tagBDSMIt's a Thin Line...

It's a Thin Line...


Like any other hot-blooded man, I often fantasized about including a second woman into our lovemaking, but my wife, Karen, had always rejected the idea. I'd be lying if I said that I had any other complaints when it came to sex. My wife was up for just about anything, and was almost as hot-blooded as I was. We fucked at least three times a week, and she gave at least as many hand- and blowjobs. As a result, I was a very satisfied man, and the whole notion of a threesome had become a distant, low-priority fantasy.

Jessica was my wife's best friend. They met in junior high and have been friends ever since. Even after moving to different towns, they stayed in touch and got together at least two of three times a year. Usually it was just the two of them, but once in a while, they dragged us with them, as a sort of an awkward double date. Like the night this story starts...

It was a Friday evening, and we'd gone out to dinner, the four of us – Karen, Jessica, Jessica's boyfriend Kevin and myself - to a sushi bar. Afterwards, we'd gone to a nearby bar for a drink. Well, in the case of the girls, quite a few actually. Kevin and I did our best to pass the time, and we started up quite a few conversations, but since we had very dissimilar interests, none of our chats lasted longer than a couple of minutes. Since I was the designated driver of the group, I had to stay sober, and was therefore probably the most bored by the end of the night.

When we finally left the bar – just when I thought that the ordeal was over – Jessica proposed to have another drink at their place. Not wanting to be a party pooper, I reluctantly agreed. Since the girls were wasted, the level of conversation, not to mention their sense of humor had significantly declined. Kevin – also pretty smashed – didn't seem to mind all that much, but for me, this night couldn't end quickly enough. Once over at their place, I had to keep myself from falling asleep several times, bored out of my skull.

But then it happened. During one of the times I was dozing off, I suddenly felt a hand on my thigh, sliding towards my crotch. I opened my eyes and glanced over at Karen, sitting next to me.

"What are you doing?" I asked, as I sat up, expecting her to pull away.

"Keeping you awake! It's quite rude to fall asleep in someone else's home," she said, giving my growing cock an extra hard squeeze, while she shared a naughty giggle with Jessica.

Flabbergasted by her behavior, I just glanced down at her hand, not knowing what to say or do.

"Mmmm, maybe I should fall asleep too," Kevin quipped.

"Oh, you poor baby," Jessica chuckled, looking at him, "Are you feeling a bit neglected?"

And just like that, she too reached for her man's crotch, giving it a gentle squeeze. From that moment on, although they continued drinking and talking, the girls made sure we were constantly hard as a rock.

I decided to keep quiet – and not draw any unnecessary attention to myself – as I didn't want to jinx this. From the looks of things, Kevin had the same idea. After about six or seven minutes, it was Jessica who made the next move. She glanced over at Kevin while sipping from her glass, and slid her hand behind his waistband. He gasped – probably as surprised as anyone else – and stared down at his wife's hand, gently squeezing his fat tube under his clothes.

Feeling a bit jealous of Kevin – I had no idea at the time – and because Karen didn't seem to be in a hurry to make a move, I reached down and unzipped my pants. She looked down at my crotch, then up at me, with a serious look on her face. She seemed hesitant.

But, after briefly glancing over Kevin's crotch again, she slid her hand into my pants, then in my boxers, where she grabbed my fat cock, making me gasp. The look in her eyes changed briefly as she was obviously impressed by how big and fat my dick actually was.

Once again, several minutes later, it was Jessica who took the next move. While talking about some late night tv show with my wife, she simply pulled Kevin's dick out into the open and started pumping it fiercely. She didn't even look at him.

Although she was pretty drunk, seeing another cock was a bit of a shock for Karen, and she visibly zoned out for about ten seconds. While she uncomfortably stared at Jessica's hand stroking Kevin's fat shaft up and down, her own hand movements, on my dick, slowed down somewhat.

Eventually, Karen had to snap out of it, because Jessica kept yapping away, and at some point did expect some sort of feedback from her. While she answered her friend, my wife briefly glanced down at my crotch, trying to decide what to do. After hesitating for a few more seconds, she seemed to make up her mind and pulled my dick out into the open as well. While she looked me dead in the eye, she began jacking me off, in plain view of Jessica and Kevin.

