tagSci-Fi & FantasyIt's a Dead Man's World Ch. 06

It's a Dead Man's World Ch. 06

byEvil Alpaca©

This is a LONG story. If you don't like long stories or stories driven by plot and characters rather than just sex, you might want to skip this one.

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Disclaimer: The following story is a work of (hopefully) erotic fiction. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of sexual activities, please stop reading now. Any resemblance between the characters (living or dead) and any existing people is entirely coincidental. Please do not copy or redistribute this story without the author's permission.

This story originates in the fictional city of Springfield, California several hundred years in the future. You might want to check out Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of this series for background and character introduction.

--------------- ----------------------------

{{ How the fuck can this be happening?!? }} Eliza shouted through the telepathic link. {{ I've only been on Terra for four hours! How can I have pissed someone off already?!? }}

{{ It's your natural charm, }} Thug thought. The troll's mind always sounded so clear compared to his normal guttural language. {{ I've got the back door covered, }} he sent as he engaged his natural cloaking mechanism.

{{ Terillia, do you see anything? }} Eliza thought, looking out the front window. She had come all the way home to Terra from Earth to see if she could help her father, who she wasn't even able to speak to civilly, and she and her band had been attacked before they had even settled in at her parent's palatial estate. She thought back to when her life was simple. She had been a vampire working as a high-priced security agent on Earth. But then the dimensional portal between worlds had been closed by a radical group of humans known as the Purity who wanted to keep the Terran and human races separated. Eliza and her crew had fought for a year, but had finally managed to help get the portal open again using one of eight "Living Jewels" known as The Dragon's Breath, but it had come at a price. She had lost a friend, her tech-guy Wyrm had lost an arm, her girlfriend had been tortured and then both she and Veronica had been transformed into an entirely new species called Hybrids by another Living Jewel called the Alchemist's dream. And after finding her way back home, she discovered that Terra had been dealing with its own separatist group called the Swords of Cleansing. But that hadn't been Eliza's primary concern. Instead, it was the somewhat cold response she got from her own father, the Security Director for the Southern Continent. But despite their differences, she had brought her entire crew of seven humans, two trolls, two Hybrids and a succubus back to Terra so she could help someone who could barely tolerate Eliza's presence.

'Maybe things were never simple,' Eliza thought to herself.

Terillia had jumped out of a tower window and taken to the sky. Succubae had incredible vision, easily better than any of the other sentient species and they could see just as well at night as during the daylight. She scanned the grounds of the estate. {{ You have got four on the street. Looks like they're keeping watch. Looks like another half-dozen moving through the yard. And there are two going in the back door. }} As she was looking down, the two intruders going in the back came flying back out the door and landed in crumpled heaps on the turf.

{{ No, they're not, }} Thug thought.

The rest of the invaders didn't fare much better. Eliza drew fire from the main group with a series of lightning strikes while Tiny moved into ambush position. A few more poorly placed steps and two more attackers got slammed against the cobblestone walkway in the front yard.

{{ Terillia, what are the guys on the street doing? }}

{{ Nothing, }} the succubus returned. {{ They're just . . . standing there. They've got shield spells up. }}

Eliza didn't like this at all. Not that she normally liked getting attacked, but this was weird. {{ Just keep your eyes on them, }} she thought.

{{ But I want to . . . }}

{{Terillia, reconnaissance is one of the reasons I hired you, so do it! }} Eliza didn't like being harsh with the girl, but she didn't have time to play nice.

{{ Got one, }} said Snake. He and Bear had caught one climbing in a window and broke its neck. Dennis and Allyson also got a double-team in after sneaking out front via another window and pummeling it into submission with garden implements.

