tagIncest/TabooIt's All Relative Pt. 02

It's All Relative Pt. 02


This is a continuation of my story It's All Relative Pt.01. You may want to read that first to familiarize yourself with the characters and background. Aunt E will now simply be referred to as Liz. All names and characters in this story are fictional and all characters are at least 18 years of age. Enjoy!


"You dirty little slut," Lauren said jokingly to her mother on the telephone. "I knew you wouldn't waste any time before getting familiar with Sean's cock. Was it amazing?"

"Oh my god it was unbelievable baby," Liz replied. "I must have cum at least 4 or 5 times. You weren't lying about the size of that thing. Or the taste of his cum for that matter!"

"I'm so jealous," Lauren said. "As soon as I get back from camp I am definitely taking that cock for a spin."

Both mother and daughter laughed as they continued to catch up on Lauren's first night at camp. Lauren was jealous that she hadn't been the one to fuck Sean but her mother wasn't the only one who had seen some action the previous night.

"So have you made friends with any of the other girls at camp?," Liz asked.

"Funny you should ask that," Lauren said. "I actually got pretty well acquainted with my roommate last night."

"Oh? Do tell," her mother replied.

"Well, we were hanging out in our room after practice was done for the day and Stacy had gone to the bathroom to shower," Lauren explained.

"When she came out of the bathroom she was completely naked and she has the most amazing body! I've always admired other beautiful girls but this was the first time I actually felt something sexual after seeing another chick."

"So what happened?," Liz asked.

"I think she noticed the way that I was looking at her because she gave me a little smile as I headed for the shower," Lauren said. "When I came out I was wrapped in a towel and was surprised to find that Stacy was still completely naked sitting on the floor. She said since I had seen her naked it was only fair that she get to see me naked as well."

"Seems fair," Liz responded.

"So I laughed and dropped my towel to the floor," Lauren said to her mother. "Stacy told me that she's had some experience with other girls and that I had the most amazing body she had ever seen."

"I'll take the credit for that," Liz joked. "Ok, go on."

"She asked if she could feel my tits because she couldn't believe that they were real," Lauren continued. "I figured what the hell so I told her to help herself. She began massaging my tits with both hands and then she leaned in and took a nipple in her mouth."

"Wow, she gets right to the point huh?," Liz asked.

"Yeah, I could kinda tell this was not her first rodeo if you know what I mean?," Lauren said with a laugh. "I could feel my pussy getting wet while she was sucking my tit and at that point I was prepared to go with the flow."

"So it sounds like you had an interesting night as well huh?," Liz said.

"It was so hot mom. Stacy laid me down on the floor and she ate my pussy so fucking good. I came at least twice," Lauren said. "And I never imagined I'd fine myself eating another chick's box but I loved it. Tasting Stacy's sweet juices when she came on my face was one of the hottest things I've ever been involved in. I think we'll have a good time together for the next few weeks. We already talked about seducing one of the camp councilors. A threesome will be a blast since we both love a good cock too."

"Just be careful baby, ok?," Liz said in mother mode.

"You know I will. Love you Mom!," Lauren replied. "Love you too hun," Liz replied

Liz was all worked from listening to her daughter's sexy story about hooking up with Stacy. She started rubbing her pussy and couldn't believe how wet she had gotten at the idea of her daughter eating another girl's pussy. It had been a while since she had tasted some pussy herself and she couldn't get the thought of doing it out of her mind.

"Looks like someone's having some fun without me," I said as I came down the stairs.

"You wouldn't believe the conversation that I just had with your cousin," Liz replied.

"Oh really? What's up with her?" I asked.

"Well, apparently she and her roommate had a little fun last night. Let's just say that you and I aren't the only ones that know what pussy tastes like anymore," Liz said.

"Wow. She's really turned into quite a little slut huh? Looks like the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree as they say," I said jokingly.

"I guess you're right. The weird thing is that I can't believe how fucking wet I am after hearing my own daughter tell me about messing around with another girl," Liz explained. "She's growing up so fast and she's obviously become a sexy young woman."