I would have settled for just the handjob, but Karen decided to take things to the next level – and then some. Although she'd been shy and cautious up until now, she seemed to have flipped a switch in her head, which made her more adventurous. She put down her glass and leaned down into my lap, positioning her head in between my stomach and my big cock. After brushing her hair behind her ear – thereby making sure Jessica and Kevin had a clear view of her face – she slowly engulfed my swollen tip with her warm mouth.

Our hosts were as flabbergasted as I was and gawked down at my wife sucking my dick right in front of them, in their living room, on their couch. Although Jessica had started the whole thing, she would have been perfectly content with jacking Kevin off. She was definitely up for a bit of naughty fun, but a blowjob was clearly out of her comfort zone. And yet, after looking at Karen polishing my knob for another minute or so, she must have felt like she didn't have a choice. Reluctantly, she slowly put her glass down as well and got into a similar position, bending her head down into Kevin's lap.

Needless to say, I was having a blast. My wife loved giving head, and was subsequently very good at it. She especially knew how to make it last. Not just a suck-swallow-goodbye kind of thing, but a long, sloppy, blowjob that usually made my toes curl.

While Jessica seemed to be fine with just continuing her uninspired and uncomfortable blowjob, Karen seemed determined to give me some of her best work. And with every passing minute, she seemed to get more aroused, and started acting accordingly.

At first, she slid off the couch and got on her knees – without taking my cock out of her mouth. No problem there, as I figured she was just getting into a more comfortable position. Then, about ten seconds later, she wriggled her feet around and pushed her heels off. Taking your shoes off in someone else's living room may seem a bit forward and overly familiar, but considering what she and Jessica were doing, I didn't give it second thought.

It wasn't until she used both hands – while continuing to bob her head up and down my pole – to reach under her skirt, that I started sensing trouble. To everyone's surprise, Karen started taking off her nylons, skillfully maneuvering them over her knees and pushing them all the way down to her feet – all without letting my cock slip from her mouth.

Once her nylons were off, she wrapped her right hand around my cock, and began pumping it again, while her left hand started unbuttoning her blouse. I couldn't believe my eyes. What the hell was she doing? I could have said something, and stopped her... but I wasn't prepared to pay the price. I was horny and I wanted to get off. But more importantly, I wanted Jessica and Kevin to see what a slut my wife was. I wanted them to know what a lucky man I was...

Because she was using her non-dominant hand, it took her quite a while to undo all the buttons. After taking it off, she didn't just drop her blouse on the floor, no... she threw it over my head, behind the couch somewhere.

Then, she wrapped both hands around my dick, one at the base and one just below the ridge and began massaging both ends simultaneously, yet independent of each other. At the same time, she continued nursing on my puffy tip, driving me positively insane. I had rarely seen her this motivated, this passionate!

Kevin and Jessica couldn't believe what was happening, and gawked at her in disbelief. Karen, on the other hand, hadn't looked at them once. She didn't care. She was in the zone and just wanted to do whatever popped into her dirty mind. I realized that this was a unique opportunity, which would be over as soon as I spurted, so I did my best to hold off for as long as I could.

Although Jessica seemed very intrigued by what her friend was doing, it was clear that she wouldn't be taking anything off, not even her shoes. She was willing to stroke and suck Kevin's cock, but taking her clothes off in front of me – and Karen – was a line she didn't want to cross. My wife, the little slut, on the other hand, was more than willing to keep everyone entertained.

Without hesitation, she suddenly reached back with both hands and began unbuttoning and unzipping her skirt. While she swallowed my fat shaft whole and began sucking on it again, she pushed her skirt down over her ass, exposing it to our flabbergasted hosts. Kevin immediately shifted in his seat to improve his viewing angle, forcing Jessica to move with him.

I honestly didn't know how far Karen was going to take this – maybe she didn't either – but I was keen to find out. I noticed Kevin drooling over my wife's nearly perfect body, now only cladded in a black bra and matching panties. I knew he was hoping she would take them off as well. Truth be told, so was I.

It took her another two minutes to make her next move. While still bobbing her head up and down my hard shaft, she reached back with both hands and unclasped her bra. She threw it behind her, with considerable force, causing it to end up in the far corner of the living room.

