It Wasn't a Dream


"Sorrie. I won't go into any details but she said the three guys did something to her at the same time and I don't know what it means. I was too embarrassed to ask her so if I ask you, will you tell me?"

"Baby, you know I'll tell you anything that I know the answer to. Don't get mad like you did yesterday if I start laughing though."

"Why would you start laughing?"

"Well, I have an idea what you're going to ask and it will probably be as funny to me as you asking me what spit roasting was."

"Will you try not to laugh?'

"Yes baby, I'll try."

"Lori Beth said the three guys they were with made her air tight. How can a woman be made air tight and why does it take three guys to do it?"

I had to fight the laughter that wanted to escape my mouth before I could answer her. "Savannah, a woman is made air tight when a man's cock is shoved into her three holes and that's why it takes three men."

I couldn't help laughing when the look of shock came into her eyes and on her face. She sat down in the armchair that either the resort had placed in the master bedroom or one of the earlier occupants had.

"Women let men do that and enjoy it?" She asked me in amazement.

"Yes, they do or they wouldn't let guys do that to them. Didn't Lori Beth say how much she enjoyed it?"

"Yeah, but she such a slut, I thought she'd enjoy anything to do with sex."

"She probably does, but she's not the only woman in the world that does and will do those types of things. I bet Lisa's almost as big a slut as Lori Beth."

"I don't think she's quite as big of a slut as Lori Beth. At least she admitted she was afraid to let those men do that to her."

"Okay, enough of that. If I'd have wanted to hear all that, I'd have stayed in the living room. Changing the subject, are you three going skiing today?"

"They are, but I'm staying here with you."

"Why? Don't you want to go skiing with them?"

"I would if they weren't planning on meeting Greg, George, and Mark. I won't put myself in the same position I was in yesterday ever again."

"I'm not sorry you're not going if they're meeting those guys, but are you sure you wouldn't rather go? Today and tomorrow will be your last chances to ski for a while. Are you afraid you can't resist Mark's advances or are you afraid you won't want to resist?"

I saw that I'd hit the nail on the head with that comment by Savannah hanging her head and my heart sank. My once sexually repressed wife had come to realize how good sex could be and was having thoughts of exploring her new found sexuality and my greatest fear might be on the verge of happening. I had feared that if I did manage to broaden her horizons when it came to sex that she'd want to take it farther than I was willing to go and I'd end up losing her. I decided that there wasn't any better time to go ahead and bring my fears out into the open than at that moment.

"Savannah, I was afraid this might happen if I ever broke through your repressed sexuality. You're having fantasies of fucking Mark and I'm afraid you're having thoughts of actually doing it.

Savannah, you know I love you and would do almost anything you wanted to make and keep you happy, but I can't and won't agree to you fucking another man or men. If you need to explore your new sexual awakening with other men, I won't fight the divorce if you'll be fair and not try to take me to the cleaners.

You're a free, white, American woman and I can't stop you from fucking anybody you want as long as you're willing to lose what we have and me."

"STOP IT. STOP IT, RIGHT NOW." Savannah yelled at me after jumping to her feet.

She stood beside the bed, her face red with rage and her breathing fast and ragged. I had never seen her this angry. The moment was broken by Lori Beth knocking at the door and yelling:

"Is everything all right in there?"

"Yes, everything's fine. Go have fun on the slopes. I'll see you later."

"Okay, bye."

We both heard the front door open and shut. At least they hadn't slammed it this time. Savannah had regained most of her composure by then.

"Michael, I love you with all my heart and I don't want to a divorce or to lose you. I know how you feel about me with another man and yes, I want to fuck Mark, but I won't because I do love you so much. Why do you think I didn't want to go with Lisa and Lori Beth?"

"Because you were afraid you'd give in and let Mark take you back to where ever he's staying and fuck you. You knew if you did that, I'd be able to tell and we'd be done as a married couple."

"No, that's not why. I didn't want to go because Lori Beth sort of promised Greg, George, and Mark they would be able to fuck me today after she talked me into it. That's why I came in here with you, to get away from her."

"She's a real good friend, isn't she?" I asked Savannah sarcastically. "It's not enough that she's a slut, she needs to turn a faithful, devoted wife into one, too."

