tagNonHumanIt's a Were World Ch. 05

It's a Were World Ch. 05


Please remember to vote and leave comments, especially if they are complimentary or constructive critiques. I write as much for my own amusement as I do the knowledge that we each get a chance to escape in the wide variety of fantasies we carry.


Lucas sat as obediently as possible as he was ushered into the confines of a new home. It was one that he recognized immediately, but found himself unprepared to see from his new form.

Sarah's mother had raised her daughter as a princess, and their shared abode had been a mutual palace. In the absence of a husband, the women had managed to make the place free of any sense of masculinity. The colors, the patterns, and the artwork all screamed of a desperately imbalanced gender sway. Even the scents, which now struck Lucas' hypersensitive nose with the force of a semi truck, were of strawberries and jasmine and vanilla.

With a tortured whine, he wondered how many scented candles met their end in this living room alone.

"Mom," Sarah yelled into the house, her hand latched on Lucas' fur.

"What honey," came the reply from upstairs.

Sarah guided Lucas up the stairs, her fingers tightly clutching his scruff, as if she were worried he would dart off. Down the hallway and to the left, Lucas followed her urgent tug.

In all his visits to Ms. Martin's home, he had never had the chance to enter her room. He was too busy trying to get in Sarah's. With what could be described as a shrug of the shoulders he jumped through the slightly open doorway into Sandra's room. He greeted the half nude woman standing there with an excited bark.

Sandra shrieked and clutched the duvet she had been adjusting to her chest as the wolf charged at her.

Sarah ran after the newfound pet, startled by its charge.

Lucas danced around Sandra's frightened legs, trying to sneak a peak at her buttocks. On more than one occasion he had been poolside with her, and he had not forgotten how great an ass she had, despite everything that had happened to him.

"Sorry Mom," Sarah screeched as she yanked Lucas to the floor in some sort of tackle. "Sorry," she reiterated as her mother stared puzzled down at her.

"What on earth is that animal doing in my house!"

"Sorry! I found him at Lucas'. It was his Mom's dog. I can't let anything happen to him! I mean, Lucas is gone, and he was just standing there in the ashes looking so lonely!"

"What? Slow down! I can't understand you when you beg," Sandra scolded her daughter as she realized that the wolf was really just a harmless house pet. "Start from the beginning please."

"Well you know what happened to Lucas. And I was over there with some friends setting out some flowers," Sarah continued to whine, small droplets of tears forming at the corner of her eyes, "and we were there, and the other night when I was there, there was these two dogs. And he is one of them. And I found him, and I'm going to take care of him, because its what Lucas would have wanted."

Lucas could sense that Sandra was not fond of the idea. The fact that she continued to clutch the duvet before her, like some sort of shield, was a big indicator. But he had heard this pleading sound in Sarah's voice before. It was the sound of an only child, stating what she wanted, why she wanted it. He knew it was a formality. Sandra acquiesced quickly, not even putting up a token bit of resistance to her daughter's request.

The last few days had been especially tough on the young woman, Sandra knew. First she had come home in tears, her thighs a mess of cum, swearing that she had simultaneously the best and worst sex of her life. It had been the best because of the release she had experienced and the worst because of the the pain that a second round had inflicted. Sandra had listened as she fervently swore off boys, especially Lucas. Not more than a day later and Lucas and his entire family were burned beneath the rubble of their home. Sarah's reaction had been genuine and heart wrenching.

Sarah knew that she had more then enough "credit" built up with the past week to get anything she wanted. And desperately, she wanted to fulfill some unstated duty to her boyfriend. Even though she had abandoned him unconscious on the floor of the house, she had remembered him more fondly then ever. All of his flaws had disappeared with him. Not to mention the upsurge in popularity that she had experienced as a result of the accident.

Sandra gave her daughter a nod, slowly lowering the duvet cover to the bed. "Fine. Just make sure he doesn't break anything and if he craps on the floor, you get clean up duty. Understood?"

"Oh thanks, Mom! It means so much to me!" Sarah gave her mother a big hug, her small arms slipping beneath hers and her head momentarily coming to rest on her bare shoulder.

