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It Was the Middle of Summer


(This is a long one guys and gals. There is a lot of fucking in it, but there is a lot of character development too. It is really a story about a deep friendship between three teenage girls. I call them my three little stoner chicks, but they're way more than that. Cbsummers and I wrote this one together just like we did 'It Was the Beginning of Summer'. It's our goal in every story we write about them to reveal more and more about what makes these three little stoner chicks tick. But, in the process, they do a lot, and I mean a lot, of fucking. Hope you all enjoy reading about them.)


Regina Gleason, Gina to everyone that knew her well, finished stirring the freshly made cheese dip and pushed it across the counter top in the direction of her daughter's boyfriend. "There," she said. "That should hold the two of you over until Amy's friends get here. Then I'll see about lunch for you."

"Thanks, Ms. Gleason," Rashawne said as he lowered a chip into the dip and took a bite. "This is good." Damn, she's hot. If Amy looks like this 20 years from now, I'll be one happy motherfucker if I'm still fucking her. Looks a lot like Amy. Just a bit older and with bigger tits. Nice fucking tits. She even has Amy's curly blonde hairstyle, though its a little darker, and she wears glasses. Love those glasses. So fucking hot to fuck a chick with glasses. She's smart too. Love smart chicks. Damn, has she got a nice ass. Just like Amy's. Tight and round. Tummy is just a bit thicker. Thighs too. Not much thicker. Just a bit. She's fine though. Damn. Both these bitches are fine.

"All I really did was melt some cheese, and please. Call me Gina."

"Yes, Ma'am," Rashawne said just before he devoured another chip.

"It's Gina. Not Ms. Gleason. Not ma'am. Just Gina."

"What about Regina?" Amy asked mischievously.

Gina glared at her daughter before smiling and saying, "Just your grandmother."

"And Daddy."

Gina sighed. We're getting along so well. Don't let the little bitch bait you. "Yes, baby. Your father did call me Regina. But we don't really call each other anything anymore."

"Oh he calls you things. Just not Regina."

They both began to laugh. Rashawne merely rolled his eyes as he continued to eat. White women. Pussies worth their bullshit though. Damn. I'd love to make a sandwich out of them. Damn.

"Okay," Gina said. "You kids watch TV. Go hang out in the boat. Do whatever. I've got a brief to finish for the case I'm trying, so I'll be in my office. Just holler if you want something, and I'll get us some real food when Alyson and Dana Lee come."

"We'll probably be up in my bedroom," Amy said.

Gina shrugged. "You're both 18."

Rashawne couldn't stop himself from admiring the way Gina's ass rolled as she walked away to her office. The form fitting black shorts molded perfectly to the round shape of her ass. The prominent gap between her legs. Mother's legs a little thicker but just as toned as the daughter's. Fuck. Her ass is just as good as Amy's is. Perfectly round, just like Amy's.

"Ouch," he said, faking pain as he held the shoulder Amy had just punched. "What the fuck?"

"What the fuck is right?" Amy said. "What you doing ogling my mom's ass?"

"Fuck," he said. "What am I supposed to do? She has a nice ass."

Amy giggled as she climbed up onto Rashawne's lap and wrapped her legs around his waist and the back of the bar stool upon which he was sitting. She gave him a soft wet kiss and said, "Yeah she does. Just like mine."

"Mmmm," Rashawne said as his lips responded to her kiss and his dick began to respond to the way her ass wriggled as she sat on it.

Amy giggled. "And she has nice tits too. I got a real good look at them when she took me to Key West to apologize for kicking me out."

"Did you go to a nude beach or something?"

"No. We got a bit tipsy on margaritas, then bought a pair of matching bikinis along the boardwalk. Mom is usually too shy to wear a string bikini in public, but she has no reason to be. She's got a great body. Anyway, when we came out of the shop, we saw a guy recruiting chicks for a bikini contest later on. Mom got all excited and said we should enter it together."

Rashawne grinned wickedly. "Really?"

"But then the recruiter told us it wasn't a bikini contest, but a body-paint bikini contest."

Rashawne's eyes opened wide. "Why didn't you tell me about this?"

"I'm telling you now. I was sure mom would chicken out when she heard the news, but she just smiled and said, 'this should be interesting.' They took us into a tent and sat us down opposite each other and a couple of incredibly hot guys with airbrushes told us to take off our tops. Then they painted our tits, matching the yellow and green floral print on our bikini bottoms. That was so much fun. Two strange, sexy guys, painting our naked tits."

