tagNonHumanIt's a Were World Ch. 07

It's a Were World Ch. 07


Athena woke feeling much better than she had in the last twenty four hours. Some of the vicious bruises, lacerations, and fractures were healing. That healing had allowed her unconscious mind to rest. Now she began to puzzle where she could go from here. Lucas and her mother were not in a great situation and wouldn't be of immediate assistance she was certain. That meant that her rescue would likely fall to herself. Marcus had been less intelligent than Damon and she was certain that he would be watching for more of her tricks. As she tried to formulate avenues of escape, her planning was interrupted by a blur of activity that started with the loud clanging of her cell door.

With the cold metal choker still affixed to her neck and her arms tied high above her, she could not get a great picture of who it was that was entering. The noise of whomever was with them told her she would not be alone in her cell.

"Get off me! Get off me! Get your dirty hands off me you assholes," a young feminine voice shrieked.

Two of Damon's larger henchmen were dragging her unceremoniously into the chamber. The girl was thrashing madly, legs kicking and flailing in their direction. Neither seemed to care. Athena watched as they chained her to the wall and then left. All of the girl's efforts were in vain. As the door closed, the room was once more plunged into near darkness.

In the quiet of the cell, Athena heard the girl began to softly cry and she felt pity for her. Her senses told her that the girl was a simple human and was woefully unprepared for the strength of weres.

"Shhh," she hushed, "You don't want to cry here. It will only invite more trouble. Damon likes seeing us suffer."

Between weak sobs, the girl responded.

"Who's Damon?" Her soft voice was filled with fear and pain.

"Damon owns this place and is in charge of pretty much everyone you'll meet."

"Why does he want us," the girl asked, assuming that Athena was in a situation similar to her own.

"I don't know why he wants you. He and I have a bit of a disagreement on some things," Athena corrected. Her sharp eyes allowed her to examine the girl in the darkness and only her color vision suffered. She could see that the girl was indeed as young as she sounded. She was in a short plaid skirt and white blouse and her hair was a tangled mess.

"Do you have any idea why you'd be brought here," Athena pushed. She might be able to learn something to her advantage from the woman.

"No. I got home from school and let Fifi out to do her business. This big huge dog jumped the fence and bit her. When I ran after him and tried to get her free, those two men grabbed me and drug me into the woods. Now I'm here."

That seemed unusual. The wolves very rarely randomly kidnapped people. It drew too much attention.

"What's your name?"

"Karen. Karen Miles."

The name didn't ring any bells and Athena was certain that she had never heard the name before. She was pretty and Damon may have been planning on adding to the harem of human women that Marcus had kept imprisoned.

"How old are you Karen," she asked.

"Eighteen. I'm a senior," the young woman replied.

"Well, just hang tight. There's not much we can do here. My name is Athena, and I'll do what I can to help you. Just remember to always listen to me. If I say something, you have to do it."

Athena kept the discussion going, delving for more information while trying to calm and distract the young woman who had no idea of what she was in for. She had just gotten an interesting tidbit about the girl's father when the cell door was pushed open. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw one of the pack bitches enter.

"Hello, Jill," Athena snarled. The woman had always been power hungry, but was never high on any of the pack leaders' lists. She was too stupid and her nose was just a bit too masculine.

"Hello, Athena. Damon asked me to come and see you. Right after he fucked my ass," Jill retorted. Helpfully, she swiveled her naked hips and displayed several long scratch marks across her buttocks.

"You could fit a train in your ass."

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Jill grinned snidely down at her before glancing at Karen. "Sorry to not introduce myself before we make personal. I'm Jill. You're Bitch One. Athena, you can be Bitch Two."

"That the best you could come up with," Athena snapped.

Jill paced back to Athena's side of the cell and gave her a vicious slap. Across the room, Karen winced at the violence. But she wasn't done there. Grabbing Athena's hair, Jill turned and pushed her naked ass into her face. Aggressively she rubbed her soiled bottom on the younger woman's face.

"Bitch," she spat as she finally pulled away. Athena was left with a fair amount of Damon's cum on her face. Apparently the girl hadn't been lying.

"I'm not down here for a visit, though. Damon wanted me to make sure you had the proper outfits for tomorrow night's soirée."

