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It's a Wonderful Life Ch. 05


In this chapter Donna Reed blows Lionel Barrymore. A time when there were no movies because of World War II, Hollywood made porn movies for rich, old, white men who could afford to pay for them. It's A Wonderful Life was a remake of She's A Sexual Wife.

This is the real story of It's A Wonderful Life, a remake of She's A Sexual Wife. Because this story is so long and the length of it necessitates that it has chapters and therefore under the contest new rules is not allowed in Literotica's Theme Contests, this is my unofficial Winter Contest entry.

"Oh, I almost forgot one," said my father. "I remember Lana Turner auditioned, too. She was so sexy, but she was very short compared to Lucille Ball and Jane Russell. Still, there was something about her that made you stare at her. But, boy, after seeing those two leggy broads, Lucille Ball and Jane Russell, Lana Turner looked like a midget. She was 5'3, but for some reason looked shorter than that. I think the studio exaggerated her height in her biography. She looked more like 5'1 to me. I remember she always wore these three inch high heels and wore her hair up to make her look taller. She had a nice ass and boy could she fill out a sweater, but when standing next to Lucille Ball and Jane Russell when they were both wearing heels and hats, they looked like models."

"So, how come Lana Turner didn't get the role in the movie, Dad?"

"Even though she stroked Lionel Barrymore's cock, she stroked him more than she blew him. She dabbled with her blowjob. You could tell she didn't like sucking his cock very much and she wasn't comfortable doing it. There was no connection between the two actors." He looked at me, "Don't forget, son, it isn't like it is today. This was the early 40's, nearly 70 years ago, and not very many women gave blowjobs back then."

"I remember her in the Postman Rings Twice with John Garfield. She was so hot." I looked at my father suddenly remembering he said Maureen O'Hara auditioned, too. "I thought you said Maureen O'Hara auditioned, too, Dad."

"That's right! She did. How could I forget her? She was a knockout and a real show stopper. Man, she was so pretty. Maureen O'Hara was one of my very favorite actresses and I couldn't believe that I was going to see her naked, too." My Dad looked at me and wiped a hand across his mouth, as if imagining kissing her.

"Damn, I can't believe you saw Maureen O'Hara totally naked."

"She was another one with big tits, too. Boy, I remember her in that John Wayne movie, The Quiet Man, when she played Mary Kate Danaher. That and Miracle on 34th Street were my favorite movies that she played in." My Dad shook his hand up and down, "Boy, she had a good body, but she, too, was a little bit pudgy, especially in the hips and thighs. She was striking though with all her red hair. She and Lucille Ball were natural red heads. I can vouch for that by the color of their bushes," he said with raised eyebrows.

"What about Zsa Zsa? Was she a natural blonde?"

"Sorry, son, her hair color was purely from the bottle."

"So, did Maureen O'Hara blow Lionel Barrymore?"

"She did and she gave him a respectable blowjob, too, but she gave him nothing like the head banging, sound making, interactive blowjob that Donna Reed gave him. Donna Reed was a pro at sucking cock. She was one of those women who looked so demure and lady like, but she really enjoyed sucking cock. You could tell that she sucked cock before."

I couldn't wait to hear about Donna Reed. Only, I had to use the paddles on my Dad again to revive him. I hoped he'd live long enough to tell me the true story about Donna Reed blowing Lionel Barrymore.

"Dad! Dad!"

I was hoping my Dad wouldn't kick the bucket, yet. I wanted to hear about Donna Reed. I needed some jerk off material for later when I watched the Donna Reed reruns of her show, The Donna Reed Show. I imagined her wearing her white gloves while masturbating me before taking me in her mouth and blowing me.

"Yeah, I'm okay, son. I must have dozed off, huh?"

"Yeah, something like that, Dad," I said putting the paddles down. "So tell me more about Donna Reed, Dad. I want to hear all about her interview in detail and don't leave anything out. She's one of my favorites."

"Well, it was a long time ago, son. I'll do my best. My memory is not as sharp as it once was, you know."

"Give yourself a minute to recall her."

