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It Was the End of Summer


(Hello to the fans that enjoyed the other stories I wrote in collaboration with CBSummers. We're at it again. This one is long. Very long. If submitted to a publisher, it would qualify as a full length novel. Just letting everyone know that from the beginning. It had to be long to cram all the super hot fucking we wrote into one story. Our three little stoner chicks are at it again, and there aren't many lines that don't get crossed. Incest, male and female bisexuality, sex in exchange for drugs, full fledged orgies; and that's just to scratch the surface. Enjoy the story. We both enjoyed writing it.)

© 2012 Laurie & C.B. Summers



Amy Gleason slammed the trunk shut. "Okay, Mom. That's all of 'em!"

Gina leaned out of the window and grinned back at her daughter. "Okay. I'll go park. Can you handle those? They look awful heavy."

Amy laughed. "Don't worry about it, Mom. Remember: room 505."

"Okeydoke. Be there in a minute."

Amy shielded her eyes from the glaring Tennessee sunlight. It was sweltering on the Ingram Commons, but it was beautiful. A sea of vivid green grass was crisscrossed with sparkling clean paths, which were lightly populated with college freshmen carrying boxes, making new friends, and vibrating with excitement for their first taste of freedom. School didn't start for another week, but she was surprised how many people were already moving into the various freshmen houses scattered around the commons.

She picked up the cardboard boxes, grunting at the surprising weight of Rashawne's pre-med textbooks. She staggered toward a tree and plopped them down on the grass. It's too damned hot ...and I need a smoke.

She leaned against the tree in the dappled shade and lit a cigarette. As she puffed, she casually swept her shoulder-length platinum blonde hair onto the back of her ears, and watched a couple of hotties in cutoffs tossing a Frisbee back and forth. Several boys slowed down as they passed, casting interested looks her way. One of them, a cute white guy wearing cowboy boots, with a matching hat and attitude, stopped in front of her and leered with unapologetic lust at the tight little crotch of her Daisy Dukes. His eyes slowly crawled up her tanned belly, and her cut off tight tee shirt, lingering on her breasts for a shockingly long time, before continuing upward to meet her flashing eyes.

He said in a Texas drawl, "Well, howdy beautiful. Welcome to Vanderbilt. Name's Randy." He put his hand out to shake, as if he was doing her a favor.

She ignored it and laughed. "Thanks. But I'm not a student. Just helping my boyfriend move in."

Randy put his hand on his hip and looked around skeptically. "Boyfriend, huh? I've heard that one before."

"I bet it didn't dissuade you, either."

He grinned wickedly, then looked down at the boxes. "It looks like y'all could use some help moving in, sweetheart."

"Uh, no thanks..."

But he bent over and picked them up anyway. He grunted with surprise at the weight as he straightened up. He grinned broadly, pretending the boxes were weightless.

Amy laughed and said, "Well, okay, if you insist."

"Where to, beautiful?"

She pointed to a red brick building with a massive pediment on the facade. "Gillette house."

"Y'all just follow me. I'll have you in your room right quick."

"And out of my clothes just as quick?"

He looked sideways at her. "Hey, don't get pushy, sweetheart. We just met. By the way, I didn't catch your name."


"Amy. What a musical name. Amy. Amy. Amy." He said her name deeply, as he might say it while thrusting his cock into her. She snickered softly at his boldness. He was a cute guy, but definitely too pale for her tastes. Still, in the right circumstances, she'd probably be willing to overlook his deficits. And maybe these were the right circumstances.

Amy strolled slowly and asked, "So, Randy, are you a freshman too?"

"Junior. I just like coming down here to pitch in with the froshes. They encourage us to help new students learn the Vanderbilt way."

"So this is kinda like a service and outreach thing for you."

"Yep. I like to do my bit."

"I bet you could teach me a lot of things."

"Dang right I could."

"Hey, Randy. Is it true what I heard?"

"What's that, sweetheart?"

"That there's a Vanderbilt way of giving head?" Randy stumbled, nearly dropping the boxes. Amy turned and giggled. "Watch your step, cowboy. Don't want you pulling a groin muscle. Not just yet." She giggled. Randy was at a loss for words for once.

Randy watched the gorgeous blond crush her cigarette in a flowerpot then he followed her up the front steps. He was amazed by the rippling muscles in her tanned legs, and the way she moved. Slinky and sure, like a mountain lion. Shit. She must me an athlete. This is gonna be fun!

