tagIncest/TabooIt's a Wonderful Family

It's a Wonderful Family


I have to admit that my life is beautiful. I have a wonderful loving family, a successful medical career, and so much more.

To the outside world my life may have seemed boring and very predictable at times.

To be honest I did go through phases where the most exciting part of my day was having a meal in the hospital cafeteria. I'd get worried that my life would end up as a boring series of days waiting for me to live through. I was so wrong.

It was during one of those boring hospital days where I met my love Brian.

But even Brian worried me. I feared that with time things would get redundant and boring. Feared that sex with him would grow old. Feared that his cock would be tired to fuck. Feared that his work would get in the way.

I was so wrong. And so I married Brian.

After six fantastic years of marriage Brian and I have three adorable children: Tommy, Callie and Vicky.

Brian is an amazing daddy and I can't wait to see him watch over his little princesses as they grow.

To add to the pleasure of my kingdom, Brian and I have an amazing house with a pool. Today we are sitting by the pool. Brian is holding Callie and Vicky. Brian tells me how lucky he is to have daughters this cute.

Brian says, "I am glad our kids did not turn out dark."

We both laugh because we remember our crazy times where I'd only fuck black cocks.

It had all started on our wedding day where my baby B surprised me with a nasty wedding gift. Brian grabbed my hand in the middle of our wedding reception and walked me to my wedding surprise. It was the best moment of my life when I walked in and saw Nate, Brian's college friend, all naked waiting to fuck me on my wedding day in my white traditional wedding gown.

And so, for the very first time, on his wedding night, Brian had to suck off black cum nuts from his wife's pussy.

It's hard to imagine that six years has already passed. Even harder is to count the number of guys I fucked with my husband's help.

My older brother Ara will be visiting this weekend. Wish my husband could stay with me. But Brian has to take our 3 kids away so they can see their grandparents. They will all be gone for a week. Ara will keep me company.

I love my brother Ara and I feel so close to him. Sometimes I wish Ara was not my brother. I have watched him grow through the years and it sucks for me that he turned out to be so handsome.

I kiss Brian goodbye. Brian tells me to behave.

Next day I go to pick Ara from the airport. Fuck my brother looks so hot, especially with his dark tan.

I give him a hug and can smell sex on his neck. I'm sure he is still in his usual routine of fucking a different hot girl every night.

Ara and I have a cozy dinner at home. Over dinner we talk and laugh. I tell him about Brian and the kids.

Ara says, "Brian must be fucking you well and frequent. 3 kids in 4 years that means fucking all the time." "Ara, why do you want to talk about my boring family? True, Brian and I fuck but it's not fulfilling."

Ara wants to know why, so I tell him how distracting it is when the kids are around and even worse, my husband's pager.

"Ara," I say, "it's simple missionary sex every night."

"Stephanie, what would be hot for a married woman?"

"Tell me about you, Ara. "

Ara moves to the couch and sits close to me. "Stephanie," he says, "I am your exact opposite because my life is filled with crazy hardcore sex."

I tell Ara how I could smell cum on his neck. I ask whose cum it is. "Remember Ashley?" Ara says.

I say, "Yes, I do." Ashley was my high-school girl friend.

Ara tells me how Ashley is now his best cock sucker. My brother then starts recounting the details of his fucking with Ashley.

Ara adds that he makes Ashley suck on his cock while fucking her large tits. Ara describes how hard and erect Ashley's nipples get once his cum nuts all over her nipples.

I say "Enough details, Adam. Please stop. I don't want to hear about your erotic sex stories."

"Are you jealous?" Ara asks.

"It sucks to hear that the nerd Ashley ends up being a blowjob queen and I end up where I am. And yes Ara, I am jealous. I am jealous from every single girl you fucked." I take Ara's finger and make him feel my wetness. I was so wet and crazy. I start kissing him while he's feeling my wet pussy.

I ask Ara whispering in his ear if it's Ok to continue. I say we can stop because it's wrong.

Arasucks on my tongue instead of answering. I tell Ara I want to make love to him where I fuck my husband every day.

Ara and I go up the stairs to my bedroom.

My brother Ara's bare cock fucks and then nuts in my pussy.

Ara gives me a series of orgasms. He is a beast in bed, and can go and on. I wish my husband fucked like Ara did, or gave me that many orgasms.

Next morning I wake up in my bed with my brother Ara's cock in between my legs. It hits me that I'm on day 14 and probably ovulated or ovulating.

I wake Ara up and beg that he takes me to the hospital.

Ara says: "Fuck, Stephanie, your husband will never know. Relax Stephanie, Brian will think the baby is his."

I say, "No, Ara, I can't be carrying my brothers baby, that's wrong."

Ara and I go to my local pharmacy to get plan-B. They were running out and most pharmacies were closed for the Holiday.

Given that I am a physician I head to the ER of my hospital. My colleague, Dr. Morris, tries to convince me to take a chance and keep the baby.

Dr. Morris tells Ara how Brian and I make the cutest kids and a fourth baby sounds right. It was the most embarrassing moment of my life when I had to admit to my colleague, Dr. Richardson, that I may have been knocked up with my brother's cum.

I take plan-B on time.

Can't wait for Brian to come back home. I have a feeling my baby will make me go back to black cock fucking once I tell him what I did with my brother.

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