tagNovels and NovellasIt was the Beginning of Summer

It was the Beginning of Summer


(This story is a combination of characters created by me and Cbsummers, and it is actually a prequel to Cbsummers' story Field Trip Follies. To say that he helped me by editing this story doesn't even cover how much he did. He was in reality my co-author. Thanks, Cb. I hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.)


It was the beginning of summer as Amy Gleason sat with her friends Alyson Ferrie and Dana Lee Pruitt. Each dangled their feet in the pool occupying the Pruitt's backyard. The afternoon sun was high and bright in the cloudless, Florida sky. Amy giggled as she coughed and released the smoke she'd been keeping deep in her lungs. Then she passed the bong she'd been holding to her friend Alyson Ferrie. As Alyson wrapped her lips around the mouth of the bong, Amy relit it and watched as Alyson then sucked the marijuana smoke just as deeply into her lungs. She tried to hold it as long as Amy had but was soon coughing and releasing the smoke before passing the long tube shaped bong over to her best friend Dana Lee Pruitt.

As Dana Lee accepted her brother's bong from Alyson, Amy's phone began to ring. She fished it out of her purse and smiled when she saw Rashawne Williams' number on the phone. She immediately pressed the talk button and said, "Hey, handsome."

"What you doing?" Rashawne asked.

"Getting high with Alyson and Dana Lee."

"Who are they?"

Amy rolled her eyes and said, "You know who they are."

"No," he said. "Seriously. Which ones are they?"

"Alyson is the red head."

"Oh yeah, the chic with the ghetto booty and the nice rack."

"That's her."

"Who's the other one?"

"Come on. You know who Dana Lee is. She's a flag twirler in the Colorguard with Alyson, and she plays volleyball." Amy used her shoulder to secure the phone to her ear while Dana Lee held the bong up to her mouth so Amy could form her lips around it and suck her lungs full of smoke.

"Tall, blonde chick? Real skinny? Looks like she's anorexic?"

Amy released the smoke she'd been holding and enjoyed the fog, that was beginning to set in around her brain. That slow, heavy, everything is far away feel you got when you've smoked really good weed. She watched as Dana Lee passed the bong to Alyson. "She's not that skinny. She just wears baggy clothes all the time. If you saw the little yellow bikini she has on right now, you'd be drooling over her sweet little ass."

"She's got no tits at all."

Amy giggled. "That's true."

"Yellow bikini though?"



"No," Amy shook her head as Alyson tried to pass the bong back to her. "Just regular bikini panties."

"What's the other one wearing?"


"Yeah, the one with the tits."

"She's got a green bikini. Same style. Matches her eyes."

"You ever see her naked?"


"Just wondered if she had a red bush. Bet she's got freckles on her tits too."

"Did you just call me to be an asshole? Or did you have something in mind?"

"You working tonight?"


"Shit," he said. "I'm working. I was hoping you'd be there. Make the shift pass by faster."

"Sorry," Amy said. "I'm off tonight and all weekend too. Ericka is doing everything she can to cut my hours."

"Why would she do that?"

"Don't play stupid, Rashawne."

"I don't have to play. Seriously... I've told you a dozen times, there's nothing going on between me and Erika. She's the boss! And she's.. what? In her thirties at least! I mean, give me some credit. She's just playing mind games with you."

Amy giggled and took a short hit off the bong before Alyson broke it apart and repacked it from the bag of weed they'd swiped from Dana Lee's brother. Then she said, "Why'd you call?"

"You didn't tell what you're wearing yet."

"That's right. I didn't"

"Come on."

Partly from the effects of the weed and partly from being a little embarrassed to describe how naked she was, Amy giggled again. "I have this teeny tiny bikini I bought at the Town Center."

"Go on."

"It's gold. What there is of it. Barely covers anything at all. Just some gold material over my privates and some gold string the size of really thick dental floss."

"Mmmm. Sounds yummy."

Amy giggled. "Yeah. I was nervous putting it on. Dana Lee's brother is here, but he's in his room asleep. Stoned off his ass actually. Dana Lee went and stole his bong and his stash and he didn't even move."

"Damn. I bet you look hot in that. Gold material huh? Shiny?"

"Yeah. It's shiny."

"Sweet. That fits you. Short, curly blonde hair, deep blue eyes, tan and just a little glitter to cover up with."

"Rashawne," Amy said. "I know you didn't call just to see what we were wearing."

"Let's get together and kick it some tomorrow. Since you're off all day."

"Okay," Amy said. "What do you want to do?"

"Figure it out tomorrow. You coming by to get your check tonight?"


