tagIncest/TabooIt Wasn’t My Fault

It Wasn’t My Fault



[A young man returns home to find a neglected hot MILF mom and a rapidly withering father. He tries not to take advantage of the situation...no, really...]

I'm going to tell you right up front: it wasn't my fault. It wasn't like I planned on being kicked out of the house at eighteen, and then allowed back, only to do my supersexy mom. If that's the way it turned out, well, it wasn't my fault.

I remember my senior year in high school. Every weekend, my parents would go to friends' cocktail parties. When they left, my parents were all formal, button-down, and conservative. My father would always drive the Lincoln Town Car. He wore the exact same three piece suit, the one he inherited from his pop.

My mother, on the other hand, would wear the latest fashion from Macy's. Whereas I was 18, my mom was 37, he was 48, going on 68. Bald and pasty, he looked just like Uncle Fester (from 'Addams' Family' fame.)

My mother, on the other hand, looked like a Hollywood starlet who'd been poured into her dress. No, actually, it looked like she had on nothing, the 'dress' just spray-painted on. Mom was a petite Clairol blonde, almost five foot two, with big tits and fantastic legs.

I'm ashamed to admit that when I left home at eighteen, I stole some old pictures of her in her Catalina swimsuit and at a few weddings. To be honest, those pictures helped me on those nights that I didn't, ahem, have any dates...

So just to get you caught up, I was forced by the old man to move out of the house at 18, though they had no grand designs for my room and I had nowhere to go. My 'old man' laughed when he heard I had to 'crash' at the men's mission for a while. Things looked grim.

Then fortunes changed. Leaving yet another one of those cocktail parties, the 'old man' insisted on driving. My mom struggled with the keys but in his drunken rage, he slapped her really hard. She had to let him drive. One tree later, mom was only shaken up, but he was much worse off. He had to walk with a cane and was far too weak to take care of the big home. At that point, I was asked to temporarily move back home. I did, with no questions asked.

From that moment on, you could literally feel the balance of power in that home shift. I admitted to myself that I wanted mom, badly. I would do what I could to achieve that goal of bedding my gorgeous mother. There was just something primal of wanting to possess her and breed her. My dream of having my MILF mom bouncing into things in our house with a swollen belly, carrying my child, was about to become reality.

It was the 20th anniversary of my mom's high school graduation. She didn't want to go there with her real husband, but had to ask. He waved her off, brandishing his cane, saying that she should take her 'worthless, no account, son' instead. So, she asked me. I had no intention of being bored to death at some high school 'fake prom' and said no.

Mom: "Jim, is there ANYTHING I can do to talk you into it?"

Me: "Yes, show me what you were planning to wear and I'll tell you."

Well, you never saw someone rush like she did. As her 'old man' was stretched out on the bed, as always, watching PBS re-runs of 'Lawrence Welk', she frantically tore thru her dresser and laid out an outfit.

When she was finished, she re-considered. Knowing where my mind might be headed, she lovingly put the undies away. The bra stayed in the drawer; then she reached in the back for some open front thong bottoms from a gag party she attended.

While her 'old man' lay glassy-eyed on the bed, mom wiggled into the small size undies, then the dress. The dress was tiny too, the same one she wore at the actual high school prom. It was short, about mid-thigh, and tight. Mom was a lot 'bigger' up top now. The material was stretched to the limits. If she so much as coughed, two big Playboy-foldout quality boobs would be in her cocktail.

From that same party where her friends sold each other gag sexual toys, mom had a pair of slutty stripper platform shows in Lucite. Talk about clear, they were 100% see-thru so that you could see the fire-engine red toes and slender ankles of my mom's gorgeous feet top AND bottom thru the clear soles.

Taking a deep breath so that nothing tore a seam, my hot mom wiggled out to let her son review her outfit. As she walked, her heavy breasts bounced and bounced. She stood before me, posing front, side and back. That dress hugged mom's still pert bum, accentuated her slim waist, and thus emphasized her oversized jugs. When she'd worn it out with the 'old man' he made her wear a bra but also band-aids over her large pouting nipples.

Well, here she was, braless and beautiful, and those angry nipples were about to poke right thru the material. God, she was a walking 'wet dream'. I hoped that she didn't see that I'd gotten rock hard. Somehow, I controlled myself and nodded blankly that the outfit was 'okay, I guess'.

