tagNonHumanIt's Always Time Act 02 Ch. 01

It's Always Time Act 02 Ch. 01


Book Two: Secret Origins

Chapter One: Weird Science

"You promised, Galatea."

"I lied."

"You don't lie."

"Yes I do! I lie a lot! I lie all the time! I'm lying right now!"

"I mean you don't make false promises. You lie about them, but you never break them. There's a difference."

"All right, Dee, you win. You can go to that stupid store. But I still think you need to work on your priorities. Priority one: fuck me. Mm. Priority two: fuck me. Mm, God, you taste good. Priority three: fuck m—oh, fuck me, Dee, just fuck me!"

"I have! I will! Wait a minute, I think I am—Ga-Galatea! No more ambush sex, you promised!"

"We've had this conversation already! It ends with—mm—you fucking me so—ooh—so why stop now?"

"You know, I think you've got a point …"

"Mm—God, Dee! Yes. Fuck! More. God. More."

* * * *

Dee examined his profile in the bathroom mirror. It was hard to be sure through the grimy crust accumulated over three days worth of nonstop, sweaty sex with an amorphous, amorous, dangerous, nymphomaniac dessert foodstuff, but he had to ask. "Galatea," he called, "do I look any different to you?"

"Say what now?" she called back from the bedroom.

He traced a few fingers over the line of his jaw and pushed up his cheek. "Do I look any different to you?"

"I've only known you for three days. Dee," she added, petulant, "come back to bed."

Dee performed the unflattering half-twist everyone makes when failing to catch a glimpse of their own butt. "We broke the bed when you tried to tie me to the bed frame," he said, twisting the other way.

He heard a sighing, slurping noise. "Oh, I've made you a bed," Galatea said, her voice so smoky it gave him goose-bumps. "Come here and let momma tuck you in nice and tight."

"I'm serious," Dee said, "I mean, all my zits are gone, for instance. Even that big one that just seemed to move around on my ass for the past five years."

"Will the wonders of nookie never cease. C'mon, let's have s'more before it gets a chance to grow back."

Dee struck a few silent poses. He scratched his head, his hair a calcified mass overdosed on green hair gel.

Galatea huffed in frustration. Dee heard a loud slosh and then the patter of dainty feet. "Alright, then, what do you think is different?"

"I'm not sure. I think I look sort of 'streamlined,' maybe?" He shrugged wide, surprised to see the muscles in his mirror-imaged arms and shoulders bunching. He had been getting a Hell of a workout lately, he admitted to himself. "Maybe I lost weight? I mean, I haven't eaten anything but, well, you, for a while now."

Galatea stood, stark naked, her back pressed against the bathroom doorframe. She slid down the frame like a pole dancer, bending at the knees, rolling her fingers through her hair, head swaying, hips rocking. "'Doesn't just taste good—it's good for you too!'" she baby-talk mocked. She pressed her palms to the floor between her legs and sat like a cat. "You look like you've always looked to me," she said, her voice tender. "I don't see any difference. Honestly." She gave him a sly upward glance. "But the view from here is mag-fucking-nificient."

"All this attention is making me feel self-conscious, and I must be coming off as really self-absorbed. I'm sorry," Dee said, smiling. "I'm sure it's nothing."

"Think of it this way," asked Galatea, standing tall. "Is your dick any bigger?"

Dee panicked. He looked down. "No," he sighed, relaxing.

Galatea whirled around and threw her hands in the air. "Then who cares?" she said, marching back into the bedroom.

She grinned wide at the sound of Dee's laughter and leaned back in to wink at him in the mirror. "You coming? You really oughta give my new bed trick a shot. A money shot, I mean. Maybe a dozen."

"Definitely," said Dee, "but please, later. If I go to bed now I'm sure I won't come up for air until midnight—"

"At the very least, bright boy."

"—And I really want to get to SRU today, and it's already, what, eleven o'clock?" Dee plucked a purple bathing scrubber out from beneath the sink and tossed it into the tub. "After today I've only got one more day of bereavement leave and then I've got to go back to work on Monday."

"You've got two other grandparents, two parents, and a sister yet to kill," Galatea said, "I'm going to keep you locked in here for a fucking month."

Dee unwrapped a new bar of soap. "You know that won’t work."

"I know," Galatea sighed, "but I'll think of something! What are you doing in there anyway?"

Dee's hand froze above the shower tap. Had he really not been in the bathroom in three days? "Got to get clean," he grunted, twirling the tap. "Got to go back to SRU," he said, pulling the mildewed, plain plastic shower curtain across the tub to avoid the freezing first jet of water. "Got to figure out what the fuck is going on."