'What the hell . . .' Eliza thought. It was all too easy. 'Where's the magic these guys were using earlier? Why are they so easy to take . . .' Eliza's train of thought was cut off as one of the two remaining individuals who had made it onto the grounds saw her behind a hedge wall and started towards her. The person was moving fairly quickly but seemed to be approaching with a lumbering gate. Eliza was a bit baffled, which may have been the reason that she didn't see the last intruder approaching by using the same hedge she was hiding behind as cover. But Veronica saw, and she bolted out of the front door. Eliza concentrated and absorbed heat from the air around her target then used that heat in a single powerful blast that knocked the thing off its feet. It lay smoldering on the ground, twitching oddly. Then she saw Veronica charging, staring at something that Eliza couldn't make out. She took a sniff of the air. 'That's odd,' she thought to herself. 'Nothing. The only thing I smell around her is us. I don't even smell the bodies . . .' She took a step back. {{ Veronica what . . . }}

Veronica wasn't thinking. Suddenly, the buzzing in her head that she had been experiencing from the moment she walked into the Terran dimension had reached a fever pitch. She extended her hands with the firm intention of bludgeoning this threat to her lover with her fists. Veronica normally was a little calmer than she was at the moment, even in a firefight. Part of being an envoy meant keeping her cool. She couldn't explain why, but she needed to let loose on something.

Then something odd happened. The air between Veronica and her target began to shimmer and ripple, almost as if it were made of water. Then the intruder was blown off his feet, flying fifty feet through the air and becoming embedded in the wall of the coach house.

Despite not being completely out of danger, Eliza just stared at the body. Then she stared at Veronica. The blonde Hybrid appeared a bit glassy eyed but strangely enough, she was smiling.

Veronica felt . . . relief. The buzzing in her head was gone and she felt . . . pure. "God, I needed that!" she muttered to the empty air in front of her. Then she collapsed face first on the ground.

-------------- ------------------

A little while later . . .

-------------- ------------------

Veronica felt well rested when she finally awoke. She was lying on a large sofa in one of the estate's social chambers. Everyone from the team was standing around looking at her. Most of them looked confused, Eliza looked relieved when she saw Veronica awake, and Vicky just looked miffed.

{{ Hey . . . hey guys, }} she group-thought. {{ Did we win? And thank goodness that fucking buzzing sound went away, }} she mumbled.

{{ What buzzing sound? }} Eliza started.

{{ When did you learn to do magic? }} Vicky thought.

Suddenly, the telepathic teleconference was a mass of chitter chatter that was almost overwhelming. The excess mental noise made Veronica realize that her brain was . . . sensitive.

{{ QUIET! }} she shouted. {{ What the hell happened? }}

Eliza sat down next to her and offered her some hot tea-like beverage. {{ You don't remember? You let loose a magic surge that pretty much obliterated one of those things. Sweetie, Vicky is right. Apparently, you're a bit of a sorceress now. }}

Veronica just stared.

Eliza smiled slightly. {{ I guess when we got combined, you became my equal in EVERY way. }}

{{ That's not possible, is it? }} Veronica was almost at a loss for what to think. {{ I thought you had to train for years . . . are you sure it was . . . Can I have something stronger to drink? }}

{{ Not a good idea. You're power is very raw right now, so you'll need to keep your wits about you to control it. As for training, we go to the academies to learn to channel our energy and understand the rules of the world. No one knows why some people have magical power or why some have more than others. But you've got it and you've got it in spades. }}

Veronica tried to let that sink in. Eliza assured her that now that the more wizened spell caster knew what was going on, she could help stop Veronica from hurting herself. The buzzing that Veronica had been hearing was a build up of magical energy that was agitated by all the emotional and physical turmoil she had undergone. Most sorcerers and sorceresses vented such energy harmlessly, as easily as most humans breathed. It was the first thing anyone with the gift was taught. Veronica tried turning the conversation to something else: the fight.

{{ Fucking automatons, }} Eliza thought, glancing at Terillia.

The succubus looked concerned. {{ Automatons are golems . . . magical constructs made of whatever material the caster has available. They are fairly mindless, only able to perform very basic commands or 'programs.' They can be dangerous since they have no concept of self-preservation, but they do not respond well to anything outside their programs. But they do require a great deal of skill to animate. It was a tool developed by the gargoyles to use against the succubus in the Great War for Heaven a millennium ago. }}

{{ That doesn't sound like a particularly potent weapon against a group like this, }} Vicky thought.

{{ It wasn't a weapon, }} Boomer interjected. {{ It was a straw-man. }} When Vicky looked confused, he continued. {{ It's kind of like a straw-man argument . . . something weak that is thrown out there just to see how strong the response is. That wasn't an attack, it was an intelligence gathering operation, and maybe a warning. }}

Terillia nodded. {{ The men on the street were simply there to cast the fireballs and observe our responses. They vanished after you obliterated their last drone. }}

{{ Any chance they'll be back? }} Veronica asked.

