It's All In The Mind

bykayce 69©

He knew the answer but still enjoyed hearing the squirming housewife he had lusted after for years say, “Yes.”

“Then my little churchy get them out but how about you stand and dance for your master while you do, a slow sexy dance then you may show them nice titties to me.”

She unbuttoned the top of the dress as she swayed her hips and body around, gyrating and grunting, Paul grinned to see this fine upstanding woman of the community stripping like a common whore just for his pleasure.

The dress slid it off her shoulders the whole garment dropped to the floor, as she reached behind to unhook the bra Paul wallowed in the sight. Tottering around in little three inch brown open backed sandals, naked legs bouncing, opening, closing showing off the thick strong thighs, at the top a pair of neat white pants, as her legs opened he could see a dark stain covering the crutch.

His eyes moved up to her little slim waist and then the bra dropped, oh yes a perfect pair of large tits with huge round areolas surrounding thick long deep red buds that were now being squeezed and pinched by little delicate fingers.

Paul thoughts invaded her, this time he wanted her to speak, but he wanted every filthy word imaginable to pour out of her religious mouth.

She fought it but it was no use as she bumped and ground to some imaginary music she suddenly blurted out, “God I want to fuck, my fucking cunt is needing a cock, I want a cock up my ass, my cunt, I want to suck cock. Master do you want my cunt, please let me put my cunt in your mouth, tongue me out I need your tongue let me open my legs for you, here suck my tits, get my nipples in your mouth, bite them make me scream but fuck me please master fuck me.”

Paul’s answer was half growl, half humiliating laughter as he said, “You play with your cunt first then I will let you have my cock, but first, stick your fingers up your own cunt, and make sure you push them up as far as you can.”

She was still being forced to dance round, gyrating her hips at him as she slid her pants to the floor; her cunt, now inches from Paul’s face was wet, her fingers glistened as they drove in and out finger fucking herself; she still swayed her ass around, her tits swung, jiggling about, as she continued speaking, “Am I doing it right master, do you like my cunt? My fingers fucking me to your liking, my tits and nipples big enough for you to enjoy, I want you to use them, use me, all of me, I’m yours, please master make me yours take me, fuck me, fuck me now.”

Paul lay back in the chair, her mind heard, : Take the cock out, suck it, kiss it, lick all of it, worship it, but continue with the finger fucking and just for good measure get a finger up your ass while your doing yourself :.

Cheri’s bent down on her haunches, her legs spread wide, her cunt opened for him as her fingers quickly undid the top button on the jeans and pulled the zipper down, her hand drove in and pulled his cock out, her mouth sucked at it then she ran her lips up and all over the head kissing it then back down the full length before driving between his legs to lick his balls. Her right hand went between her own legs and she inserted two fingers up her cunt and one up her ass, continuing to fuck herself for her new masters pleasure.

Paul let her suck him, he made her look up at him as her mouth moved quickly up and down his shaft, his evil grin widened as he forced her to take all his length in to her throat until he came, pumping his juice in to the back of her mouth.

He made her carry on until he found himself stiffening again, her mind told her to get on her back and spread her legs, Paul was soon on top of her fucking her wet cunt while he made her tickle his balls. His knees were slightly bent and his mouth was enjoying her nipples, his new found powers allowed him to fuck her until he was ready to cum and that took him a good twenty minutes of hard vicious thrusting.

He stood looking down at her, she lay motionless, her cunt wet and sticky, her nipple bleeding from the continues attack by his sharp teeth, but he wasn’t finished with her yet; his mind commanded she go up stairs to her bedroom, where they would wait for Cindy.

Paul walked in to the big bedroom, threw his clothes on the floor and settled himself on the bed, Cheri was ordered to kneel at the side of the bed and play with her tits.

They didn’t stay like that for long soon Cindy could be heard coming out of the bathroom, though his eyes were still red and he was in command they now turned almost blood like as Cheri called Cindy in to her room.

The young teenage beauty walked through the door with just a towel around her, her eyes went first to her naked mother, knelt at the foot of her own bed squeezing her own tits and pulling her nipples then she made the fatal mistake of staring at Paul.

They made eye contact and Paul was ready, his thoughts overwhelmed the confused girl, her young mind unable to comprehend the situation, she was unable to resist and fell easily under Paul’s control, she dropped the towel.

