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Italian Master


My name is Tristan and I am married to a wonderful woman, Ruby. I love to see her pleased by other men. I like to take pictures of them as they please her. Last summer, I took her on a trip to Italy ad we met a married Italian man, age forty year and we had such a wonderful time. I want to share my story with you.

We were in awe at the beauty of Italy. Ruby shopped for new clothes and found some very sexy dresses. Some ended just at the bottom of her pubic area. They really turned me on and I dared her to wear them in public with no panties on.

She put one on and pranced around our room, swishing and sway and as she walked her smooth shaved pussy was exposed a little. I dared her to come with me to the open market and swish across the cobblestones.

At first, she was a little shy, her full breasts pushing on the fabric so that her nipples poked out and the cleavage was deep. Each little breeze fluttered her short skirt revealing the uncovered, shaved pussy with each step.

She walked with her head and breast held high as the short little skirt rippled in the wind and occasionally fluttered revealing her smooth shaven cunt.

I was very proud of the way she looked and I hoped that she would meet an Italian man to wine and dine her, then take her somewhere and cuckold me. I wanted the man to know that she was married and that I would be there to watch and take pictures of her with him as a memento of the great time Ruby and I had on vacation.

I watched the men as she passed them. Each head turned and the women they were with frowned or became angry.

I noticed a tall, dark haired Italian man watching her as she walked through the market sampling the breads and olive oils there. Then she ran a finger across her ruby red lips followed by her tongue.

Her bronze skin sparkled in the bright sunlight. Her long, thick, black hair flowed down her back to and fro. Her hips bounced from side to side as she slowly walked through the marketplace.

I kept my distance; I wanted to watch the men as they watched her walking, sexily; occasionally revealing the nudity just above the short skirt.

Finally, success... A tall dark haired Italian approached and started talking with her. As he spoke, she looked deep into his eyes and occasionally giggled at something that he had said.

Consciously, she would lick her lips and smile then giggle at something he had said. He took the packages she was carrying and slipped an arm around her waist and led her deeper into the Market.

I followed as they walked, just out of site. I could hear Ruby laughing and wondered what anecdote he might have shared with her.

The breeze picked up a tad, and her skirt fluttered a bit; I could see the cheeks of her butt. Her new friend took advantage of the wind and placed his hand on the round buttock and squeezed assuring her that he would protect her.

They talked for a while, and then he invited her to sit with him and have a glass of wine. I grabbed a table about three feet from them. With the breeze, I could catch a word from time to time.

"Married?" "Yes", "Matter?" "No" then a smile crossed his face and he leaned in closer. It looked as if he was kissing the crease between her full breasts.

He whispered; she giggled, he slipped his hand under the tiny skirt. I saw it slip in and out, in and out and knew that he was finger fucking her. A pleasant smile crossed Ruby's face and her legs spread a little farther apart as she slid forward in the chair.

Then he took her hand and led her towards our hotel. I followed just a few feet behind them.

In the lobby, Ruby turned to see if I was following. She fished in her purse to get her room key and they stepped into the elevator. I slipped in just as the door was closing.

His name was Marco and his black eyes were very intense. He couldn't take them off of Ruby, nor could he take his hands off of her. He pulled her close and kissed her deeply, his tongue exploring her mouth while his hands played with her tight little ass.

The look on his face, as I opened the door was on of shock. He looked to Ruby for an explanation, but I answered the question before it came out; "I'm here to take the pictures."

I opened the door.

Ruby stepped in first followed by her new friend. I held out my hand and introduced myself; "Hello, I'm Tristan, her husband."

He looked to Ruby.

She smiled and tilted her head. "I told you that being married didn't bother me," she smiled.

He laughed and shook my hand and I invited him into our room.

His name was Marco. His smile white and eyes black. His laughter catching.

Ruby took a few moments to tell him what she wanted. And explained that I would be there taking pictures so that we would have wonderful memories of our vacation there.

I asked a few questions. He was married and had a son. He had a good job as an architect. He was thirty-three years old

"Do you find my wife beautiful?" I asked

"Very much so! I would love to touch her body and give her pleasures beyond her wildest desires," he said honestly.

