tagNonHumanIt's a Were World Ch. 04

It's a Were World Ch. 04


Damon had longed for the moment when he could seize power from the pompous fool who had been the pack alpha for so long. And now, he had taken control, wrested authority over the bloodline in one fell swoop. The feeling was intoxicating, luxurious even. And he knew exactly whom he would share it with.

The last three hours had been spent securing his hold. A few lieutenants of Marcus' had not been easily persuaded but there resistance was short lived. As were they. Years of subservient work and gradual manipulation had allowed him to extend his claws into nearly every aspect of pack business and when the chance finally came, things fell into place rather easily. Only his half brother remained on the loose. But that concerned him little- he was not the old fool that Marcus was. He would go hunting when the time was right.

From behind the doorway to his private office, came a plaintive whimper of exhaustion and suffering. He had other prey to attend to.

Slowly he opened the heavy wooden door, letting its creak signal his arrival for the room's occupants. Grinning sadistically, he stared across the room at the two figures opposite him.

Athena, Lucas' sister, was chained at the ankles and at the wrists, her naked body still showing some of the abuse that had been doled out to her by the old alpha wolf. Around her neck, a thick leather strap was cinched tight to the ceiling above her. As a result, she was forced to stand on her tip toes, back and calves arched in an effort to allow air to fill her lungs. She had been left this way for hours and was nearing the point of exhaustion. So intent on her plight was she, Athena did not hear her half brother come into the room.

Her mother, however, did. She had been trapped in canine form for well over two days now, since Marcus had first bound her with a choke collar to the door. The feeling was perturbing and already she could sense some of her humanity slipping away. The more bestial nature was beginning to seize control. If she didn't shift soon, she would go feral, losing herself in the evolved desires of a pack hunter. And then there was little that could be done for her. Which is exactly where Damon intended to push her.

For several moments, the young powerful figure studied his victims, admiring the handiwork that had them so cowed and beaten. Before they proud bitches had refused his attempts at alliance or to subvert the alpha male. Their old-fashioned senses of propriety within the pack had bothered him. He intended to take the wolves into a new age, where they could be masters and not the defenseless, fearful, lap dogs that they had become. Soon humans would realize that all their great nightmares were true.

Slowly Damon ran his thumb over his forefinger, savoring the slight textured overlay of his fingerprint. His mouth watered as he drew closer and closer to Athena. She looked so helpless, so broken. Her long hair was loose and wild, far from its normal pinned back styling. Across her waist, the deep scratch marks of Marcus' paws told a story of her use. The long muscles in her leg quivered, making her look soft and feminine in one glance and fit and lean in another. And that delicious backside, its gentle curve rising like a crescendo from her tensed thighs, peaking softly before ebbing away into the small of her back.

"Hello girls," he whispered, noting the flash in Athena's eyes as she glanced his way in recognition. "How are we feeling?"

Receiving no response except for the incontrollable whimpers of suffering, he laughed. By now he was close to Athena, close enough to smell her, to scent the aroma of her sweat as it dripped over her skin. Instinctively, his hand went to her rump, running from her thigh to her back and down again. His cock throbbed as a long awaited fulfillment drew closer.

"I must say, it is good to be king," he chuckled. "I don't know why I didn't take my rightful place sooner." His hand was now fully cupping her cheek, slowly tightening its grip on the soft flesh beneath it.

Athena managed another hateful glare at her perverted captor and a weak attempt to spit. All she managed was a dark spot on his silk shirt. For that, she was rewarded with a vicious blow to the shins that sent her weight collapsing down on her neck. Her usually melodic voice gasped hoarsely as her air was cut off and her bare feet scrambled on the smooth floor beneath her. By the time she had regained her footing, she was seeing stars in the corner of her eyes.

"Let's not play games sister. You know the rules. Alpha male takes what he wants. And with Marcus gone, the acknowledge leader of this pack is me. And I will have you!" Once more he kicked her legs out from beneath her and watched as she desperately tried to breathe.