Paul looked at her, if he thought that the mother was sex on legs then here was a younger version; lovely ripe firm tits with the nipple’s perfectly poised on the up turned globes, tight firm waist and ass and lovely athletic legs, the same black mane like hair surrounded her cute fresh face and she smelt adorable, slowly she was forced to walk towards the bed.

Controlling two was a new and untried power that Paul was not sure of, his voice growled out to Cheri, “I will kill her if you don’t do all I say, I can make her kill herself then I will destroy you, I am still your master do you understand,” Cheri looked at Cindy, standing motionless as though dead already, she looked back in to the red eyes and nodded.

The voices began in Cindy’s head, she opened her legs he hands went between her legs and held her cunt wide open, Cheri crawled forward, “Lick her cunt, I will encourage the result, obey your master,” his voice filled with an unearthly low rasp, “Get on with it, your already a cocksucking fucking whore that I can fuck at my pleasure now churchy you become a cunt licker as well.”

With those words ringing in her head Cheri knelt between her daughters legs, her head pounded to the pain of his control but she knew enough to know what he was going to make them do, she knew enough to realise it was this or he would kill them both and get away with it, and she knew what she had already been forced to let him do to her, defeated and powerless to stop him her tongue flicked out and in to the waiting open slit.

He watched as the mother sucked at her daughters cunt, pushing her tongue up then drawing it back until it tickled around the nub under the fleshy tight folds, then he focused his mind in to Cindy’s thoughts, doing the same to her that he had done to her mother but this time the perverted feelings were new to the innocent girl.

As the thoughts of sex raced through her brain her body shook, her mothers continues licking and the forced arousal from Paul started her hips thrusting forward; Cheri’s head was being pushed back, Cindy was so excited she was almost sitting on the sucking mouth as her hips moved, Paul made his move.

Suddenly ordered to stop, Cheri moved back, Paul got off the bed and bent between Cindy’s legs he rammed his finger up the sopping cunt breaking through the virginal tissue then he pulled the blood soaked finger out; he sucked at it tasting the virgin blood before ploughing it back up for more.

Five times he drank in the blood before he felt a new strange power; as he stood he felt he could keep lifting and he did.

Paul floated about a foot off the ground; Cheri put her knuckle to her mouth stifling a scream.

Paul’s mind tuned to a new power he felt he could control both women, he levitated over the bed staring at the two naked women, his commands flowed thick and fast.

Cheri and Cindy crawled across the floor and on to the bed under him, he planted thoughts in to them, thoughts of how they needed full on lesbian sex with each other, he increased their sex drive as they mauled each other, full throat kissing, they grabbed at each other sucking each others tits and nipples, eating each others cunts in a frenzied sixty nine.

He floated above them, his face twisted evil as he enjoyed watching innocent Cindy her face between her mothers legs sucking and licking at the dripping cunt; he moved to get a better view of Cheri forcing three fingers up her daughter freshly violated hole; his own cock throbbed, harder, thicker, full of hot juice and he wanted it emptied.

He parted the women and descended on to the bed, immediately he had the woman sucking and kissing his hard meat until he took Cindy.

She straddled across his cock and bounced up and down, Cheri was forced to suck his and Cindy’s nipple’s, kiss and tongue both of them before having her head between Cindy’s legs licking at the wet cunt and at the cock as it fucked her daughter.

His voice growled at the hapless Cheri, “Like watching me fill your daughters cunt, not many mothers get to see their cute innocent girls get their first fucking, are you watching churchy? I’m going to fill her with my juice then your going suck my cock clean before you do something else for your master while I make my cock messy again by fucking your little girls ass,” with those words he let himself explode in to the fresh tight cunt.

He lay on the bed, his hand clasped behind his head as he relaxed, Cindy, curled up at his waist, sucking and playing with his cock, acting like the obedient slave she now was, he was ordering Cheri about as she tried to put on the nearest thing to sexy underwear she had until Paul said that will have to do. Dressed in her shortest skirt and lowest cut blouse, Cheri was ordered to go to Lester’s house and seduce his mother, she had no choice but to obey.

