It Was the End of Summer


Dana Lee was still clapping. "Oh damn, girl, that was awesome. Pure awesome awesomeness! I can't believe that was you doing all that amazing stuff! I had no idea you... it was... so... wow! All I can say is wow!"

Alyson blushed so deeply that it looked as if someone was injecting red dye into her freckly cheeks from the inside. "I just... I guess... I have been practicing a lot lately."

Amy said, "Shit, girl, that was so fucking buck! Miss Ostiago is gonna shit herself when she sees what you can do now! She'll probably put you at the front of the marching band! Makes me almost wish I was on the Colorguard with you guys."

They chatted away for a while, but Amy's eyes kept drifting toward the bed. She watched her mother pull Rashawne's sweats off, then she sat next to him on the bed, leaned over and started stroking his cock with her hand. Soon, drops of pre-cum began to ooze out of the tip of his big, veiny shaft, so she leaned forward and licked them off, then wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock and sucked out the rest. Her glasses slipped down her nose, and she pushed them back up. Amy knew she was leaving them on entirely because Rashawne loved the way she looked in glasses. It made her look even more like a mom, which turned him on. It was probably necessary too, because without them she looked more like Amy's older sister.

Amy caught Rashawne's eyes. He grinned, then put his hand on the back of her mother's head, running his big, strong fingers through her curly blonde hair and pushed her down nice and slow.

Amy bit her lip and moaned at the sight of her mother's pretty mouth engulfing her boyfriend's huge cock. Almost without conscious thought, Amy opened her legs and pulled the crotch of her shorts and panties aside, and started to play with her dripping wet pussy. She turned toward the bed, so Rashawne could see.

Then Gina noticed and turned so she could suck his cock and look at her daughter's pussy at the same time. That's my tasty little girl. God. I am so sick. I can't believe we've been doing this shit all week! But what are we gonna do without Rashawne to make it possible? Fuck... she has such a pretty pussy.

Amy pulled her glistening lips open, giving her mother and boyfriend a nice long look down her pink, juicy tunnel.

"Amy's daydreaming again," said Alyson.

Hearing her name, Amy turned back to the screen. "Sorry, what were you saying?"

Alyson laughed, "Dana Lee was just asking how the drive was?"

"Oh, it was great. Rashawne had a fucking hard time convincing his family not to drive him. But they'll probably come up and visit him the week after next before classes start. I wish I had another week with him, but he had to come early for football practice."

Alyson nodded. "Still, it must have been nice to have a whole week on the road all alone with your man. But, I didn't think it took a week to get to Nashville."

"Well if we drove straight through, it would only take nine or ten hours, but we took our time. Stayed in motels. You know... a proper vacation."

Dana Lee laughed, "Fucking and sucking through the South, you mean. That sounds so fucking great."

Alyson groaned, hating how quickly any conversation with Dana Lee turned to sex, so she tried to change the subject by saying, "Your mom must miss you though."

Amy had to pretend to cough to stop from laughing. If the girls only knew, they'd die! She looked sideways at her Mom. Gina was on her knees now, between Rashawne's legs, slurping his big hairless balls into her mouth as she stroked his cock, making him writhe with pleasure. Amy cleared her throat and said, "Nah. She doesn't miss me much. The Atherton case got a continuance till November, so she took the week off... to pursue some personal interests of her own. Hobbies I guess you'd call them..." Gina giggled and nodded, her mouth full of swollen, cum-filled testicles, enjoying her current hobby of choice.

Amy had to force herself to look back at the screen, fairly swooning with lust and an urgent desire to end this damned call. But she didn't want to be rude. "So, how are things at Bible Camp? I see you and Christian are getting pretty chummy." In fact, Christian had been holding Alyson's hand the whole time as he watched the talent show in the distance. But at the sound of his name the curly-blonde boy looked at the camera and smiled shyly.

Dana Lee said, "You're treating our girl right, I hope."

Christian nodded, too tongue tied to say anything. Alyson turned to him, saying, "What can I say? I love the big dope." Then she pulled him in for a juicy kiss right there in front of the camera. It was a wet one, with lots of tongue. A few nearby campers went 'Wooooo' at the sight.