Lucas, meanwhile, had enjoyed the opportunity to leer. Sandra had lowered the duvet cover to reveal a pair of white cotton boy shorts, stretched precariously of a very fit, very round bottom. And she was topless! His heart was racing, and he could barely contain the urge to mount her right then.

Ms. Martin was similar to her daughter in many respects. She had the same slender frame and hair color , with pouty lips and a firm stomach. Her tits and ass were filled out more, more mature then her daughter's. Lucas desperately wanted to get them naked and side by side. Just so he could make the comparison.

He didn't realize he was growling, or erect, until the women looked down at him with curiosity.

"Oh my God, Mom, I'm sorry! I don't know what's gotten into him." Sarah grabbed at his scruff once more and leaned her whole body weight against it, tugging him away from his designated seat at Sandra Martin's feet. She gave the dog a peculiar smirk as her daughter yanked him away.

"That dog has more in common with Lucas than you might think," she jokingly commented. Sarah giggled, knowing she was referring to Lucas' tendency to ogle her mother.

"You're hot Mom, can't blame these poor boys, now can ya," she teased back.

Somewhere far away, in a vastly more dangerous location, a battered young woman slowly returned to the conscious realm. Her eyes were both nearly swollen shut and her ribs felt like they had been cracked with a hammer. Vaguely, she could recall the severity of the beating that Damon had doled out after she had aided her mother in escape. When he had begun again an hour after her mother's escape, she knew that the older woman had made it away.

Wretchedly, she coughed and spit blood onto the cold cement floor before her. Her body ached, and desperately she wished she could shift. In transpecies form, she was capable of much quicker healing. But the iron collar that adorned her neck threatened to snap her head from its shoulders if she attempted something stupid.

Whispering into the darkness, her voice cracking in pain, she begged.

"Please Lucas, where ever you are. I need your help. Please."

Lucas may not have understood the urgency of his family's situation, but his mother most certainly did. She had sprinted into the night, her tail held low, balancing her as she clambered tightly around corners, her lean body stretching with each stride. She had yet to change into human form, and wasn't sure when she would able to. She knew she had to shake her pursuers before anything could be done.

It had been an hour since she had last seen anyone and desperately she wanted to believe she was safe, but the pack were good trackers and any moment lost was a chance for them to catch up.

Her sharp eyes picked their way through traffic, through pedestrians, and down familiar streets. Soon the crushing environs of the city faded into the polished presentations of suburbia. By now the pads on her feet were beginning to bleed. Too much running on concrete, asphalt, and gravel, with little chance for rest.

She was nearing home, so she left the main roads and began the more comforting, over grass route, that kept her out of the sight of any watchers. Lucas' mother could only focus on the maternal need to protect her son. Formulated thoughts were harder to come by, as the change continued to set in.

All she could think about was locating Lucas before anyone else did.

The house was as devastated as Lucas found it, and no identifiable scents remained. Her trail had gone cold. Exhausted, exasperated, and confused by the conflicting desire to change, the fear about what risks it might place her in, and the unknown location of her son, she found herself stumbling down into the ravine behind the house, and eventually going to sleep.

Lucas meanwhile was more then distracted. From the moment Sarah had gotten him to her room, she had been barely clothed. Apparently, it was a habit for the Martin women that he had been unaware of. Like her mother, she wore a pair of panties and no bra. And like her mother, she looked fantastic. Lucas, whined and squirmed and yelped and barked, desperately wishing for more then just a peek

This new knowledge explained some awkward moments when he had shown up unexpectedly at his girlfriend's house. Whenever that had happened, Sarah had always carried a funny grin, like she was privy to some private joke that he could never decipher. Apparently it had related to her mother's habit of flouncing around in panties.

But now, trapped in canine form and unable to transform, he found himself irrepressibly horny. There seemed to be no end to the bouncing, jostling, flesh show that Sarah and her mother put on. Just when he thought he had his raging hard on under control, one of them would benefit him with a gracious hug and scratch behind the ears. Usually with their nicely tanned thighs wrapped on either side of him and their tits hanging before his cold nose.

Most often, he would attempt to display his gratitude with a slathering lick of a nipple which was rewarded with a gracious slap upside the skull. He'd end up chained in the bathroom until his suffering whines sprung him from their lock up.