Paul spent the next hour amusing himself with the young pretty girl; he had her fingering herself while sucking his cock, she fetched him a leather belt then bent over and while she sang, Happy Birthday To Me, over and over again he beat her ass red raw before making her hold her ass cheeks open so he could ram himself up her.

He left her to sleep, wiping all memory of his visit, he smiled in-wouldly at the thought of her waking to find her legs covered in cum and her ass sore inside and out.

He moved from that house to Lester’s as mist, slowly seeping under the door and in to the room; waiting before he materialized he found what he wanted, on the sofa sat the two mothers.

Rosalyn wasn’t anywhere near as pretty as Cheri but she was elegant, most of the women in this area were attractive, it was a very wealthy town and money attracts the beautiful women. She sat or more half laid as Cheri kiss’s forced her body in to the sofa, that, plus Cheri’s hand inside her blouse kept her pinned back, the one thing Paul was pleased with was she wasn’t fighting.

He watched the out line of Cheri’s hand as it squeezed at the right firm mound, Rosalyn’s arms laid at her side, her body moved she was obviously aroused; Paul positioned himself behind out of their line of vision and slowly materialized, he saw Rosalyn twitch as he entered her mind.

He increased her arousal, slowly simulating her, making her wet; he watched as she started to kiss Cheri back, her hands now moving over Cheri’s body her fingers pulling at the hem of the short skirt.

He slid his hands down the front of Rosalyn blouse, she stiffened, he looked at Cheri, “Undo the sexy sluts blouse, lets see these tits.”

Cheri undid the blouse, Paul’s mind told Rosalyn to keep her hands at her side, they lay heavy, unable to protect herself as he squeezed at the firm pert tits; again his orders roared in to the helpless Cheri, “Get your hand up her skirt lets have your finger up her cunt, you want your cunt fingered don’t you?” Rosalyn gave a pathetic forced, “Yes.”

Paul mauled at her tits, pinching and pulling at the defenceless nipples, “Open your legs let your friend do some finger fucking, you don’t mind me watching you girls doing naughty things to each other, go on open them, give me a look at what’s between.”

He watched Cheri slide her hand up between Rosalyn’s legs, the skirt rose up with it, as his right hand pulled at the hard nipple he lent forward his left hand slid down and pulled up the hem giving a full view of Cheri’s hand now inside a pair of black satin pants.

He watched as her fingers pushed up and in to Roslyn, his mind forcing her to push in and out, making her go quicker and quicker, he could see the cunt juice, slimy on Cheri’s finger, he slid his hands away, “ Rosalyn its your turn to get your fingers wet.”

Cheri moved so her skirt could be pushed up and Rosalyn could get her hand under it, she was stroking the bare legs, her hands moved up until they were pulling at the crutch of those sexy pants he had see earlier.

They were both trying to undress each other; Paul’s mind was working on them, the bodies were heated with lust; he waited until they were both naked, then he moved in to view.

Rosalyn even tried to cover herself, she didn’t understand and Paul was enjoying toying with her moving in and out of her mind, he knew he could make her do anything he wanted but he wanted to see how far both women would go by themselves.

Cheri knew what he would do if she stopped, she carried on pawing at Rosalyn’s body; Rosalyn was so hot, so aroused and turned on that she found herself responding even though Paul was watching.

Cheri’s fingers returned to working on the wet cunt as Rosalyn let her; their mouths sucked noisily as their tongues pushed in to them; Paul stripped and stood closer.

His erect cock pointed at the women, Cheri was the first to crawl over and start to lick it, Rosalyn looked confused, Paul grinned at her, “Come on Rosalyn, come taste some cock before it fucks you, you can’t be shocked, I like women, especial older sexy women that aren’t being fucked enough by their stupid husbands, come here I’ll show you what we boys enjoy, even your sons.”

He forced both naked women to kneel before him then he placed his hands on their heads, his eyes went from red to blood red, his face contorted as he looked in to Jims mind.

He looked through Jim’s eyes to see what he saw and so could Rosalyn and Cheri.

As Paul forced his powers to their limits the three first saw Jims cock reaming in and out of Rose Lowe’s ass-hole then the head moved and Lester came in to view, he was grinning, Rose, who was bent over taking her ass fucking was playing with Lester’s cock, kissing it tickling the head with her tongue all the time saying, “Oh yummy master, thank you for fucking me master, you are so good, so strong so hansom, please fuck my ass.”

