tagMind ControlIt's All In The Mind

It's All In The Mind

bykayce 69©

Tuesday Evening.

“So what’s the big secret?” Lester asked, “Its not that warm out here and I’m not supposed to be out here, if mum finds out then shit hits the fan and I’m grounded for eternity.”

Jim looked blankly at his friend Lester, “I’ve told you three times now, I don’t fucking know, he just said to meet him down by the old dock house at seven and here we are and where the hell is he?”

Lester picked a pebble up and skimmed it at the water, “He’s been acting strange since last weekend, you know after Jason, what’s his name, dared him to go to the old mill house and fetch back the weather vain, didn’t think he’d do it but when he turned up the following day with it, king of the hill to all but Jason, shut that fucking shit up.”

Jim agreed, “Ya sure shut him up, oh fuck where is he, shit that’s all we need, now there’s mist coming in off the river;” his eyes scanned the lane for his best mate Paul King.

“It was easy to shut that cunt up.”

Jim spun, “Where the fuck did you come from?”

Lester stared at him, “Ya where did you come from? We been watching, you didn’t come down the lane and you ain’t wet and your Ma’s posh boat ain’t here.”

Paul King gave a half smile, “Well I’m here so what, anyway its about the old mill you should see what I found up there, come on,” and he took off at speed.

The other two had all on to keep up with Paul. As they reached the gate to the mill he stopped, Lester and Jim were almost on their knees but Paul hadn’t even broken sweat, “Come on, its inside.”

Lester gasped out, “Fuck off I’m knackered, just wait your hurry while we get our breath back.”

Jim hung on to his friend, “Shit what’s the hurry, you ain’t even - - -.”

Jim stopped in mid sentence as he watched Paul’s eyes; they glazed over like a marble then the veins stood out, you could see the red blood flooding his eyes, soon they were completely red apart from the piercing black pupil.

Nether of the two boys could speak as Paul spoke, his voice low, older and evil, “Go up the drive, go inside the mill and wait,” an eerie mist took the place of Paul as the two boys turned and walked up the drive.

Wednesday Morning.

Paul waited by the campus entrance, his eyes flicked over the crowds coming through; he picked out Jim and Lester, they looked sombre but they were looking straight at him, he thought: So you met him then: they looked startled but still nodded, as they reached him he turned and they all entered together.

As they walked towards the main buildings entrance he thought again, : You will soon have more thought power, he will call you, you will go and things will change, most of all, so will you, your not like them anymore, and you will like it : the two boy’s looked at Paul with uncertainty etched on their face’s.

Paul left it at that but as he entered the class he looked at them as they sat, : Watch and learn, this is the kind of power you will get and I have only seen him three times :

Innocent Miss Tomlin came in to the class and sat behind her desk.

Miss Tomlin the epitome of small town collage teaching, nice neat and that’s how she liked her world and her students, a respectful hush fell over the room.

She rose, “Students I wish you to remember what I write on the board and then that should give you the answer to what I show you,” she opened her book and turned to the board.

Paul lent forward put his hand to the side of his face, covering his eyes from others; they glazed over red as he concentrated on Miss Tomlin.

He drilled in to her mind, his new found skills racing at 20 words a second, all she did was momentarily stop then he lent back and waited.

Her hand moved the chalk over the board, students started to gasp as she wrote.

What’s hot, wet, horny, between my legs and wants to be fucked, wants to be fucked by all you cunt hungry boys and after, it will sit on one of you hot ass’d girls face while you lick their cum out of it.

She stopped writing and turned, “Any ideas on what it is class,” with that she bent and clutched the hem of her skirt and pulled the skirt up to her waist, put her thumb in the waist band of a pair of white cotton pants and pushed the front down displaying a neat little slit with a light covering of mousy brown hair.

Paul, Lester and Jim burst out laughing but they were the only ones, the rest tittered and coughed some of the girls got up and left but generally there was embarrassment.

Miss Tomlin suddenly dropped her skirt, turned looked at the board and gave a straggled cry bringing more laughter from the three boys.

Jason turned to Paul, “Shut up will you, you’ll get us all in the shit,” Paul stood up, “You want me to make a fool of you again ass-hole.”