Dana Lee giggled, excited for her friend, but it was obvious to Amy that Christian and Alyson were only faking that kiss. After all, both of them were as gay as it was possible to be, though she was probably the only person in the world who knew their secret. But they were both determined to hide their homosexuality from their homophobic families, and their fellow Bible-campers. Judging from the catcalls they were receiving, everybody was buying it. They kept smooching clumsily until a man's voice said, "Stop it you two! Do we need to separate you again?"

Alyson shyly smiled past the camera, peering up coquettishly from beneath her straight bangs. "No sir, Pastor Scott."

Amy was surprised to see the lustful look that crossed Christian's face as he looked off-screen at the unseen Pastor Scott. Hmm.... I guess Christian's got a little infatuation of his own to deal with!

But Dana Lee didn't see any of that. All she saw was that her best friend in the world had finally met the man of her dreams. It was deliriously romantic, in spite of the fact that their kiss was utterly devoid of spark. It was obvious they weren't fucking yet. They kissed like a pair of clumsy virgins, probably intent on waiting until their wedding night, like good Christians should. Fuck, if that guy was my boyfriend, I'd have stripped the skin off his cock a month ago. He's super hot. But that's Alyson for you. Still dedicated to that virginity pact we made when we were in elementary school. Fuck. Maybe she was right to stick with it. I could use a bit of virginity right about now.

Dana Lee looked at the pregnancy test strip, which lay on the table next to the computer. Yep, still a plus sign. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. What the fuck am I gonna do? Tears began to well up in her eyes again. She'd been crying for hours, ever since taking that stupid piss test, petrified by the idea of being a teen mother. Or worse: of having an abortion. It was unthinkable, but she knew her mom would almost certainly insist on it. But it was equally unthinkable marrying any of the potential fathers.

The most likely candidate was probably the last guy on earth she'd ever want to raise a kid with. Tanner Wyckes. He was an irresponsible jerk, with mush for brains and a filthy mind. Oh, sure, he was fun to fuck, but with him around chances of having an intelligent conversation were somewhere between nil and zero. But the other candidates weren't much more promising. Jimmy Snyder was a nice enough guy, with an amazing cock, but he had no ambition at all, beyond being a pizza guy for the rest of his life. Then there was Tanner's cousin Doug, who was a total sweetheart with a killer bod, but he was borderline retarded. She liked the idea that he was going to Marine boot camp soon, but he'd probably wash out. And then what? Back to hoisting tires at his uncle's garage no doubt. Then there was Rashawne, Amy's boyfriend, who'd fucked her senseless on Gina's boat three weeks ago. She had the impression that Rashawne, as cocky as he was, would probably insist on marrying her if he knew he was the father. That's just the way he was raised. But that would kill Amy, and probably fuck up Rashawne's education. He'd probably drop out of school and start working full time at the grocery store to support his new wife and kid. And if that weren't bad enough, she didn't much like him. He was way too cocky and emotionally distant for her tastes. Her favorite candidate was Mr. Spenser, the middle-aged man who lived across the street, who she'd been having a torrid affair with for almost a month now. He'd make a great dad, and an ideal husband, despite his age, but he was already married and crazy in love with his wife, so that wasn't gonna happen. And Amy's brother and dad? Forget about it. Sure, Amy would think it was hilarious to be Dana Lee's sister in law or step daughter, so that wasn't a problem, but Dana Lee didn't fancy herself the wife of a long-haul trucker, which both of them were. And then there were those three or four guys she'd fucked that night she got drunk at her cousin Penny's party in Daytona. She had no idea who they were. Nope. I'm screwed, no matter who the father is. Screwed.

When Alyson noticed Dana Lee's tear-streaked face, her heart just about twisted in a knot. "Oh, Dana Lee! What... what's wrong?"

Dana Lee forced a laugh, and brushed away the tears with quaking hands. "I just miss you guys. I guess... I guess I thought we'd spend this last week before school, hanging out together. The A, B, C girls... getting stoned, talking about boys, watching movies... but that's just not how it worked out. I don't know. I just miss... us."

Tears immediately began to pour out of Alyson's eyes, "I shouldn't have stayed here the third week! I'm so stupid! Shit! I mean shoot!"

"No, don't... I'm just being silly."

Amy said, "Well, summer's not over yet. I'm driving back tomorrow. That means we can spend all Sunday together. When are you coming back, Alyson?"

"The same. Mom's picking me up tomorrow around noon. So I'm free on Sunday."