{{ I doubt it, }} Eliza said. {{ We have the local constable and her men patrolling the street. They may not like me, but they HATE the Swords of Cleansing and they're still a bit afraid of my father. Besides, these guys are smarter than the Purity was. They're not going to make as many mistakes. }}

Veronica was feeling wiped out. {{ Listen, can I go back to the room? I'm feeling a little woozy. }}

Eliza helped her lover to her feet. She made sure everyone knew when they were to be on watch, then she escorted Veronica out of the room. The last thing Veronica remembered was hearing her sister Vicky's thoughts.

{{ She graduates from college first. She forms her own species first. Now she's the first one in the family to have magical powers. This SO isn't fair . . . }}

---------------- -----------------

The next evening . . .

---------------- -----------------

Veronica was sitting in a dimly lit room with a cool cloth on her forehead, waiting for the pain to go away. While the buzzing in her brain was a thing of the past, it had been replaced with a throbbing ache, much like you feel the day after you exercise a muscle that you haven't used in a while. She noticed Wyrm poking his head around the corner.

"C'mon in," she said weakly. "Just don't say anything loud."

Wyrm grinned and flopped down on a strange, round chair that was across from her. "Did I ever mention you're the coolest chick ever?"

Veronica raised her eyebrow. "Hunh?"

"I mean, you just keep getting tougher and tougher. Pretty soon, they'll need kryptonite to stop you!"

"Hardly. Right now, all they'd need is a really loud noise." She glanced at Wyrm's high-tech prosthetic arm. "How are you holding up?"

"Good. I brought a couple portable power sources and some solar panel hook-ups, and I've got 'em running a pretty sweet video surveillance set up. These Swords of Cleansing guys may have some tricks up their sleeves, but so do I."

Veronica leaned back. "That's not what I meant," she said.

Wyrm shook his head and rolled his eyes. "You know, I wish that at least ONE of you girls wasn't gay. Besides Allyson I mean. I could have at least gotten a sympathy lay with all the worrying you do."

Veronica chuckled, then stopped when her head began aching even worse. "Where's Eliza?" she asked. 'Isn't it a girlfriend's job to dote on the sick?' she thought.

"She's out front. Apparently she got word that there is an official envoy on its way."

"Her father?"

"I'm not sure. Eliza didn't think so because the Prime Minister wouldn't let him go to an unprotected area. Hasn't the rest of the universe realized that Eliza's indestructible and the safest place to be is right behind her? I'm sure I sent a memo about that."

Veronica stifled another chuckle. Wyrm had a way of making people feel better. "She's kind of amazing all right."

"And so are you," Wyrm said. He looked up and saw Vicky in the doorway.

"Hey guys," Vicky said. "Looks like the envoy is pulling up. There are A LOT of coaches in this procession, so this is something important. Eliza was wondering if you might be up for a meet and greet?"

Veronica smiled. Eliza had removed her from the telepathic link she had with the rest of her team to give her brain a chance to rest, and it had helped a little. "I've endured worse," she said, standing up and walking towards the front, flanked by her sister and Wyrm.

They found Eliza pacing by the front door. "I've only been here for twenty-four hours, and the Prime Minister is sending people to see me. I didn't do anything wrong," she muttered. Then she saw Veronica and approached the blonde woman, stroking some hair from her eyes and holding her palm against Veronica's cheek. "Any better?" she whispered.

"A bit," came the reply.

"You know, if you kissed where it hurt, it might make her feel better," Wyrm suggested. "Actually, if wanted to go ahead and make out . . ."

"Can it, you friggin' pervert," Eliza said, grinning in spite of herself.

They heard trumpets sounding at the front door. Eliza rolled her eyes, Veronica winced and the rest of the team stood at attention behind their boss. The doors open and a herald walked in.

"You might want to cover your ears," Eliza told Veronica. "These clowns LOVE the sound of their own voices."

The herald heard muttering and shot a poisonous glance at the speaker. Then he turned back to his scroll. [[ With the blessings of the Prime Minister of the Seven Provinces of Devlia, I announce the arrival of Chancellor Valar of Narebican.]]