When she had managed to balance precariously again, he unhooked her collar from the ceiling and guided her to his desk. Once there, he bound the long leather strap in an eyelet bolt carefully placed in the cement floor. He slowly tightened it, cinching her back down over the desk, and pulling her torso taut.

Now she was exposed completely to him. Her gorgeous full breasts lay across her chest, their nipples hardened with exertion and the caress of cold air. A bead of sweat dripped from between their valley down to the precious shadow of her navel. From two to three inches below it, a small strip of well groomed hair marked the pathway to the chalice that he had so longed to drink from. Athena continued to glare up at him, but she was silent atop the mahogany surface.

She knew that she had nothing with which to counter his claim, and that her family's survival very well depended on her ability to control her pride and anger. She must submit.

"Get on with it," she swore, her voice full of malice.

"I intend to, dear sister, I intend to. But it won't be quick. And you will come to enjoy it, of that I assure you."

"Don't toot your own horn."

"You'll be doing most of the work, sister. Then we will see how mother responds."

"Fucker," she spat.

"I definitely will," he chuckled at his own sense of humor.

He was leaning against the desk now, one leg pulled up along the edge of the thick top, its knee brushing against her waist. His large hands were clasped in his lap, clenching and unclenching as they surveyed with excitement the naked pink flesh laid out before them.

The fingertips of his right hand would have contact first, nervously perching between the base of her rib cage. They slowly pressed down on her smooth skin, allowing the sweaty surface to lubricate their contact and letting them slip down, till his palm and all five digits were splayed across the top of her abdomen.

Upward they would dart, in the small well defined gap between the two bone structures. Gently he moved his fingers together until they formed a unified wedge that shifted vertically between the proud thrust of her breasts.

"So young and full," he whispered in delighted amazement. His hand would open into a wide splay again once it passed between their valley. This thumb and little finger would press ever so slightly into the top of her tissue, crossing an invisible boundary between simple anatomical expression and into the realm of the sexual.

One look at the young man gave away his nervousness and doubt. This had been something he had long planned for, but never truly accepted could be true. Now he was in a position where it could not be refused. Taking his sister and mother as his own bitches would break many of the pack rules, but it would also cement his command. If he could cast off old taboos about inbreeding so quickly, and no one dared question him, he would be certain of his position.

His right hand shifted back downward, now deviating off course till its palm rested over the tight nub of left nipple. Slowly the long thick fingers tensed, groping the soft malleable surface roughly. Damon ground his palm into her flesh, stimulating her nipple and experiencing more of her. His left hand was now in his lap, idly rubbing over the tented crotch of his slacks.

Managing to surrender the contact there, he dropped the hand on her thigh, just above the knee. He saw Athena's eyes flash anger at the touch, but also knew that she was powerless to stop it.

"You're so gorgeous sister. You'll make a wonderful mother for our pups."

"Animal," she growled at him as his left hand climbed dangerously high. She tried to banish the sensations that were increasing within her. But she had been a pack bitch for so long beneath Marcus, she had trained her mind to surrender quickly to ministrations of any sort. Already she could feel that curious tingling that alerted her to her own arousal. Soon, her sex would be throbbing and her glistening center would betray her.

His hand had worked its way between the tight clench of her two thighs and now the outer edge of his forefinger separated the lips of her labia. And just as she had feared, her arousal was evident.

"Wet for me already sister? I thought I would have to work for it. Perhaps you will not be the challenge I suspected."

"Fucker. Its not for you, its for Lucas," she cursed, knowing that Damon's competitive temper would at least entertain the ridiculous idea. And most certainly it did.

Damon's forefinger and middle finger quickly shifted into her cunt and were slammed home.

"Hardly, bitch, that little ass has nothing on me. If he's still alive, he's beaten and crying out for mommy. Just like you'll be crying out for me."

His strong forearm twisted down between her thighs, providing a separating wedge between them and allowing him to eagerly hammer those paired digits home.

Athena bit into her lip, desperately trying to hide the ease with which she was succumbing to him. But the repeated jacking of his fingers was getting to her and her well lubricated cunt was only making things easier.