"Wow. You went out on stage together?"

"Not quite. While we were waiting our turn, Mom saw a bunch of guys taking photos, so I had to go out there alone. I got fourth place, for what it's worth. The winner was a tawny blonde with triple D's. You can't compete with that!"

Rashawne cupped Amy's tits and started kneading them in his big, dark hands. "The judges must have been blind. There ain't no better tits than these right here."

Amy giggled. "Mom wasn't a total spoil-sport thought. We walked around for a couple of hours in our body paint bikinis until they started wearing off and a bicycle cop told us to cover up or else he'd have to give us a citation."

"Oh shit, do you have any pictures?"

"Of course I do. We asked the cop to take them for us. He was happy to oblige. As I said, the paint was wearing off. You could almost totally see our nipples."

"I have got to see those snaps!"

Amy shook her head, "Nope. Mom said not to show them to anybody."

"Oh, come on!"

"Sorry. You'll just have to use your imagination." Amy lifted the front of her tee shirt and bikini, and her beautiful breasts fell free. "Just picture these, only bigger."

Rashawne looked at Amy's tits then closed his eyes and said with a grin, "Okay. I'm conjuring up the image of the two of you, lying naked side by side on your bed, with your legs wide open, begging to be the first one I fuck."

"Yeah, right," Amy snickered. "You can have a dream about that, but that's it." Might be fun actually. But, naa. She'd never go for it. Then again. She ain't had cock since Phillip left. Who fucking knows. I bet she's actually a secret freak.

"Already had that dream."

"Oh, you sick fuck." Amy couldn't help but giggle at his perverted thoughts. as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him again. Not like I'm not just as sick.

"Hey," he said after they broke the kiss. "I might be the only boyfriend you ever have that admits to you he wants to fuck your mom, but I guarantee I won't be the only one that thinks about fucking her."

Amy tilted her head to one side and said, "I would ask if you really would fuck her if you got the chance, but I'm pretty sure I already know the answer. Come on. Take me upstairs."

"To your bedroom?"

"Or hers."

"With her in the house?"

"Sure," she said. "If you're going to close your eyes and pretend you're fucking her, we might as well fuck in her bed."

Rashawne shook his head and said, "You are an evil, evil little girl, Amy Gleason."

"Yeah, but I got tight pussy."

Rashawne burst into laughter as he stood without unwrapping Amy from himself and began to carry her up the stairs. "Which room is yours?"

"Don't be such a pussy," Amy said. "Take me to hers."

"Naa," he said as Amy began to suck on his neck. "I want to save that."

Amy released her lips from his neck and said, "Save it for what?"

"For when I actually fuck her."

"OW!" he screamed as Amy sank her teeth into the side of his neck.

She pulled her teeth from his neck and said, "First room is mine. Hurry the fuck up."

Fortunately, the door was slightly ajar, or Rashawne would have busted through it when he pushed Amy into the door. He kept walking through the door until he reached Amy's bed and immediately dumped her upon it. At that point, they madly ripped and pulled at each other's clothes until her tee shirt and bikini were thrown in three directions and his tee shirt was tossed in the air and caught on the spinning blade of her ceiling fan. As soon as she'd pulled his shorts and boxers down to his ankles, he kicked them off and they were both equally naked atop her bed.

Rashawne gripped her hands and pinned them back over her head as he nudged her thighs open with his knees and pressed his lips to hers as he leaned his weight into her. She bit his bottom lip and gripped it with her teeth until the pain forced him to release her hands. As soon as her hands were free, she was gripping his nine inches of black steel and rubbing the uncut head along the moist lips of her pussy. As the head of his cock parted her lips, she gasped and opened her legs even wider. His cock finished parting her pussy lips and slowly began to sink into her.

They both gasped and moaned, overpowered by the pleasure sensations that were released as his dick stimulated every nerve fiber in her cunt until he had sunk fully into her, just to the point that the tip of his cock was barely brushing her cervix. At that point, she cried out, "Oh yes, baby. Fuck me good."

Then he slowly eased out of her, even more slowly than he had sunk into her, until only the uncut head of his cock was left inside her. Then he eased back in until his cock was about half way inside and slowly began to thrust back and forth until only an inch or two was left inside her but all but an inch or two would be buried in her.

Totally absorbed in the fuck, she raised her knees to her shoulders and pointed her heels to the sky as his thrusts became faster and faster and harder and harder. As she moaned and screamed, he began to grunt and gasp until finally he erupted into her just as she screamed, "OH MY FUCKING GOD! I'M FUCKING CUMMING!!"