"Sweet. I'll see you at the store then."

"Yeah. See you," Amy said right before she clicked off the phone and dropped it back into her purse.

Minus the distraction, the three friends sat in their bikinis in the shallow end of Dana Lee's pool passing and relighting her brother's bong until there was no weed left in the bowl and none in the bag to re-pack it with. When the bong had completely burned out, Dana Lee stood to her full 5' 10" and walked the bong back into her house so she could sneak it back into her brother's room before he woke up. Amy watched Alyson admire Dana Lee's slim, firm ass as she walked to the house. She smiled. Alyson was so hopelessly in love with their friend that it was amazing that no one seemed to recognize it except for Amy.

The three had been close friends since they were five and six years old and their mothers had enrolled them in the same gymnastics slash dance class. Amy and Alyson's mothers were actually partners in the same law firm, so Amy knew why Alyson did her best to keep how she felt about Dana Lee to herself. Imagine Anne Coulter with red hair and breast augmentation and you'd have Alyson's mother. Completely 100 percent tea bag conservative, and completely anti-gay. Poor Alyson didn't have a chance in the world to be herself. Such a shame, Amy thought. Because Dana Lee really did have a cute butt.

Alyson looked over at Amy and said, "What are you giggling at?"

Oops. "I always giggle when I'm stoned. You know that."

"Yeah, right."

Before Amy could think of a reply, Dana Lee emerged from the house with three beers and a pack of cigarettes, her face covered with a weird smile. She handed a beer each to Amy and Alyson before she extracted a cigarette and passed the pack to Alyson who took one and then handed it to Amy. After Amy lit each of their cigarettes with her lighter, Dana Lee finally began to giggle hysterically. She laughed so hard that tears began to flow out of her sky blue eyes and down her cheeks. Amy and Alyson looked at each other in wonder.

Finally, as Dana Lee's laughter began to subside, Amy said, "That was some really good shit we smoked. Really good. But I think you're way more fucked up than me or Alyson."

Dana Lee let Alyson hug her and Amy smiled as she watched Alyson stroke her secret lover's long, silky, blonde hair. So secret that Dana Lee didn't even know it. Amy giggled at the thought.

Alyson looked her way and gave her a look of puzzlement before saying, "What the fuck is up with both of you?"

Dana Lee began to chuckle and giggle again but finally was able to say, "When I went upstairs and snuck David's bong back into his room, his sheet had fallen off of him."

Amy and Alyson both shrugged and said almost in unison, "Yeah, so?"

"He sleeps naked."

"Oh Jesus, Dana Lee," Alyson declared. "I know you've seen your brother naked before. Fuck. I've even seen him naked. The jerk gets his kicks out of accidentally walking out of the shower naked when Amy or I are over here."

Amy pursed her lips together and leaned her head to one side as she said in agreement, "It's true, Dana Lee. Your brother's a fucking perv."

Dana Lee waved them off and said, "Yeah. Yeah. He's a perv. I know. And yeah I've seen his dick before, but this time."

"This time what?"

Dana Lee held her two index fingers about eight inches apart and said, "He had the most massive boner I've ever fucking seen."

"Get the fuck out of here," Amy said as Alyson sat uncomfortably. She hated, literally hated, when Dana Lee talked about cock. Unfortunately, she talked about it more and more.

"No. I'm serious. It's fucking huge."

"Did you touch it?"

"Amy!" Alyson screeched. "What the fuck is wrong with you?"

"What?" Amy said. "It was just a question."

"Of course she didn't touch it," Alyson said with a little more calm. "Tell her Dana Lee."

They both looked back at Dana Lee who was dragging on her cigarette trying to hide her sheepish expression. She slowly let out a long stream of smoke and said, "Wellllll."

Amy began to laugh and said, "You did. You did. You fucking touched it."

"I just wanted to see if I could wrap my fingers around it." She paused, giggled again, and said, "I couldn't."

Amy laughed so hard she nearly dropped her beer and cigarette. Even Alyson laughed a bit reluctantly as she took a deep drag on her cigarette and then took a long pull on her bottle of Bud Lite. At least Alyson outwardly appeared to be laughing even though inwardly she shuddered. No fucking way she did that. She's just fucking with us. I know she didn't do that. No fucking way she did that.