He turned to her and asked, "Would you like me to give you a lust that you will remember forever?"

Ruby's eyes sparkled as her head nodded.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ruby slip her hand under the short skirt. I knew she was masturbating and getting wet so that she could take his hard cock deep in her cunt.

"I want pictures of her with other men; men that can take her to places that drive her wild. Will you allow me to do so?"

He looked to Ruby again. She smiled; he turned to me, "Sounds like a fair proposition to me," he replied. "When and where?"

"How about right here and now?" I asked.

Marco took off his jacket. Then, he slipped the buttons out of their holes and quickly removed his shirt. He popped the catch of his belt out of hole that was holding it tight to his body then flicked the catch that held the pants closed and his cashmere pants fell silently to the floor.

I helped as Ruby slipped out of the sexy little dress, she was nude underneath, and she walked to the bed. She sat on the side of the bed, rubbed her full breast and pinched her nipples and lay back onto the pillows. Her fingers returned to playing in the juices of her smooth cunt.

I saw Marco lick his lips. His chest, covered with dark swirls of thick hair, swelled as he took a deep breath and he too climbed onto the bed.

Their nude bodies complemented one another, his just slightly darker than her bronze skin. Her long black hair sprayed across the fluffy pillows and her full breast slipped toward her belly.

Spreading his legs wide, Marco guided her between them and pushed Ruby's face into his lap, his stiff cock seemed to circle awhile until her mouth slipped over the heart shaped head and swallowed the staff deep into her throat.

Her cheeks were puffed from the mass that was in her mouth and her head bobbed up and down on Marco's dick and I took pictures at of each phase. Her tongue licking the full red head, then half of his cock in her mouth. Her head lay back with the thick prick deep in her throat. Her fingers dipped into her juices, longing to feel that now slick head dive into her liquid lust.

Marco spread her luscious legs, wide revealing the smooth skin there. I saw her juices glistening. I snapped a picture just as Marco guided his dong into the seeping juices.

His body slowly sunk into hers and then rose out again like a snail diving into its hole. Her hands grabbed his waist and guided him in and out of her lustful pool. Her hips reached for his dick on each up stroke.

And her lips swallowed all of him with each down stork. My heart pounded in my chest and my prick throbbed in my jeans.

Ruby was so radiant in the throws of this sex. Her body meshed with his and he pumped her faster and harder.

He lay back on the pillows and pulled her closer to him, her head on his chest, his hand playing in the juices he had stirred up.

He finger fucked her deep in her cunt and she surrendered to his demands. "Suck me baby, take it all in!" he whispered just loud enough for me to hear. I could feel the pressures building in my own groin.

I shot picture after picture as he fucked her deep and hard. His mouth on her titties and his cock buried in her furry pussy excited me more than I had ever expected.

Up and down he rode her cunt and from time to time he nibbled on her erect nipples and once he even spread her full tits apart and slipped his hard cock between them. He tetter-tottered back and forth until his spray covered her neck.

My cock exploded with a force I had never experienced. I quickly took a picture of the cock on her chest then bent over her and licked his hot cum off her bronzed skin.

Crawling off the bed, I found the perfect spot to take the pictures. I sat on the headboard and the camera between my knees caught almost every angle of their coupling.

Ruby's mouth eagerly sucked at his thick cock as he knelt over the slipping it in and out of her mouth with her hands held tightly over her head.

I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my own cock and stroked it slowly at first; snapping pictures with my other hand. Then I exploded and my seed fell on her face.

Marco offered his cock to her mouth and she open wide and suckled him as a baby would a tit.

Marco turned her over, placed a condom over his wet cock and shoved it into her pretty cheeks and buried it to the hilt. He slowly pressed in and out; one arm around her waist, with his fingers playing in her liquids and pinching her clit as he fucked her ass deep and slow.

I got a picture of him half in and half out.

My favorite picture is one of Ruby looking at him with lust in her eyes. Her body trembled with lust and she clung to him like she would never let go.

The hours passed quickly and the bed became a pool of fluids exchanged time and time again.

