tagSci-Fi & FantasyIt's a Dead Man's World Ch. 04

It's a Dead Man's World Ch. 04

byEvil Alpaca©

This story is a bit wordy and fairly long, so if you are looking for immediate gratification, you might want to look elsewhere.

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The following story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance between actual persons, living or dead (or just confused) is entirely coincidental. Please do not copy/redistribute the story, in part or in total, without the author's permission.

This story takes place in the fictional city of Springfield, California several hundred years in the future, so don't go looking for it on a map. And in my little fictional world, there are no unwanted pregnancies or STD's, except as plot driving devices. The author encourages the practice of safe-sex.

This story also consists entirely of f/f sexual intercourse.

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Veronica sat on a ledge on the mountain that she and Eliza often climbed together, but at the moment she was alone. Things had gotten scary for her . . . scarier than they had ever been. And she had been in some bad situations, the most recent of which was being captured and tortured to within an inch of her life, only to be saved at the last moment by her half-dead lover and a Living Jewel. Kelik had used The Alchemist's Dream to mystically combine the two women, allowing them to share each other's strengths and minimizing their weaknesses until both women "evolved" into new life-forms entirely. They called themselves Hybrids, and they were faster, stronger and more efficient than either humans or vampires. Veronica had been human once. Eliza had been a vampire. Now, both women had only one other person like them in the world, and that had been enough.

But while her body had changed, she found that her loyalties had remained stubbornly consistent. A month earlier, they had recovered The Dragon's Breath, a Living Gem that was supposed to allow them to open a dimensional bridge back to Terra and reunite the two worlds that had been separated by the radical pro-human group known as the Purity. But the Purity had launched a fevered and almost desperate attack on the U. S. military base known as Fort Crass to steal some of the Living Gems, particularly The Dead Man's World, which was supposed to be able to be used in the casting of doomsday magic. And in the process, they had killed the venerated and respected Ambassador Kelik. The same vampire who had saved the lives of Veronica and Eliza . . . Veronica's friend and Eliza's mentor. Eliza and her normal nemesis Valar had sent out messages to all the Terrans remaining on Earth, letting them know what happened and calling them to arms.

Eliza was bound and determined to declare a Radotanida, or a Blood War, on the Purity. It was a feud that required the total annihilation of your enemies . . . until every last drop of blood they had was spilled on the ground. Veronica knew her lover had almost completely snapped. She had been attacked, her lover tortured with Eliza sharing the pain, her friend and comrade Wyrm had been disfigured and was missing an arm, and one of her truest friends had been killed by the Purity just because he was Terran. Her heart was coated in hatred, and Veronica could feel the vileness beating within the chest of the woman she loved.

But the World Council and United States government, once they learned of what Eliza was planning, refused to condone it and were in the process of making sure it didn't happen. They refused to help contact or move Terrans who wished to participate in the war. They warned Eliza against taking any type of independent military action. They refused to allow Eliza or Valar back into Fort Crass until they called everything off. They warned and screamed and threatened until their faces turned blue. Eliza didn't care. But Veronica did. She felt her lover's anger and even understood it, but she had lived her life by a set of rules. What Eliza was proposing was effectively genocide, even if the Purity tried to surrender. And Veronica couldn't condone that, however justified Eliza felt. She had tried to reason with her lover, but Eliza would have none of it. And as a direct result of her conflict with the government, she had refused to yield possession of The Dragon's Breath.

Due to government interference, the number of people who had made their way to Eliza's compound numbered only about a hundred, but they were a scary hundred or so. Everyone who had arrived had military training or combat experience. There were sixty vampires, twelve lycanthropes (In earth legend, these were known as werewolves, werebears, etc.), fifteen gargoyles, ten succubae, and six trolls, not including Thug. It was this last group that scared even their own allies.

Veronica had gotten to know Thug reasonably well in the last year, and had grown to respect his power and his mind. She had seen that particular troll beat up a state-of-the-art attack helicopter by himself. But trolls were normally solitary, and the only time you saw more than one at a time was when they met to mate (trolls had the capacity to be both male and female, so it was not uncommon for both creatures to be pregnant after such an encounter). Neither the information contained in the Arcanum or the history in Valar's brain had ANY recollection of this many trolls coming together to make war. Actually, there was no precedent for trolls going to war at all, and Veronica was somewhat terrified of what the seven-to-ten-foot, half-ton-plus regenerating trolls would be able to do as a single fighting unit.