"Okay, I'm not good at picking the right friends, but I'm not as weak as you think I am. Neither Lori Beth nor anybody else can talk me into doing something I know will hurt you so badly. I'm not going to cheat on you now or ever so please, stop worrying about me doing it.

Can I lay down with you? Will you hold me, Michael? I love you so please stop hurting us both by thinking I'd do something that I'm never, ever going to do."

I held out my arms to her, but my doubts and fears were still there. I kept thinking to myself that if we could get through the next two nights and one day, everything would return to somewhat normal when we got back home.

Savannah and I made love to each other the best we could considering the shape I was in. The two orgasms I gave her with my mouth and fingers were fairly good, but my insecurity about not being able to give her one while we fucked had me thinking she was disappointed by that fact even though she kept reassuring me that she wasn't. We napped for some of the time and enjoy being together whether in the bed or on the couch the rest of the time.

Lori Beth and Lisa spent only a couple of hours away from the chalet and I couldn't tell if they'd been skiing or doing something else during that time. They both said they were tired and went upstairs to their bedroom and it wasn't long before Savannah and I heard the unmistakable sounds of the two women having sex with each other.

"Yes. Yes. Yes. Lick me right there, you slutty little bitch. You're the best when it comes to eating my pussy. Now eat me and make me cum hard." We heard Lisa exclaim before she stopped talking and began to moan then squeal as she came from Lori Beth eating her pussy.

"Now it's your turn to eat me, you filthy cum whore. Eat me good or I may have to spank your cute little ass." We heard Lori Beth yell at Lisa before she began to moan, spew the raunchiest dirty talk I'd ever heard, then scream not once but twice from her own orgasm.

Savannah sat beside me in shock until she saw my sweats being tented by my hard cock. She grinned her evil little grin before dropping to the floor, crawling to the corner of the couch where I was sitting, and pulling my sweats down below my erection.

"Let's pay those little bitches back, Michael. I'm going to suck your dick and I want you to be as loud as you can be so they'll know what I'm doing." She said to me before dropping her head down into my lap and beginning to lick then suck on its bulbous head.

"Oh, yeah baby. Suck that big, hard dick. Show me how much you've changed and suck all of it into your mouth and down your throat. Yes, Savannah. Oh yes, that feels so good. Yeah suck me like the good little cocksucker you've finally become." I moaned and groaned as loud as I could, knowing that the two women upstairs could hear me.

I turned my head and looked toward the stairs when I thought I'd heard a noise over there. Lisa and Lori Beth were sitting on the third and fourth step in plain sight with Lisa on the lower step and Lori Beth behind her. They were both still naked and Lori Beth was leaned forward so she could get her hands on Lisa's breasts.

I hadn't really paid that much attention to them in the past, but couldn't help but notice them now. They were very similar in body type and shape. I had noticed that they were as tall as me, were both hard bodied from working out, with the same length of blond hair, but Lisa's was a brighter, more natural blond and Lori Beth's was dirty blond. They both had perky round breasts with Lori Beth having slightly bigger ones than Lisa, but Lisa was the more beautiful of the two and that may have explained why Lori Beth seemed to be the more aggressive of the two at everything I'd seen them do in the short time I'd known them.

Savannah hadn't stopped sucking on my cock and I'm sure she didn't know that her friends were on the stairs watching her give me the best blowjob she'd ever given me. Even though I'd already cum once that day and it usually took me longer the second time, the excitement of the moment was too great and I was close to cumming.

"I'm going to cum, baby. I'm warning you, I'm about to cum. Oh my God here it comes, Savannah." I yelled at her expecting her to pull off my cock; but she kept it in her mouth and took all of my seed into her mouth and I felt her swallowing my load. I looked over at the two women on the stairs and grinned. Lori Beth pointed to herself and Lisa before pointing at Savannah. I knew what she meant by that and shook my head yes.

Lisa and Lori Beth finished coming down the stairs as quietly as they could and snuck up behind Savannah. Before she realized what was happening, they'd begun kissing the back of her neck and caressing her big, gorgeous breasts through her shirt. She looked at me with a questioning look and I shook my head yes. She turned on her knees to face her friends and the three of them began kissing each other in the floor beneath where I sat.

