It's Always The Quiet Ones Ch. 01


"So what color panties do you have on today, Jazz?" Her breasts were incredibly perfect B cups. I knew from the videos that she didn't need this bra to make them perk up. Her incredible breasts defied gravity. I pinched her nipples softly between my thumb and forefinger, and began to roll them gently. She closed her eyes.

"Please keep doing that, Derrick. Please don't stop." There was a pleading tone to her voice. I leaned in, and kissed her neck softly as I rubbed her nipples. Her arms went around my waist, and she tensed as an intense orgasm tore through her. He mouth was right by my ear when she came, and she was whispering my name. It was hard not to throw her down on the ground and take her right here. I released her nipples, and hugged her to me tightly.

"Oh my god! That was incredible. Thank you, Derrick." The way she said my name seemed sensual and erotic. "I have on pink, lacy, see through panties that match my bra; and right now they are completely soaked." She slid from my embrace, and undid the clasp on her shorts, and pulled them open so that the zipper went down. "Here, feel for yourself." She grasped my hand, and guided it towards the opening in her shorts. I slid my hand inside, and felt her beautiful twat through the gossamer fabric of her panties.

It was swollen with excitement, and when I ran my finger across her engorged clitoris, she took in a sharp intake of breath. I slid my finger farther down, and my entire hand was inside of her shorts. Her pussy was steaming hot, and my hand was soaked with her juices. I slid my hand out, and popped one finger after another into my mouth, slowly licking her sweet nectar from my digits. I could smell the musky scent of her pussy, and it didn't help my erection to go down in the slightest. She fastened her shorts back, and kissed me softly. She turned and walked back towards the party. I knew that I didn't imagine the extra sway in her hips this time. She was walking like she had just came; and she had. I just hope that Brian wouldn't notice the new bounce in her step. I sat down by the koi pond, and watched the fish swim lazily for a few minutes. My boxer briefs were liberally coated inside with pre-cum. I guess that Jazz wasn't the only one who found that encounter exciting. I waited about five minutes, and then went back to the party and got two cold beers, and drank them one after the other.

The band played an awesome set that night. We did a mix of popular rock, and songs that Candy had penned. The crowd was really in the zone. I'm not sure that we had ever experienced synergy like that before. If only a record producer could have heard that set. We would have had a deal in nothing flat.

About three A.M., Brian called it quits. He had drunk an incredible amount of Jack Daniels. I don't think that I could have walked into the house if I had done the same. I was feeling no pain, but wasn't piss drunk, either. Candy had quite a few, and had smoked a little ganja with some of the high school kids. When I had walked out of the woods five minutes after Jazz, she gave me a quizzical eyebrow, and when I did not respond to this, she gave me a wolfish grin. Women are strange. I had tried to avoid both Candy and Jazz as much as possible that evening; at least I tried to never be alone with either of them. I knew what Jazz would try if she got me by myself, and the way that Candy was looking me over; I figured that she might have the same thing in mind.

I gave Brian a half an hour to get to sleep before I went in to lie down. The party had thinned considerably, but was still going on. I crashed on his floor on a sleeping bag that I had brought. It seemed that I had listened to Brian's horrible snoring for only a second until I was out like a light.

I awoke some time during the night. The room wasn't pitch black, because some moonlight was coming through his blinds. At first, I thought I had to pee really badly, and then I realized that I had a raging hard on, and that my cock was inside of something warm and wet. I looked down, and saw that Jazz had my cock buried in her mouth as far as she could manage. She was bobbing her head slowly. She really didn't seem to get the whole gist of what she was doing, because she really wasn't using her tongue; but she had the basics down enough that my groin was on fire with pure lust. When she saw that my eyes were focused on her, she slid my cock from between her lips, and put her finger in front of her lips in a shushing motion; then she pointed up at her brother who was snoring loudly in the bed above us. Oh shit! I had forgotten where I was at after being awakened by a blow job. Her brother was maybe three feet away. I was petrified for a second; but I hate to say it, but it made it about a hundred times nastier than if we would have been alone.

She only wore those lacy pink panties that she had on earlier. She stood up, and stretched in the moonlight. Her body was beautiful. It was as lush as I had imagined it to be, and that I later saw on video. Her breasts were perfect; the little pink rosebuds of her nipples stuck out almost an inch from her handful sized tits. Her belly was flat, but she still had a little baby fat there. To me, it made her even sexier by emphasizing her hips, and pubic mound. She languished in my gaze, and turned around to let me see her beautiful ass. It was a marvel to see. It was heart shaped, and rounded, and was soft in all the right places. She slid her panties down her hips ever so slowly. When they moved past her hips, she continued to bend over with them until she was bent all the way to the ground. She stepped out of her panties and spread her legs. In between them I saw the biggest, fattest pussy that I had ever seen. Her cunt was as big as my fist. Her outer labia were swollen, opening them up so that I could get a glimpse at her holiest of holies. She was so wet that while I was watching her, some of her pussy juice ran down the inside of her thigh.

