tagSci-Fi & FantasyIt's a Dead Man's World Ch. 02

It's a Dead Man's World Ch. 02

byEvil Alpaca©

This story is a bit wordy and fairly long, so if you are looking for immediate gratification, you might want to look elsewhere.

------------- -----------------------

The following story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance between actual persons, living or dead (or just confused) is entirely coincidental. Please do not copy/redistribute the story, in part or in total, without the author's permission.

This story takes place in the fictional city of Springfield, California several hundred years in the future, so don't go looking for it on a map. And in my little fictional world, there are no unwanted pregnancies or STD's, except as plot driving devices. The author encourages the practice of safe-sex.

This story also consists entirely of f/f sexual intercourse.

--------------- ----------------------------

Eliza decided she didn't like the look of the jewel. She didn't like it at all. The hundred-year-old vampire with the body of a twenty-year-old woman was standing in the heavily fortified and guarded military hanger where the United States was keeping the Dead Man's World. The World was an opal the size of a volleyball, making it the rarest and most valuable one of its kind. But the market price of the gem wasn't its true value. Less than two months ago, there had been rift in the dimensional wall that divided Earth, the world of the humans, and Terra, the world of the vampires and other "monsters." For centuries, the rift had been open and the miscellaneous species had lived in relative peace. Then a group of racist religious zealots used another jewel, a diamond called the Heaven's Eye, to close the rift and separate the two worlds. In their hopes, the separation would be forever. Eliza had been trapped on Earth. The Purity had used a spell devised centuries before the rift open that had been written by a mad sorcerer from Terra who had been influenced by dimensional energy from the thin dimensional wall.

When the Dead Man's World had been found, some thought it might be the key to opening the portal to Terra again. The Purity had made an unsuccessful raid to try and acquire it, but it turned out that their fears had been misplaced. Using data from the Arcanum, a collection of prophecies, histories and spells about the world of Terra that had been granted to the World Government of Earth, scholars and scientists had discovered that the World was likely the principal component for a spell of lasting darkness (whatever that meant). But a number of other spells had been discovered, written by the insane in the vicinity of the dimensional rift, which also referenced huge stones that didn't exist on Terra. One of the, which was believed to be a large ruby, sounded promising.

Eliza and her security team, consisting of herself, three humans and a troll, had been placed in charge of the defense of the Dead Man's World, as well as any future gems the governments of the world might come across. When she had first seen the jewel, she hadn't paid too much attention to it, as she had been concentrating on a defense plan against the Purity. When it had been placed in this hanger, surrounded by a physical cage as well as kinetic force shields, she had finally stopped to stare at.

"It's too damn black," she muttered. "There should be light in everything, but there isn't any in you," she said to the gem. The Dead Man's World didn't respond. "So what is this 'lasting darkness' you are supposed to bring about?"

"You're talking to yourself again," came Allyson's voice behind her. Allyson Murgo was former military and an explosive expert. She and her husband Dennis had met in the military and had hooked up with when the vampire had decided to go into business. Allyson had become a closer friend in the last few months. She was the only other woman in the security team, and had helped Eliza work through some stupid problems she had experienced with her companion. Eliza had been dating a United States envoy named Veronica since this entire mess had begun. Their relationship had been beyond passionate, at least as Eliza understood the concept. Eliza realized she had never really "dated" before, and occasionally needed help in avoiding tripping over herself, and Allyson was the only one she could ask things of. "What's on your mind?"

"I don't like this thing. It may not be what the Purity was after, but I've got a bad feeling about it nonetheless. I hope Veronica comes back with news soon." Veronica had been called back to Washington, D.C. for some reason. Electronic communications weren't to be trusted due to the Purity's ability to hack just about every computer system or data stream on Earth.

"I'm sure all you're interested in is her 'news,'" was Allyson's reply.

Eliza glared at her. "Believe it or not, I CAN concentrate on business."

"I believe you CAN, but it doesn't mean you always DO! I'm just teasing you. How many times to I get to mock someone sixty-five years older than me?"

Eliza stopped glaring and grinned. "Am I that obvious?"

