dangling behind her ear and I could see her cheek and her hand holding mine. Our fingers were intertwined and with my other hand I gently brushed the hair off her neck. I traced the outline of her body with my finger tips from her ear, down her neck, over her shoulder and lightly down he ribs to where the duvet met her hips. Tasha's skin was so soft and I could feel little goose bumps form from where I touched her.

'Good morning' she said in a soft voice as she let go of my hand and rolled her body over my arm to face me. I smiled at her as we stared into each others eyes. Tasha slowly slid her head into my chest and placed tiny little kisses on me working her way up my neck to my mouth. I leaned down to meet her mouth and we got lost in our kiss. My hand caressed her cheek as we kissed and I could feel her gently rubbing my arm.

'Make love to me' she said in a soft voice and it sent shivers of pleasure down my body listening to her words. Our fingers danced softly over each others body as we stared deeply into each others eyes. Her touch and the feeling of her skin had a huge affect on me; I could feel the passion between the two of us. The duvet kept getting lower and lower as we touched each other and I could see her body as it was covered by the sun in lines from the blinds. Her fingers slid down my stomach to my heaving cock as she softly wrapped her hands around me. My fingers traced around her breasts, her nipples were so hard, her tummy was so soft and she moaned as I touched her vagina. Never once did we stop staring into each others eyes, as we touched each other, I could see the pleasure in her eyes and displayed my pleasure through mine. As we stared at each other, we expressed to each other what felt great and where we wanted to be touched. It was so erotic looking into her eyes as we masturbated each other and I think I got to know her better sexually, in that one night, then I did some of my ex girlfriends. (Now that I think of that, it makes me think, what a shame)

We started to express what we enjoyed about the other person and that only added to the excitement. Tasha's pussy was so wet, and her body reacted to my every touch. It was so soft and she touched me so softly. Her body started to sway as she told me she wanted to cum with me; I could tell she was close to orgasm from the sighs of pleasure in-between her words. I was close too, my body went in rhythm with her stroking and I couldn't control my moans of pleasure. As I stared in her eyes they widened so much from the lust of her orgasm creeping upon her. Tasha's tummy was convulsing frantically and her breathing was so erratic with little squeaks of enjoyment coming out. Her hips shot towards me causing my fingers so slide deep into her and I could feel her pussy contracting around them. I started to cum, ejaculating all over the mound of her pussy and tummy. It was such a magical orgasm, starring into her eyes as she cummed, I could feel her orgasm within my head. We smiled at each other as our orgasms started to disappear and I could tell it wasn't going to end there.

I rolled over and slid on a condom, my cock was still very hard. She rolled onto her side and lifted her leg up for me. I inched in closer to her naked body, spooning her as I slowly entered her from behind. I tasted her cum on my fingers and moaned as I felt her warmth wrap around my cock. She reached her hand around me grabbing my ass controlling the movements of my body as we made love. I kissed her neck and shoulders softly, while I traced her breasts with my hand. Our naked bodies moved together in harmony.

'I want to look at you while you cum again' I whispered in her ear. Tasha moaned in pleasure and slowly laid me on my back and climbed on top of me with grace. She grabbed my cock and slowly slid me into her with a groan. I reached up to her head and softly pulled her down to me letting our tongues dance around together. I held her so tight around her ribs and she had both hands holding my head as we kissed. I could feel her gyrating her clit against me and the cool feeling of her juices on my balls. We made love for what felt like hours, but it wasn't, we just didn't want this feeling to end. She broke her kiss from me and stared into my eyes, almost like she knew I was going to cum. I cummed inside her and she cummed around me, the whole time starring at each other, feeling each others orgasm through our eyes. Tasha slowly rolled off me and laid in my arms, I felt so relaxed, and then my phone rang.

'Hello' it was Steve and he told us he and Paula were heading off to Bon's on Broadway for breakfast. "Ok, we will meet you there' I told him. We met him at the restaurant, and we all joked about what happened lastnight. It sounded like we all enjoyed ourselves. I walked Tasha to Steve's car holding her hand all the way there, not wanting to think of the inevitable.

Tasha turned to me and kissed me deeply, 'I had so much fun, it was nice meeting you...

I haven't heard from Tasha since and I think we both knew it was only going to be that one night. But I hold the memory of Tasha deep within my mind and heart...

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