Amy saw the elevators were still on upper floors so she said, "Hey, Randy, let's take the stairs."

He smiled, hoping she was impatient to start fucking. "Good idea, sweetheart." But by the time they reached the fifth floor, Randy was gasping, and streaked with sweat. But he was grinning broadly, figuring this was buying him a lot of points. Fuck, this girl can't wait to see what I'm hiding in these jeans of mine.

Amy laughed at his stumbling gait. "Not far, Randy. I'm just down at the end of the hall. Damn. I've gotta think of some way to thank you."

He gasped, "I think... I have... a few... ideas... gasp."

As they walked, Randy's eyes were glued to Amy's tight ass. Her Daisy Dukes were so short that he could see the bottom of her lacy white panties cupping her athletic ass. He could hardly believe his luck. He was now one hundred percent certain he was about to get a blow job at the very least, maybe more! Damn... look at her. Can't wait to wrap my hands around that tight little waist of hers and shove my six inches of steel deep into her throbbing pussy.

Amy pushed open the door to 505 and said, "Where the fuck have you been, Rashawne?"

Randy screeched to a halt in the open door, startled by the muscular black man who was sitting on one of the room's beds with a PowerBook in his lap. He wasn't wearing a shirt, so Randy could see every muscle group with stunning clarity. He looks like an dang anatomy exhibit! The black guy grinned, put the computer aside, and pulled Amy onto his lap. She crawled aboard, grinding her crotch against the prominent bulge in his sweat pants, and they started kissing, right there in front of Randy, as if he no longer mattered at all. Randy's arms were quaking with the weight of the boxes, but he was too intimidated by the man's ripped torso to make a move. After a long kiss, the black man looked over Amy's shoulder and said, "Thanks, bro. You can drop 'em over there." Randy meekly lugged the boxes to where the guy was pointing, and carefully put the boxes down. Then he wordlessly turned and left the room, quietly closing the door behind him.

Amy playfully slapped Rashawne's cheek. "I can't believe you left me down there with those boxes full of books! And here I find you, checking your email!"

"Looking at porn, actually. But I knew you'd snag some lunkhead white boy to do the heavy lifting."

She laughed. "Damn. You know me so well! Let me introduce you to..." She turned and saw they were alone. "Hey, where'd he go? Damn. I wanted you to watch me suck his cock."

"I wanna do more than watch."

They kissed for a while, until she felt Rashawne's cock pressing insistently upward into her ass. She was incredibly turned on, but a little sad too. Shit. I can't believe this is our last day together for who knows how long. Fuck, the summer just flew by! These last few days in particular. Fuck. Oh, fuck, he's so hard. She reached down and started to rub Rashawne's erection through his sweats.

He laughed, "You want your mom to catch us fucking again?"

She giggled, "I sure as fuck do!" She pulled his waistband down, releasing his nine-inch shaft and started stroking it with her little hand. Her fingertips couldn't even meet, he was that big around. She rubbed it against her crotch, and he reached down and started to pull her shorts open. But then she suddenly put her hands on his chest and shouted, "Oh, shit! What time is it?"

Rashawne groaned, "Dammit, girl! Why you always doing this to me? Damn... I guess it's a little after two."

Amy hopped out of his lap. "Oh, good! I'm not too late. This won't take long. I promised to Skype the girls." She moved his laptop to the little desk next to his bed and opened up the program. She giggled as he folded his throbbing cock back into his sweats, leaving a huge tent.

Moments later, Gina opened the door, and looked in with disappointment. Damn, I was hoping to catch them fucking again.

Amy saw the look on her mother's face and laughed. "Sorry, Mom. I've got a Skype date. Be done in a sec."

After logging in, Amy saw the user names A, B and C at the top of her contacts list. That's what they called themselves. The A, B, C girls. Only a few people knew that the letters actually stood for their bra sizes. A was for Dana Lee, who had tiny little champagne glass tits, B was for Amy, who had lovely, handful-sized breasts, and C was for Alyson, who had a healthy pair of perfectly round, bouncy knockers that were the envy of the school (and would probably be full D's by graduation).