One evening, a few days after his adoption, as the two women lounged on their couch with an episode of some hospital show blaring on the television, he listened to them discuss his fate during commercial breaks.

"What are we going to do with him, Sarah?"

"Whaddya mean?"

Lucas was curious too. Yeah, whaddya mean, he inquired with a yip. The older woman responded with disappointed shake of her head.

"He's a big dog. And we can't keep him forever. He needs to have other dogs and be with people who are more active. He needs exercise and companionship. Not the two of us."

"Mom! He's my responsibility. Lucas would have wanted me to care for him. He would never forgive me if I gave away my last memory of him!" Lucas would probably have agreed, but the exasperated arm gestures of his one time girlfriend made her young breasts move so enchantingly....

"Just look at him. All he does is stare at our tits! And he's a dog. What was Lucas training him for?! And he always has that poking us. It's just not proper," Sandra replied, her painted nail pointed accusingly at his semi-erect cock.

Lesbian bitch, he growled at her.

"Oh be quiet, you," she responded. "I'm serious, we're getting rid of him!" Her face turned a very determined shade of pink, one that reminded Lucas of his own mother when she was upset.

"No, no, no, we are not," Sarah yelled, tears forming at her eyes and one hand nestling protectively on the powder blue, sequined collar she had purchased for him that morning. "You can't take him from me!"

And with that, the young werewolf found himself being forcibly drug out of the room, up the stairs, and into her bedroom. His tail narrowly avoided being severed as she slammed her door to signal her official withdrawal from the argument.

"You don't ever have to leave me. I won't ever give you up," she sobbed collapsing onto her bed, one hand still on his collar.

Helpfully, Lucas clambered up onto the full sized mattress and cuddled in as close as he could to Sarah. Desperately he wished he could tell her who he was, but all he dared reveal was a sympathetic grumble.

"You're such a good dog. So big and strong. No wonder Lucas had you. You're just like him," she crooned, her hand stroking through his coarse belly fur. "Good dog, good good dog. Don't mind what mommy tells you. You're a perfect dog. We'll never let you go."

Lucas wasn't so convinced. He knew how fickle Sarah's emotions could be and he determined that he would need to be prepared to bail soon. And besides, there was his mother and sister to think about.

Gradually, the exhausted dog and his mistress would drift to sleep together, her thin delicate frame wound tightly against his thickly muscled one. But his fur was as soft as could be, and scented with her vanilla soap, so he might as well have been a favorite teddy bear.

A small creak and groan at the door as the room descended into darkness would make Lucas' ears and sharp eyes respond, but only momentarily. he watched as Sandra study them from the darkened doorway, a hint of sadness on her face. Then she closed the door and disappeared with soft footfalls down the hall.

"Lucas," cried a voice from somewhere in his sleep. "Please, Lucas," came the cry of the same voice. It was followed by an incoherent mumbling. For a moment, the young man tried to follow his dreams to the voice's source, but quickly he would realize that it wasn't a dream when he sniffed in the heady aroma of Sarah's arousal.

His head lifted from the bed, ears up, eyes bright, and nose sniffing eagerly as he listened and analyzed more of the room's environs. Sure enough, there was the definitive scent of Sarah's sex. It was faint, barely discernible beneath the swath of perfumes and Glade plug ins. But his inner beast had marked this smell as one of importance and familiarity. And now there it was again.

Carefully he lay listening, waiting for some repetition of what he heard. He did not hear his name again, but he did hear a muffled moan into her pillow.

A small shift of her legs beneath the blankets brought a stronger release of her scent. She was definitely aroused.

Lucas defined what a puppy grin was in that moment. His long jaws separated and his tongue hung loosely from his mouth while he happily panted. Between his hindquarters, he could feel his cock beginning to swell.

Carefully, as not to disturb Sarah's dream, the young wolf began to nudge down her sheets. He had to alternate between using his head like a shovel and biting into the material to keep progress steady, and he worried that she would wake before his task was completed. He wasn't sure that he could deny himself any longer.

Sarah's head rested on his hip, perilously above the long cock that now twitched beneath her. Lucas' legs were involuntarily pulsing, desperate for some satiation.