Miss Tomlin erased the board, then crumbled in to her chair and sat staring at everybody. Quickly she blurted out, “Please class read your books; you three will go with me to the headmistress’s office.

The three boys stood, as Paul followed the other two out his eyes cast over the class and a smile came to his lips then he walked out quickly out followed by a hapless Miss Tomlin.

Apart from a few sniffs and oh dears from Miss Tomlin the walk to the office was done in silence, that’s what it looked like to the outside world but Paul re-laid his words to the others : Told you life for us is now different, this part is what I and I expect you have been waiting for, this and other times like it will be worth our little sacrifice :

The words, our little sacrifice, screamed at them but by now the office door stood in front of them, Miss Tomlin knocked.

A female voice called, “Enter,” Miss Tomlin pushed in and held the door as the three boys sauntered past her, and stood by the wall.

At the other side of the room was an imposing desk, behind that sat an attractive tall woman, her hair held back by a black satin band, her delicate fresh face made working her age out difficult, she would have looked better in a light summer dress than the two piece business suit, Paul could see under the desk, the skirt just covered her knees but many times Paul had wondered what was above those shapely firm calves that always looked so good as she walked around the school in her three inch heels.

Miss Tomlin stood talking to her for about three or four minutes, Miss Wootton listened and did her usual understanding bit, then rose and walked her out of the office, closed the door and returned, stood in front of the desk, folded her arms and looked at the boys.

She tried to adopt a firm tone in her voice as she started; “Now I don’t know how or why but you three had better listen to a few rules which I want observed in this school. One, there is a code which- - - - -,” her voice trailed off as a drone as Paul re-laid to the other two : Well my friends if you thought the last little escaped was fun try this and remember to-night at ten you go to Miss Woottons house, she will be expecting you and all of you go to the mill, have you got that : thoughts from the other two entered his head, : Good, now let the fun begin :.

He looked down and concentrated, his eyes glazed, the white turned red as the eyes rolled up, the small black pupil staring at the woman, her voice grew faint, it started to falter she couldn’t look away from him, suddenly her arms dropped to her side, she was silent.

Lester and Jim looked at Paul, their eye riveted to the mass of red that bulged from under his eyelids, but he was looking at her.

“What’s your first name?” Paul said the words slowly, menacingly, almost a growl, she looked but didn’t, her eyes vacant, empty, her voice now demure, subservient, “Its Kathleen.”

Now Paul’s voice dropped to a rasping hollow growl, “Well Katie how about you being a different kind of HEAD mistress to us, lock the door.”

She walked to the door and locked it, “Now come here,” she moved in front of him, his eyes burned in to her as his thoughts invaded her mind.

The other two knew he was in her mind, they could see her face twitch as his grin grew, she suddenly said, “Yes master of course I want your cock deep inside me, me I have it in my mouth first,” his grin became evil as he stared at her, “Yes of course master I will disrobe before I pleasure you.”

The three boys watched as she took off the jacket, then the little scarf before the blouse. The skirt dropped to the floor, then her panti-hose. Her hands went behind her back and unclipped her bra, her medium sized but firm breasts bounced free as it fell to the floor, at last her pants slid down her legs displaying a nicely trimmed bush above her pink slit, she stood before them a vision of naked beauty.

She looked at him, “Sorry master, immediately master;” she dropped to her knees and pulled at the zip on Paul’s jeans, her hand dipped inside and he felt her cool hands touch his hardening cock.

Jim mind filled with : move to my right : he did, her hands pulled Paul’s cock out, then she turned to Lester, one side and Jim the other until all three boys stood, their hard cocks pointing out and pointing at her, she looked up at them, “Please may I pleasure you with my Head, Master.”

Paul looked at his two friends then down at the naked woman, she opened her mouth and closed it over his cock as she held the other two cocks in her hands, her head pushed forward and back as did her hands, gripping their cocks and drawing the skin up and over the heads then back again, all three boys lent back against the wall, enjoying their new found power.

Paul felt Jims mind try hard to ask : Are we going to fuck her : Paul’s mind firmly replied : Not this one, she’s needed but there will be others, lots, provided we keep our side of the bargain : Jim was about to reply when Paul added : Don’t ask, you are the servant you will know soon enough, as for now try this :.