My camcorder was on the coffee table with the almost full pack of blank discs beside it so I leaned down and snatched them from the table. I ejected the disc we'd record some of the views we'd stopped and admired on our drive up to the resort and inserted a new one. I hit record and watched through the viewing screen as Lori Beth and Lisa continued to arouse my beautiful wife with their mouths and hands on her mouth, breasts, and upper body. She didn't resist when they stood and helped her to stand where they commenced to remove the scant amount of clothes that she had on.

When she was naked, they led her to the master bedroom. I stopped the recorder, grabbed my leather belt from the table, looped it through the handhold of the recorder and buckled it, before slinging it across my neck so that the recorder bounced against my chest when I hopped toward the bedroom on my crutches.

The three women were on the bed and Savannah had begun kissing Lisa and Lori Beth back with as much passion as they had been kissing her. I sat in the arm chair and began recording again. Lori Beth was licking and sucking on Savannah's breasts and nipples while Savannah was doing the same to Lisa's as Lisa leaned over her as Savannah lay flat on her back on the bed. Lisa lifted herself up even more and straddled Savannah's face in cowgirl leaning on the headboard much like Savannah had been doing so I could eat her for the last couple of days.

Lisa didn't give Savannah time to protest or hesitate before she plastered her pussy onto Savannah's mouth. Lisa began riding Savannah's face and I couldn't get a good look at what Savannah was doing with her mouth and tongue, but from the way Lisa was moaning and squealing, she must have been doing a good job.

Lori Beth had moved down until her face was even with Savannah's pussy and had begun kissing all around it before beginning to lap at it with her tongue. Lori Beth began eating out Savannah's pussy in earnest after only a few moments of the gentle licking she had been doing, and I could tell Savannah was close to cumming from the thrusting of her hips up to Lori Beth's mouth. She managed to push Lisa off her face long enough to scream out her pleasure before Lisa pushed her pussy back down onto Savannah's mouth as she was close to her own orgasm.

I was made aware that we weren't alone in the chalet when I heard the man's voice as he came through the door of the bedroom naked. I knew he was Greg because he was black and I saw his two friends equally naked behind him.

"All right. I see she's ready for us to show her more pleasure than she's ever experienced before."

"No, you're not. You get the hell out of here. How did you get in? You don't belong here. All three of you get the hell out." I yelled at them as I struggled to stand.

"Chill out, dude. The ladies invited us over and left the door unlocked for us. We're not here to hurt anyone, but to rock one sexy lady's world. Sit back down and don't make a fuss. Hell who knows, you might get off on seeing your wife get royally fucked by three studs like us." Greg said to me with a smirk on his face.

That was the wrong thing to say and the wrong look to have with me in the room. I saw red and threw the camcorder at him as hard as I could. The shortness of the distance between us helped in my hitting my target and the camcorder struck him square in the face and dazed him while cutting his face in two places. His two buddies where stunned enough by my actions that I had time to grab one of my crutches at the bottom and when they rushed me, I managed to hit the first one coming at me hard enough in the head that he went down before he got to me.

His buddy managed to duck under my back swing and hit me in the chest knocking me down into the chair, but I bounced back up surprisingly quicker than he anticipated, and managed to hit him on his cheek with everything I had. I don't know which pain was worse at that moment, the pain in my fist or my broken leg.

Greg had recovered by then and joined his friend in hitting me around the head and shoulders as I tried to block, swing back, and remain standing all at the same time. I went down and struggled to get back up, still swinging at anything I could hit. I landed a fairly good punch on the white man's, that was still standing, nuts and saw him double over and I hit him again on the cheek.

The last things I heard were three women screaming and Greg's voice.

"None of this would have happened if you'd sat back down, motherfucker. I have to give you credit though; you do have some big ones. Most guys would have quit fighting long ago. I'm sorry, but it's time for the lights to go out for you."

I felt a huge stab of pain on the left side of my head and the lights did go out on me.

I awoke I don't know how much later and opened my eyes. I could tell I was lying in a hospital room and, if it wasn't the same one I'd been in on Sunday night, it was close enough that I couldn't see any differences. I looked to my left and saw two things: It was dark outside and Savannah was reclined back in the recliner beside my bed.