Amy took a moment to look her over as Alyson snuffed out the cigarette and sat down her bottle of beer. Then Alyson began to rummage through her bag until she found her bottle of sun block. It was only the middle of June, but while the Florida sun was already turning Amy and Dana Lee's skin more and more bronze, Alyson's skin was still as milky white as the day she was born. Amy's short, wavy, blonde hair and Dana Lee's long, silky-straight, blonde hair both just got blonder and blonder with each day in the sun. The darker their skin got, the lighter their hair got. But, with Alyson's flaming red hair, emerald green eyes and spattering of freckles, she would clearly never do anything but burn if she did not apply and vigorously reapply her sun block. She envied both her friend's ability to lay in the sun and tan rather than burn, just as they both envied her big boobs, flaring hips and round ass. She had a flat tummy just like both her friends, but hers was a bit softer, more feminine, not an athletic six pack like both Amy and Dana Lee possessed. Alyson had more of the classic female figure. Trim but still shapely. Amy and Dana Lee were shapely in their own right, but more muscular and jockish than Alyson. Also, seeing them together could at times seem a bit comical. Dana Lee was almost six feet tall, Amy was just barely over five feet tall, and Alyson was right in the middle at five feet six inches.

To that, Alyson suppressed a giggle of her own at the nickname they'd given themselves but never shared with anyone. The ABC girls. That was Dana Lee's creation, invented to describe their cup sizes. A for Dana Lee, B for Amy and C for Alyson. With her flat chest, narrow hips, and sinewy limbs, all Dana Lee would have needed to pass for a young boy was a dick. Alyson sighed. Thank god she doesn't have one of those.

"Hello. Earth to fucking Alyson."

She broke her trance and looked over at Amy. "Huh?"

"I said," Amy said. "Do you want me to do your back?"

"Do my back?"

"The sun block, sweetie," Dana Lee said. "Do you want her to put the sun block on your back?"

"Oh. Oh. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah," Alyson said as she held the sun block out for Amy to take. "Do my back."

Amy accepted the sun block and said, "Are you sure? Maybe you want Dana Lee to do it."

Oh fuck. The fucking bitch knows. Suppressing her fear, Alyson said, "Don't be a goof, Amy. Just rub it in for me."

Amy began to rub the cream deep into Alyson's shoulders and back as Dana Lee crushed out her cigarette and dipped herself under the water and did an impromptu hand stand. Amy leaned her lips close to Alyson's ear as she continued to rub and asked her, "Feels good doesn't it?"

"Uh huh," Alyson admitted softly.

They both watched as Dana Lee stood on her hands and turned a circle in the pool. Her lips still close to Alyson's ear, Amy said, "Damn. Her tight little ass looks good in that yellow bikini. Too bad she's not wearing a thong though. We'd see a little more skin."

"Uh huh," Alyson said again as she stared at her secret lover's ass. So secret that her secret lover didn't even know. Then her eyes went wide. Shit. The bitch knows, and she's fucking with me about it.

Dana Lee continued to play and do tricks in the pool. As Amy finished applying the sun block to Alyson's back, she handed the bottle back to her and said, "Here. Do me."

Puzzled, Alyson said, "Why?"

"Just do me. We've been out here four hours. We've got the rest of the summer for me to turn black."

"Black like Rashawne?"

"Shit," Amy said as she rolled her eyes and lay face down on the lounger along the side of the pool. "He's so fucking fine, but he thinks I'm just this dumb little blonde cheerleader that'll do anything just to get tapped by a jock."

Alyson giggled. "But you are a dumb little blonde cheerleader."

Amy giggled too and said, "Fuck you very much."

Alyson began to rub the cream slowly into Amy's back, down to her ass, even rubbing some into Amy's ass cheeks before she began rubbing more of it into the backs of Amy's thighs. "I think he likes you. I see him looking at you, and he actually talks to you, not like he does the girls he hooks up with."

As Amy rolled over onto her back, Alyson offered her the bottle so she could do her front herself. But, Amy shook her head and said, "You do it, sweetie."

Alyson hesitated as she watched Amy close her eyes and enjoy the sun. God. Her body is so fucking hot. And this bikini, it doesn't cover nothing. Nothing. Just her nips and her pussy. That is fucking it. Fuck. This little bitch is making me wet, and she fucking knows it. Finally, she shrugged as she looked over at Dana Lee and saw her still playing in the water.

She poured the cream onto the front of Amy's shoulders and made two lines down her muscular tummy. Then she slowly began to sensually rub the cream into Amy's skin.

She hesitantly rubbed a little lotion into the outer portion of each one of Amy's boobs. She felt Amy squirm with her touch and almost thought she heard her moan. Without even realizing it, Alyson had slipped the material away from Amy's nipples exposing them to the warm summer breeze. Slowly, Alyson circled each nipple with her lotion covered thumbs and then softly brushed her thumbs across each nipple. Each girl gasped at Alyson's touch. Oh fuck. I want this bitch bad. Oh fuck. What the fuck am I doing?