"Damon's throwing a party?"

"Yes, I was hoping you wouldn't be invited, but Damon seems to have big plans for you." Jill seemed happy, and Athena knew that was bad news for her.

"What's the party for," Athena pressed, trying to ignore the cum drying on her lips and nose.

"I don't know. No one does. Damon says its big for the pack. It'll revolutionize the way we live."

Athena liked the sound of that even less.

"You and the girl there get to help out," Jill went further.

Athena glanced across at Karen, who seemed to be stunned silent by the naked lady before her. When neither of them bothered offering a reply, Jill continued.

"Alright, enough chit chat. You're first, Athena."

The younger woman watched helplessly as Jill arranged some sort of metal harness around her waist. Gradually its function dawned on her. Jill had pushed it beneath her bare backside first. Her hands reached around fully behind her and Athena felt a sudden jab of pressure against her asshole. Her back arched up as much as possible, but Jill was insistent and soon she felt something long and thick pop into her back door.

"Fuck," Athena grimaced as her body struggled to accommodate the size of the penetration. "What the hell are you up to," she groaned.

Jill just smiled and pulled the straps forward between Athena's legs. Athena watched as the harness was hooked around her waist. A metal ring centered just beneath her vulva and she felt Jill's fingers test her sex. When they withdrew, Jill affixed a small round sphere to the ring. On contact, the ball began to very softly buzz. Athena realized she would be in for a long day, night, week, if that continued.

"Now, you're turn," Jill said, leaving Athena to puzzle the stimulation she was receiving.

The girl looked panicked, having seen what had occurred to her fellow prisoner.

"Please, no! I'm a virgin. Please don't make me wear that thing," she begged helplessly as Jill pulled her skirt upwards. The girl's panties were tugged down unceremoniously and Jill began the motions of attaching the harness to her body. First it was placed behind her and then Jill reached between her shivering thighs to guide the anal plug into her ass. The girl's ring was much tighter and unaccustomed to such intrusions. Jill had to visibly exert her forearms and biceps to get it in. When it finally found its way past the muscular barrier, Karen let out a horrendous scream and began to sob uncontrollably. Jill looked put off by the display of weakness and quickly finished the job.

After giving Athena a cheery wave, she disappeared out of the cell.

Athena was squirming on the long intruder in her ass, and was trying to maintain her focus as the sphere buzzed against her clitoris. Karen's sobs were high and the girl's breathing indicated that she was risking hyperventilation.

"Shhh," she hushed. "You have to calm down. I know it hurts and it will for a while. But you have to calm down. We'll figure a way out of this, I promise," she continued.

"It huurrrttssss," Karen's small voice cried as she tried to squirm away from the wall. The solid rock was an unforgiving surface and caused the plug to press deeply into her previously untouched hole. "What the hell are they doing to us," she moaned.

"I don't know. I just hope we don't find out," Athena grimaced as she felt the first flourishes of desire within her body.

Lucas was not faring any better in terms of reuniting with his sister and mother. He was however, finding Sandra to be a devoted convert to his cause.

Sarah's mother had disentangled herself from his hairy limbs and the constricting rope as soon as his knot had faded. She had planted a very solid kiss on his wet nose before retreating back into the bathroom that had first exposed her to his opportunistic maneuver. Lucas had taken a great deal of pride in the way that her pussy lips remained distended and swollen outside of her mound. Not to mention the significant amount of leakage that was now free to pour down her thighs.

Sandra may have been a bit dazed from her experience because she allowed the large wolf to follow her into the bathroom. She gave him a few knowing glances as she watched his eyes study her naked form, noting how his nostrils flared with each inhalation. There was something about the way the canine was intoxicated with her that she found thrilling. Even now, his member limply retreated to within its sheath, he was still waiting for the next opportunity to take her.

The woman climbed into the shower and had washed the scents of their rutting from her body. Everything had seemed to slowly return to a more balanced normalcy when she decided that her tender sex needed a more thorough scrubbing. Rather than use a wash cloth, she had turned to her pulsating shower head for that cleansing.