Amy was surprised that Dana Lee and Alyson had both logged on over half an hour ago, but hadn't yet rung each other up. My, my, how things change. In the past they'd be chatting away by now, making me feel like a third wheel. But lately it seems like I'm the only thing holding their friendship together, like the hub of a fucked up wheel. Round and round, lies and secrets, lies and fucking secrets. Well, I shouldn't cast stones. I've got plenty of secrets of my own. Amy grinned at her Mom, who'd just sat down on the bed next to Rashawne. Gina pushed her glasses to the top of her narrow nose and winked at her, then looked down that the huge tent in Rashawne's black sweats. Amy giggled. Damn. If the girls knew what I've been up to the last few weeks, they'd shit bricks.

When Amy dialed the girls, Dana Lee answered first. She was sitting by the pool in her back yard, dressed in a metallic blue bikini. Her long sun-bleached blonde hair was gleaming so bright in the Florida sun that it threw off the exposure on her computer camera, making her tanned face look much darker than it really was. Her big lips made her look exactly like a black girl in a white wig. Only her glittery blue eyes gave her away.

Dana Lee grinned and waved, "Hey, girl!"

"I see you're soaking up the sun, DL. Get any darker and folks will think you're Rashawne's sister."

Dana Lee laughed, but it sounded forced. Amy sensed that something was wrong, but before she could say anything about it, Dana Lee said, "Hey, Alyson's not picking up. I guess she forgot."

"I'll ring her again." The connection rang a few times before it was answered, but not by Alyson. A handsome white boy with curly blonde hair was smiling shyly at the camera. Amy said, "Oh. Hi, Christian!"

He was sitting on the grass in a shady glen. It sounded like a huge party was going on nearby. People were yelling and clapping, almost drowning him out as he shouted, "Sorry, Alyson's right in the middle of her talent show thingy! Oh, here take a look..." He picked up Alyson's computer and pointed the camera in the direction of an open-air theater, which was situated at the center of a semi-circular hillside. The natural amphitheater was crowded with kids wearing matching yellow t-shirts, which were decorated with a bold graphic depicting Jesus Christ giving a big thumbs up. Letters along the top read, "Florida Springs Christian Youth Fellowship Camp". Along the bottom it said, "Gotta love that Bible!"

Christian stood up and held the computer over his head to give the girls an unobstructed view. Alyson was twirling like crazy in the center of the amphitheater. Amy heard Dana Lee emit an audible gasp. It was always impressive to see Alyson twirling, but she was doing things now that neither of them had ever seen her do before. She was strutting back and forth across the clearing to the beat of a Christian-Rock song, spinning her baton through an impossibly complex series of twirls and tosses, swirling it across her arms, shoulders, elbows, and knees, then around her neck, as if it had a life of its own. Her long red hair was flying about like liquid fire, and her freckly face was glowing with that wonderful beauty pageant smile of hers. It completely masked the furious concentration that Amy knew it took to accomplish this kind of perfection. When the music reached a big guitar solo, Alyson tossed her spinning baton twenty or thirty feet into the blue summer sky, then did a series of somersaults and twisting acrobatic back flips, before catching the baton again in perfect synchronization with a loud cymbal crash, never letting the baton stop spinning for an instant, but instead transitioning seamlessly into another breathtaking series of tricks. The crowd roared so loudly, that the audio dropped out for a few moments.

"Oh, you guys gotta see this!" Amy started to turn the computer toward her Mom and Rashawne, but stopped when she saw them kissing each other passionately. Rashawne was squeezing Gina's breast, kneading it with his strong black hand. Amy shook her head and hissed, "You guys! I almost put you on camera! Give me a little warning next time!" Gina giggled, then reached down and wrapped her hand around his massive erection, squeezing it through his sweatpants.

Amy rolled her eyes and turned her attention to Alyson's performance again. Damn that girl is sexy. I bet she's giving every straight boy there a boner, and half the gay ones too. Her C cups were heaving in her tight yellow tee, her nipples standing proud as she bounced through a series of acrobatic moves, finally spinning the baton around her paper-pale leg and flinging it in the air, before catching it with the other leg and spinning it up onto her forehead.

The way Alyson was moving made Amy's pussy clench with desire. Ever since their brief encounter on the boat, Amy had been trying to think of ways to maneuver Alyson into the sack after she came back from Bible Camp. But what was originally supposed to be one week, had extended to three. Alyson had applied to the training program for future councilors, saying she wanted to work on her relationship with Heavenly Father. But Amy knew it had less to do with Heavenly Father and more to do with heavenly Dana Lee! Alyson was madly in love with her best friend, a fact that disturbed her deeply, not only because she hated the fact she was a lesbian, but also because she knew it was utterly hopeless. Dana Lee was the straightest straight girl ever. She was totally obsessed with cock. So, Alyson was obviously extending her stay in bible camp in order to clear her mind of all impure thoughts toward her childhood friend. Well, one good thing came out of this, anyway. I've never seen Alyson twirl like this before. She's fucking amazing. Shit. This is championship level twirling!