She smelled the air and could tell that someone familiar was approached.

"Hello Allyson," she said, trying to take comfort in the warmth of the setting sun.

"I thought I'd find you here," the human woman said. Allyson and Dennis Murgo were members of Eliza's security team. They had all worked together for years before the recent unpleasantness, and they also felt their loyalties being tugged in opposite directions. They had liked Kelik, and they were boiling under the skin at the thought of what had been done to their friend Wyrm, who was still breathing through a tube while being outfitted with a state-of-the-art prosthetic arm. They wanted revenge, but they weren't sure if they were ready for the total annihilation of a group, particularly if it involved violating as many international treaties and conventions as Eliza intended.

"So, is this as awkward for you as it is for me?"

Allyson sat down next the former-human and wrapped her arms around her knees, looking thoughtfully towards the sunset. "I'm sorry Veronica. I'm sorry you have to go through this. But Dennis and I made our decision. We're staying with Eliza."

"I couldn't imagine you not at her side," Veronica said.

"I could say the same for you. Maybe she'll come to her senses . . ."

Veronica let out a nervous laugh. "Sense has got nothing to do with this anymore. An army barely more than a hundred strong may very well be the scariest force I've ever seen. They're certainly strong enough to take the Purity in a straight fight, but they'll polarize the planet if they commit the type of violence that they're threatening, and they don't stand a chance against the World Council. Eliza may be able to create the social divide that the Purity have been hoping for, but she's so . . . God, and I want to fight with her!" Veronica said exasperatedly. "I feel her rage every second I'm awake! I understand exactly why she feels the way she does, but somehow I'm supposed to stop her!"

"Right now, the only thing that's stopping her from moving is that over half the group down there doesn't feel they should follow a lesbian half-breed. No offense. Valar is actually trying to get them to unite behind Eliza, but the rest of the vampires want to follow him instead. The lycanthropes don't care as long as they get to bite someone, the succubae are torn between Valar and Eliza, and the trolls . . . well, no one is sure. I think they prefer Eliza. That's her big trump card . . . those fuckin' trolls."

"But regardless of who they follow, they're planning on a massacre of biblical proportions," Veronica stated. "And the World Council won't allow that! She has every reason to hate them! You all do! So how do I justify telling her not to go through with this?"

"I know it's wrong. But Eliza and Wyrm . . . they're our teammates. They're our friends and they're the closest things to family that Dennis or I have. One is barely hanging on and the other has been hurt by these fuckers so many times . . ." Allyson stopped. The woman she was talking to knew all to well what kind of damage the enemy was capable of inflicting. "I'm sorry . . . I didn't mean . . ."

"Don't worry," Veronica said. "I survived it. Now I have to survive this. Sometimes, surviving sucks." Veronica raised her head, almost as if she was listening to the wind. "She's coming," Veronica said, her voice subdued. "She wants to talk to me."

Most of the time, Allyson thought the telepathic connection the two women shared was cool. But sometimes, it was just creepy. "Should I leave?"

"That's probably a good idea. Thanks for the talk though," Veronica said. She watched Allyson disappear back down the mountain. As soon as the woman was out of sight, Veronica sensed someone standing just behind her and could feel hot breath on her neck. "How much did you hear?" she asked.

"All of it. You aren't talking to me, so I find eavesdropping to somewhat effective." Eliza sat down in the spot Allyson had recently vacated.

"And you stayed downwind so I couldn't smell you. You're still better at this than I am." Veronica sighed. "It's not too late to stop this, you know."

"Yes it is," Eliza responded stiffly. "Veronica, we didn't start this war. But we've been isolated from our world, attacked without cause and murdered in the streets. We've abided by human rules, and we're losing our lives. It's us that the Purity is after. Not the United States and not the World Council . . . just us. And we can't even open the portal to go home because if we do, the Purity will have enough power to use The Dead Man's World. You think THEY will stop short of genocide if they have the option?"

