tagGay MaleIt's A Small World

It's A Small World


I can not tell you how small a world is, I find this so hard to believe myself but something about this tells me that this is right and I will continue. The following story is true, believe it or not

I placed an Internet ad with a good friend of mine, we wanted to try a small group for sex so up it went. Well we got several hit but nothing seemed to pan out. We did get a hit from this one guy, said he is a bottom and wanted to get in the middle and what a nice ass he has. Anyway, a few weeks later I got on line and was playing around on the site and then I saw his email and replied to him. We communicated for a while then I sent him to my personal email. The problem we had was he rented a room from someone and could not host. Me, I am still married and almost at the end (we might have agreed this weekend but that's a totally different topic). Well our emails were spermatic, then I mentioned that I could not host to him, he replied something then said sorry, didn't mean to be a pest.

This tickled me big time, replied and said you're not and why not meet for lunch just to meet. So we scheduled a meeting, but I wanted a face pic and what I saw I knew he wasn't the type of guy I was really attracted to. I was going to call it off but knew how it felt to be stood up or ignored so I said to myself, just a drink and go. Well we met, I was getting my drink as he walked in, he knobbed and I did in response, I went to t table sat and waited. Well we started talking, he told me about his marriage, his kids, what he would like and I started telling him what I want. I wanted a friendship, someone to have sex with on a regular basis, no commitment but to be faithful in a way, then I looked up at him, into his eyes and said a relation. BAMN! It hit me, I got this feeling all over my body, I was in love with him all at once, I wanted him for life. Hey, as if I said anything to him about that, after all we just met. Oh, by the way, my name is Paul, his name is Paul (for real). So the place got crowed and off to the park to talk more we went.

We drove about 5 minutes, sat in the car talking about 5 minutes more then the talk went to sex, and then off to find a hotel room. We checked in about 11:30 and off our clothes came and right into action. God his body is masculine, I love a mans man body. He rides a bike so he has strong legs, better then average chest and a great looking ass. We started out kissing rolling about together, exploring each other. Him being more submissive he went down on me and started sucking my cock. Man can he suck cock. I am a thick 8" uncut and was I shocked on how easily he took my cock into his throat. Fuck yea, and I let him know. He sighed and I knew he liked it when I told him to suck my cock, take it all, get me nice and hard.. all those moans and sighs were getting me hot. He kept fucking his face, pounding away on my cock.

I talked about his ass, getting fucked, taking it and then I made my move, got him face down, ass in the air, spread those cheeks and dove my face right between them and went to town eating that hole. He was getting the rimming of his life. I had no control, all I wanted was to do this guy, to make love to him so bad and I was making oral love to his hole right now. I got my tongue inside his hole, wiggling it back and forth, up and down, in and out. Yes, my guy was hot, wet and ready for me. I knelt before him, spit on my cock, held it to his ass and pressed forward. Oh man... he moaned real good. I held back, he twitched, I pressed, he moaned, a moaned from deep within someone soul, I held back, he twitched and again.. It didn't take to long to get it all inside him and damn how good his ass felt with my cock all the way in.

I rode him doggie style for a while, reaching my face from time to time to kiss him. I loved the sight of my cock going in and out of his ass, his body excepting it, taking it and his moans and sighs of pleasure were music. I grabbed him, turned him over, he brought his legs back up and open and I looked down beneath me and there was this handsome man, legs spread, naked and my cock buried in his ass. I laid upon him and kissed him so passionately and made love to him. Man he was so fucking hot, feeling his balls and hard cock against my stomach as I ground my cock deep within him. I knew I wasn't able to last much longer, my cocked swelled, he felt it, he loved it, he spread himself for it. I got up started ramming harder and harder, my breathing increasing my heart racing and then I took it out, stroked it and shot it all over his cock and balls and chest... After I was done, I fell upon him kissing him, he reached his arms around me, held me and kissed me back.