I must have been on the edge of consciousness because seeing her there snapped me into full consciousness and the pain from all over my body hit me and I moaned out; awakening her.

"Thank God you're awake, Michael. Where does it hurt? I'll go get the nurse and she can give you something for it." Savannah said to me with relief mixed with a tad of fear in her voice.

I reached out and grabbed her arm with all my strength so she couldn't move away from me.

"Was it worth it, you worthless bitch? Are you happy now that you're a no good slut like your friends? Maybe the three of you can find a big house together and start you own brothel. After you tell the nurse I'm awake, keep walking and don't look back, you whore. I never want to see you again." I hissed at the woman I'd loved with all my heart, but couldn't stand the sight of as images of Greg fucking her with that impressive piece of manhood I'd briefly got a glimpse of rushed through my head.

"NO MICHAEL! NO! NOTHING HAPPENED BETWEEN ME AND THOSE THREE MEN, I SWEAR. PLEASE MICHAEL YOU'VE GOT TO BELIEVE ME!" Savannah screamed at me in a panic. Her yelling got the attention of the nurse, who came rushing in.

"What's going on in here?" She asked in a stern voice.

"My husband awoke from a nightmare and in pain. Can you get him something for the pain?" Savannah asked the nurse while she squeezed my hand and shook her head no at me when I started to open my mouth to speak.

"I'll check and see, but the doctors usually want to wait at least an hour before they give someone with a concussion any pain meds after they first wake up. They might make an exception since your husband pulled his bone back out of alignment with his second fall. I'm sorry he's going to have to have surgery to repair it now." The nurse said before she left.

"What the hell did she mean, my second fall. I didn't fall again, those assholes beat me up, all because you had to try another man's dick. When she comes back I'm setting the record straight and having her throw your cheating ass out. You knew what would happen if you fucked another man and know I'm about to make it happen."

"I didn't fuck another man and never will, Mister "I was out cold and don't know what really happened, but I'm always right" Hartman. I've got proof that nothing happened between me and those men. Please Michael, you can hear what happened after Greg knocked you out, but you'll have to wait until we can be alone for more than a few minutes before I can play it for you."

"What the hell are you talking about, bitch? Why can't I see this proof you have? What kind of silly scheme have you and your fellow sluts in crime cooked up to try and save your ass from hitting the bricks?"

"Stop calling me those awful names. I'm telling you nothing happened. I'm still your faithful, devoted wife. If anything, I love you even more. I told Lori Beth how you'd react if she tried to make it possible for those three to try and fuck me. I told her you'd fight with all you had, but she didn't believe me. Oh Michael, I'm so glad you weren't hurt any worse than you were. I don't think Greg meant to hit you as hard as he did, but he could have killed you by hitting you that hard in the side of the head.

He'd have been lying in a drawer beside you in the morgue though if he had." Savannah said to me as her anger grew hotter and hotter. I began to think that I could believe her after she said that.

"Did they piss themselves when you pointed your .380 at them, baby?" I asked her before another sharp pain coursed through my leg and the rest of my battered body and shut the lights out on me again.

It was still dark when I awoke the second time. I was in a different room, with my right leg encased in a cast that went from my ankle to my hip, and raised higher than my head in traction. Savannah was asleep on a roll-away cot below me on my left side. I wasn't feeling any pain and heard a noise to my right. I saw an automatic drug dispenser beside my bed and knew that was why I wasn't feeling any pain.

"Savannah, can you hear me?" I said barely above a whisper.

Savannah jerked awake and sat up quickly on the cot.

"Michael, are you really awake or was I dreaming?"

"No, I'm awake. How long have I been out and what's going on?"

"You've been out for two days and nights and the doctors took advantage of you being out to fix your leg. They say you'll have to be in traction for another week. I called both our offices and told them what happened and your boss said not to worry, your job would still be there when you get back.

Unfortunately, I'll have to find another job when we get back because that bastard that's my boss told me you didn't need me while you lay around in a hospital bed and I told him where he could shove his job because I wasn't coming home until you could come home, too."

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