He looked down at the woman deliciously sucking at his cock, she stopped, looked up at him “Yes master,” her head turned and her mouth enveloped Jims cock, Paul walked past and over to the desk, she quickly pulled her head from the cock, “In my locker, the keys in the desk,” before she turned parted her lips and started to suck Lester.

She sucked a dozen times at Lester’s cock before returning to do the same to Jim’s. Paul found her cane and walked up behind her. She had just returned to Jim to suck for a second dozen when Paul flicked the cane, the room filled with a long, “Aaaahhhhhhmmmpphh,” that gurgled round Jims cock, again and again Paul struck, each time she squealed but never stopped sucking, a dozen on one cock then a dozen on the other.

Paul had her stand and bend to carry on her sucking; her long legs forced her ass in to a perfect bent target as the few red welts became many.

She dutifully carried on until Jims cock exploded in her mouth, she swallowed as much as she could before she brought her hand up to push back any juice that had dribbled out and made sure she licked her fingers and wrist before returning to finish off Lester, all the time Paul flicked the cane at her defenceless ass, deliberately finding parts that were still white, grinning as another red line appeared.

Lester finally came, she pushed her head hard in to him forcing the cock to lodge in her throat as it pumped in to her, she swallowed it all then stood and looked at the two boys, “Thank you for feeding me masters,” Paul came before her and looked, “My pleasure master,” she took the cane from him and put it on the desk then lent and put her head down on the desk, opened her legs and put her hands on her ass cheeks pulling them apart, her head slid round on the desk and looked back at him, “Yes master I want you to fuck my ass.”

Paul buried his cock up her ass and fucked her, his thrusts were hard, cruel and fast, furiously banging in to her, lifting her legs from the floor until he came, he took great delight in slapping her already bleeding cheeks before pumping her ass full, she immediately turned, dropped to her knees and sucked, her tongue licking his cock clean.

The three boys zipped themselves up and moved towards the doors, as Paul passed the kneeling naked woman his foot lashed out, pushing her to the ground, he laughed at her as he opened the door letting the other two out.

Wednesday Evening.

It was about 10.35; the mist from the river showed silver in the moon light as the three figures walked towards the old mill. They pushed the gate opened and walked to the old wooden door; it seemed to open for them as they stepped on to the porch.

Inside the mist seemed everywhere, they could see Paul sat in the corner, above him a large black shadow seem to hang as the two boys moved to the right of Miss Wootten it floated towards them.

As the shadow neared the two boys it turned to a mist folding over them; as they breathed the mist in side their bodies both boys groaned and moaned in a show of unbridled ecstasy.

Jim was the first to regain his senses he stared up; Lester soon woke his eyes cleared as they both took in the sight before them.

Levitated, about five feet in the air was Miss Wootten, she was naked her legs wide open, her knees lifted, her head hanging back, sexual groaning filled the room as the black shadow engulfed her.

A huge black cock was thumping in to her, her whole body shook with the power of the thrust, though nothing seemed to be touching them her tits where moving, you could see the indentations of fingers squeezing the white firm globes, mauling them pulling them in to unnatural shapes; the nipples seemed to be jerking out, elongating, as her whole body writhed to an uncontrollable orgasm.

Suddenly the shrouded black head dropped forward and covered the jolting woman’s head; a muted squeal was the last sound she made as the black shadow completely covered her and then it, and she became nothing more than mist that dispelled in to the night.

Paul King rose from the chair and walked over, his thoughts stole in to theirs : He was pleased, we gave him what he needs he didn’t mind the red striped ass something about, he had to have her untouched blood, personally I don’t give a shit as long as I have been given more power : he grinned at his friends : And you, you must feel it, life as you’ve never known it, don’t you feel special, I know when all I had was the power you have, how good I felt : his mind almost overwhelmed the two boys, : Well wait until you progress to where I am now, you will feel nothing is impossible but that’s for him to decide, come, there’s things to do :

Friday Morning

School had been cancelled; everybody was concerned with the disappearance of Miss Wootton, well almost everyone.

Paul, Jim and Lester sat by the small pond at the end of town, Paul had decided it was Jim and Lester’s turn to go and find a victim and she had to be a virgin, they all knew that at ten that night the man needed another, Paul laughed as he said they could do the same as last time, but not the cunt, that was for the man.