"Clear as crystal, boss. Every time she leaves for any reason, you get moody and introspective. You miss her. Believe it or not, it's natural. And I'll bet she's just as anxious to get back. This isn't Pamela or any of your other flings. I think she's serious about you."

"And I'm serious about her. I never thought I could be. I've never felt this way about anyone before. I guess I'm so used to the idea of doomed relationships that I almost let this slip away." She stood there as Allyson hugged her.

"But you didn't. And soon, she'll be coming back to you."

Eliza sighed. Sometimes, she just needed to say things out loud. "Well, I'm also serious about not liking this thing. And we can only guess at what they do in the first place. Even that blasted ruby they're looking for may not do what we want." Eliza heard the door open and turned, hoping it was Veronica. She was sadly . . . VERY sadly disappointed. It was Valar and company.

Valar was a vampire and a scholar. He was also an arrogant prick. He was old-school conservative in regards to the values of her race. He was very big on ceremony and tradition. When Eliza and Veronica began their "intimate relations," she knew that she would have problems with her own people. After the kiss they shared at the docks, she knew that the word would get out. Every vampire nation on Terra was highly discriminatory in regards to same-sex coupling, and Valar's region was the worst. What made matters more uncomfortable was that her parents had once actually encouraged Valar to court Eliza back in the Old World. Even if she hadn't been gay, the man just gave off the impression of being slimy. When he found out that Eliza was a homosexual, he seemed to have taken it quite personally.

Like Eliza, Valar had been trapped on this side. Like him or not, Eliza had to acknowledge that he was probably one of the most magically adept and learned vampires on Earth at the moment, so he had been called in to study the gems and try and translate the ancient spells. Eliza wasn't sure why he needed to do the former or why he had to be at Fort Crass for the latter. But he and his pack of cronies had been butting heads with Eliza since they arrived, and Eliza was powerless to actually get rid of them.

[[ Is this another one of your 'friends'? ]] he asked in their native tongue, his voice dripping with sarcasm as he approached.

"Actually, this is Allyson Murgo, a member of my security team. And yes, she is a friend, though not in the way you're insinuating," Eliza responded with a bit of an edge. She spoke English, simply because she wanted Allyson to have some idea of what was going on.

[[ I don't know what you mean,"]] he said with a venomous grin. He would love to humiliate Eliza somehow.

"Yes you do," she returned. "Don't insult my intelligence by playing coy. I don't insult your intelligence," she said. "I'll insult everything else about you, but not your intelligence."

[[ How crass. Maybe being a 'castle guard' suits you, ]] he said.

"At least I have a job that my 'daddy' didn't hand feed me. And unlike you, I'm in a position where I'm not an impotent observer of important events. The next time we get into a fight, I'll make sure you have something to hide behind."

Valar almost growled. He was actually a very respected diplomat, socialite and sorcerer. But on this side of the great divide, he had only his schooling. [[ I'm not so impotent that I couldn't take you over my knee and punish you like the insolent child you appear to be. These humans may have embraced you, but your own people know you for what you are . . . a harlot. ]]

Eliza was incensed. Just because Valar was a glorified pencil pusher in her eyes didn't mean she didn't take his physical prowess seriously. But while he might be physically stronger, she had much more combat experience than he did. Without his magic and his cronies, Eliza was sure she could kick his . . .

There was a deep noise as another creature materialized on the other side of the cage and made his way around. It was Thug, coming out of his natural camouflage. Eliza reveled in the quick retreat that was made by Valar's smug expression. Even if he was living under the delusion he stood a chance against Eliza in a non-magical fight, he knew that the eight-foot, three-inch troll could rip his arms off and beat him like a piñata.


Valar seemed to be weighing his options. Try and one-up Eliza and get beaten like a drum by Thug or try and weasel his way out with his tail between his legs. Valar went for option B. [[ Of course, ]] he said. [[ I apologize, ]] he added with a complete and obvious lack of sincerity. [[ This dreadful heat has simply sapped my patience. My associates and I have actually been checking on the possibility that the protective shield surrounding the device might 'interact' with it somehow. When the Heaven's Eye closed the gate, it was attached to a mechanical device, which means that there might be components involved in utilizing the power of the jewel that are non-magical in nature. ]]

"That's alright. I was just leaving," Eliza said. Thug had been right. Things were getting a little testy and whether she or Valar wanted to admit it, they would probably need each other if they were to ever find a way home.

