It's a Dead Man's World Ch. 06

byEvil Alpaca©

[[ Is she . . . all right? ]] Evlidone said, taking a few steps forward.

[[ She . . . last night . . . during the fight, she manifested magical power. She doesn't know how to vent very well yet, and she's particularly sensitive to emotional fluctuations. ]]

[[ Good grief, ]] Alyidana said, moving to the girl's side. While not being nearly as powerful as her husband or daughter in regards to magic, she had a very specialized strength in regards to healing magic. She had actually been the vampire equivalent of a doctor (called Shamans), once upon a time. She put her hands on the sides of Veronica's head and looked into the woman's eyes. She was not in any real danger, but the headache she must be experiencing would be massive. Eliza's mother concentrated and cast a Weeping Wall spell around the girl's mind, which allowed Veronica's magical energy to siphon a little more naturally while numbing it to emotional influences. Veronica wouldn't be able to cast anything while it was up, but it would provide her relief until she started learning to control her power.

Vicky and Eliza helped Veronica to her feet. Valar approached to see if he could assist in some way, then found himself looking from one sister to the other. [[ Remarkable, ]] he said. He looked at Eliza. [[ Is this some aftereffect of her transformation? ]]

Eliza looked confused for a moment, then clued in. [[ No. This is Vicky, Veronica's sister. They're twins. ]]

[[ I've heard of 'twins' before, but I've never actually seen them before. None the less, ]] Valar said, then switched to English. "I have some experience in teaching. If you would allow it, I'll try and help give Ms. Adams . . . I mean Veronica," he added, glancing at Vicky, "learn the basics of magic use. She won't be casting any particularly potent spells, but she won't be likely to explode anymore."

"Explode?!?" Veronica exclaimed. "No one said anything about exploding!"

[[ What did you say to the poor girl? ]] Alyidana asked. [[ Just . . . just take her to the atrium. It will be a good place for her to rest, away from these two . . . ]] She was so mad at her husband and daughter that she couldn't speak. Evlidone stared at his feet, but Eliza kept looking at Veronica as her mother and Valar helped the girl away from the entrance hall.

"Uhm . . . guys," Vicky started, looking from Eliza to Evlidone, "I think we might want to . . . go away," she finished.

At that moment, Kalinicia stepped forward. [[ Which of you is 'Wyrm'? ]] she asked suddenly. Everyone just stared at her for a moment.

Eliza turned to Wyrm. "I think she wants to talk to you."

"Me? Why me?" The techno-geek was suddenly even more nervous. "I don't even speak the language!"

Kalinicia was staring at him, realizing that he was the one she needed to talk to. Not even bothering to ask permission, she got right in his face. "Would you . . . walk with me? I have . . . questions for you," she added. Her English skills seemed well developed but untried.

Wyrm realized that this was probably about Kelik, and simply nodded. The two of them wandered off down a hallway. The rest of Hybrid Security found somewhere else to be, leaving Eliza and Evlidone alone. Eliza was still staring towards the hall where her lover had disappeared. She was clenching her fists and breathing heavily.

Evlidone looked at his daughter and assumed she was posturing because of him. [[ What?!? ]] he started. [[ I haven't even said anything yet! ]]

Eliza looked confused, then shook her head. [[ I'm mad at me . . . this time. I knew she was having problems controlling the magic. She needs to stay calm, so I need to calm down. ]]

Evlidone looked at his daughter. Then he started to laugh.

His daughter was caught completely off guard. She couldn't remember the last time she had heard her father laughing, and had no idea what was going on.

Finally, he composed himself enough to speak. [[ You need to 'calm down'? I've been telling you that for eighty years, and NOW you get it?!? ]] He finally managed to get his chuckling under control. [[ Eliza, would you mind accompanying me to the study? It's more comfortable there, and I think we need to talk. ]]

---------------------- ----------------------

In the makeshift control room . . .

---------------------- ----------------------

"How does this work?" Vicky said, trying to maneuver one of the hidden remote cameras that Wyrm had said up. There was supposed to be some way of changing cameras, while a very strange looking joystick was supposedly used to move the cameras' fields of view. But she couldn't quite get the hang of it, and she couldn't ask Wyrm. That was one of the people she and Terillia wanted to spy on. Okay, mostly he was one of the people that VICKY wanted to spy on, but Terillia didn't tend to object to very much. There was too much going on to be left out, and Veronica HATED not being in the know.