After several focused blasts, she found that her desire had really gone no where, and that Lucas had only opened an untapped torrent of longing. When the dog remained at the glass door of her shower enclosure and she felt her arousal roaring back to life, she found some excitement in his unwavering stare.

Lucas watched slightly amused as Sandra bent over, pushing her ass against the slowly fogging glass panel. He felt his mouth watering as her hand slipped between the door and her backside, and found its way into her enticing cunt. He found his cock was just as amused, and was emerging from its sheath after only five minutes of recovery. Very quickly, the steam of the shower began to fill the room with the refreshing scents of her masturbation. Frustrated, the young male werewolf pawed at the glass door, a low growl in his throat.

"Oh, does the dirty dog want some more pussy," Sandra taunted. "Poor doggy wants more of my pussy."

Lucas thought momentarily about shifting and taking it, but decided it would be somewhat counter productive. So he continued to beg in that distinctly canine way. Occasionally he would leap up against the door, his front paws clattering across the smooth surface as he arched his cock forward. The long tip often brushed against the warming pane, leaving a smear of his preparatory lubrication on it.

"Do you want some more of my cunt," the older woman continued, gasping between each word as she fingered herself.

Her nimble fingers were skilled in the knowledge of her desires, but the recent pounding left her somewhat dissatisfied by their lack of size and enthusiasm. She found that the wanton bestial display by the dog as it rub itself against her glass was having as much an affect on her as her masturbation was on it. Finally surrendering that her climax would be more satisfying if it came from her new pet, she turned the hot water off.

Lucas leapt for joy and backed away from the door as she pushed against its surface. He couldn't believe how easily these women were dropping their societal standards and norms for what they perceived as a large wolf-like dog. Such dirty horny whores, he critiqued happily.

Sandra didn't bother to towel off when she closed the shower door. She just knelt calmly on the her bath mat and waited for the inevitable. Lucas' long hair quickly tickled over her back and she felt his weight settle in over her hips. Once more his long front paws wrapped firmly around her waist, trapping her against him.

"Fuck me," she begged of her new stud. "Fuck your bitch."

Lucas' first lunge was already underway, and his well prepared target area didn't need a second. His long sabrelike member thrust deep into her juicy canal. Her felt the slightly tapered head bump against the back of her cunt and realized that his knot was already pushing against her wide open cunt. That would come later, the werewolf knew, and he began to ruthlessly hammer against her pussy.

Again, Sandra was forced to collapse onto her fore arms to ensure that she was not drive forward by the force of her lover's thrusting. Her head stared down her naked body, between her tits, to the sight of the two rear paws surrounding her legs and the hairy pair of testicles that were slapping against her thighs.

"I'm such a slut," she gasped aloud, watching as his claws dug into the soft paleness of her waist. The huge red globe was beginning to swell at the base of his cock, and she knew that soon her pussy would be forced to accommodate it again. The mother had a mental image of her young daughter knelt beneath the same slathering monster, with the ball pushing into her smaller cunt. It made her tingle with a surprised taboo desire. She squealed as her clit was repeatedly thumped by the growing lump at the base of his shaft.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," she yelled as the massive cock probed her at an impossible pace, stretching her pussy to its limits. The image of Sarah beneath the big wolf surrendering her body and desire, made her cry out in her first orgasm. She felt horribly dirty. But so fucking alive, she reminded as more cock filled her.

Lucas sensed the familiar pulsating grips on his heavily veined shaft as his girlfriend's mother came. With a momentary clutching of the muscles around his sack, he knew it was time to push the knot into her. It was time again to make Sandra his bitch and to pour his seed within her. A loud growl escaped his jaws as he drove his cock forward with a heavier emphasis, feeling warmth and wetness slowly surrounding the wide formation at his base. Then with a satisfying pop, her felt the tightness of her entrance grip down behind it, and once more she was his.

Sandra came again, squirming and writhing on the baseball that now stuck her to his huge member. It had all the same satisfaction of a good meal after starving for a long time, but a million times the energy and excitement. He felt like a burning rod of steel inside her and she could feel the constant flow of his cum against her cervix. Some twisted fantasy of hers wished that she really was his bitch and that he would impregnate her with it. She felt his strong muscular body trembling over her as he came, and she smiled, knowing that she had made her stud explode.