Ruby Lowe was chosen.

She was in a top grade, pretty, and a definite unopened prick tease, today she would be easily found cycling to the youth centre at about two, they planned to stop her at the fork in the path near Beatty’s old barn, the barn would do nicely for their enjoyment.

Talking with out speaking was now easier for Jim and Lester, they communicated thoughts, Paul smiled as he saw what Jim was thinking of doing to Ruby, but what nether Jim or Lester knew was that Paul’s powers were now so enhanced he could now go in to their minds and look through their eyes and see what they were doing.

Friday Afternoon

Paul watched the two boys walk off towards the path that would take them to the fork, he turned and made for the gate across the meadow and then on to Jims house.

He arrived at the set of brick and wooden four bed-roomed house’s, it was a nice area, six house’s straddled the fifteen acres, Lester’s was the second one in and Jims was at the end.

Paul stepped up to the back porch, through the glass door he could see Jims mother, she was relaxing with a woman’s magazine and a cup of coffee, he passed Cindy’s bike and knocked on the door.

She stood up and walked over to the door. Jims mother Cheri was not tall but she was well built, every school boys idea of sex on legs; trouble was with the long bouncy dark hair, pretty face, lovely mouth, firm big tits, shapely waist, nice plump bum, thick thighs and good legs that looked great in clicking high heels, she was firmly religious, never heard her swear, never did anything wrong, he smiled as he heard that clicking coming towards the door.

“Hello Paul, you looking for James,” Paul smiled, “Sure,” she beckoned him in, “He’s not here, out with Lester only Cindy and she’s just gone for a bath so she’ll be an hour or more,” she tossed her thick black hair back, “Don’t know what these teenage girls find to do still, do you want lemonade?”

“If that’s no bother, Mr Newton in?” She moved towards the fridge, her dress rose as she bent over for the bottle, her thighs showed and her ass looked so inviting under that short summer dress, her reply came from the fridge, “No he’s out until late tomorrow, gone over to Readford with Lester’s dad, ah here we are,” she stood and turned, bottle in hand, she slowly put it on the table, “Yes master.”

She stood transfixed, her eyes held by the red bulges in Paul’s sockets.

Paul settled himself in to the chair just vacated by Cheri, she stood silent, immobile, waiting.

Paul could feel her fear, knowing she was trapped, she knew she would have to do what ever he told her, her will was gone, she was his to do with as he pleased.

His grin grew to an evil sneer, the veins in his head visibly stood out as he worked on the helpless, pretty house-wife’s mind, he allowed himself a small giggle as he watched her body squirm, she bit her lip as he filled her mind with sex, her libido was increasing at an alarming rate.

His mind told her to bring the wooden rocking chair over in front of him and to sit.

She sat there, her hips moving, her thighs rubbing together, her breasts heaved up as her breathing became erratic; beads of perspiration formed on her face, he could see her nipples through the cotton dress, he knew if he could see them they would have to be big, she had a bra on.

He smiled as he watched her hands opening and closing, her body shaking, he intensified his thoughts, images of sex, disgusting words, perverted acts filled her naive brain, she was being forced in to an aroused state beyond anything she had ever felt before, she bit her lip, little moans escaped her forced silence as he watched her squirm he suddenly spoke, his voice an evil twisted growl.

“Open your legs,” her legs parted, “Oh further than that, come on all the way,” she forced her legs to push open, wide open, her thighs hard against the wooden arm staves, her dress open, raising up her thighs displaying the white of her pants.

He sat there looking at her obscenely displaying herself, showing him what he had wanted to see for so long, and then his humiliation of terrified woman began.

“Does little churchy girl want to play with her big hot fat titties?”

Cheri gasped a little, “Yes,” Paul growled, “Yes what?”

“Yes master,” his red eyes stared at her, “Go on then, while I look up that nice dress of yours, nice of you to show me what you got between your sexy thighs.”

Slowly Cheri hands moved up and started to caress her dress over her tits, she tugged at the nipple as if trying to milk the pain or pleasure away, Paul worked harder, he could see her rubbing her ass on the hard chair he knew she was hot and he was enjoying playing with her, “Get them out little churchy then you can really play with them, lets see them, do you want to show them to me.”

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