"I won't argue with you about that," I replied.

"I bet you can't wait to stick that big cock of yours inside of her huh?" Liz asked me.

"I am looking forward to it but she's not here right now and you are. I'm not gonna sit here watching you rub your pussy like that without giving you some more of this," I said as I pulled my semi-erect cock out of my shorts. "You want to go another round?"

Without saying another word my aunt grabbed my cock and began to devour it. She was deep throating me like an animal. I guess she wasn't kidding when she said that Lauren's story had turned her on.

I started fingering my aunt's pussy while my cock was buried down her throat. She was dripping wet just as she had told me. After a few minutes of amazing head I stood my aunt up on stripped off all of her clothes. I dropped my shorts to the ground as we walked towards the stairs.

"So you wanna fuck in my bed again huh?," my aunt asked me.

"Been there, done that," I replied.

Right then I bent my aunt over on the stairs and drove my cock deep inside of her. I began pounding her from behind as her massive tits swayed in all directions.

"Give me that pussy," I said to my aunt. "Give your nephew that fucking pussy you dirty whore."

"Oh my god. Don't stop fucking me Sean. Keep stuffing me with that big cock," my aunt said trying to catch her breath.

"Oh I'll keep fucking you don't worry about that," I said.

We were both so worked up that this session didn't last as long as the night before. After another few minutes of drilling my aunt from behind I turned her around and shot my load all over her face and tits. She sucked some of my cum off of her nipples and then proceeded to suck every last drop of cum from my shaft. We shared a deep kiss for a couple of minutes before my aunt stood up from her seat on the stairs.

"Ok stud. I actually have a few things to do today so I'm gonna go clean up and hit the road," my aunt said.

"Ok sexy. I'm gonna go for a jog anyway so I'll see you later on for dinner," I said.

I gave my aunt a quick kiss on the lips and we went our separate ways.

Chapter 2

As you would imagine, the next 6 weeks were filled with daily fuck sessions between me and my aunt. Every time was like the first time. We couldn't get enough of each other. This had been the most amazing experience of my life so far but things were about to go to another level.

It was Saturday morning so I decided to sleep in. I was lying in bed with a pillow over my head and my morning wood was in full effect. Since my aunt and I had become so familiar with each other I didn't even bother wearing anything to bed anymore. Suddenly, I felt a hand wrapped around my cock and figured my aunt wanted to get right at it that day.

"Couldn't stand to let this morning wood go to waste huh Liz?," I asked with the pillow still over my head.

"I'm not Liz and I've been waiting 6 long weeks to feel this fucking cock inside of me," my cousin Lauren said.

I had almost forgotten that this was the weekend that Lauren was returning from camp. I had been so caught up in fucking her mother that I lost track of what day it was. Before I could even remove the pillow from my face and focus on what was happening my cousin was already lowering herself on to my cock.

Her pussy was soaking wet as she must have been imaging what was about to happen during the whole ride home from camp. I slid easily into her tight, wet box and she began to feverishly ride my cock.

"Your cock feels so fucking good buried in my pussy Sean. You can't imagine how bad I've wanted this," Lauren said as she bounced on top of me. "How does it feel to finally put your big cock in your little cousin?"

"It feels amazing," I replied. "I've been waiting a long time for this myself."

I was mesmerized as I watched my cousin's big tits bounce up and down to the rhythm of our fucking. I grabbed her by the waist and would pull her right back down every time she rose up on the length of my shaft. I began to buck my hips and really drive my cock deep inside of her pussy.

After riding me for 10 minutes or so she hopped off and started sucking her pussy juice off of my cock. She took my whole length in her mouth and her lips were pressed up against by balls.

She spent the next few minutes alternating between sucking my cock and my balls before I got behind her on the bed and started pounding her pussy doggystyle. She was taking my cock like a champ.

"Yes! Pound my fucking pussy Sean. Give me that fucking cock," Lauren shouted.