"How about that button?" Terillia said, pointing at the keyboard.

"Which button? There's about a hundred of them!"

"The one that says 'Shift.' Maybe that means to shift cameras."

Vicky chuckled. "Actually, it means to shift between upper and lower case letters. People have been using pretty much the same pattern for keyboards for three centuries now."

"Oh," Terillia thought. She felt kind of stupid.

Vicky noticed that her friend was pouting. "It's okay. It took me a long time to figure stuff out when I was traveling Terra. There are all sorts of little cultural nuances that you sort of take for granted."

Terillia smiled and rested her head on Vicky's shoulder as the human woman messed with the controls a bit.

"Damn it," Vicky said. "I'm never going to get this thing to work," she mumbled. She noticed how nice it felt having Terillia's head so close and how soft the succubus's cheek felt when their faces touched. And the girl even smelled nice . . .

Terillia saw that Vicky wasn't messing with the controls any more. Actually, the older woman was staring at the succubus. Terillia blushed. "Why do you look at me like that?" she asked quietly. She found herself hoping for a kiss. Her hope was soon realized as Vicky's lips sought out Terillia's, and the two remained locked at the mouth for a couple of minutes. Terillia's tongue went six inches down her lover's throat, causing Vicky to give that muscle a little blowjob. Terillia found the entire experience to be quite arousing.

"Shouldn't we be . . . spying . . .?" the succubus said at last.

"Why don't we do something other people would like to spy on?" Vicky said, spinning her chair and pulling Terillia onto her lap. The two women began kissing again, which was the only thing that kept the succubus from just throwing her clothes off. Once Terillia got it into her head that sex was upcoming, she sometimes wanted to get to the main event right away. Vicky often found herself trying to slow things down and enjoy the ENTIRE act. Vicky traced circles on the loose slacks that covered Terillia's ass as the succubus continued to send her tongue into the human's throat.

"But . . . we might . . . might get caught," Terillia said, cupping Vicky's tits through her blouse.

"That is part of the fun," Vicky responded, kissing Terillia on the lips, face and then neck. She pulled her lover's shirt down as she kissed her way lower, and those cute bluish nipples came into range of Vicky's lips and tongue. She heard Terillia begin to coo as her warm lips sucked on the succubus's breast flesh. She grabbed Terillia's warm, tight little butt cheeks and held her close as both women began to heat up.

Terillia started pulling on Vicky's shirt, finally getting it up until it was draped across her shoulders. The succubus slid down her human lover's body until her face was in front of those succulent round breasts, and her agile and talented tongue began encircling and teasing Vicky's pink nipples while Terillia struggled to pull the woman's pants down.

Vicky was biting her bottom lip as her young lover's tongue lavished affection on Vicky's tits. It was like a little bluish snake that was everywhere at once. And when Terillia moved her head south, Vicky flushed with excitement. The succubus's tongue danced around the human's bellybutton for a while, which was slightly ticklish to Vicky and highly arousing.

"This is also part of the fun," Terillia said, staring up Vicky's body as her talented tongue invaded Vicky's hot, moist pussy. When Vicky had first taught Terillia how to go down on a woman, she had gotten the younger woman to draw out her English letters with her tongue, and that had been one of her favorite cunnilingual tools. Since then, she had done the same activity using her own alphabet. This time, she decided to write out her favorite sonnet, one letter at a time. And succubae poets and songwriters did NOT write short sonnets.

Vicky's bare ass was squirming on the edge of her seat as her lover's tongue was going everywhere. She had no idea what the hot young woman between her thighs was doing, but Vicky was pretty sure she liked it. And when Terillia's fingers started penetrating her box as well, Vicky's pleasure centers started going through the roof. She was really thinking she needed to revisit the succubae lands because if Terillia was any indication, those people were BORN for lesbian sex. "Lick me you horny little chick," she moaned. "Get that tongue inside me!"

Terillia blushed and made a few more rounds with her tongue. Then she stiffened that muscled and used it like a piston, pounding it in and out of her lover's cunt and tagging her g-spot.

Vicky arched her back, resting more of her weight on her lover's shoulders and lifted herself off the seat. Her pussy twitched happily and she began to cum like nobody's business. "Sweet-tongued devil, lick it all up! Lick up the mess you made!"

Terillia didn't need to be asked twice. Actually, she didn't even need to be asked once. She loved bringing such pleasure to this beautiful woman, and this was her reward . . . the consumption of girl-candy. And she devoured it all.