With each forward thrust of his hand, his thumb would slide up over her clit, only to withdraw with his other two. She was trembling from the exertion of physical and mental energy that it took to keep from cumming immediately.

"No, no, no" she whispered under her breath as her chest began to rise and fall with increasing intensity. Her eyes clenched shut and she felt her legs part as her orgasm neared and her psyche willed surrender. It seemed as if she was relegated to being an observer to her own fate and not a participant in it.

Damon was grinning now, his pearly whites flashing like some triumphant announcement above her. He could see how quickly she neared the edge, and his ego mistakenly attributed it all to her desire for him.

He increased the already blistering pace of his fingers within her channel, her folds admitting them repeatedly with a squishing noise that broadcasted her arousal.

"The little bitch wanted me all along," he muttered down to her. "Wait till you get what else I have for you," he teased as his eyes darted suggestively down to thick outline molded against his pants.

Athena knew that her coming orgasm would only increase his arrogance and his feeling of right to claim her. But she could not fight it, and the thick double up of his masculine fingers within her was too much.

At first the orgasm began with a small sputtering whimper from her lips, an admission of inevitability, before it coursed through her veins and into her tunnel. There it exploded into fireworks, forcing her feet to lift her backside from the desk top and driving her hips to lewdly swirl on his impeding fingers.

"No!!!" She screamed out the negative while her body screamed the affirmative, and the sudden increase in the sloshing wetness between her thighs revealed who had won.

Athena was allowed a moment's respite as his fingers surrendered their penetration. She mistakenly took it to mean that she would receive a chance to recover from that orgasm, but it would not be true.

The mouthwatering pink folds of her pussy were too much for her half-brother. No sooner had she gyrated from the table top, did he decide that he must have a taste. His dark haired head settled quickly between her thighs and his tongue forced itself into the tightness that only so recently his fingers had claimed. His lips curled back and sucked her soft molten folds into his mouth, a hissing noise filling his throat.

"Oh god no," Athena groaned as another orgasm built up behind the aftershocks of the first. "Please, no, ohhhhhhhh," came her cry as once more her body tensed and shuddered in climax.

But his hunger for her cunt was not sated and his tongue delved deeper and deeper into the channel, thirstily slurping up all she could offer. All Athena could think about was the sight of his dark hair and cruel eyes as they lorded over her sex.

She wondered secretly if his tongue was shifting, independently of the rest of his body. It seemed to reach too far into her cunt, to twist and turn too easily, to be human. And its rough textured surface was wreaking havoc on her self control. Its quick flicking licks kept her on the peak of her arousal, drawing out her orgasms in a series of chain reaction. Desperately she prayed for the incestuous torture to end.

When it finally did, she realized she would rather have stuck with the alternative.

Damon's lustful curiosity and eager oral attentions gave way to something darker. With a growing discontent, he unbuttoned his dress shirt and trousers, stripped off his shoes and socks, and carefully arranged the items on a leather club chair behind him.

Athena did not notice at first, but when the first growl came from his throat, she knew she was going to be used by his lycanthropic form. The young woman had not seen his shifted form since they were younger. Frightened, she watched his cock, for she knew that would inflict the most damage.

Marcus had loved to use her mother and she in mismatched forms. Either he would take them in the human forms as a wolf or lycanthrope, or he would take them in their wolf form as a human. There was something about the size difference and the vulnerability of the two natural species that had aroused the sadistic power monger. And it seemed that the sensation was not lost on Damon.

His hard tan shaft turned a deeper red and elongated. As the rest of his body grew deep charcoal colored hair and stretched in both musculature, her eyes could not be pulled from his cock. Mentally she checked off inches as it neared and then surpassed Marcus' size. She knew she would be in for an uncomfortable ride as the massive werewolf loomed over her. His cock had reached a monstrous fifteen inches, well past her previous alpha.

"Please, Damon, please," she begged as the sword like curve wavered between her thighs. She was simply rewarded with a rumbling growl that echoed through the room. His massive clawed paws dug into the desktop on either side of her breasts, as his lower back hunched in the way only a canine could manage. The burgundy tip of his cock dropped low, brushing over her pussy lips as it aligned.