I followed her orders and continued fucking her from behind with everything I had. She was reaching between her legs and rubbing her clit while I drilled her with my cock.

"Well, well. That's quite a way to welcome your cousin home Sean," I heard my aunt's voice say from the doorway.

I looked over and Liz was standing there completely naked. She was rubbing her pussy with one hand and squeezing one of her gorgeous tits with the other.

I continued fucking her daughter from behind as the thought of my aunt watching me fuck her daughter drove me absolutely wild. Lauren looked over at her mother and just smiled. She didn't care who was watching.

"Oh my fucking god," Lauren said. "It's everything you said it would be Mom. His cock is incredible!"

"I would never lie to you baby," Liz replied. "But I can't just stand here and let you two have all of the fun."

My aunt began to walk towards us and she climbed up onto the bed.

"Why don't you show your mother what you learned at camp while your cousin stuffs your little pussy with that cock of his," Liz said.

Liz positioned herself with her legs spread wide open so that her pussy was directly in front of Lauren's face. I couldn't believe that my cousin was about to eat her mother's pussy while I fucked her from behind but that's exactly what happened.

Lauren quickly buried her face in her mother's box and it looked as if she had quite a bit of practice with Stacy while away at camp.

"Oh yeah eat my pussy baby. I love feeling my baby girl's tongue on my clit while I watch your cousin fuck that sweet little pussy of yours," my aunt said.

I felt like I was having an out of body experience. Was I really balls deep in my own cousin while she ate her mother out?

Liz began to moan loudly as her daughter licked and sucked her pussy like she was a full blown lesbian. It wasn't long before I completely lost it and shot my load deep inside of Lauren's box. "Mmmm. Looks like it's my turn to taste your pussy baby," my aunt said. "Come here and let me suck that cum out of your little cunt."

My aunt and Lauren switched positions and my aunt began to eat her daughter's pussy like she hadn't eaten for weeks. I just laid there and watched the two of them for a little while as my aunt tried to extract every ounce of my cum from her daughter's fuck hole. After a few minutes my aunt slid up and looked as if she was going to kiss her daughter on the mouth. However, just before their lips were about to meet my aunt used both of her hands to spread Lauren's lips apart and she dropped a load of my cum right into her daughter's mouth. They switched positions again and spent the next couple of minutes swapping my cum between each other as they laid on top of one another.

Before long I was at full mast again and decided I would take full advantage of the position that they were in.

"Don't either of you sluts move from where you are," I commanded. "I'm going to fuck the both of you like the filthy little whores that you are."

I got in between their legs and inserted my cock first into my aunt's pussy which was on top. I must have pumped my shaft into her about 10 or 12 times before sliding out and then sliding into Lauren's pussy. The two of them made out like teenaged lovers as I alternated between fucking my aunt's pussy and my cousin's pussy.

"You two are the best thing that's ever happened to me," I said in complete ecstacy. "I can't fucking believe what we're doing right now but I never want it to end."

"It doesn't have to end baby," my aunt moaned between breaths. "You can fuck the both of us whenever and wherever you want."

"Good because I'll never get enough of fucking your pussies," I said as I felt another load of cum brewing.

I hopped up off the bed and told my aunt and cousin to get down on their knees so that I could spray my load on both of them. They took turns sucking my cock and my balls for a minute or so before I coated both of their faces with a monster load of cum. They began kissing each other once again as they licked my cum off of each other faces.

We all collapsed onto the floor and laid there speechless for the next few minutes.

"So what do you think about moving in with us Sean?," my aunt asked me.

"Yeah, we could really use a big strong man like you around here permanently," Lauren said.

"I can't think of a good reason not to," I replied. "As long as I get to spend my days fucking and sucking my two favorite relatives I am never going to leave this place."

"Well it's settled then," my aunt said.

"Yeah. Welcome home stud," Lauren said with a laugh.

We all chuckled and I realized that my life was about to change forever. I love my family.

The End.

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