"Fuck," Kevin gasped, as he gawked at my wife's tits, now dangling freely underneath her body. Jessica, understandably baffled, couldn't believe how a little handjob had gotten so out of control.

Realizing she had everyone's undivided attention, Karen brought her left hand to her left tit and began squeezing it, and juggling it around. She started off relatively gentle, but before long she was smacking her tit back and forth, much to Kevin's amusement.

Jessica, still absentmindedly sucking on Kevin's cock, frowned shocked as she witnessed her life-long friend degrading herself like that. But she, and I, were in for an even bigger surprise, as Karen was just getting warmed up!

After abusing her tit for another twenty seconds or so, Karen grabbed the waistband of her panties with both hands, as she kept sucking my dick. She knew we were all looking at her – her ass in particular – and so she paused, for dramatic effect. For a moment, I felt like stopping her and calling it a night. It was bad enough that Kevin had seen her in her underwear, and just now without a bra, but now, she was about to reveal the last piece of unexplored territory.

But, even if I had really wanted to stop her, I was simply too slow. Karen suddenly yanked her panties down, exposing her ass and then slowly wriggled out of them. We had all expected her to fling them across the room, but this time she had something special in mind. Breaking the blowjob for the first time since she started it, she quickly pulled her black panties over her head, draping the crotch section over her face, right under her nose.

Then, she wolfed my cock back down, sucking on it with even more passion than before.

"Oh you fucking slut!' I whispered, as I couldn't believe how my – usually so timid – wife was behaving. Whereas Kevin and Jessica had a pretty clear view of all of her assets – tits, ass and cunt – I could only see her head and her back, and it was beginning to frustrate me.

Then, as if things weren't bad enough, Karen shifted on her knees, and pointed her ass straight at our hosts. Without any reservation, she put her knees as far apart as she could, giving them an unimpeded and much more intimate view of her asshole and twat. Jessica, shocked and outraged, was simply too distracted to give Kevin the attention that he needed. As a result, he was clearly deriving more pleasure from watching my wife than from his wife's mouth.

I was jealous and somewhat offended, but the fact that I was getting close to having a spectacular climax made up for my 'suffering'. But then, Karen – no longer bothered by any sense of respectability – put both hands on her ass cheeks and pulled them apart. Although I couldn't see anything from where I was sitting, I had a pretty good idea of what a vulgar view she was giving our hosts.

"Jesus Christ, Karen!" Jessica whispered, truly horrified. But, by letting Kevin's cock slip from her mouth to say that, she inadvertently made things worse. Teased to the breaking point and fed up with his wife's lazy and uncreative blowjob, he jumped up, rushed over to Karen's ass and plunged his big cock into my wife's wide-open cunt.

Although visibly displeased by his sudden action, Jessica said or did nothing to stop him. Heck, after the sleazy performance Karen had just given, I couldn't even blame Kevin for ramming his dick up my wife. And Karen? Well, suffice it to say that she didn't mind one little bit. She briefly poked her head up and moaned loudly, with a huge smile on her face.

"Oh, you fucking whore!" I grunted as she eagerly plunged her mouth back over my sensitive, throbbing shaft. I couldn't believe I was getting off on the fact that my wife was cheating on me, right there in front of me. Now, Kevin was extremely horny, and it showed. With his hands on the small of her back, he really slammed into her, fucking her hard and deep. Karen took it like the whore she clearly wanted to be, and as her body began rocking back and forth to give Kevin even more pleasure, she started losing focus on my cock.

For a moment, Jessica and I looked at each other, glancing into each other's eyes. Neither of us could believe what was going on, or knew how to stop it. She noticed me looking at her rack and her legs, but she wasn't planning on showing me anything more than that. After smiling awkwardly for a moment, she turned her attention back to Kevin, who was still fucking the shit out of my slut wife.

Now, if Karen's focus on my cock had dwindled somewhat since Kevin had shoved his cock into her, it disappeared completely as soon as she started climaxing. The asshole was making her cum! My wife was having an orgasm around some other guy's cock!

But, even more pressing than my raging jealousy, was the fact that I was no longer getting my cock properly sucked. It just sort of popped in and out her mouth, following the rhythm that she was getting fucked on. To make matters worse, her right hand – which had been fisting my fat shaft – started overshooting my sensitive tip, bumping into it on its way back down. At the root, she was also less accurate, and more often than not pulled the skin of my cock a bit too far down, stretching it.