The three heard Jim’s laughter as he conveyed thoughts to Lester, Paul was also picking them up : She will say anything, nice to hear the prick tease telling us the truth about us or are you going to spoil my hero worship by fucking her mouth some more : the reply came : Going to fuck her mouth some more, we have her all evening, I’m sure we can make her : he suddenly stopped the word : Mum : came in to his mind, Paul took his hands from the women’s heads.

Paul growled, “Enough of that, your kids are having their fun with some holes then so will I, you,” he pointed to Cheri, “On your back, legs open, you,” he turned his attention to Rosalyn, “On your knees and suck her cunt, keep your legs open, I’m going to use your cunt and don’t worry I’m going to make you want it, in fact your both going to want it until I’ve had my fill of you and that could take a long time, maybe years.”

With the two women at his mercy he spent the rest of the evening fucking the both of them.

He used all his powers on forcing the women to humiliate themselves for his enjoyment; he made them abuse each other with objects he found in the bedroom or kitchen, he made them both piss in each others mouths, wrestle naked on the bed, the prize for the winner was to suck the piss out of his cock.

He forced them to vi for him, making them want to use their tits to excite him, making them abuse their own bodies, seeing which one could flatter him the most, the sight of two attractive, naked thirty two year old women being forced to worship him was what his power was all about.

He gloated as he made them lick his ass; he especially enjoyed forcing Cheri to wank his cock off in to Rosalyn’s mouth then she had to kiss Rosalyn showing her cum covered tongue to him. His humiliation of two pillars of the church knew no bounds, he giggled as he watched Cheri lying on Rosalyn’s sofa sucking his cock, while playing with his balls and telling him how wonderful he was while, at the other end of the sofa Rosalyn sat between her legs, fingering her own cunt and Cheri’s.

His favourite was to suddenly plant in their minds their overpowering love for each other, the uncontrollable desire to pleasure each other, grinning as he watched them writhing on the floor, rubbing their cunts furiously together as their mouths sucked at each other lips and nipples, making one then the other hold their tits forcing their nipples in to the others wet sucking mouth.

Continually he had them sixty nineing but as he fucked an ass he would make them bite and chew each other’s flesh, he loved the way they squealed with their mouths stuck up each other’s cunts. His newfound vigour allowed him endless fucks until even with his power over them the two women were too exhausted to do or take any more.

He dressed but before he left he erased all that he had done to them but he didn’t leave it there, like Cindy he wanted his last bit of fun. He left them naked in bed, curled in to each other, their heads trapped between each others legs in the perfect sixty nine, if he’d have had the time he would have waited to see the reaction when they woke, but it was nearing ten and the old mill beckoned.

Friday Night.

As his mist entered the mill he saw Rose Lowe, she was naked, lying on the floor her legs open she had obviously been fucked; Jim and Lester were ether side and a black shadow hung above them, he tried to contact the two boys but his thoughts were blocked.

He materialized and stood looking at them, they pointed for him to stand at the girl’s head, he took his position; suddenly a loud buzzing sound filled his head, it was agonizing he put his hands to his head but it wouldn’t stop.

Paul stared at the two boys who were staring back, he could see the hate in their eyes, their eyes as red as his, their power felt greater and it was doubled. Paul started to convulse, he dropped to his knees the shadow drifted down and the last thing Paul heard was a hollow rasping voice exploding in to his head : You were my servant, you took a virgin, then you humiliated your new brethren by defiling their mothers, you can not be trusted to do my bidding : Paul’s brain ceased to function and his eyes turned black.

Wednesday Morning.

The funeral was a sad day, there were a lot of people there, Jim and Lester stood with their family as Mrs King sobbed at the side of the grave, she was being held by two very attractive women; Lester smiled at Jim, their minds connected : I see Paul’s aunties are here, : : Yes good lookers too, they will be visiting Mrs King a lot now : : Mrs King looks so sexy in black : Jim turned his head to Lester : Nice sexy legs and a good body, I’ve always had a thing about her, what about you? : Lester coughed to cover a snigger : Be a shame for her and her visitors to be alone when Mr King goes to work besides we owe it to Paul to look after the HOLE of the family now he’s gone :.


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