tagLesbian SexIt's a Deal

It's a Deal


We had a deal. Well, she had a deal and I had to deal with it. Which meant that it was a challenge, and I am always up for a challenge.

The deal was that I was not allowed in any way to seduce her until she had finished the paper she was writing for class the next day. Understandable. A student has to get things done–and let the record show I would have been completely content sitting and reading some dirty magazine while she worked, but she had to do the stipulation thing, and I have always had problems with authority.

Plus, I had a myriad of factors urging me in the direction of seduction. Let me list for you a few of those things now:

#1. She has the whole sexy college student and wearing naughty underwear thing going on.

#2. She is wearing naughty underwear.

#3. The reason I know she is wearing naughty underwear is because she is doing her homework in nothing but a tight white shirt and naughty underwear–which in lesbian talk means fuck me while I'm trying to do my homework. Obviously.

There is just something about papers and books and other office supplies that really turn me on. So there she is. Sitting on the couch surrounded by books and other educational paraphernalia and I just want to fuck her for it.

I keep looking up over the book that I'm supposed to be reading, looking for some sign that she won't be mad at me for the next week if I launch some major distraction. I really get no sign of yes or no from her–risk analysis is over. The consequences have been weighed. The mission begins now.

I had to create a diversion–it would be too obvious if I just got up from where I was sitting and sat next to her on the couch. The kitchen. It was flawless. I get up and the mission has officially started.

"Want anything to drink, baby?"

"No, I'm fine," she said, "I can see your right ass cheek, though."

I happened to also be in panties. This should go fairly smoothly, right?

I poured myself a glass of water and with my book sat down in the most unassuming, nonchalant way possible. Set down the water, opened to the fake page I was reading and sat. Patience is a virtue, being horny is its fatal flaw.

I leaned over and kissed her neck.

She looked over the top of her glasses at me, "We've already talked about this."

I smiled, "I will have you begging me, within the next fifteen minutes."

"Kiss my ass," she said as she went back to her paper.

"That's a start," I said under my breath.

I kissed her again, right behind her ear. I got a sharp elbow in my ribs.

"I'm fucking serious, Anne." She said, but she smiled when she looked back at her American Literary Works 1800-1950 book.

That smile, was a window. A door. A glimmer of hope.

I got up, "I'm sorry baby, I know you have to get this done. I'll leave you alone." I turned and left the room, heading for the toolbox in the utility closet that was in the back bedroom. Duct tape. I needed it. It's a little rough by itself, but if you stick bandana folded longwise over the first section your pretty much set.

So, I did, and I headed back into the living room without hesitation. Her hands were already pretty close together as she was keeping her place in the book with one hand and making notes in the margin with the other. With one calculated move I had her wrists successfully wrapped in a tight binding of duct tape.

"Are you kidding me?" She said.

I took her glasses off of her face and pushed the books onto the floor.

"13 minutes, Nicole. You'll be begging." I said looking her right in the eyes.

I pulled her down off the couch an onto her scattered papers on the floor.

"Anne, for Christ's sake. This is not funny." She sounded like she meant it.

I pushed her onto her back, and forced her bound wrists above her head, taping them around the leg of the coffee table. I pulled her shirt up a tiny bit, exposing her hip bones, of which I can never resist kissing. So I did. I kissed them and her hips twisted with a mixture of protest and enjoyment.

"10 minutes, Nic." I said.

"Let me go–ohmygod." She took a sharp breath.

I had moved down and kissed the inside of her thigh–exhaling my warm breath between her thighs. I moved back up her body, grazing her cunt with my lips gently as I went by. I took her shirt in my teeth and pulled it up past her breasts and kissed her neck. I moved to her mouth and let her kiss me, teasing her by pulling away too soon.

"My paper is due at 8 a.m., baby, I really can't do this right now." She forced.

I moved to her breasts. They were small and perfect and her nipples were always hard. I took her left nipple into my mouth and ran my tongue over it quickly, reminding her body of what I could do to her clit. I ran my hand down the length of her body, stopping to put pressure on her pussy.

"7 minutes, baby, still mad at me?" I asked.

"Shut up." She said quickly.

"These are mine." I smiled sitting up and pulling her panties down from her waist.

I ran my index finger up the slit of her pussy while I moved towards her mouth for another kiss. She kissed me back with a little bit of hurried desperation as if I had been gone too long.

"You're a little wet for an English paper." I said.

I pushed her legs apart and laid down in front of her open cunt. She moaned quitely turning her head to hide it. I kissed her thighs and teased her with my mouth, coming close and pulling away as she would raise her hips to my face. I did this over and over, exhaling and moaning warm breath over her anxious pussy. Slowly I began letting her have little more, gently grazing my tongue across her swollen clit as her hips raised off the floor.

She was breathing heavily, raising her hips off the ground, offering herself to my tongue and fingers.

"Want me to stop, Nic?" I asked and ran my tongue over her clit quickly.

She paused, "No," she exhaled.

"You can wait 5 minutes and prove me wrong." I smiled, pushing my tongue deeper into her wet pussy. She rolled her hips as I moved my tongue quick and light over her clit. She tensed and moaned, scooting the coffee table as she twisted with pleasure.

I stayed there, adding gentle pressure to the speed of my tongue. I placed two fingers just outside of her throbbing cunt, teasing her wet core.

"I don't want to wait 5 minutes, Anne," she breathed.

"Want me to fuck you, baby?" I asked moving my fingers to just barely inside of her and drawing them back out. Teasing her wet pussy, keeping her just on the verge of being fucked like never before.

She breathed heavily and anxiously. Drawing sharp breaths and rocking her begging hips.

"Yes," she exhaled.

"Nic, you want me to fuck you?" I said louder, wanting a real answer.

"Yes, baby," she moaned.

I sucked her clit and moved my tongue, continuing to tease her by circling my fingers around her soaking cunt.

"I want you to fuck me, baby." She said loudly rocking her hips.

The picture frames on the coffee table fell over as she began to struggle with the desire to cum.

"I want to know you fucking mean it!" I demanded, completely stopping all contact with her throbbing pussy.

She yelled, "Fuck me. Please baby, I need you to fuck me!"

"I win." I said as I pushed three fingers deep inside of her. My tongue moved fast and hard on her swollen clit as I pushed in and out of her. She rocked her hips in the same rhythm as my hand fucking her as her literature book fell off the table with the phone.

She was loudly begging me not to stop as I could feel her wetness start to drip down my chin. She was soaked and breathing hard, yelling as she exhaled.

"Baby, I'm going to cum! Please don't stop baby. I'm going to cum so hard." She pleaded.

I was soaking through my panties as I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers, her hips rocking fast and hard.

"I'm cumming baby," she gasped through her rapid breaths.

She screamed her exhaled breaths as she came, pushing back hard on my hand.

Her hips and thighs shook violently as she screamed through her breaths. Her face was red and her hair was nearly comedic. The table was scooting closer with every spasm of her body until finally she stopped, sweaty and spent.

I pulled my drench fingers out of her pussy as she moaned. I crawled over her reaching inside the drawer of the coffee table pulling out the old scissors. I cut the tape down the middle.

"Good luck with your paper. Page six is a little wet."

She was still breathing hard as I kissed her cheek with my sopping wet chin and mouth. I got up and left the room smiling as she lay in a mess of papers and books.

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