She stood back up, and stretched again, letting me take her all in. God but she was sexy. She turned back around, and straddled me on the floor. She leaned down and kissed me, her tongue invading my mouth within seconds. This girl was a race car that was running in the red, and I wouldn't be able to slow it down no matter what I tried. I slid my hand down her stomach, and slid my middle finger between her pussy lips. My hand was immediately drenched in her slippery lube. I strummed my finger over her clit, which made her moan into my mouth. I immediately stopped, which elicited a tiny whimper. I pulled my mouth back from the kiss, and put my lips by her ear.

"Jazz, your brother is right there." I whispered this as quietly as I could. "I can make you cum, but you will have to be quiet."

"I don't just want to cum, Derrick." She voice was just as low key as mine had been. "I want to fuck. I need you inside of me, right now. He is bombed, and we could probably lie down on top of him and bang away, and he still wouldn't wake up." I knew that there was some truth in what she was saying. I wasn't about to tempt fate too much, though.

"Keep straddling me, but sit upright." She did what she was told like a good girl. I slid my middle finger around her pussy hole to lubricate it, and slid it inside of her slowly. She was very tight. Her cunt muscles clung to my finger like a second skin. "I'm going to try and loosen you up, Jazz. If you cum, do it very quietly." She nodded in agreement. I started finger fucking her slowly, which sent chills up and down her spine. I could see that her nipples were so hard now that even her areolas stood out from her skin. I fingered her for a while, slowly pulling and tugging at her insides to make some room; and then she came, silently. Her pussy gripped my finger like someone had clenched their fist around it. I stopped temporarily, and when I started back fingering, it was a little looser than it was before. I slid my middle and index finger inside of her, and she gasped. Brian's snoring never wavered.

I started fingering very slowly, less with the intention of exciting her, than with stretching her. I spread my fingers apart as far as I could. This went on for several minutes, and although she looked like she enjoyed it, Jazz didn't come again. I slid my fingers out. My hand was coated with her juice all the way down past my wrist. I motioned to her to come close so I could speak.

"Have you had sex before, Jazz?"

"Not with a real man, but I have a dildo that I use sometimes." She sounded embarrassed by this admission. I found it very cute.

"Are you absolutely sure that you want to do this with me, and right now?" She nodded, and put her lips by my ear.

"I have never been so sure of anything in my life." I felt her grab the base of my cock, and line it up with the entrance to her tight little cunny. I was already well lubricated, between her spit, and my precum. She pushed back, and at first nothing happened, and then I felt her relax, and my head slipped in. She began working me inside her inch by inch. She came several times in the process. When she came, she would clench me tight with her pussy muscles, and then after a minute, or so she would relax. It wasn't long until my entire eight inches was buried inside of her, and we began to fuck for real.

I grabbed her by the hips to steady her, and also to control her rhythm. She began to move faster and faster, and I was meeting her down strokes with my own thrusts. We were making quite a bit of noise, with her ass banging against my pelvis, but her brother never stirred. She had cum five times now, not including the fingering, and each time her pussy tightened on my dick, it brought me closer to my own orgasm. I felt the tingling in my balls which meant that I was in immediate danger of cumming. I didn't know if she was on birth control, or wanted me to pull out, or to cum inside her. I just had no idea, since our talks had just been flirtatious, and not very informational.

"I'm getting ready to cum, Jazz." She beamed a huge smile at me, and continued to bounce on my cock. It was only a few seconds later when the feeling overcame me, and my cum shot up my cock, and exploded in her willing pussy. After about the second spurt of my jizz hit her insides, she came too, clenching down tightly on my cock. I kept my upstroke going this time, and her orgasm deepened into something even more substantial. She moaned, but not too loudly. We fucked for another minute, and then she lay down against my chest, my face buried in her light brown hair. It smelled like strawberries. I wondered briefly if she had taken a shower prior to coming in here.

We lay in each other's arms quietly for five minutes, just enjoying the afterglow, and the closeness with the person that we had both been fantasizing about being with for months. She put her lips to my ear, and kissed it softly.

"Thank you, Derrick. This is definitely a first time that I will remember." She raised her head up to look me in the eyes.

"Thank you, Jasmine." I leaned up, and kissed her lips softly.

"What are you thanking me for?" She actually sounded puzzled.

"For giving me your first time and for being so incredible. You are kind of blowing my mind. All the pictures, then the videos, and now this."

"Let's not talk about it right now. Give it some time, that way we don't say things that we don't really mean." She kissed me softly on the lips, and she drew back, so that I slid out of her, and I felt my cum run out of her cunt and onto my belly. She stood up with no further conversation, pulled on her little pink panties, and pulled a white tank top that I hadn't noticed before over her head. She moved to the door, turned, and blew me a kiss.

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