With a sneering howl, that sent hot drops of spittle raining down on her, the large cock launched forward.

"Aaahhhhh," she moaned as her small cunt was stretched to its absolute maximum. Her eyes watched terrified as his dark torso hovered over her like storm clouds that only seemed to highlight the bright red of his cock as inch by inch it forced its way deeper into her.

Damon was at least controlled- his cock gave her brief moments to learn to accommodate its size before thrusting farther forward within her. Athena soon realized that all he wanted was to claim another climax from her.

And his patience was working. Her pussy throbbed with life and heat as it sought to devour the whole of massive penis. And inch by inch it seemed as if it would succeed. Soon enough, the young woman beneath the hulking monster could feel the slight tickling of his fur across the widely spread backs of her thighs and ass.

"Fuck," she whispered as her mind tried to comprehend the amount of cock that was now buried within her pussy. It was inhuman, she thought, before realizing that it WAS inhuman. Every single squirm of her hips or shift of her back brought a new found pleasure center to her attention. It seemed like half of her pussy had gone unused all those years beneath Marcus.

"Oh fuck," she commented surprised. "Its amazing," she admitted finally to herself and to her lord.

That was the cue that Damon had waited on. His massive shoulders hunched and his claws dug deeper into the desk. Those powerful thighs and the powerful lower back that had waited tensed suddenly uncoiled as his long thick cock withdrew from her. Athena suddenly felt completely and totally abandoned within the emptiness of her channel.

"No, please, more," she begged.

She was rewarded with a thrust that had all the power and force of train wreck. Her whole body was pushed across the desk and her head slipped off the edge of its lip as the huge dick filled her quickl.

Later the pain and bruising would make itself known, but for now the heightened drum beat of her pulse announced the pleasure.

"Yesssss," came her satisfied cry as he began to pound her.

Damon's large kiwi sized balls slapped heavily against the wet underside of her ass, where her juices now poured. They were squeezed from their enclosure with each forward stroke of his dick like some fresh fruit juice. The hot liquid poured out of her widely spread pussy lips and over her thighs, ass, and desktop.

Her voice squealed in guilty acknowledgment as her body accepted his mastery of it.

The thick wedge shaped skull of a wolf dropped low over her and a long tongue traced the outline of her breast and teat hungrily. Dangerously sharp teeth neared the sensitive flesh but stayed just far enough away.

Again and again the naked young woman was driven into the desk surface her whole body absorbing the spearing of her cunt.

"Fuck, ah, fuck, oh yes, ah," she gasped as he filled her with his masculine dominance. She could not think past anything but the orgasms that were speeding around her in unending perpetuity. Even the near dislocation of her hips by his bestial thrusts mattered little. All Athena could think on was the delicious screw of his cock within her. She could feel his knot beginning to grow at the entrance of her channel and despite the danger the softball sized form posed, she wanted it desperately locked within her.

She tried to draw her knees up closer to her torso, to allow for its admission, an impossible feat that Marcus had never dared achieve in cross-formed fucking. But Damon was not so cautious and was willing to take everything that she would give him.

With a loud pop, the thick ball managed to force its way between her impossibly spread lips and with a few more thrusts, the outer flowering of her labia glistened wetly around its base. The two mates were locked together.

The sudden all encompassing embrace of her cunt around the entirety of his cock was too much. As it was intended to, the tying of the two partners at the knot announced his orgasm. Athena's eyes rolled back in her head as the fire hose-like pulsations of his explosion brought on another more intense climax.

Her whole body quaked and trembled as impossible amounts of semen filled her womb. There was no place for the molten fluid to go but up. His shaft and knot were sealed too tightly against her human pussy to do anything but. And so the young woman would go trembling on, as her stomach tightened with the complete filling of her reproductive organs.

For nearly ten minutes she would remain tied to him, his heavy body nearly smother her as his cock twitched and pulsed. Gradually that weight would lighten as he shifted from monster to man. As he did so, the now de-pressurized torrent of his cum would go pouring down her tunnel and leak in a milky goo into the cold air of the office.

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