After a few tense moments, Lucas managed to expose Sarah's legs to the warm air of her locked bedroom. A deep resonant growl echoed in his chest, vibrating his body as he raised his head and lowered it in the small cavity formed by the bend of her legs towards her chest. Sarah had been curled up, and as she had slept her legs had gradually slipped downward. Her position allowed Lucas just enough space to rest his head.

As he moved into position, he felt her stir, another small moan escaping her lips as one leg straightened over another. His keen nocturnal eyes watched as her pale flesh shifted, exposing more and more thigh, and nearly the crotch of her panties. He could feel the moisture build up in his mouth as his desire grew. Her smell was even more intoxicating then he could have believed. His urge to taste, to explore, to investigate with his mouth caused thick droplets of saliva to fall from his teeth.

"Lucas," he heard her groan once more.

Lucas had been weighing the risks posed by acting on this overwhelming desire. If she was repulsed, he would most certainly be on the street again. But there was the small chance that he would just blend into her dream, that his actions would meld with the fantastical partner of the night.

Another slow flex of her legs was enough. It released a heady aroma of lust that punched through his reasoning capability and fear easily.

Lucas' long rough tongue darted out, tracing a long glistening line from her knee to the edge of her panties.

Her reaction was immediate. A long sexual hiss passed over her lips the moment his warm oral muscle made contact. And her legs shifted farther apart, exposing the wet center whose scent had begun this all.

His ears perked atop his head, Lucas craned his neck forward once more, tongue tracing the pathway it had created. This time, he did not withdraw. This time, his head came to rest atop her thigh, his snout mere inches from her core.

Another rewarding sigh emitted from her mouth.

His tongue slipped over his sharp teeth, teasing at the very edge of her hem. It did not withdraw. Lucas squirmed the strong muscle beneath the fabric, exploring the shaved flesh it found beneath. The taste was pungent, aromatic, and salty. It imbued his mouth with an addictive flavor, his dick with an irresistible desire.

Flexing, his tongue wormed farther in, tasting the sweat of her skin, and bearing itself closer and closer to its final goal. He felt the gentle push of her hips against him, urging his tongue onward.

So long as she remained asleep, Lucas knew that he would not be denied. The centimeters between her pussy and his tongue passed slowly, the tight stretch of her panty material making his task more difficult. But soon, the long slender pulse of his tongue met the throb of her clit.

One quick lash across it, and he felt her body tremble, felt her taste fill his mind. Another slip of the tongue over the hard nub had her simpering sounds grow louder. Soon he was pushing the long muscled appendage between her folds, digging for her flavors. The taste of her sex was wonderful and Lucas knew that there could never be enough. His whole head bore down on her, forgetting his earlier caution as he squirmed closer for a more thorough tasting.

One leg slipped over the top of his neck, clamping down on him and forcing his snout against her crotch, allowing his tongue to penetrate further into her sex.

The sudden shift did not disturb him, but the clamplike grip that suddenly formed on his cock did. Whining he tried to discover its origin but to no avail. Sarah's thighs held him firmly in place. When the grip began to slip up his shaft and then back down again, he knew that it did not matter.

"Nasty doggy," she whispered as his tongue delved deeper into her cove. Eagerly the long muscle flexed and turned within her, coating itself in her juices as she stroked his shaft in a rhythmic pace.

"What are you doing to me," she gasped, "you're fucking nasty!" Lucas' ears devoured her raunchy phrases as much as his tongue sought to devour her snatch. Over and over she pumped him, swearing at herself for her slutty behavior, and at him for his perversion. Lucas laughed at the irony, at how his secret made this so much more illicit.

The taste buds on his tongue scraped across her inner folds, cleaning them of their juices, only to find them renewed when it returned. As fas as he could drink up her wetness, she was more than equal to him. Her arousal had grown to such heights that her hips trembled against his mouth, and her sex dripped its output to the bed below.

She also seemed careless or unaware of all the protocols that would have condemned her. Instead, as his tongue fervor grew, so did her caress on his shaft. She was pumping him furiously, her hand working up and down the long slender meat that she had awoken too. Lucas' animal instincts drove him to lunge forward and back as best he could in her hands. Over and over his dick would slide through the young woman's palms, driving as hard as it could.

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