Dana Lee sniffed. "Don't you have church?"

Alyson laughed. "I've been in church for three solid weeks! I think I can miss one stupid service! Besides, my Mom's organizing some top-secret protest thing that's gonna happen on Sunday. I'll worm my way out of it... tell her I caught a bug at camp. Oh, wait, doesn't your family go to Sea World every year around this time?"

Dana Lee laughed, "Yeah, I can't wait to see the manatees! But that's on Saturday. I'm totally free on Sunday!"

Amy clapped her hands. "Then it's settled! We'll get together Sunday morning and spend the day together. We'll catch each other up on all the fun we've been having the last few weeks." But of course, even as she said it, she knew it would be mostly lies. Fucking secrets.

Dana Lee smiled so broadly, it looked like her cheeks might crack open. Tears were pouring down her face, and Alyson was crying too, giggling like a little schoolgirl. Amy started to feel her throat clenching. Shit. I hate crying. She'd do just about anything to avoid it, and even though she had plenty to be sad about, the last thing she wanted right now was get all weepy about it. This wonderful week with Mom and Rashawne would be over soon enough. She didn't want to waste a single precious second of it on tears, so she said, "Okay, A, B, C girls, I gotta go."

Dana Lee said, "Wait. Where? Not at my place. David's not going back to college until Monday, so he'll still be lurking around. Barf. I'm getting sick to death of his stupid face."

Alyson said, "How about my house? Mother's leaving first thing Sunday morning and will be gone all day!"

Amy was relieved. I'm sure Mom would want the girls to visit us at our house, but after what happened the last time... on the boat... maybe that wouldn't be such a good idea. "Okay, Alyson's house it is. I'll bring bagels. Bye bye, you little stoner chicks! See you Sunday!"

"Peace out!" said Alyson, making a peace sign.

"Toodles!" said Dana Lee, blowing a kiss.

Amy clicked the disconnect button and turned toward the bed, her eyes flaring like a jungle cat.

"I can't believe you two started without me!"

Rashawne smiled as Gina continued to suck his cock and patted the bed next to him. "Come join us."

Amy had already pulled off her shorts and panties and was now lifting her tank top over her head. As soon as she'd tossed it to the floor, she planted her feet on either side of the corner of the mattress and chuckled as she said, "Let me watch you fuck her first."

Rashawne flashed his pearls and said, "But of course."

As he pulled Gina up for a brief kiss and then not too gently tossed her facedown onto the mattress, Amy slipped the middle and the ring finger of her right hand into her pussy while she slowly stroked her clit with her right thumb. She gasped as she finger fucked herself and watched Rashawne roll Gina onto her side and cautiously ease his nine inches of ebony flesh into her mom's pink pussy.

As he sank his cock fully into her dripping cunt, Rashawne marveled at how wonderful Gina's 42 year old ass was. It wasn't nearly as muscular as Amy's athletic ass, but it was round and firm and he took great joy in gripping it as he worked his cock in and out of her pussy. Stretching her slit and stimulating every fiber from her labia to her cervix.

As Rashawne began to pump harder and faster, Amy increased the speed of her fingers thrusting in and out of her own pussy until her moans became low screams. The sound of Amy's moans were all Rashawne needed and he was immediately grunting and making several hard, slow, deep thrusts so that he could pump every drop of his seed far into the inner walls of Gina's vagina.

With his final thrust, he rolled from her and fell beside her allowing her to roll onto her back and lay one leg over him as she opened both legs so Amy could watch her boyfriend's sperm leaking out of her mother's pussy.

Amy didn't watch for long before she was belly crawling onto the bed and kissing her way up Gina's thigh until her skilled tongue was lapping away at Mom's love box. She slowly licked the outer lips of Gina's pussy catching drop after drop of Rashawne's white goo that was slowly oozing out onto her tongue. She let it roll back into her mouth and swallowed the delicious goo as if it were gourmet cuisine. Then she would quickly roll her tongue back out to meet Gina's pussy lips and catch more goo.

As the sperm began to slow its flow, Amy opened Gina's pussy lips with her fingers and dipped her tongue as far into Gina's pink channel as she could make it go so she could lick even more of Rashawne's seed down into her throat.