"Recall her? How could anyone forget her? There was just something about her. She was one of those women that every time you saw her, you just couldn't stop yourself from staring. I remember her being so very young, younger than the other women on stage. She must have been in her early twenties and she was so damn pretty. You don't see a woman who looks so pretty every day and she had a swell figure, too. She was uncommonly pretty. I bet you didn't know that Donna Reed was the same height as Jane Russell and Lucille Ball."

"Well, now, that's something I didn't know. For some reason I always thought of her being shorter and Lucille Ball and Jane Russell being taller. That's weird they were all the same height. I always thought that Jane and Lucy were very tall and much taller than Donna Reed. For some reason I thought Donna Reed was short."

"Yeah, well the reason for that was that Jimmy Stewart was tall, 6'3" and he dwarfed Donna Reed who was 5'7". He made her look short, especially in that scene in the movie, "It's A Wonderful Life" where Jimmy is on the phone and Donna is squeezed right beside him trying to listen to the telephone call he received from his brother. That was the scene where Jimmy Stewart went wild for desire for her and kissed her."

"Yeah, that was one of my favorite scenes in the movie, where they kissed. It was so romantic and every time I watched that movie, I imagined kissing Donna Reed."

"Donna Reed was very tall, especially when you realize that most women were only 5'2" back then. Whereas, when you saw Lucy, you saw her with Desi Arnaz who was only 5'10" and when you saw Jane Russell on screen you saw her with leading men her height and a bit taller making her appear taller than she really was. It was all an illusion designed by Hollywood, just like when they had Alan Ladd, who was only 5'5", stand on a box when acting in Shane against Jack Pallace, who was 6'4" tall. By just the angle of the camera, they made Alan Ladd look taller and Jack Palace look shorter."

"So, tell me about Donna Reed dad."

"Well, as soon as Donna Reed walked on stage, that horn ball, Lionel Barrymore got up from his seat, walked across the stage, took her in his arms, and kissed her." My Dad laughed. "He shocked the shit out of everyone, except for Donna and everyone expected that she'd slap his face, but she didn't."

"Wow that was a bold move that could have backfired on him, especially for such an old guy hitting on such a young woman. He had to be in his sixties. He was old enough to be her grandfather."

"I want her, he said staring right into her eyes. Then, he turned to Frank Capra and yelled I want her. He was God like in those days. He had a lot of power back then. He was a man of many talents. He was not just an actor. He was an artist, author, composer, and director. He had a lot of influence in who they hired for the part."

"So, what did she do when Lionel Barrymore practically attacked her?"

"Oh, she was a real trooper that one. She just threw her arms around his neck, returned his kiss, and played along with the whole thing. They were practically making out on stage French kissing with him reaching his hand down and around her feeling her plump little ass. Maybe she figured it was part of the audition. Certainly, anyone who was getting this role had to connect first with Barrymore. Talk about couch casting, he was the epitome of that."

"Was she asked to get naked, too, or was she hired on the spot after Barrymore made his claim for her by kissing her."

"Frank Capra, the director, didn't like being overshadowed by anyone, especially by Barrymore. This was his movie, after all, and he had to show that he was still in control of it. He took control of his stage back from Barrymore when he told him and not asked him to take his seat. Then, they continued the interview process with her, as they did with the other women who had auditioned before her. Donna was the last to audition."

"So, tell me, Dad, what happened next?"

"Well, they asked her some questions and made some small talk with her asking what she appeared in before. They told her what part she'd play in the movie and asked her why she thought she was right for the part."

"It must have been a shock for her when Lionel Barrymore pulled out his cock."

"No, she knew it was coming. The other women talked backstage about what happened, no doubt. Besides, Director Capra told her that she'd have to give Lionel Barrymore oral sex in the movie and he asked her if she was okay with that."

"So, what did she say?"

"She said she had given blowjobs before and actually enjoyed taking a man in her mouth and pleasuring him in that way. Well, her answer got a rise out of all the men and all the women, too. No doubt, the other women either thought she was a slut or wished they were more like her."

Suddenly, I had an erection visualizing Donna Reed kneeling on the stage while Lionel Barrymore unzipped himself and pulled out his cock. I imagined him looking down at her and her staring at his stiff prick before looking up at him and before reaching out with her sweet, little hand to stroke him even harder. Then, I imagined her leaning forward and taking his prick in her mouth while he reached around her and put a hand to the back of her head.