Shot after shot from every angle I have the coupling in ways I could have never imagined.

I tore off my own jeans and masturbated to release the pent up passion burning in my loins.

Ruby sucked me into her mouth as Marco fucked her hard and fast. I could feel the pressure he was exerting in her cunt as he rocked back and forth pushing his prick deeper and deeper in my wife's pussy.

Then he finally exploded! The picture was perfect I could see the stream as he pulled out and it spewed on her heaving belly. He took the throbbing prick in his hands and offered me the last of his nectar.

I looked to my wife then crawled on to the bed and covered the dripping head with my mouth. My balls shrunk and my body shook at the taste of his sweet seed.

Ruby spread her legs wide; I crawled between them and began to clean her up. My tongue explored the juices deposited there and their flavors excited my cock and I spilled my seed once again.

Ruby whispered, "Jerk off on me, ice the cake; spread your seed with his; then clean me up. I want to watch you for a change! Give me the camera."

I looked into her eyes; furious that she would demand this from me; but I did as she asked.

I took my cock in my hand and slowly pumped it up and down until I felt my own seed rushing to the head.

Marco took the camera off the back of the bed and stood there with it aimed at my cock. When I exploded on my wife's pussy he shot the picture. Then as I bent over her to lick off the thick cum I had left and that of Marco's, he again shot the picture.

Ruby played in the warm cum with her fingers for a while then invited Marco to take her once again.

His hard cock stood out like an arrow and he plowed deep in her soaked cunt. I heard the juices as he slipped in and out. Her cries and grunts as he pleasured her aroused me, and I rubbed my throbbing cock to their rhythm.

An hour later, they finally took a break. Ruby demanded that I go get some food and water.

Marco rolled off the bed and went to the shower.

As I was about to leave, Ruby called me back. "Tristan, my clit is throbbing, your tongue can calm it."

She slid to the side of the bed, spread her legs wide and pushed my face between them. I licked her pussy and could taste his seed again. My cock jerked and my heart pounded hard against my chest.

I saw a spot of light then heard the click. Marco had taken a picture of me between her legs, licking and swallowing her juices.

He threw my clothes to me and climbed back on the bed. He spread his legs wide and Ruby's lips covered his large member.

"Hurry, I'm hungry," he said as I walked out the door and heard Ruby laugh.

Returning a half an hour later, I saw him behind my wife with her ass in the air and he was preparing to slide the sheath covered prick into the tightness of her ass.

Turning to me as the door opened, he asked, "You want a piece of this tight spot, man; it's good. Seems like it's never been used before!"

I shook my head and started putting food on the table.

The two of them came to the table naked and started eating.

"Ruby, would you feel better if you dressed to eat?" I asked.

She smiled and replied, "No, I like this way."

We ate and while we did, Ruby told Marco stories of her other lovers. "None have ever topped your skill though. I wish I could take you home with us."

"If I weren't married, I'd gladly go, but I have my family to take care of. I will make a trip to your home next summer though, I promise.

After dinner, they went to the shower and I heard Ruby laughing. I slipped into the room and snapped a few shoots of him kneeling before her sucking her clit while finger fucking her.

My cock went hard and I ran into the bedroom and jerked off.

Returning, I caught Ruby with his cock buried to the hilt in her mouth. I took more of those.

For the next six days, Marco sucked, fucked and took my wife anally and she was like she couldn't get enough.

They took meals in bed and showered about six times a day and wore me out from masturbating watching him and wishing I could give her what she needed.

But alas, on the last night of our stay in Italy, my wife came to me. She stroked my little dick and suckled it until it got as hard as it could. The she slid her wet pussy; I'm sure it was full of Marco's seed, and she fucked me like she had never done.

When I spilled in her, she rolled off of me and said, "Now you have as much of a chance of fathering my child as he does. She kissed me and returned to Marco where she slept for the last time.

The next morning, we boarded our train for home.

I look at those erotic pictures almost every day. Even though I have made a lot more pictures since, these are my favorites. I saw more passion in Ruby's eyes in these pictures than with any other man. I use them to jerk off when she is with another man.

Thank you, Lady Dora for writing my story.


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