Galatea pelted into the bathroom, her rubbery feet squeaking on the cheap linoleum floor as she came to a juddering halt. She started to bounce and clap her hands. With her elasticity and curves, it was like watching an Orion slave girl porn starlet jumping on a trampoline in slow motion. "Shower scene! Shower scene!" she sang after each bounce.

Dee, a mere mortal, ogled the spectacle for a good long while before remembering what language he spoke. "Galatea," he said, "we can't. You're water soluble."

"Nuh-uh," she scolded, reaching a hand into the showering spray. "I'm water absorbent."

Her breasts fluxed and filled out two extra cup sizes. "How big you want 'em?" she asked, turning her back to the shower to give her burgeoning bust some room and sticking both hands under the water. "Just say 'when.' Oh, you're just going to stand there with your mouth open? Well then step back because it's going to get awful crowded in here. You might get tucked into my bed trick after all. And then momma's gunna tuck and tuck and, mm, tuck until she tuckers you out. And then she'll just keep on tucking. That's what happens to naughty boys when they say no to momma—"

"Enough games," Dee demanded, hurling the bar of soap into the sink. It smashed into perfumed shards.

Galatea tried to cross her arms but settled on drumming her fingers atop her glutted tits, lips compressed into a grouchy moue. "You take all the fun out of having a sex slave," she said. She pried her fingers between her breasts and peered down. "Can you see my bellybutton? I can't." Pushed corset-tight by water pressure, her cleavage only gave about an inch before springing shut over her nose. "I can't even see my feet," she said, voice nasal and plugged.

Dee grinned, exasperated and world-weary. "A minute more under the shower and no one would be able to see your feet. Honey, I love your games, but I—hey, what's wrong, honey?"

Her gaze glistened. "You never called me that before."

"What, you mean 'honey?' You don't like it?"

"I…love it."

He stepped close and took her hand. The top points of her hair tickled under his chin. "But it's such a little thing."

"Not to me."

The tips of his fingers kissed the curve of her hip. "I have an inner vocabulary when I think of you. Do you want to hear it?"

"I…I'm not sure," she whispered.

"Nectar, jade," he said, stealing quick kisses from her trembling mouth, "Ocean, emerald, wine." Galatea's tears ran free. "Darkling, thunder," Dee said, kissing, "fire, river, rain."

"But more than anything," he said, and cradled her face in his hands. "Honey," he said, and kissed her deep. "Honey," he said again and she threw her arms around him and crushed her lips to his, sobbing into his mouth. "Honey," he whispered, and held her tight until the shaking stopped.

"You know," she sniffled, "this would be so much more romantic if…"

"You're breasts weren't shoved up my armpits," Dee said.

She nodded, adding "…and if you didn't smell like ass."

Dee snagged a shard of soap from the sink. "I think the stupid shower is finally warming up," he said, watching steam rise.

Galatea leaned close, sniffing. "Hey," she said, "that smells damn good. Wuzzat?"

"Homemade castile soap, olive oil and cream tallow and stuff. Don't look at me like that, the goth girl who makes the absinthe in her bathtub made it for me…Now don't you start looking at me like that, either. Ursula isn't interested in guys like me. Little Miss U isn't interested in guys, period."

"Hmf," Galatea grumped, hugging herself to Dee's chest. A moment later she perked up. "Let's get you cleaned up." She maneuvered Dee over to the toilet, checked the lid was closed, and pushed him down. "You sit here."

"Okay," said Dee, curious.

She skipped over to the tub and turned off the tap. "What's—" Dee started, but was struck dumb by the gleaming emerald smile Galatea threw over her shoulder. "You just sit right there," she said.

She stood straight, and inhaled deeply, her furled fingers tracing a circle around her tummy. A strong fluxion in her fluidic gel pulled water down from her chest into her abdomen. An inner waterfall transformed her from a pornographic titty queen to a beatific gravid maiden in a matter of moments. She ran her hands over her taut, round belly. She hummed in thought.

"It does not make you look fat," Dee marveled.

She bedazzled him with that starry smile again. She swayed close, plucked the shard of soap, now warm and molded, from Dee's hand. "Thank you," she chirped, and popped it in her mouth.

"What's—" Dee tried again, but Galatea shushed him, and a soap bubble burst against his chin.

Galatea rummaged through the sink, feasting on select slabs and crumbles of soap. She collected the few slivers that remained into a little pile and vigorously poked them down the drain. "Pfft. Ursula. Hmf," she grumped again.

"Now," she said, whirling back to face him, hands clasped to chest, her smile beguiling. "Gimme fever."

Dee moved in to kiss her, but she said, "That would taste pretty soapy right now."