"No . . . no I don't. But that's what's supposed to make us different. We WON'T do the things that they do. It's why we get to wear the white hats." She reached over and took Eliza's hand. "If you get The Dead Man's World back, you would be able to open the portal safely and the Terrans would be able to help track the rest of the Purity down. They HAVE to be short on resources now, otherwise they would have gone after us while we were in the mountains as well rather than just assaulting Fort Crass. And you heard Captain Corbin . . . they were desperate. Capturing The Dead Man's World was a desperate act. We don't NEED this! We can win without a massacre, either yours or theirs!"

Eliza sighed. "I wish that were true," she said. "But the World Council is so concerned with not violating anyone's boundaries without concrete evidence of Purity activity that no one can actually FIND that evidence. And you know better than anyone how bogged down the U.S. is with their own bureaucracy. By the time anyone gets around to making an executive decision, there may not be enough of us left to fight. Veronica, I want you at my side for this. You're in just as much danger from them now as any of us; maybe even more so. You and I show a possible connection between the human and vampire races that the Purity will do ANYTHING to destroy! Give me a reason . . . show me another way, and I'll bring it to Valar, but right now we are fighting for our lives!"

"Love, you're on Earth now, not Terra. The rules are different. You HAVE to play by the local rules, otherwise you've got total chaos and anarchy!" She stopped and stared at the now dark horizon. "You think I've forgotten what those fucks did to me? What they did to you? Do you think my soul doesn't go cold when I go to visit Wyrm or when I put flowers on Kelik's stasis cube? I want to see those sons-of-bitches all dragged through the streets to be spit on by the people the claimed they were trying to save!"

"That's my girl," Eliza said, actually breaking into a small grin.

Veronica returned the half-hearted smile. "Do you know what happens next week?" When Eliza looked puzzled, Veronica smiled. "I guess that means you're the guy of the couple. Next week will be one year that we've been together. One year since that night in the tower . . ."

"Since you 'went on the attack,' if I recall correctly," Eliza said. It felt like she had known Veronica much longer than a year. "A year since the sweetest drink that's ever pass my lips." Eliza stopped and blushed. Her mouth had run away with her for a moment.

Veronica turned and placed a hand on the side of her lover's face. {{ I love you, }} she thought, opening up her mind to Eliza once more. {{ I just don't know if I can follow you where you're going. }}

{{ I wouldn't force you to, even if I could. But the blood has been called for and the blood must be spilled. I can't stop that now. }}

Veronica felt genuine remorse and confusion, still tinged with anger, emanating from her lover's mind. But she also sensed resolve. She stood up and pulled her lover up by the hand. {{ Then you know this might be our last night together. }}

Eliza looked at her feet. {{ I know. It kills me, but I know. }} She felt Veronica leading her by the hand to a smooth boulder they often lay on, soaking in the residual heat of the California sun.

{{ Then we should make this night special, }} Veronica thought quietly. She stood behind Eliza and wrapped her arms around that lithe, powerful body. She began kissing her lover's neck, eliciting instinctive gasps as she stimulated one of the former-vampire's most sensitive areas. Then her hands ran up under Eliza's shirt, thanking the Lord that her girlfriend's tits were firm enough that she didn't need a bra. She had the cutest, most sensitive nipples Veronica had ever played with, so she cupped those breasts in her hands and pinched those nipples between her fingers.

Eliza thrust her hips back into Veronica's crotch as the blonde-haired former human fondled her sensitive bits. She felt her lover's tongue drag slowly up her neck on its way to Eliza's ear, causing the white-haired Hybrid to shudder. Eliza unzipped her pants and grabbed one of Veronica's hands, pushing it down into the front of her jeans. She was rewarded be a series of slow, circular rubs over her moistening mound. She reached back and gripped the front pockets of Veronica's pants, holding her lover close.

Veronica slid two fingers into Eliza's box and curled them, pumping her miniature dick into the woman's body as she nibbled on Eliza's ear. She couldn't help but realize how close the veins in Eliza's neck were and how good it would be to taste that blood, but she held off. She concentrated on fingering her girlfriend and playing with her tits.