"My turn," Vicky said, sweat dripping from her forehead. 'This girl just wears me out,' she thought. "Bend over," she ordered, getting Terillia to bend at the waist and grab the arms of the chair. Vicky wrapped one arm around Terillia's wings and waist and stuck the other through her legs, letting both of the human woman's hands meet near the succubus's vaginal opening. She sunk two fingers from one hand into the top of Terillia's slot, using her thumb to tease the girl's clit. She used two fingers from the other hand to penetrate the lower end of Terillia's pussy. She stood behind the girl while doing this, and began humping against her as she fingered the succubus into a frenzy.

"You are so skilled . . . I am . . . very aroused," Terillia half-said / half-chirped.

Vicky grinned, then began sucking on the succubus's soft earlobe after she got Terillia to reposition her wings a bit. Terillia's English was good, but apparently the phrases used to talk dirty during sex had been skimmed in her language classes. But like everything else she did, she seemed to be adjusting quickly. "Such a naughty little bird," Vicky said, penetrating her lover's warm box with four fingers and rubbing her little clit. While Vicky's tongue wasn't as long or agile as Terillia's, her fingers were still more experienced. She had the young woman cumming in record time. Terillia even had to bite the top of Wyrm's computer chair to keep from chirping loudly or making that hiccup noise she often made during her climaxes.

'She has the most beautiful orgasms,' Vicky thought, watching the delicate but firm muscles of Terillia's body strain ever-so-lightly as she came, her wings fully extended (almost knocking over a monitor) and fluttering. Vicky continued fingering her for several minutes as the girl's lithe body finally relaxed.

"That was most wonderful," Terillia cooed, her eyes shining with contentment as she turned to kiss her lover and teacher.

"You weren't bad yourself," Vicky said. 'God, even her EYES are beautiful,' she thought. "You know, we don't HAVE to take turns," she murmured.

"A sixty-nine?!?" Terillia said excitedly, then calmed her voice. When Vicky had shown her how that particular movement worked, she had been VERY pleased. She didn't even wait for a response, pushing Vicky onto the floor and then pounced on her like a prey item, burying her feathered head between the human's thighs and sending that magical tongue back to work.

Vicky had created a monster. Or perhaps the monster had just been there all along, waiting for someone to let it out of its cage. But Vicky would be damned if she didn't reap some of the rewards of the succubus's sexual awakening, and she sent her tongue and fingers once more into the breach.

Terillia's wings were fluttering wildly, knocking over the chair and scattering some papers. Her tongue was moving like an eel through water, penetrating and exploring Vicky's tight pussy without pause or mercy. She was doing everything she could think of to keep up with the more experienced woman's tongue and fingers.

Vicky had flattened her tongue, made several long, slow passes, then darted her tongue against the clit while spreading the succubus's box with her fingers. If they were in their bedroom, she would be fisting this young creature already. Their prior experience with that particular sexual deviation had given Vicky a sense of power that she had never experienced before, and she wanted to feel it again. But in the meantime, she was quite satisfied with a piece of Terillia's pussy using slightly smaller invaders. So she licked and sucked to her hearts content, and Terillia appreciated her efforts.

Terillia finally remembered that she could use fingers too, so she curled one of her long digits deep into Vicky's cunt, curling that finger until she found a spot in her lover's body she knew to be sensitive.

Vicky gasped. "Oh no you don't," Vicky giggled, then tongued the tender area between pussy and asshole. "You are NOT going to get me first," she added, then spread her lover's opening as wide as she could get it and almost literally buried her mouth and tongue inside.

"I . . . I . . . I did not mean to . . . (chirp) . . . offend," Terillia responded, pleasure coursing through her body. Whenever she thought she was gaining ground to her sexual mentor, Vicky took it to the next level. She had already promised to introduce Terillia to a "strap-on" when they got back to Earth, and she could hardly wait. "Oh . . . I am . . . ooh," she moaned. Vicky's infernal superior cunnilingual skills had done their damage, and Terillia experienced another delightful orgasm. This was not as wet as her first one, but she still had some of her vaginal nectar to expunge onto her lover's face. She was moving her tongue like a weed-whacker in long but rapid circles.

"Oh, that's good . . ." Vicky moaned directly into Terillia's box. She felt the familiar stirrings of the "little death" deep within her. He stomach tensed and she pushed up on the floor with her feet, forcing her pussy against Terillia's face. She wanted to see the succubus's face glistening with her cum when she was through.