When she was no longer getting any of Rashawne's cum out with her tongue, she slid her middle and index finger as far as they would reach into Gina's pussy and literally scooped the last remnants of Rashawne's orgasm into her mouth. As she was licking her fingers clean, Gina was desperately moaning, "Don't stop, baby."

At her mother's desire, she slipped her fingers back into Gina's pussy and slowly stroked them in and out as she clamped her lips around her mother's clit and softly sucked it while she simultaneously stroked the clit with the tip of her tongue, driving Gina to the brink and eventually sending her mother cougar into convulsions.

As Gina began to come down from her orgasm, Amy started gently kissing her on the lips. Then their tongues began to dance, and mother and daughter started making out, as Rashawne sat next to them on the bed, gently stroking their heads.

Rashawne pulled back the hair next to their ears to look at the little matching star tattoos he'd given them. He smiled with the memory of it. Things had been awfully tense the week after their first threesome together. Mother and daughter were both determined not to let it happen again. He didn't push, but just waited for an opening he could exploit. The following weekend, he talked them into taking him on a little cruise up the St. Johns river to Lake George and back. Somewhere along the way they docked at a little riverside park for lunch. Rashawne spotted a little tattoo parlor, and steered the girls to it, announcing that he was going to buy Amy a tat. She was always talking about it, but she was too chicken to go under the needle. Just as he predicted, she refused the offer, so he told Gina that if she got one first, that might put Amy at ease. It fucking worked like a dream. Soon both of them were getting the little matching stars tattooed behind their ears, a pattern he'd picked out himself. They were both surprised how little it hurt. And when he insisted on paying, they thanked him, thinking it was just an ordinary gift. But he knew right then and there that he had them. They belonged to him now. Later that afternoon, as they floated in the middle of Lake George, he told them to strip. They obeyed him without question. Then he told them to kiss each other. They did. Then he told them to get on their knees and suck his cock. After that, he didn't have to say much. The floodgate of incest had opened wide, and there was no way any of them could shut it again.

Amy laughed when she saw Rashawne's cock was again resembling an ebony tower, standing erect and tall, but she looked for her purse until she found it and pulled out one of the plastic bags of white powder she'd bought from Katie Jimenez before leaving on the trip.

She poured a small amount of the white powder onto the hand held mirror that lay flat on the desk next to Rashawne's PowerBook and divided it into four lines. Two each for her and Gina. Rashawne didn't care if she did coke when she was with him, but he'd never touch it himself. Amy actually liked that. It disappointed her that she could never get Alyson to do lines with her, but she was glad that Rashawne never touched it.

After she'd used a rolled up dollar bill to snort two of the lines, Amy passed the cocaine to Gina so she could snort the other two lines. As soon as Gina had passed the mirror back to her, Amy sat it aside and climbed back onto the bed. She gave Gina a long, deep, slow, wet kiss first before she gripped Rashawne's ebony steel and lowered herself onto it. As soon as she was fully impaled with Rashawne's cock, she sighed and said, "My turn, bitch."


Dana Lee signed off of Skype and closed her laptop shut. With a big sigh, she looked at her home pregnancy test one last time. She was on the verge of throwing it over the fence for their rear neighbor's pit bull to use as a chew toy, but in the end she just dropped it into her purse. Fuck it. There's nothing I can do about it today. I just have to put it out of my mind.

She untied her bikini top and let it fall to the cement. Then she reclined in the poolside lounger and started spreading cocoa butter all over her deeply tanned belly, and pale untanned breasts. Damn. I thought I'd have time to even out these tan lines before the end of summer, but with my stupid brother always lurking around, I haven't had any time alone. I guess I need to start hitting the tanning booth. Or maybe I should start laying out with Amy on her dock. Must be nice to have privacy like that.

She put on her sunglasses and closed her eyes, enjoying the warm tingle of sunlight on her skin. When she opened her eyes again, the sun was quite a bit lower in the sky. Shit. I dozed off. That's not good. Don't want my stupid brother catching me like this. Ah, what am I worried about? He won't be back till sunset. She'd been sunbathing topless all afternoon, ever since David took off to go surfing with his buddies. She'd only taken one break for the Skype conversation, because she knew Alyson would be uncomfortable seeing her naked tits.

For the first time since peeing on the stick just after breakfast, Dana Lee genuinely smiled. Alyson would have been blushing and looking away the whole time and Amy would have been drooling. She's such a dyke, but I still love her.

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