Dee met her gaze for a moment. He pushed her chin up and scraped his parted mouth down the entire length of her graceful neck and across to her shoulder blade in one, slow, warm, breathy exhalation. He sat back, coming away with a swath of runny green icing from his nose to his chin. "You mean something like that?"

"Yeah," she gulped, eyes closed, chewing hard on her lip. "Something—ah—something like that, yeah."

She stepped back, her ample belly blooming into turquoise like milk swirling into green tea. The curious color spread until her entire substance turned an opaque, pale jade. "Now," she panted, "come close to me." Dee did as he was bid. "Yes. Good. Stand right there. Give me your hands."

She cupped his hands together, palms up, and positioned them level with his chest. "Hold them just like that," she said, stepping back. He felt supplicant and embarrassed until she bent down, kissed his fingertips, and blew cool, citrus-perfumed air over his palms. His hands started to tingle and the citrus bouquet grew very strong. Galatea stepped back, eyes shining.

His hands had been filled with creamy pale jade foam. "Wow," Dee said.

"How does it smell?" Galatea asked, biting her thumb.

Dee shut his eyes to concentrate on the aroma. "Soothing. An orchard of citrus trees in blossom." He smiled. "I bet this is what really expensive spas smell like."

Dee felt her step close and push his hands up onto his chest. "How does it feel?" she cooed, moving his hands over his skin gentle arcs, spreading the stuff around, before pulling his hands away again.

"Oh, God," Dee said, eyes squeezed shut, chest heaving. "Uh. Tingly—no, stupid word, not strong enough. Electric. Searing. But gentle, all at once. Like—" He gasped as he felt her finger trace a thread of the foam down his abdomen. "Like dozens of nibbling little lightening kisses. No. Hundreds. Thousands. I, I can’t describe—"

"Shh," whispered Galatea, gathering up his hands. "Those," she said, kissing his fingertips again, "are nanogasms."

She blew cool, citrus-perfumed air over his palms. They started to tingle again. She pushed his hands back toward him, this time massaging the sensuous foam in his stomach. He nearly doubled over from the carnal thrill it drove into him. He still could not open his eyes. "You're…you're not covering me in my own, uh…"

"No," Galatea purred. He heard her exhale through puckered lips for a long moment. "I'm covering you …" she said, and a pair of hands smeared foam down his thighs. Dee groaned and fell to his knees. While her hands worked their creamy way toward his groin, another pair of hands started slathering even more across his back, making him arch and bark, senses running wild. "… in me."

Galatea was working foam into his hair and down his neck when Dee cried, "I can't—"

"Yes you can."

"No, I can't take it!" He fell to all fours as a dozen foamy hands rove over his feet, his arms, his ass. For some reason they really liked playing with his ass.

"Yes you can!" Galatea smoothed the foam gently around his face. "You're about to experience what the female orgasm feels like, Dee." Her many hands gently pushed him down and rolled him onto his back. "That's all." She massaged it deep into his calves, the pits under his arms, and between his toes. "If any man could take it, it would be you. You can do it. I love you. I love you. Okay. It's time. Here we go."

Galatea blew cool, citrus-perfumed air over his dick, and Dee flew mad.

Dee flailed, every muscle jittery with wave after wave of tension and release, his cream-covered body slapping and slopping the floor with foam. Galatea coddled his cock, kneading the jade elixir deep into his very most sensitive skin. "What does it feel like, Dee?" she asked, and blew, heaping his lap with more sizzling foam. She rolled and folded it over his balls, her hands slipping up his shaft and down into the crack of his ass. Dee could only groan. "Talk to me, baby," she said, blowing and working in more cream, "even just a little. Tell me how it feels," she said, and blew.

"Flying," he managed, "flying. It really is just like…"

Dee could say no more for a few minutes, as she blew and salved every inch of him with more and more cream. "It's," he said, his eyes flickering open. "It's not stopping."

Galatea lay down and cuddled up against his side, sleeking herself with foam. "It hasn't happened yet," she said, her chin on his shoulder. "You're still plateauing, baby."

"Oh my God," Dee said, his laughter warm. "How long does it last?"

"That depends," Galatea said. Her hand skated down his stomach and settled over his raging dick. "How long do ya wannit?"

"I don't think I can take much more."

"Mm." Galatea slid atop him, her breasts and big belly sandwiched in cream against his chest, her knee pushing his slippery erection into his stomach. "You got it, baby," she said, spreading her legs over him. She scooted down and guided him into her, frictionless as silk.

Galatea glided on a thick layer of cream. "Cum in me," she said, humping faster, "cum in me, baby." Each upstroke slicked a heavy breast across his face, a cream-covered nipple popping in and out of his mouth. "Cum for momma. Come on. That's it. Yeah, you're doing it." She pivoted against him, sitting up. "I can feel it coming."