Eliza pulled away for a moment and turned around. Her hands found the edge of Veronica's shirt and lifted it over her head, then unfastened the woman's bra. Those glorious, round breasts came into view, and Eliza couldn't help but pressing her lips against one nipple as Veronica cradled her head. She began to fumble with Veronica's shorts, pushing them down to find that the woman had forsaken underwear for the day. With her lips still tantalizing Veronica's breast, Eliza traced the woman's wet slot with a finger, running just over the surface but not penetrating at first. She did that several times to help smooth the way, then pressed her palm against the clitoral area while sinking two fingers inside, curling them much as Veronica had done.

Veronica pulled Eliza's head away from the blonde-woman's chest so that they were staring eye to eye. It was still strange to see her girlfriend's eyes; yellow with blue veins running through them. They were identical to Veronica's eyes. She just wished they could still see things the same way. She slid fingers into Eliza's box, and the two women stood there and fingered each other heatedly. They pressed their bodies together, trapping their hands in each other's body respectively. Eliza lifted one leg and wrapped it around Veronica's body, clinging to her with an almost desperate sense of urgency. She felt the pressure growing, and a thought from Veronica indicated that the other woman was feeling it too.

That was when Veronica kissed her lover. She had been wondering if that were appropriate considering they possibility that this might be their last hurrah, but she could resist. Even if she and Eliza separated, she would love her fellow Hybrid until the end of days. She felt her pussy tightening, and Eliza's did as well. Both women's fingers were trapped in the other's body as they came onto each other's hands and down their own legs. Eliza gasped, Veronica groaned, and they held each other for a moment more.

Eliza broke the embrace, but only so she could pick Veronica up and lay her on the still-warm boulder. She got on top of her girlfriend, kissing her while on all fours. Then she crawled back a step and spent a few minutes licking the swell of Veronica's breasts. She loved breasts, and Veronica's were a delightful canvas for her artistic tongue. She always thought that these particular tits gave off more heat than those of other women, but she hadn't had much of a chance to do a comparison.

She crawled back a few more feet and sucked her girlfriend's clit into her mouth. But she only teased it for a moment before pushing her thumbs into Veronica's vaginal opening and pulling those inner labia apart, making all sorts of places more accessible for Eliza's tongue. It was a pussy that Eliza knew like the back of her hand, and she used that knowledge (as well as her powerful tongue) to make Veronica's naked torso squirm on the rock. Veronica began teasing her own clit with her fingers while Eliza licked everything south of that point. She inserted her tongue and pushed the fatty outer labia together around it. Finally, she was rewarded by a long groan and a bodily shudder as Eliza's perfect form was wracked by her second climax. Eliza cupped her tongue and let her lover's cum flow into it, and she relished the taste.

Eliza started to crawl back up Veronica's recovering body, kissing random bits of flesh as she went. When her wits were recovered, the blonde-haired Hybrid placed one hand over her own crotch, bunching her fingers together and pointing the skyward. She placed her other hand on Eliza's shoulder and pushed until the white-haired woman sat back and allowed the makeshift cock to slide into her sex. Eliza placed her hands on Veronica's breasts and massaged them as she began to hump her hips against the other woman's fingers, riding them as if she they were a man's organ. But Veronica's fingers were much more nimble, and they prodded at Eliza's innermost recesses as the former vampire rode them.

As Eliza humped her lover's hand, thoughts of war and vengeance seemed distant. As those fingers curled and poked at her front vaginal wall as they tried to feel out the g-spot, she wanted to tell Veronica how much she loved her. But there was a time for words and a time for action, so the words would have to wait. She leaned in again to lash her tongue upon her lover's breasts, but never stopped riding Veronica's fingers. She felt Veronica's free hand stroking her hair lovingly. Then Eliza raised her torso up and started bouncing harder on Veronica's hand. She loved having Veronica inside her, wondering if she could ever summon the courage to take her lover's whole hand like Veronica had taken Eliza's. She hoped they would have the opportunity, but that would come another day. She stopped, Veronica's digits trapped in Eliza's dripping pussy, and began to cum. She let out a short, high-pitched gasp and arched her back while sucking her tight abdominal muscles inward and let loose her sexual spendings onto Victoria's lap. Then she collapsed onto Victoria's chest, resting her head on her lover's shoulder. And once again, the former-human stroked Eliza's hair as if to comfort her.

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