"Did she blow him, Dad? Did Donna Reed blow Lionel Barrymore?"

"Well, at that point, it was obvious to all that she was the one. She had gotten the part, as far as Lionel Barrymore was concerned and fortunately for all concerned, Frank Capra liked her, too. What happened next was just frosting on the cake."

"What do you mean? What happened next?"

"Well, Donna, the hot vixen that she was back then took control of the situation. When she stripped, instead of just removing her clothes and standing there with her clothes piled around her, she did a slow strip tease. She carefully folded every piece of her clothing and gently piled them on the floor. It was erotic watching the movement of her tits while she folded her clothes and occasionally getting a glimpse between her legs when she squatted and/or bent over to place her clothes down in a pile."

"I wish I had been there. I wish I had seen that."

"There wasn't a sound on that stage." My Dad shook his head and smiled. "Everyone was mesmerized by her semi-naked and then naked form. She was in complete control." He pointed a crooked finger, "It didn't matter if they were a man or a woman; everyone stared at her watching her remove her clothes. Even though there was no music playing, you could imagine her stripping to music."

"I can't imagine Donna Reed naked," I said to my Dad. "I can't imagine Donna Reed doing a strip tease show. Oh, my God, she was so hot when she played in From Here To Eternity, but this was an image of her that I had never imagined."

"Well, I can imagine the image because, after that first time, I saw her naked plenty of times during the rehearsals and take scenes. She had a cute little body with nice full B cup tits. She had a flat stomach and a round ass with long shapely legs. The fact that she had a pretty face and could actually act was a real bonus. So many of the women, the starlets back then, were just a pretty face and/or had a hot body. They couldn't act for shit, but she could. She was such a good actress that she'd make you forget she was naked...that is, for a few seconds," he said with a laugh.

"Tell me about the blowjob Dad. What did she do when Lionel Barrymore pulled out his cock? That's the part I want to hear."

"Well, I'll tell you. That was the good part. Capra asked her to kneel down and angle her body to the side, so that he could see behind Barrymore's fat, old ass and watch the action. That's when Barrymore got up and was ready to do his usual thing, stand in front of the kneeling woman, unzip his pants, reach inside, and pull out his prick. Only, this time, she beat him to the punch and stopped him mid stream."

"Let me do that for you," she said. My Dad smiled at me. "I told you she was a wild one. For her to be that young and that bold, well, she was a woman who not only knew what she wanted but also got it."

"No way, Dad. Are you serious? Donna Reed unzipped Barrymore's pants and pulled out his cock. I don't believe it. I always thought of her in the way that I thought of Doris Day, sweet and innocent."

"Yeah, she did. She reached out and pulled down his zipper. Then, she reached her little hand inside and pulled out his prick. Once his prick was exposed, she stared at it and I'll never forget what she said.

"What? Tell me. What did she say, Dad?"

"You have a big cock, Mr. Barrymore. You have the biggest prick I've ever seen," she said staring at it before making eye contact with him. "I can't wait to take that in my mouth, roll my tongue around it, and suck it while stroking it until you shoot your warm and creamy, gooey load in my mouth and down my throat." My Dad looked at me. "Women didn't talk like that back then. And to hear someone who looked as good as she did say that to Barrymore was, well, just what they wanted for the movie," he said with a chuckle.

"What did Barrymore say?"

"Barrymore was at a loss for words, not an easy thing to do with that old, blowhard. He was always talking and blabbing about this was wrong and this needs to be corrected. You'd think he was directing the movie instead of Frank Capra."

"I don't believe it. All this time, I always thought Donna Reed was so good and so wholesome like Gidget."

"Oh, don't get me started about Sandra Dee. She was a big slut, too."

"Really," I said. My image of cute, innocent Gidget was shattered.

"What Donna Reed did next blew everyone's mind."

"Dad! Dad!" Suddenly, my Dad looked dead. I reached for the paddles hoping to revive him for one last time so that he could tell me about what Donna Reed did next.

In the next chapter Donna Reed gives Lionel Barrymore the best blowjob of his life.

Thank you for reading my story. I sincerely hope you enjoyed it. Please take a moment to vote, make a public comment, and/or give me feedback. Your support is why I write. Your feedback will motivate me to write a better story the next time.

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To be continued...

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