We laid there for a short time, kissing, talking, my cock would not go soft so I rubbed it just right and in I went. He smiled big, eyes wide open and bright and said, Oh Baby... For the next thirty minutes we made love, not sex but love, intense, hot heated, sweat pouring love. As I reach my orgasm, my cock swelled, he squeezed on it, I pulled out and shout all over him again. I pressed my chest against his, out cum mixing with the old dry cum, your tongues still swirling against each other. He smiled and commented how he feels my heart beating and boy was it beating strong.

We lay next to each other, his head on my chest at times, my arm around him. I asked if he'd been with many uncut guys, which he hasn't. I told him somethings that I like. He then tried taking my foreskin in his teeth, chewing on the tip of it, then sliding his tongue beneath the skin and licking all around. I know he loved it when I told him to get it all in his mouth, then apply some pressure with your teeth and come up and when you are almost off tighten the grip so you have my foreskin between your teeth and chew on it. He's good, very good. Another thing I had him do was just to play with it, told him to finger it. He wants one now.. Oh well, he can use mine anytime.

So we stayed a while talking, that's when the world started getting smaller. He told me about a guy he dated for several years while married. They were both married and belonged to a club. I knew a guy that belonged to that club, mentioned the name an yes, his ex lovers best friend... what a small world, here we just met and we know a small circle of people. Since we had the room until 11 the next day I asked what he was doing tonight, he said he could be back and spend the night since it will be closer to where he has to work tomorrow. We arranged to meet after 7.

7:30 and I arrived, I brought a 6pack and told him that I had a few beers and brought this so I don't come down. I told him that I was arguing with the wife, that she was really taking away my mood I had going but DAMN!!! I got to have you again. In no time we were both naked, kissing and I got his legs back and spitting on my cock and in I was. Oh he was feeling good, at time he had to hold me back, got to much cock for him I guess but not to much complaints... Then I pulled out and shot all over him and made out. Took about 5 minutes then I was hard and going at it again. After I shot that load we laid and talked. This time the world got a lot smaller. I asked what he did, he told me and said he is doing inventory for all the stores around but the one he is stationed at is this one right here. I said OH NO! My wife works at that one. He said her name, we looked at each other, then said what a small world. Unbelievable, so we made love. After that he said he can see why she is hurt for loosing me and boy do I know how to fuck. He said he hasn't been fucked like this before and that I am definitely something worth keeping. E made love one more time, I shout 4 loads that night, the two earlier, my balls were drained and yes, his ass was worked over well.

I left and we emailed each other a few times, he said he is real interested but scared. Can not blame him on that, after all he is working and talking to my wife, the guy that just a few days ago tore his ass apart with his cock. On Saturday my wife was at work and asked me to bring her something, when I got there she wanted me to meet the new manager. Paul, I want you to meet my husband Paul. Now at this time we both freaked, does she know anything? I extended my hand and introduced myself (thank god I had my sunglasses on). We talked a bit the 3 of us then I excused myself and left. Now it is good I asked him what he does for a living isn't it, what would we have done if we didn't know before this...

We didn't get together for a while and had minimal contact, then we went out dancing, well that lasted only till 11, I suggested us getting a room and we did. God did I eat that ass of his big time, god I love it. Got him in a 69, my cock in his mouth and his ass over my mouth. He didn't know what to do, sit on my cock or keep sucking, he was wild... we fucked for the next 4 hours, my cock never getting soft, shot 4 loads and we slept together that night and yes I woke him up with my cock entering his ass. I love this guy so much, never thought that I would ever love, really love a man before in my life but I do and I am.

To date, I have told 3 of my 4 kids that I like men, most of my family as well. I am still seeing Paul, the wife still doesn't know and hey, remember I said that maybe this is fate. I was talking to my wife about our separation and agreeing on stuff, that I can not afford to move out. She said that she is going to tell Paul to rent me a room. Now ALL RIGHT, that would work out very nicely, no questions asked afterwards. I have a date tomorrow, giving him something special foe his birthday, wonder what that is don't you?

So, what do you think, can you believe that this is real because this is really real... let me know what you think. Paul

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