[[ Sleep well, ]] Valar said in passing.

'Get bent,' she thought to herself. The sun wasn't quite ready to rise, but she decided she wanted to go to bed. "Thug, keep on eye on them," she said when she, Allyson and the troll were out of range. "Even if they only thing you do is make them uncomfortable."

|| OLD FRIEND, ARE YOU REALLY THAT PETTY? LEAVE THAT BEHAVIOR TO VALAR. LIKE HIM OR NOT, HE HAS EVEN MORE REASON THAN THE REST OF US TO GET THAT PORTAL OPEN, SO LET HIM WORK. || Thug was making sense, but Eliza didn't have to be happy about it. She headed back to the house that she and her friends shared.

--------------- -----------------

About six hours later . . .

--------------- -----------------

Eliza was lying in bed, but was having difficulty sleeping. She was beginning to wish that she had found a room with no windows, since the light seemed to creep in no matter how many sheets or strips of foil she put over them. But that wasn't the real reason she couldn't sleep. Valar had gotten under her skin, and she hated herself for letting him. Then she heard the doorknob turning and as it opened, she caught a whiff of organic body-wash. That caused her to smile.

"You're back," she said in the general direction of the door.

"And YOU'RE supposed to be asleep." Eliza flipped over and her superior night vision was able to make out Veronica's shapely form easily. The human woman dropped off her suitcase and started to undress. Then she grinned and turned the lights on. As long as Eliza was awake . . .

Eliza smiled and threw the covers back, receiving an appreciative look from her lover. Veronica liked her women in lingerie as much as Eliza did, so Eliza had dressed for the occasion just in case the other woman returned that afternoon. Eliza was wearing a satin and lace bra with a black-and-white zebra pattern and a matching pair of silk bikini panties. She also had on some zebra-striped nylon stockings as well; the kind that came up to the midway points on her thighs.

"God, I missed you," Veronica whispered as she drank in Eliza's appealing outfit. She kept unbuttoning her white blouse until her own generous cleavage came into view. She had on a black satin bra with a rose pattern. As the shirt came off and her skirt went down, Eliza got to see the teeny, tiny black thong. It was the type of thong that the human woman loved so much and that excited the vampire so greatly.

"Feel like showing me how much you missed me?" Eliza said, letting her legs part just a bit.

Veronica got on the bed and crawled slowly towards her lover. Her nicely rounded behind was sticking up in the air and her breasts were straining against their containment underneath. She stopped to suck on one of Eliza's toes, making the vampire giggle. Then she kissed her way up one of Eliza's well-toned legs.

Eliza had forgotten all about her argument with Valar and her apprehension about the Dead Man's World. A beautiful woman was touching her, and that was all that mattered to her at the moment. When Veronica had worked her way up to Eliza's crotch and placed that first kiss on the vampire's satin panties, pushing them down against Eliza's wet pussy, she almost came right then and there. Veronica had that much of an effect on her.

Veronica kissed her lover on the panties again, then pressed her tongue against the moist fabric and started rubbing it in circles. She drank in the aroma as she did so. When she had been gone, she had been thinking of this woman the entire time. She had news, but it could wait until the evening. She pushed the panties out of the way so that she could lick that perfect little vampire pussy directly.

Eliza groaned, gripped her own breasts and arched her back as that beautiful blonde woman did all sorts of wonderful things with her tongue. It had already slipped so deep into her box that she wanted to scream to the heavens. Veronica stuck her hands underneath Eliza's ass palms up and gripped those tight little cheeks ferociously. She pushed the vampire's nether region harder against her face, licking for all she was worth. Normally she liked to play around a bit, but she was almost desperately thirsty; craving a drink that only Eliza could provide.

"Do it for me," she pleaded as she concentrated her attack on Eliza's clit. "Please cum for me."

