tagBDSMIt's All About The Roses

It's All About The Roses


Uncoiling from the folds of the couch she slithered to the door, the sheer gown she had bought for this very occasion drifting down to kiss her calves before swirling about her ankles. Feeling like a feline in this she runs a hand through her hair, lifting the ebony curls from her shoulders for a moment before letting them fall into place again.

With a click the lock turned on the door and she lowered herself to her knees, the cool cedar floorboards easing her mind a bit in their familiarity. Parting her thighs as the door squeaked open, she draws her hands behind her, locking each hand around the others wrist and pushes out her chest, waiting as he stepped fully though the archway. Raising her chin her smile widened as her eyes befell on the dozen roses in his hand.

"Well, well, there's my little one," he bent down, the bristle of his ten o'clock shadow roughly biting her cheek as he moved to kiss her ear then her lips. "Hand."

She released one of her hands and extended it to him feeling him draw her up, the gown drifting down along her form again, causing a soft purr to push past her lips. Following him into the bedroom she watched as he put the roses into the vase she had ready for him at his command.

When he turned around she dropped to her knees, the gown fluttering around her, the sheer fabric leaving nothing for him to guess at. The smile that lingered at the corner of his mouth only gave her a small insight as to what could be coming. Sauntering closer her leaned down and drew out a package from his coat pocket. Opening she saw the beautiful silver collar resting within.

Stunned beyond belief she raised her emerald eyes to his deep blues and whisper quietly "Sir?" the question almost died on her lips as the cold metal was slid along the heated flesh of her neck.

"It's about time don't you think little one." A moment later he pushed the pin in that would make it a permanent fixture upon her body. Stepping back he appraised her and the smile came back. Turning he picked up a small hand mirror to show her what she looked like.

The band itself was white gold, expensive no doubt, and adorned with nothing but his engraved initials. The only thing adorning the beautiful simple work of art was the small o-ring nearly at the base of her throat. It seemed dainty but she knew in her mind that it would be as strong as any other collar.

Raising her eyes once more to his face he drew her up again by the hand, pressing a tender kiss upon her lips, his tongue seeking solace in the warmth of her mouth. She parted her already passion swelled lips and felt her tongue melt along his, their bodies pressing so close they could become one.

Breaking away just enough to speak, his breath hot on her face, "Ready for your gift my girl?"

She couldn't find her voice right away, all the while she thought that the collar he'd given her was the gift he'd promised for the whole week, "Of course, Sir."

"Good, although I love the outfit, please undress."

Looking down a moment she nodded then slowly, she moved her fingers up over her shoulders, drawing the slim strap from her right arm, catching the front of the gown before it could fall, then her left arm… feeling the smallest of shivers course over her spine. Giggling silently she pushes out her hip and lets the gown trail down over her ample breasts, the kiss of fabric teasing her nipples till they are hard. Letting the outfit she spent an hour picking out pool on the ground at her feet she steps out of that protective ring and to him once more.

The smile came back and without warning he spun her around, pushing her down into the satin sheets, pulling back her arms so that she was incapacitated.

Cold steel and four clicks made her feel helpless but empowered all at once. Arching so that her ass was high in the air she cooed for him, showing him that she had nothing to fear.

"Good little pet." With a pat on the ass he left her for a moment. Knowing well enough she wasn't supposed to move she stood there, legs apart, ass offered high, face in the sheets, blocking out her site. The moments ticked away and she thought it was hours before she felt his presence once more in the room.

Grabbing up her hair he pulls her head back roughly, pushing the gag into her mouth, her tongue shaping it out to be the likeness of a cock. Grunting she lets her head fall back against the sheets wondering why he was taking these precautions.

Another painful pull and she was standing again, the course rope moving around her stomach and arms, tying her up in a crude fashion. With a slap on the ass she bends over again, and feels each side rope pulled taunt. With a small glance to her left she noted one of them was tied to the bedpost.

Whimpering she wiggles for Him, trying to feel comfortable even with all the bindings placed upon her.

"Just relax my pet. Take what you can, for Me my pet." She nodded although she felt the first set of tears start to spill over her flushed cheeks.

His hand smacked hard upon her ass, causing her to rock forward. Again and again he let loose his hand, letting her get warmed up. From scared she became enflamed with lust, the rocking only caused to make it worse.

Moaning sadly when his hand disappeared. She felt the heat emanating from her ass like a signal telling any who would have looked at her at this very moment that she was just a little toy under his skilled powerful hands. It must be red and she felt herself blush, her thoughts drifting to many different possibilities of what the night would hold.

Finally she felt the first silken touch of a cool foreign object, slowly glazing her body, down her leg and up the other, sending delicate shivers like electricity along her form, raising goose bumps.

She didn't think much of it first until the softness registered in her mind. Jerking her head up she screamed against the gag just as the thorny stem drove down over her ass, cutting her in long strips…

Pain coursed up causing her nipples to become erect, she couldn't stand it, screaming again as it flooded her thoughts, she tossed herself from side to side.

He grunted and then the stem came down over her back, thighs, leaving heated trails all over her body, her passion was to the point, her mind slipping into a dark place.

Repeatedly, it was never ending, the shower of petals falling around her seeming the very contrast of what was being brought out on her.

"Cum my little one, spread those legs wide and let it go," his voice seemed distant as her mind lost itself in the whole of it. She couldn't focus anymore, she just couldn't and she couldn't hold back. Her body pulsed then she pushed forward, arching down, and came, hard and fast.

As a final task he brought the stem up between her legs and dragged it over her sex, her scream muffled and as her eyes fluttered shut she heard him breathing heavy as if the act took more out of him.

Walking around, he leans in, looking at her quiet face, the tiny droplets of blood upon her back caking over. Smiling he tucks the single rose that is left of the dozen in her holding rope and whispers rather gruffly, "Happy Valentines day My pet, my pleasure."

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