Stepping into the shower I still feel that I am only partially in this dimension of reality, some part of me has delayed its return to this time. The water hitting my skin brings me all together. By the time I am finished and walking out of the room toweling I feel all together again. You are dressed now looking out the window. I come up behind you and hug you from behind. You smell totally different now but more natural than any other woman I have ever known. I turn and walk over to dress as you continue to soak up the sun as though soaking up energy.. For a moment I am not sure if the sun is giving energy to you or you to the sun for its continued existence.

I am sure this seems purely sexual to many however I know for me it is truly spiritual. The physical-sexual realm being utilized to attain a complete transformation of realities. There is unquestionable love wrapped up in this intense passion and physical joining. I am at a loss to explain the intensity of the emotions that I know exist between lovers that are on a similar plain of physical existence. There seems to be so little of this in the world today or mayhaps I no longer can see it. When I do, I want to be a part of it.

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