Mom couldn't wait to see her old friends but was concerned about introducing her own son as her escort. She asked me if I would join her the night before we left for the re-union, so that she could tint my hair too. In my case, it would be a 'touch of grey'. For the chance to bed mom, you better believe I went along with her plan.

The drive to her old home town would take several hours. She curled up on the reclining passenger front seat. Wearing only shorts and a wispy thin T-top for the trip, I could see mom's beautiful face, jutting tits, tanned shapely legs, and soft, demure perfect feet. She slept for two hours and I spent two hours just taking her all in.

By the time we got to the hotel, I had a mental map of every square inch of her incredible figure. I warmed up my right hand against the hot car window, and then gingerly placed it on her slender ankle. To my relief, it worked and she didn't stir. Gently, oh-so-very-gently, I caressed her shapely legs and gorgeous smooth feet. Everything was so baby soft. I had to stop or I was going to lose it. As it was, there was an 'extra gear shift' in the car for the whole trip.

I was delighted that we had one room, albeit with two double beds. As we settled in for the night, I worked out with the light dumbbells I'd packed. Mom came out of the dressing area of the hotel room, just wearing a peignoir. It was conservative, as she'd worn it 1,000 times at home. However, as the bright bathroom light illuminated that nightgown in an otherwise darkened room, I could see right thru it like 'x-ray vision'.

Damn, mom had an hour-glass figure that was only 'marred' by the presence of two of the most perfect breasts ever bestowed upon womankind. It wasn't her fault that they were large, much too large, for a petite little soccer mom like her.

When mom saw me working out in front of the mirror, occasionally taking stock of my progress with a little 'pumpitude' muscle pose here and there, she actually moaned in surprise and delight.

Me: "Mom, is there something wrong?"

Mom: "No, honey, it's just that I hadn't seen you like this since you were a bit of a boy. You...you've kinda grown since then. My God, what muscles! You make a mother proud and even a little...oh, jeez, what am I saying?"

Me: [Sensing an opportunity, I flexed my big guns. Right on time, another 'guest' showed himself as my pride and joy burst out thru the opening in my boxer shorts.] "I guess the 'old man' doesn't have the muscle he used to, let alone this other thing. Say hello to my 'little friend', mom."

Mom: "You're sweet honey, but just remember, I AM your mother and I AM married, even if it is to an ogre. God, I have to admit you're not only a hunk but much better equipped than that old fool. So big, so very big! My baby's all grown up! One day, that thing could make a lot of beautiful babies."

Me: "Mom, this might be the last time we're ever together, alone. Remember when you used to tuck me in, even let me sleep with you? Can I, just this one last time, get in bed with you?"

Mom thought a while, then with a naughty smile nodded.

I eschewed PJ's and just wore boxer shorts with no T-shirt. I'd pounded iron at home for just this moment and I looked really buff. Once under the covers, I had to do it, just had to...My cock was about to burst the boxers at the seam, so I let it out the front. It now was like a pole going well above my navel, rock hard and throbbing. Would I get a chance to put it where it belonged, inside a warm, welcoming place?

We spoke on our side for a long time, with the lights out. Finally I told mom to give me my promised good-night kiss. She wiggled forward until her big tits were against my chest. Her nipples were like thumbs, fully erect after they silently popped as she approached. I felt the soft silk of the nightie as we embraced and I was immersed in her Joy perfume. She gave me only a peck on the lips and backed off.

Me: "God, excuse me! I think I got better kisses from grandma, your dear sainted mother. There's no scandal in giving me just a normal kiss, you know."

Mom giggled like a school girl and scooted over, closer this time. With eyes closed, she kissed me. I pulled her to me and gave her pretty mouth a visit by my tongue. She pushed me away.

Mom: "Jim, don't! I'm your mother. Please don't take advantage of me. I only let you in here because you begged me."

Any decent son would've jumped out of that bed, apologizing to his mom for being a 'bad boy'. In the event, I preferred the scandalous 'bad boy' label if it got me my gorgeous mother. As she struggled mildly in my arms, I bent forward and put my big cock against the slavering lips of her pussy.

Mom: "Please, I beg you Jimmy. I have no hopes of fighting you off, but I'm your married mother. Also, ummm, my calendar! I am very fertile right now, and I haven't bothered to use protection since your toy-equipped father went from a few pathetic drops to bone dry in bed. So we can't do anything, even if I wanted to."