He kept pumping into her until he'd shot his entire load and still didn't stop until he finally began to feel his erection commence to fade. At that point, he rolled off of her and collapsed at her side gasping for his breathing to return to normal. As soon as he'd rolled off of her, Amy let her feet fall to the mattress and reached for her lighter and pack of Newports that lay on the dresser next to her bed. As she struck flame to the cigarette she'd extracted from its pack, she heard Gina clearing her throat and looked to see her standing inside the doorway holding out her phone.

Amy sat up with a start and quickly covered Rashawne's lap with a pillow. She saw Gina staring between her open legs and looked down to see Rashawne's thick white goo slowly seeping out of her pussy. She closed her legs and said, "Fuck, Mom. What the fuck are you doing?"

"Don't get pissed at me, Amy. You left the fucking door open, so shut up. Get dressed. Your friends are downstairs." Without giving Amy a chance to comment, she turned to Rashawne and held the phone out again. "Your mother called. Apparently you weren't answering your cell. Seems you were busy."

His eyes grew wide and he said sheepishly, "Did she hear?"

Gina shook her head and said, "No. I had it muted. You better talk to her though. Your grandmother had a heart attack."


Dana Lee was stretched out on the love seat scanning through TV channels with the remote, unable to find anything. Alyson was standing nearby, spinning her baton so fast and expertly it was nothing but a silvery whirl. But, her eyes weren't on the baton. They were peeking from under the bangs of her long red hair at Dana Lee's slender legs.

Amy came back inside and watched Rashawne drive off down the tree-lined path before closing the door. Then she sighed and sat on the love seat.

Dana Lee wrapped her arm around Amy's shoulder. "Is Rashawne alright?"

"I doubt it. He's super close to his grandma."

Dana Lee gave her shoulder a squeeze as Alyson put her baton to the side and joined them in a three way hug. "Shit," Amy said as she wiped away tears. "This is no way to start the weekend."

"It'll be alright," Alyson said. "Doctors can do amazing stuff."

"They sure can," Dana Lee said. "We don't even know how serious it is."

"I know," Amy said as she pulled her cigarettes and a lighter from the waistband of her black bikini bottoms.

Just as Amy was letting out a stream of smoke from her freshly lit cigarette, Gina came back into the house and said, "Oh fuck yeah. Give me one of those."

Amy giggled despite the situation as Alyson and Dana Lee exchanged looks when Amy handed over her pack of Newports and her lighter. "She's been a secret smoker since I was six," Amy said to them in an exaggerated whisper.

"That's not true," Gina said as she looked disdainfully at Amy's Newports. "I've been a secret smoker since I was six."

The girls laughed outright and Gina tossed the Newports back at Amy and said, "Give me a cigarette, Alyson. I can't smoke these awful things."

"Uh. I...I d-don't...s-smoke, Ms. Gleason," Alyson stuttered.

"Shut up," Gina said. "I've been finding cigarette butts out by the pool and the boat after you two have slept over since you girls were in middle school. I didn't tell your mom then. I'm not going to tell her now. So just give me a fucking cigarette."

Dana Lee and Amy both giggled as the busted Alyson blushed, but dug her pack of Marlboro Lights out of her purse and shook one out for Gina to take. As Gina lit her cigarette, Alyson finally shrugged and took one herself before handing the pack to Dana Lee so that all four of them were silently enjoying a smoke together.

Alyson returned to the sofa and sat next to Gina as Amy and Dana Lee sat together on the loveseat. Gina blew out a stream of smoke and slowly said, "Amy. Amy. Amy."

"Mom. Mom. Mom."

Gina sighed. "We'll talk later."


She sighed again, took another long drag on her cigarette, letting the girls see her cheeks hollow, exhaled a long stream of smoke, and said, "If you really want to have the chat now, your choice of or lack of, birth control."

"Oh," Amy said. "That."

"Yeah that," Gina said. "I'm not into being Grandma just yet. I'm only 42."

"That's not so young." Amy smirked.

"Watch it."

"Don't sweat it, Mom," Amy said. "I just finished my period yesterday."

"Still," Gina said. "Can't you use a condom?"

Amy shrugged, "Rashawne doesn't like them."

"Oh," Gina said. "By all means then. Fuck like rabbits and have a bunch of little brown babies. Because we can't have Rashawne wear a condom if he doesn't like them."