Eliza was more than happy to oblige. She actually didn't have much choice. Veronica was just THAT good. As her pussy began to leak, Veronica drank it up. She stopped licking long enough to watch her lover's body tremble, pleased that she herself was responsible. She kissed Eliza's swollen outer lips again. Then she continued on her journey up the vampire's body until they were face to face. Once they started kissing, both knew it would be a while before the sex progressed. They had missed each other. But then Eliza got impatient.

"It's my turn," she whispered into her lover's ear. "I want to taste you. I NEED to taste you."

Veronica was reluctant to leave her current position. It wasn't that she wasn't looking forward to what she knew Eliza could do. She had become captivated by Eliza's neck. She had discovered early in their relationship that the neck was an erotic zone on vampires. She could almost make this vampire climax just by licking and sucking on her neck. But there would be time for that later. She mounted Eliza's face and leaned back, looking down the length of her own body as Eliza began to return Veronica's oral favor.

Eliza pushed the human's thong aside at the beginning, not wanting to wait before getting her treat. But while her thumb was sliding between those wonderful nether lips, her fingers sought out Veronica's ass. The human gasped as a single digit penetrated her backside. Eliza had never gone there before. But her finger was probing that asshole now, just as that tongue was probing Veronica's insides. The human was on almost as much of a hair-trigger as Eliza was. She wouldn't have lasted long under normal circumstances, but the inclusion of anal play was going to make this first orgasm a quick one. Not that she minded. She began rubbing her own clit in small circles while Eliza concentrated on the deep portions of Veronica's being and on the human woman's sensitive inner lips. Eliza took those lips into her mouth and pulled outward. That was enough. When Veronica came, she almost drowned her lover. Her body was quivering and her pussy expelled a copious quantity of girl-juice. Even Veronica didn't realize how excited she was to see her woman until that moment. Eliza kept fingering the other woman's ass as Veronica came down from her sexual high.

"Sweetie, I missed you so much," Veronica reiterated.

"I missed you too," Eliza said as her lover lay down next to her again. "I had a long night."

"I know. I talked to Dennis before I came up here. Allyson told him everything. Everything she understood at any rate. I'm sorry you have to deal with that asshole, but the World Council thinks he can be of great help."

"And I agree with them," Eliza muttered grumpily. "I just don't like it." Eliza reached upward under one of her pillows and grabbed the toy she had hidden there. It was a double-ended dildo that was a foot in length. "Let's not let that overdressed fop ruin our day," she said with a smile.

"As you wish," Veronica said, grabbing the dildo from her lover. She slowly pushed one end of it into Eliza's warm sex. When half the toy was buried in the vampire's box, Eliza turned sideways and raised one of her legs. Veronica spread her legs and scooted in until the two women's sets of thighs were perpendicular to one another. In this scissored position, Veronica scooted down a little more with Eliza holding the free end of the dildo at the entrance to the human woman's slot. Veronica felt the toy pushing its way into her body. Finally, she felt the entrance to her pussy bump up against Eliza's. Both women smiled at one another. With pussies full of plastic toy, they rubbed their openings against each other, savoring the shifting of the dildo in each of their bodies as they did so. They rubbed against each other and then bounced up and down on their half of the toy. Eliza would then grip her end with her powerful vaginal muscles, thrusting Veronica's end in and out of the human woman's wet slot. Veronica had a beautiful, animalistic expression on her face.

"Harder! Harder!" she demanded, and Eliza obliged. Veronica started slamming back into the vampire as she thrust. Then they began grinding their crotches together again. Eliza loved how Veronica's sweat was making her nipples stand out against her bra. Each girl began rubbing their own clits as the humped against each other and that dildo. Veronica was the first to cum, but Eliza wasn't far behind. Both of them gripped the other's leg and held on for dear life as pleasure racked their bodies. It was sweet . . . it was exquisite . . . and for both women, it was far too short.

They lay like that for a while, cross-legged and panting like racehorses. But neither were ready to call it quits. They disengaged pulled the two-ended dildo out from between them. Eliza grabbed it and tossed it over to the laundry pile. She'd clean the toy in the morning. Veronica lay down on her stomach next to her vampire friend. There was something she wanted, but had been afraid to ask for. 'Well,' she thought, 'two things actually.' "Hon?"

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