The two remained tied that way for another fifteen minutes before they parted. Sandra rolled over underneath the wolf and pulled his warm furred body down to hers in a loving hug. Lucas graced her with several licks across her lips and neck, letting her know that the gesture was understood and appreciated. When her post coital longing was somewhat settled, she ushered him from the room, knowing that his cock would be too great a sensation if her showering had a similar affect as before.

As she soaped the shampoo for the third time into her hair, she flashed back to her moments of fantasy where she wondered at her daughter's involvement with the canine. Did she fuck him the same way that Sarah did? Could her little girl fit such a massive thing inside her? How did it compare to her young life experiences? Was the dog as amazing, or was it Sandra's own inability to find a suitable partner that made his performance so exceptional?

Lucas had none of those questions and once the bathroom door was closed behind him, he shifted into human form. Somehow, he felt more capable to think in this shape. He rose from the floor and stretched his muscular body in the mirror of her dresser. He laughed quietly as he wondered what Sarah or Sandra would do if they discovered that they weren't having sex with a dog, but with their supposed-to-be dead boyfriend who happened to be a werewolf. Such a strange world, he surmised. He wanted to fuck Sarah badly, and figured that the opportunity was coming. He hoped she was as willing to take his knot within her. There was something about being completely stuck, about being bound only by their sexes that made the experience entirely individual. Later, he promised himself.

Still naked the young man paced from the bedroom and downstairs. He flipped on the television and muted the sound. He scanned the news channels, hoping for more information his mother and sister, but apparently their house fire and disappearance was already forgotten. Too much bad news going on in the world to give any thought to three missing people in a small suburb. His sharp ears picked up the stilling of water in the pipes, and reluctantly, he willed another shift. Feeling his bones condense and shrink, his arms and skin tightening around his bones and new musculature, he growled dejectedly. He wanted to look for his mother and sister, and wasn't sure when he could break free from his own desires, and those of his new bitches.

Less then twenty miles away, Athena and Karen were squirming on the wall and floor of their cell. Athena, who was more accustomed to having her asshole used, had quickly moved beyond the discomfort of the insertion and was having a difficult time hiding her desire for more. Karen, younger in experience, was still whimpering every time she was forced to shift or settle her weight on her bottom. But the whimpering had taken on a distinctly more guttural tone and Athena knew that the steady humming of the vibrator against her clit was having its desired effect. Feeling the need to engage her thoughts in something other than her longing, Athena tried to get the girl to talk.

"You said you're eighteen," she repeated. "What school do you go to?"

"St. Agatha's," the simmering youth replied weakly.

Athena knew it was an expensive private school. Her father must be wealthy.

"And you said your dad was a geneticist?"

Athena watched as the cute virgin attempted to clear her slowly clouding thoughts.

"Yes. Works for Biodrome. Leads their experimental hybridization department," she offered.

"That sounds interesting. What's that mean?"

"He, ohhh, looks for benefits to specific, umm, to specific species. Then tries to combine them with another."

Athena could smell the girl's arousal in the room around her. The scent was getting so strong, she could almost taste it. She wondered if Karen had masturbated often, or had any sexual experiences prior to this one. It was a distraction from her father's career. The genetics of lycanthropy had been a mystery to the small number of packs around the world. Some had attempted to research their origins and individual characteristics, but there were too many risks associated with experimenting and documenting their discoveries. As a result, even among their communities, werewolves were fairly naive about how it was that they existed.

Marcus had tentatively sought further help in the area, but the three doctors and four scientists he had recruited proved to be liabilities and had died 'mysteriously'. Damon would have been aware, if not responsible for those events. Knowing how ambitious the younger male had already proved himself to be, she would not put holding a hostage beyond him.

"Do you know if your father has worked with a man named Damon before," she asked.

"Uhhhhh, no," Karen cautiously groaned. She was growing afraid of the buzzing sensation that filled her body and mind. She could feel her wetness and knew from her tentative self-exploration that the gradually rising temperature within her would prove undeniable. She was glad that the other woman was talking to her. It was the only way she managed to keep her mind from focusing on her arousal, and the significant size of the object in her ass.

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