A minute later, the two women were lying on the floor, panting, sweating and enjoying the feel of each other's body. As was their custom, Terillia had cocooned the lovers in her wings as they recuperated.

--------------- -----------------

In Evlidone's study . . .

--------------- -----------------

Eliza and Evlidone had been sitting in silence for a few minutes after leaving the others, each trying vainly to relax in large comfortable chairs. Eliza was perplexed as to her father's sudden outburst earlier, and Evlidone was trying to carefully arrange his thoughts.

[[ Eliza, ]] he said at last, [[ do you remember when you were just thirteen or so and we took a boat ride down the Devlian River? ]]

This wasn't what she had expected, but Eliza nodded. That was back when things had been . . . simpler. They had taken a family vacation, and her father knew how much Eliza liked the water so he planned a weeklong voyage down that mighty river.

[[ The moment we stepped foot on the ferry, ]] he continued, [[ and while everyone else was looking down the river, I lost track of you. I saw you at the back of the vessel, looking up in the direction of the white-water. Do you remember what you said? ]] When Eliza shook her head, Evlidone went, [[ You asked if we could 'go that way.' I told you we couldn't . . . that the boat wasn't strong enough to go up the rapids. You just looked at me and asked me why. I told you because that wasn't the way the boat worked. You just asked why. I told you that going down river was just the way things worked. You asked why. And ever after ship started one way, you kept looking the other. It's funny. What was cute when you were young became INCREDIBLY aggravating when you got older. You never went the same way anyone else was going, probably because no one could explain to why you should. At least not to your satisfaction. ]]

[[ Maybe I wanted to go somewhere else . . . I just know everyone kept trying to force me . . . well, down the river I guess. ]] Eliza still wasn't sure where this was going.

Her father looked at her, a little sadness in his eyes. [[ It wasn't easy, always watching you walking away . . . always going in a different direction than everyone else. ]]

[[ What did you expect me to do? I didn't want to be what you kept driving me to be! ]]

[[ It wasn't just about me and you know it! When you went to the academy, you instigated the very first fist fight in history of the Graltan Academy. With one of your instructors, no less! I had to transfer you to that Military Sorcery Academy just because they were the only ones not scared enough to take you! Yes, I realized you probably orchestrated the whole thing just so you could learn more combat magic, but I didn't press the issue because you seemed happy there. But even there, you caused more explosions than anyone else had in over a century! You seemed so bound and determined to rebel ALL THE TIME . . . sometimes I wondered if you even knew what you were rebelling against! ]]

Eliza shook her head. Once again, her father was painting her as the troublemaker. The fact that everything he had said was true was irrelevant to her at the moment. She HAD started a fight with an instructor, but only because he had made some very off color remarks about trolls, and Thug had recently become her friend. And she HAD wanted to go the Military Academy because she was tired of perfecting pansy-ass magic and wanted something more exciting. [[ From the moment I started going to school, you made it clear that you had a plan for me. You already had your eye on Valar as a potential suitor, and that was when he was a hundred and twenty while I was only eighteen! You already had a job and a house and everything picked out for me, but you never ONCE asked me if I wanted any of it! I wasn't even two decades old, and you already had my entire life written in the Great Book! ]]

[[ What was wrong with me wanting the best for you? ]] her father asked.

[[ Because it scared the hell out of me! Good grief, you're my father! I thought fathers were supposed to be supportive, but you tried smothering me every time I did something that didn't fit in with your plan! ]]

Evlidone felt the veins in his head trying to explode, but he forced himself to remain calm. [[ As a father, one of my MANY duties is also trying to KEEP YOU SAFE! I thought that even if your own magic couldn't protect you that Valar's could. I thought that getting you a job as a court sorceress for a family that no one cared enough about to insult much less plot against would keep you safe! Your home was supposed to be somewhere safe! You KNOW we live in a world of intrigue and danger! I didn't want you getting caught up in it. ]] He settled down in his chair and put his head in his hands. [[ But everything I did failed. I tried to keep you safe, and you seemed to seek out danger. Most fathers only have to worry about their daughters having spats about not getting to take the carriage out until late in the morning. I was often worried about you accidentally causing an apocalypse. You weren't my little girl anymore. You were an earthquake with a purpose and a grudge! ]]

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