Me: "Mom, I'm not going to force you to do anything against your will. I love you so much. Can I at least rub that wonderful place of yours down there with my rod, ON THE OUTSIDE? You'd never get pregnant from that. Would that be okay?"

Mom: "God, Jimmy, I can't believe we're having this conversation. You want to rub it till it pops down there; that big bone, that huge powerful cock of yours? I guess that would be safe, though from the looks of these, [she cupped my balls, now swollen with seed and the size of small grapefruit] you are carrying a BIG load. Well, if we're caught, I'll just say that I noticed you had a swelling down there and I was just trying to help."

Finally, a breakthrough! I was going to mount my gorgeous mother! As she lay flat on her back, I got between her shapely legs, her silky thighs holding me in place. It was surreal, especially as I had to rub her raw with my heavy rod, being careful NOT to enter.

As I bent forward to kiss her, she did a strange thing. She tugged on my full head of hair, and then caressed my bulging biceps. She murmured:

Mom: "So much more man, so virile. God, what a gift a child would be from you! If only we could..."

We kissed as I dropped my manly hammer into the soft, warm pouch of her pouting pussy lips. Going back and forth, I was careful to 'miss my aim' and go off-course, bouncing against her clit or just the top of her entrance. She quickly would squirm, popping my oversized cockhead out.

As I sawed away, I could hear her moan, sob, and then cry out. God, I'd gotten mom off with just a rubdown by my lumbering ten inch pride and joy. She got off again. When I felt that same rumbling for a third one, I joined her.

We could both hear in the silent room in the dead of night my cock erupting. Like a child's squirt-gun, a quiet sound accompanied shot after shot, string after string, of pasty white liquid.

When I was thru, mom put on the bedside lamp. She was shocked to see that there was a new 'inland sea' on her tummy, extending to just below her big boobs. It looked like someone had spilled a small glass of milk there.

She begged me for a towel, fearful she'd make a mess of the carpet. After cleaning up, she thanked me for only doing what I promised to do. We kissed, making out for four minutes or so. I got hard again. She lovingly stroked it, which was a good portent for the future.

The high school re-union was anti-climactic, as it always is. She was surprised that all of her friends were divorced.

Clarisse: "Oh Sue, you look fabulous. Why are you surprised that we're all divorced? We just got the money from the old fools that we married, then dumped them, got our maiden names back, and found that young lover that we all deserved. There's no substitute for a young, lengthy, uh, thingy..." [The clutch of women all laughed.] "That's not aimed at your husband there. I'm sure he was great during his time..."

I felt like telling her off, and then got the real joke. She KNEW my 'old man' and knew I wasn't him. She also could tell a hasty grey hair dye job if ever there was one. Fortunately, she didn't live in our little burgh and was not about to call up mom's old man just to cause trouble.

Well, it wasn't a total loss. There was some fine dancing with a live band. When they did a Chicago slow-dancing number, I thought I was going to burst. Mom was so petite, slender and sexy she just was a perfect fit for me. Our bodies aligned perfectly, with her hips grinding against mine. If we were alone, I would've ripped off her clothes and did a heavy number on her, mother or not. I pulled her into an empty alcove totally blocked off by a door I now locked.

Me: "Mom, I can't take it anymore. You've seen my equipment. I am just about to pop. I can't go into the bathroom as it's got no stalls and no lock. I just have to dump my seed in the natural place to dispose it."

Mom: "But sweetheart, the natural place to dispose it is in a woman, in her womb. You can't walk up to strangers and ask them if you can use them as a receptacle or something. The only womb that I could see you using is...mine. But your married mom is not going to do that."

Me: "Please mom, I have to go. I don't want to embarrass us using a trashcan in the hall or one of those bathrooms with no privacy. I'm not going to just leave a mess on the floor. It's you or nothing. I promise it will be quick, with no emotions. And, umm, just to make you feel 100% secure, we'll buy that new 'morning after' pill. Okay mom...please??"

What a line of BS! There was no way that was going to fly. Yet, it did. Mom stood up and reached to the side, opening her skirt. To my amazement, she'd worn no panties to her 20th re-union! She just grabbed my now available ten inch cock, rubbed it a few times against the instantly drooling lips of her pussy, and then prodded my bum. I inserted it with one motion.