Eliza couldn't help but feel surprised as she began relaying the herald's words over her mental link for the benefit of the squad members that didn't speak any of the vampire dialects. 'What the hell is Valar doing here, and since when did he become a Chancellor?' A Chancellor was, for all intents and purposes, a mayor for any city of more than a million residents, and Narebican was Valar's hometown in the province of Muipantaikoff.

Valar strode in, looking as dignified and regal as Eliza had ever seen him. He was escorted by two bodyguards that fell away once inside the building.

[[ With the blessings of the Prime Minister of the Seven Provinces of Devlia, I announce the arrival of Kalinicia Vonahme of Gralta. ]] A young vampire woman walked in and a number of people's hearts caught in their chests. Some women were attractive while others were considered beautiful. Kalinicia went one step further and could best be described as STUNNINGLY beautiful. Her eyes locked on Eliza the moment she crossed the threshold, her face unreadable.

Eliza found herself staring at the floor, eyes wide.

{{ What's the matter? }} Veronica thought, in spite of the discomfort of using telepathy.

{{ That's . . . that's Kelik's granddaughter. }}

Veronica looked again at the beautiful young vampire maiden. Her high cheekbones, yellow eyes and full red lips were enough to capture most peoples' attention, and the long and shiny, raven-black hair that was braided and reached all the way to her firm behind could capture the rest. She was wearing a form-fitting but elegant black gown that was delightfully adorned and hugged her perfect set of curves. {{ What is she doing here? }} she sent, but Eliza didn't respond.

{{ Can I have one? }} Wyrm thought absently, not privy to Eliza and Veronica's private conversation and completely unaware at who the girl was.

{{ Wyrm, that's Kelik's granddaughter, }} Veronica sent, rejoining the group link.

Wyrm blanched. He and Valar had been there when Kelik was gunned down by Purity forces. No one else in the group knew it, but that image still haunted him in the moments before sleep came for him. And he carried the feeling of helplessness that he had felt at that moment every day since. He looked over the girl, and didn't remember seeing her at the funeral. Then he remembered that some family members went early so they could return to the home of the deceased so he or she could greet guests and well-wishers.

[[ With the blessings of the Prime Minister of the Seven Provinces of Devlia, I announce the arrival of Lord Evlidone Msabdteelfinclor, Devlian Security Director and his wife, Lady Alyidana. ]]

If Eliza had been surprised before, she was shocked now. Why would her father be there? Who the hell in the government allowed the Security Director for the Seven Provinces of the Devlian Continent to leave the security of the palace during a time of (effectively) war to go to a place that had recently been attacked? 'Who the hell is running this government?' she wondered. She looked out the door and saw that several platoons of the elite Palace Guard had accompanied this entourage. That made her feel a little better. The Palace Guards were amongst the elite of vampires in both combat training and magic, though none of them could compare in magical ability to an actual sorcerer such as Valar, Evlidone or even Eliza herself.

The door slammed shut and Eliza heard the Palace Guards taking up position around the property and the building. Then her father stepped forward.

Evlidone looked . . . tired. But he also looked like he had a purpose. [[ Eliza, I am . . . surprised to see you again so soon, ]] he said.

Eliza already felt her blood beginning to boil. [[ I heard that you had been attacked. I wanted to see if we could help. ]]

[[ You could have communicated via your orb first. I assure you that we have things well in hand. Your presence gives our enemy another target and spreads our defenses . . . ]]

[[ My team and I can take care of ourselves, ]] Eliza growled. [[ I'm sorry if my desire to help is 'inconvenient' . . . ]]

Evlidone clenched his fists. [[ Would you PLEASE try and remain calm just this once?!? I'm at least trying to be civil here. ]]

It didn't take a sorcerer to feel the power that was beginning to build. Alyidana went to her husband to try and calm him down while Valar slowly moved towards the center to he could intercede if the proverbial shit hit the fan.

Veronica's head was suddenly buzzing again. She had begun to get frightened and angry at the same time . . . frightened that there might be a fight and angry at the father and daughter who refused to even TRY and get along . . . then the buzzing in her head had returned with a vengeance, stronger than before. She gasped, grabbing her head and sinking to her knees.

"Oh God sweetie, I'm sorry," Eliza said, her father forgotten for the moment as she knelt in front of her lover, kissing her on the forehead and wishing to the powers that be that she could be a little more sensitive.

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