She grabbed his hands and clamped them on her tits. "Let is happen, baby, there's nothing you can do." She rocked her hips in topsy-turvy circles, keeping pace with Dee's racing pulse. "Momma's gunna make you cum. Momma loves to make her baby cum. Momma always—ah." Dee's violent shaking suddenly stopped.

"Ooh, good baby," Galatea said. "Baby's giving so much cum to mommy." She let his hands fall to the floor where they pawed feebly at the tile. "Baby's got so much cum for mommy." Her rocking slowed, lingering on each arching upstroke. "Yes. There. Baby's filling momma up to bursting. Such a—mm— good baby," she said, hugging her round tummy. Her downward thrusts grew faster, harder, each agonizing upstroke lasting longer and longer.

"But momma wants more … Nuh-uh," Galatea fussed, shaking her head, treating Dee's dick like a piston buried deep within her pumping hips. "Stay hard for mommy. Momma knows her baby has more. Baby has much more cum to give, and momma wants it all. Momma's gunna take it all, there isn't anything baby can do to stop it. Oh, baby's gotten so hard again. Oh, oh! Baby's cumming so fast! Mm, and so much more than last time, too. Was baby holding back from mommy? I bet he was. Naughty baby. Is baby holding back now? I bet he is. Oh, look, baby's so tired he can barely move a muscle … but momma's got him hard again. Momma knew he was holding back. Baby should know better. Momma's never gunna stop. Not until she—gets—what—she—wants."

* * * *

Dee guessed the plastic, battery powered clock hanging sideways on the bathroom wall read one o'clock. Or maybe two. The jade foam dripping from the clock face made it hard to read.

Galatea flattened herself out a bit to fit into the tub behind him. Dee tried to pop the stopper in the tub's drain but it zipped out of his cream-coated fingers and skittered out into the hallway. "Don't bother," Galatea said, rubbing Dee down with the purple bathing scrubber. "I've got enough of the three Ds in me right now to sink a battleship, so a little nanomek down the drain is no big loss. Besides, it almost always finds its way home." She blew cool air against his back and rolls of the soapy, jade cream poured over his shoulders and filled the tub. "Can you handle it?"

Dee hugged his knees, feeling countless nanogasms coursing through him. "Yes, it's wonderful." He leaned back and stole a kiss. "Thank you. You gave me an incredible gift. Thank you, thank you."

Galatea just smiled, humming tunelessly, and scrubbed him down. "I wish I could go with you," she said after a while. "To go out in broad daylight and be seen with you, I mean. I want everyone to see us together—especially that Ursula bitch."

Dee laughed. "Speaking of U, I need to remember to pay her back for all that absinthe. Wait a minute." He turned to face her. "Food coloring," he said.


"You wanted to go out and be seen," Dee said, "Ursula has got to have some food coloring in her apartment. Maybe we can—"

"Hey, yeah," said Galatea. "Why didn't I think of that. RGB, right? I've got the G, I just need some R and B."

"I don't think it works that way…"

"Shut up," Galatea said. "And you, move your lazy ass!"

"What—" Dee began, but startled when the background nanogasms suddenly vanished. The jade foam boiled out of the bathtub and onto the floor, leaving Dee spotless and squeaky clean from head to toe. The foam whisked up fluffed out and a willowy, ghostly Galatea rose above him, an abstract apparition sculpted from curling arabesques of cloud and cream.

"I'm going, I'm going," the apparition said, its wispy voice little more than a crackle of bursting bubbles. It wafted down the hallway. "I'll get it."

Dee shook his head, and called after it. "Don't forget to leave Ursula some money! My wallet's in my pants, wherever they wound up."

"Okay!" it bubbled back.

Galatea slipped sideways around him, pancake flat, and filled out to sit in his lap. She grinned like a cat.

"I can see through you again," Dee said. "As much as I ever could, which wasn't really all that much was it?"

She just grinned at him, as translucent as green glass.

"Was it—that is, were you—aware and awake this whole time?"

"Yes!" she said, bouncing. "Covering every scrumptious, solid inch of you." She cupped Dee's face, kissed him, and pinched his cheek. "Getting into every pore. Giving you all those nanogasms." She drubbed merrily on his chest with her fists. "Oh my God, I can't wait to remember it. It must have been awesome."

"It was," the apparition said, drifting back in through the door, a handful of colorful plastic vials suspended in the core of her vaporous body. Dee thought it looked much less substantial. "But getting these was a real pain in the ass. Thank God Ursula leaves her window cracked open. And the gardening crew almost saw me. And I almost blew away in the wind. And I nearly burned all my nanomek just carrying these things around." The vials dropped through her to the floor.

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