Grabbing her soft behind in my two powerful hands, I proceeded to use my mother shamelessly as a means of unloading a pent-up ejaculation. All of those years of frustration; all of those dances tonight; then there was the matter of that night in the hotel, when I expended a quart of baby-making crème across the flat tummy of my gorgeous mom.

It was ironic. My mother was so concerned that we'd be caught; she used everything in her repertoire to get me off. Her muscles in there grabbed and released my cock in a pulsating rhythm that was overwhelming my senses. Every time I pulled out, with only my cockhead at her slavering lips, she moaned. Every time I plunged all the way in till I bounced against her cervix, she moaned.

Her big smile reassured me: I was giving her pleasure to the max. When I felt that little eruption she always had just before the big 'O', I pushed all the way in, extending my ten inch babymaker until it was inside this cavity with a rubbery gripping doorway. Finally, as she kissed me to muffle her explosive climax, I came at the exact same instant.

Like a small earthquake, our simultaneous orgasm shook us for the two minutes it took me to empty my hugely swollen testes inside of her deepest reaches. It was supposed to be a simple, loveless, transfer of fluids, from my own big reservoirs into her womb. I didn't know that she was unbelievably fertile at the time. This was not merely her best DAY, but her best HOUR to ensure conception.

With no place nor any time to 'clean up', mom had to zip up and carry my seed inside of her like a souvenir of the night's activity. As she talked with her friends in the dwindling twilight of the evening, my sperm were inside of her, working and fighting their way thru the barriers and dead-ends on the road to her precious ovum.

Finally, that boring re-union was over. Everyone had shared their lies, making up great careers, handsome and beautiful spouses, and wonderful children: all the things that they'd wanted but, in the event, had not gotten. Oh well, everyone enjoys a good story.

Back in the hotel, we had the exact same discussion about sleeping arrangements. I was flabbergasted.

Me: "Mom, I commend you for your loyalty. I DO have to point out that you carried my seed throughout most of that six hour soiree. I'm no doctor, but I have to imagine that there's the chance that you might already be in trouble."

Now that was a gamble. She could've slapped me and kicked me out of the bed. Instead:

Mom: "Sweetheart, we WILL get that 'morning after' pill tomorrow, won't we. I mean, you don't want your own mother knocked up by you, do you?!"

Me: "Oh, absolutely not. I dread the thought that you could be pregnant by me. I mean, just the idea of your belly swelling with life, with life that I put there! Horrible! Just thinking about your breasts getting even bigger, the nipples constantly erect...heaven forbid. And don't even mention the prospect of me drinking your milk, your warm, sweet mother's milk...so silky smooth, warm, and delicious. That would be dreadful. NO!! I have no interest in getting you pregnant, not this one time or any future time. I don't want you to have this baby, nor another two, four or eight more. I mean, think what that would do to the 'old man', seeing his wife that he's neglected for so long heavy with child! And your high school re-union hags! Why, you'd have to tell them that YOU actually did what they lied about: that you'd dumped your rich old man for a young man with a great physique and a huge cock. That would be so embarrassing and humbling...for them!"

By the end of that speech, mom had lowered herself on top of me. My oversized cockhead dragged itself against her sensitive walls, making her moan and look up to the ceiling. I gripped her behind in an industrial firm grip. I just lay there, letting her build up to her own big 'O'. I only provided a steel-hard ten inch maypole for her pleasure.

I closed my eyes and felt the warmth and tightness slither up and down that pole as she cried softly. Without warning, she just fell abruptly, swooned down to me, and made our lips meet. I pulled myself to the side of her head and nuzzled her ear as she came. Mom told me that she could feel my warm cum fill her up, the heat spreading in a soothing way. I joined her at the exact instant again; a simultaneous expression of our love. After she fell over, her still tingling sperm-filled pussy started oozing excess baby batter that just couldn't fit inside. It was a torrent of thick globs. Even with the small ocean of sperm-laden cum that cascaded out of her that moment, a lot more was still inside seeking to make new life. The power of our mutual orgasm was like a vacuum that sucked all that sperm deep inside her. The simultaneity led my beautiful mother to conceive that very night. Of course, we could not know that. Instead, something darker occurred:

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