Alyson giggled first, then Dana Lee, with Amy quickly following before Gina burst into laughter herself. "Okay I ought to go back to work. And I know you're just dying to tell you friends about how your silly old mom stumbled in on you having sex."

Amy laughed. "I might. I just might. You know we don't have secrets from each other."

Gina grinned wryly. "The A,B,C girls, isn't that what you call yourselves?" Amy nodded. "That must be nice. Having friends like this. It's been years since I had anyone I could tell my secrets to. You'll find that the older you get, my darling, the more secrets you accumulate. And once you start hiding things from your friends, it's only a matter of time before they're nothing but acquaintances. It's inevitable."

"You're in an awfully sunny mood this morning."

"Sorry. It's this case I'm working on with Alyson's mother. Morgana can be such a..."

"Cunt," Amy said

Hearing her daughter say that word was wickedly thrilling, but Gina covered her blush with a laugh. "I was going to say 'bitch'. She's so puritanical, I doubt she even has a cunt." They laughed together, Alyson harder than any of them. "Sorry, dear. I guess we shouldn't be bad-mouthing your mother in front of you."

Alyson shrugged. "Don't worry about it, Mrs. Gleason. She bad-mouths you and Amy all the time."

Gina smiled in order to hide a sudden flash of fury. "Really."

"She says you're bad influences."

Gina and Amy laughed. "Well, I never thought I'd say this before, but Morgana's right. I am a bad influence, and proud of it." Gina took one more drag, then crushed out her cigarette and stood up. "Well, on that wholesome note, I have to get back to work. What are you girls up to today?"

"We're going down and hanging out in the boat."

"Your bong isn't there anymore," Gina said as she walked to her office.

"Huh," Amy said. "What bong?"

"Exactly," Gina said before closing her door. "What bong."

As soon as Gina closed the door, Amy dug into her purse and pulled out the clear plastic baggie with half a dozen pre-rolled joints and said to her friends, "Who needs a bong?"


Gina sat at her desk trying to concentrate, but her mind kept wandering to the sight of Rashawne's half hard cock glistening with a mixture of his semen and Amy's pussy juice. God what a cock. I've never had a cock like that. No wonder the little minx can't get enough and will fuck any way he wants. Hell, I wouldn't make him wear a condom either. And God, am I sick, or was watching his sperm seep out of my daughter's cunt the hottest thing I've ever watched in my whole miserable motherfucking life? Fuck. It's true. I'm fucking sick. I am so fucking sick. If her friends weren't here, I might have fucking stripped down and joined them. Fuck. I'm so fucking horny. I just need to get laid. That's all. It's been so fucking long. I should let that CO that works public reception at the jail take me out and nail me. He's been trying for more than a year. He's an old guy, but he looks virile enough. Got shoulders like a bull. Bet he fucks like one too. Whew. Least I'm not fucking thinking about fucking my daughter's boyfriend while she watches anymore. Whew.

Gina suddenly realized that her shorts were off and she was rubbing her clit. When did I do that? She slipped the middle finger of her right hand into her slit and began to work it in and out while she rubbed her clit with her thumb. "Ahhh," she moaned aloud. "Oh fuck. I need this."

She formed the index finger, the middle finger and the ring finger of her right hand into a triangle and began to piston them in and out of her pussy. As her pussy became more and more drenched and matted her thick brown bush with her juices, she worked her fingers in and out faster and faster until she gasped, released a controlled moan and then a short scream as her orgasm began. She began to thrust her fingers in and out as fast as she possibly could and rode the wave of the orgasm until she crashed with it into the shore. At the crash, she was sliding from her chair onto the floor and slumping limp at the base of her desk. Oh fuck. I hope they're down at the boat getting high right now instead of lurking behind my office door listening to me cum.


"So," Dana Lee said between coughs as she released the marijuana smoke she held in her lungs and passed the joint she held to Alyson. "Tell us what your mom walked in on."

The three little stoner chicks sat in their bikinis, facing each other in a triangle, on the stateroom bed. Amy watched as Alyson took two hits on the joint and accepted it when Alyson passed it to her. She took a long hit on the joint and held the smoke deep in her lungs. Coughed, took another hit, and coughed again before she released the smoke and handed it back to Dana Lee to take the final hit off the roach.

As Dana Lee sucked the last drag as deep into her lungs as she possibly could, Amy said, "Take your thong off and I'll tell you."

"What?" Alyson and Dana Lee said together.

"Come on," Amy said. "Y'all know you want to masturbate as bad as I do while I tell you the story. Take off your thong. We'll all masturbate instead of just wishing we were."

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