At first I was annoyed, and was even considering taking matters into my own hand, literally. But then, something happened. The uncomfortable bumping and stretching suddenly started turning me on immensely. My cock grew even fatter than it already was. Karen noticed and quickly put two and two together, realizing that her careless imprecision was fueling my lust.

She looked up at me and started doing it on purpose, taking my cock out of her mouth all together, not bothering with sucking on it anymore, and deliberately overshooting my puffed-up cock head with nearly every stroke, cruelly bumping her fist into it and causing me significant discomfort.

The fact that Kevin was slamming his dick into her cervix over and over again – giving her one hell of an orgasm – seemed to be making her nastier and crueler than ever before. She wanted to frustrate and pester me. With every passing second, her actions became more unsympathetic.

She clenched her left hand around the base, causing my shaft to pulsate, and put her right, closed, fist on top of my tip, pushing down slow but hard. With each 'stroke' it took my cock several seconds to punch through and slip into her fist, giving me a brief moment of friction. Then, she opened her fist and repeated the whole thing again, and again. Oddly enough, the more she abused and tormented me, the raunchier I became.

"Oh fuck yeah!" I groaned, as I felt my balls contracting, at last, "I am cumming."

But, for some reason, Karen didn't even feel the need to give me a proper climax anymore. Even if she'd just continued what she was doing I would have had an amazing orgasm. But instead, she went out of her way to ruin it for me! Once I was past the point of no return, she wrapped her left hand around the base of my pulsating cock and pressed it against her shoulder, holding it there.

I stared down at her as she grinned up at me, still getting banged by Kevin. I was shocked at her explicit disregard for my pleasure. I couldn't get over the smoldering, disrespectful look in her eyes. She knew she was ruining my orgasm, and she loved it!

Kevin had been oblivious to the whole pestering up until now, as he had better things to do – like fuck the shit out of my slut wife. But when he heard me groaning in frustration and noticed my sidelined cock dribbling cum onto Karen's shoulder, he soon figured out what was going on, and couldn't help but snicker.

The realization that my wife was deliberately ruining my orgasm, while she was letting him fuck her like a dog, seemed to greatly expedite things for Kevin. He started moaning way in advance. And although this gave Karen ample time to pull her cunt away and prevent him from climaxing inside of her, she didn't.

With a deep manly roar, Kevin slammed into her one final time, shooting his sperm deep into my wife's unprotected cunt. She didn't seem to mind one bit. She shuddered and moaned, deriving considerable pleasure from Kevin's endgame. While she was letting another man pump her full of sperm, she took her hand off my shrunken, spent and cuckolded dick, letting it slide off her shoulder, not giving it another thought.

When he was finished, Kevin pulled out of her soggy twat, and stepped backwards towards his original seat. He sat back down, next to Jessica, who was shocked and clearly displeased – but also visibly aroused – by the whole undertaking. She shot him a dirty, angry look when he glanced at her, but that was the whole extent of her disapproval. She didn't scream at him, didn't slap him or claw his eyes out. She just gave him an angry look!

Karen, meanwhile, slowly got up and sagged down on the couch next to me. We all just sat there, awkwardly, for a few minutes, trying to process what had just happened, and especially trying to figure out what to do next. Embarrassment and shame slowly started to take over, and as Karen got up and started gathering her clothes, Kevin and I stuffed our flaccid cocks back in our pants.

Still trying to be a good hostess, Jessica asked, "Can I... uh... get anyone another drink?"

"No thanks, hon, I think we'd better call it a night," Karen replied.

"Oh okay," Jessica whispered.

Although she'd clearly not given a fuck about respectability before, Karen seemed suddenly very aware of what she'd done. I wouldn't go as far as to say that she was sorry, but she was very eager to get out of there. As soon as she had gotten dressed, we all got up and awkwardly started moving towards the hallway, and the front door.

I gave Jessica a peck on the cheek, then awkwardly shook Kevin's hand. Although he had just pumped his cum into my wife's adulterous twat right in front of me, I didn't want to be rude. The girls gave each other a little kiss on the lips, as they always do, and promised to call each other soon.

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