"Nice," Amy purred so softly that Alyson would never have been able to hear her except that everything else was completely tuned out at that moment.

A soft moan escaped Amy's lips as Alyson opened her friend's legs and ever so slowly rubbed more sun block into her inner thighs.

"Damn, girl," Amy said. "You can do that all fucking day."

At that, Alyson began to rub higher and higher up Amy's inner thighs until she was just about to enter Amy's pussy. Her right thumb slipping under the material and was just barely tracing the lips of Amy's pussy, ever so slightly parting them, when Dana Lee popped out of the water and said, "What up, chicks?"

Horrified at what she'd been doing, Alyson quickly dropped the bottle of Coppertone and said, "Nothing, sweetie. Just waiting for you to get me another beer." Oh my god. I'm such a fucking freak. I was seconds away from ripping her bikini bottoms completely off and burying my face so deep into her pussy. Shit. I wanted to go down on her so fucking much. Mom would die if she knew what a major dyke I am. No. She wouldn't die. She'd kill me first and then she'd die. Either that or she'd drag me back to church and make me lay face down in a prayer circle while her pastor laid hands on me.

Amy, who had just as quickly re-covered her nipples from Dana Lee's view, abruptly sat up, winked at Alyson, and said, "I'll get them."

As Amy strolled toward the house, letting her ass roll for Alyson's benefit, Dana Lee said, "Don't you be going up and molesting my brother."

"Don't worry," Alyson said. Fuck! I want to eat that ass! "Your brother's not dark enough for her taste."

Amy smiled and flipped her middle finger at Alyson before opening the door and stepping into the house.

In less than a minute, Amy was walking out of the house, three ice cold Bud Lites in her hand. She handed one to Alyson first and as she handed the other to Dana Lee, the tall blonde accepted the beer from Amy and said, "Here's to us. Seniors at last."

They clinked their bottles together and the three of them said, "To us. The three hottest bitches in Silver Lake High's Class of 2012."

They all giggled, and Dana asked. "What did you think of my brother's cock?"

Alyson blushed and turned away as Amy said, "I didn't go check out your brother."

"Uh huh," Dana Lee said. "Guess he really isn't dark enough for you."

Alyson chuckled despite her distaste with the topic of cock. Amy laughed too and said, "What's up with him anyway? It's almost five and he's still in fucking bed. Fucking ridiculous."

"I know," Dana Lee said. "But he got all A's last semester so Mom and Dad let him do whatever the fuck he wants. It's a pain though. He's always lurking around even when Mom and Dad aren't home. Girl has no privacy at all."

"Privacy for what?" Amy teased.

"You know."

"Oh," Amy said. "Does Dana Lee want to masturbate?"

She waved her hand and said, "I do that whether he's here or not."

They all laughed again and knowingly touched bottles together. Amy took a sip of her beer and said, "Do you really?"

"Huh," Dana Lee said.

"Do you really masturbate? Even if he's here?"

Dana Lee begin to fidget but refused to let Amy make her back down. "Yeah."

"When's the last time?"


"The last time," Amy said. "When's the last time you masturbated? I masturbated this morning."

"Is your brother home too?"

Amy giggled. "Not this time." Not getting an answer from Dana Lee, Amy looked at Alyson and asked, "What about you?"

Dodging the question, Alyson said, "I don't have a brother."

They all laughed, and Dana Lee said, "Okay. I masturbated about half an hour before y'all got here."

They both looked at Alyson. Nervous. Ashamed. Yet excited. Alyson said, "I wasn't really asleep when you called me this morning."

"You were masturbating?" Amy said.

She lowered her eyes. "Yes." I didn't stop either.

"You didn't stop either, did you?"

Alyson blushed. Deeply. Amy wanted to delve further, and perhaps she would have before, but she felt more bonded now with Alyson than she ever had before so she let it go. Instead, she turned to Dana Lee and said, "What's the need for more privacy then?"

"Well. Tanner and I are trying to find some alone time."

Alyson looked up and said, "You said you weren't going out with him after what happened after the prom."

It was Amy's turn to be puzzled, "What happened after the prom?"

Alyson covered her mouth and gave Dana Lee a look that said, Oops, sorry.

Dana Lee hugged her and kissed her forehead and said, "Don't sweat it, sweetie."

Amy smiled. Young love. "One of you spill it."

"We were making out in the back of his mom's Impala," Dana Lee said. "He kisses really good. Got me so fucking hot. My pussy was drenched."

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