Amy looked at Dana Lee's video feed. The skinny blonde was weeping openly, moved to tears by her best friend's performance. That's weird. Alyson's the weepy one. I can't remember the last time I saw Dana Lee cry. She didn't even do it that time Tanner pimped her to his cousin to pay off that stupid wager. What the fuck's up with her today?

When Alyson finished with one final move that was so impossible it looked like a special effect, the audience went wild, and jumped to their feet to swarm the stage to congratulate her. Dana Lee clapped like crazy, and put two fingers in her luscious lips and whistled loudly, as if Alyson could hear her through the computer from that far away. Then Christian started jumping up and down excitedly, causing the camera to bounce around so much that Amy had to look away to keep from getting dizzy.

Rashawne had removed her mother's shirt now, and was right in the middle of unhooking her bra. Gina's big breasts fell free, then he leaned down and wrapped his big dark lips around her swollen nipples , while yanking her skirt and panties to the floor. Gina ran her fingers through his short, curly hair and arched her back, moaning deliriously. Amy bit her lip at the sight of her boyfriend suckling those beautiful tits she'd nursed at as a baby.

"What are you looking at?" asked Dana Lee.

Amy turned back to the screen. "Nothing. Rashawne's just goofing off. Trying to distract me."

Dana Lee sniffed, wiping the tears from her eyes. "So you guys made it to Vanderbilt okay?"

"Yeah, we just finished moving him in. It's a beautiful campus."

"Yeah, I bet it is. You better start studying harder, or else you won't get in next year."

"Who says I want to go here, or to college at all? You know I want to join the Air Force. Besides, you're the one to talk, Mrs. Einstein. I never woulda thought David would end up the smarter of the Pruitt sibs."

"Oh, ha, ha. He's just smarter because he doesn't have a girlfriend, because no girl would touch him with a ten-foot pole. But if he ever gets one, I'm sure his grades will go down the crapper."

Amy laughed. "Really? Your grades sucked long before you started dating Tanner. But I guess if that kind of thing really does affect grades, you'll probably flunk all your classes this year, thanks to all the cocks you've been..."

Dana Lee's face went tense for a moment, "Shhh! She's coming!" Dana Lee sniffed, and desperately wiped the tears from her eyes again, just as Alyson bounded up to the camera, her emerald eyes glittering with joy.

Christian was still holding her portable as he said, "That was incredible!" The camera tilted down for a moment as he high fived Alyson, making her breasts fill the screen, revealing her erect nipples poking proudly through her shirt. Amy saw Dana Lee averting her eyes at the sight. Yeah. Alyson's right. Dana Lee's as straight as they come. But Amy soaked up the sight. She loved it when Alyson got excited, because those nips popped out every time. It got even better a moment later when the camera tilted forward enough to show that Alyson had major camel toe going on in the crotch of her tight black shorts. Amy could clearly see the lump of Alyson's clitoris, and the deep crevice between her pussy lips. My oh, my!

Alyson and Christian carried the camera through crowds of well-wishers to the edge of the clearing, then laid the computer on top of a stump. Alyson sat cross-legged in the grass next to Christian, holding his hand like a smitten teen. Then she looked at Amy's face, strangely afraid to look at Dana Lee. She hadn't seen her or even talked to her in three weeks, sharing texts only. During that time, she'd prayed non-stop for relief from the sinful thoughts that were tearing her apart. It seemed to be working too. In the last week she'd stopped dreaming about Dana Lee, and even stopped muttering her name plaintively under her breath every twenty seconds or so. And every time Dana Lee came to mind, she'd drive her out with strenuous twirling practice. In fact, she was almost sure she'd conquered the demon of lesbianism once and for all. But then she looked at Dana Lee, and the mere sight of her narrow, tanned face, full lips, skinny neck, blonde hair and prominent collar bones made Alyson's heart clench painfully in her chest. Oh, shit... Dana Lee... I fucking love you. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck... I'm doomed...

Amy saw the painful look of desperate, hopeless love cross Alyson's face, before covering it up with her beauty-pageant smile. Poor thing. Still crazy for Dana Lee. She really needs to move on. And she will move on... to me... if I have anything to say about it.

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