tagTransgender & CrossdressersIt's A Wrap Ch. 03

It's A Wrap Ch. 03


Chapter 3 – An exciting drive!

For mile after mile we chatted animatedly just like an excited couple on their first date seemingly ignoring the strangeness of the situation. Yet I felt very different. My body was electric charged with an emotion I'd never before felt. As if an addict I wanted to taste Jacks salty cock again and be forced to take him in the back of the car. I blush as my mind wanders and I imagine Jack's hot, thick cock replacing the smooth plug in my butt. Rougher the better, I muse. Now as I felt my cock stiffens I squirm joyfully on the butt plug pushing it further inside me. Jack saw my obvious enjoyment and drove right past the pub.

'Where we going?' I ask naively as in a dark part of the street jack stops the car and turns to me smiling cheekily, both our hearts pounding loudly. It was then I notice that Jack, is stroking his bulging cock through his trousers proudly.

'What you waiting for? I want you to suck my cock again.' he blurts, 'I want a blow job like before.'

Despite the situation I'm taken back.

'I'm exhausted,' I say nervously feeling vulnerable.

Jack's unimpressed. 'So you're telling me that you don't want to suck my cock and your Oscar winning performance earlier was just coincidental.'

I smirk.

'Hmm! I thought you'd dressed up just for me or is there another man? Go on admit. It's me big Jack your co-star. I've never had my cock sucked by a girly faggot in a car and you're certainly dressed the part.'

Strangely I did want to please him, despite my initial reaction, but I felt sleazy and cheap after all we where down a dirty street renown for courting couples. It was peculiar, I wanted romance, I wanted to be wowed, seduced. I wanted chocolates, perfume and flowers with satin sheets. I wanted to be undressed slowly and caressed gently whilst Jack just wanted my hot painted lips wrapped around his pulsating cock. But where was I to go, what was I to do? I certainly didn't want to anger Jack as dressed as I was I felt particularly weak and vulnerable.

'Do I turn you on?' I ask nervously glossing my pouting lips with my wet tongue.

'Jesus,' Jack cries. 'What a dumb arse question. Sometimes you can be so thick.'

I bite my lip in anticipation and let my fingertips gently slide over his waistband, then drew down his zip. I ease my fingers inside. He gasps as he sprang free.

'Oh! God, it's only been an hour but I've missed this.' I lean forward and kiss him, running my tongue along the outside of his lips. He moved one hand to my crown and pushed downwards whilst at the same time scurrying to get into a more upright position, his feet slipping on the rubber floor mat. 'Go on suck it.'

I grab his wrists and took his hand from the top of my head. 'No... No.' I said panting. 'God I've wanted to do this for so long and didn't realise. Feel how wet I am?'

I guide his hand I held between my legs to my soaking panties. He raised his eyebrows then wraps his think fingers around my stiffening little cock.

'Fuck tights,' he curses.'

I gasp and he pulls away. 'Oh! Baby, that’s not what I want.' He drew a deep breath, 'Prepare yourself for a journey like no other.' he shouts and without waiting for a reply he grabs my hair and pulls me downward again as if impaling me on his rigid cock. I couldn't help myself. I squeal excitedly and squeeze my long silky smooth legs together tucking them slightly under me, to one side. I clench my sphincter and grab the butt plug almost cuming in my own damp panties. I had no choice, lose an eye or open my mouth and let Jacks throbbing meat stick slide between my sparkling white teeth. I choose the latter, simply letting it glide between my red lips moistening the thick veined shaft as it went. It's huge, even bigger than I could remember and it twitches uncontrollably. I had to almost dislocate my jaw to stretch my little mouth wide enough. Jack moans, switches on the car audio and turns the volume up so the car began to vibrate with a throbbing club dance mix. 'That's amazing,' he cries starting the engine and slipping it into gear as I expertly gave head.

‘Hmm,’ I moan

'Wow!' Jack cries his voice trembling. 'What's up ‘piece of shit whore?’ all the camera action gone to your head, dreaming of fame and fortune or do you just love dressing as the sissy faggot you obviously are?'

I didn't reply, hardly able to hear under the hypnotic dance mix and the roar of the engine. I could sense Jack smiling to himself as he glanced down at my mass of shiny hair bobbling up and down on his trembling hot cock.

I pray he’s concentrating on the road as I work my tongue frantically over his member. I hear him laugh as he past some kids on the roadside unaware that I was in the passenger seat driving him wild. Again and again I bob up and down on his rigid cock as he drove faster and faster.

'Steady on ‘Piece of shit whore’, the cameras not rolling now. There's no rush. You're driving me wild and I don't want to crash with your lips round my cock.'

But I didn't slow down instead I held on to his shaft for dear life as Jacks wheels began to squeal yet again as Ben’s fabulous car went faster and faster. The engine continued to roar and unable to see where Jack drove I began to feel more and more disorientated.

'Oh! Oh!' Jack sighs and his cock jerks and stiffens, grabbing the steering wheel as if taking his test for the first time. Full revs, max speed, the engine continues to roar as with long wicked strokes of my tongue I tease Jacks member. The inevitable happens. All of sudden he explodes, Wow! The car swerves across the road, narrowly avoiding a juggernaut in a near head on collision. I gag swallowing Jacks thick creamy jisam and as I did so my body stiffens and I feel my own panties dampen with my own dribble of seed. How he managed to dump yet another lorry load was a mystery. I could tell he's in heaven holding my head down as I slather eagerly over his still rigid cock supping every last drop wary of staining Bens expensive leather car upholstery.

After a few seconds Jack's forced to stop at some traffic lights, a beaming satisfied smile etches across his face. I'm equally flush and as I come up for air I'm noticed by a group of youngster in an oldsmobile similar to Jack's in the adjacent lane. The young man driving honks his horn energetically as I blush and wipe some stray hairs off my face, Jacks cum dribbling from my mouth. I try to look as if butter wouldn't melt in my mouth but the pretty young girls in his back seat all smile knowingly and giggle girlishly as Jack's first off the lights.

'That was amazing,' he gasps as we head not towards the pub but further out of town. 'I think we've just got another script for Ben. Do you think we could do this in a studio? If you could our money worries are over. You deserve an Oscar. You're the best underground gay porn star I've ever seen in and out the studio, now climb into the back of the car and I'll show you how big a fan I really am.' He smiles, 'I can be so appreciative.'

I grin to myself and climb demurely between the seats my butt craving for Jack’ massive cock...

The end Toms Party (c) 2003

What happened when Jack’s stopped by police for reckless driving? Did I star in another porn movie? Grab yourself a beer, relax in front of the TV with a favorite video it maybe me you're watching.

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