tagNonHumanIt's Always Time Act 06 Ch. 02

It's Always Time Act 06 Ch. 02


Act Six: Second Helpings
Chapter Two: Every Piece of Me

"…Well, Dee?" Eurydice was asking, punctuating each word with a surreptitious, molten kiss on the tip of his dick, sparking jolts of afterglow. His hips twitched, trying to turn aside out of instinct, but Eurydice clamped her thighs around his knees and held fast. "Is it time?"

Raspberry slathered Dee's chest with sex. Her ass slid over his nipples as she craned her neck to leer at him, her elfin ears wiggling in an expression both girlish and incredibly lewd. He could see Eurydice through Raspberry's lavender, translucent tummy. The green girl was gazing cross-eyed at his cock, coaxing his erection skyward with little kisses and burning exhalations.

He glanced up, his head pivoting in Tomoe's lap. Her face, framed in a mane of raven hair long enough to tickle Dee's nose, loomed high above honey-brown breasts. She winked, gave his neck a little squeeze with her legs, and his head was trapped in a tree-trunk vise.

CeeCee stood beside her, contemplating a plucked sunflower, its saucer-sized head filled with thousands of sticky seeds. Her mouth yawned and she popped the entire flower in her mouth, seeds, petals, three-foot stalk and all. She munched, looked about as if searching for something else to eat until her eyes fell on Dee's crotch, and she mimed an expression of dawning discovery.

Eurydice gave a polite cough. "I said, 'Is it time?'"

Tomoe, CeeCee, and Raspberry stared at Dee. A gentle breeze stirred the flowerbed. Dee gulped, "Um. Maybe?"

Dee felt Eurydice stiffen, then relax. "Raz," she commanded, "shut that man up," and sword-swallowed his cock.

"Yes, ma'am!" Raspberry saluted and slipped her slick ass up Dee's neck, over his chin, and onto his face.

Raspberry's orchid-petal pussy touched Dee's lips and he saw stars. The honey of Raspberry's sex was tarter and sweeter than the finest rhubarb pie. He was helpless not to eat. Raspberry shifted her plastic-perfect ass against Dee's face until she rode him cheek-to-cheek.

"So that's what a solid tongue feels like," she said. "Not bad, but CeeCee is bet…Oh." Dee found her clitoris "Oh, h-holy shit." She gaped down at Dee through her own gelled flesh. "Oh, where the fuck have you been all my life you fucking bastard!" She ground down, swearing a blue streak while her pussy painted a purple swath across Dee's chin. "I ain't never," she panted, "ever standing up again, swear to fucking God." She threw her head back, studding Tomoe's chest with amethysts. "Nng—fuck—cumming—again." She kicked and gnashed her teeth, falling backward between Tomoe's breasts. "Bastard. Motherfucker. More."

Eurydice's throat pulsed and thrummed around his cock—always swallowing, swallowing, swallowing—while Raspberry's succulent nectar and acid tongue rained down upon him. Eurydice raked her fingers over Dee's ribs, squashed her breasts around his thighs. The barrage of sex sent Dee over the edge and into a screaming orgasm.

Dee's cries bubbled through her inner gel and Raspberry bolted upright. "Whoa!" She eyed Eurydice. "Hey, did you just make him cum?" Eurydice only grinned and giggled around Dee's shaft as she suckled the dregs of his climax down. "That's two for you. In a row. And nuffin' for me."

"I'm the one just standing here," CeeCee said.

Tomoe cleared her throat. "I've got jelly all over my boobs. Hell of a show, though, girl. Damn."

"I'm not done yet," Raspberry pouted, rocking slowly. She folded her arms. "And the lime's bogarting all the baby-gravy."

The seal imprisoning Dee's dick in Eurydice's throat gurgled and she pulled her mouth free, tonguing the tip of his cock, catching the last gob of cum as his glans escaped her lips. Dee shocked and shuddered. "Pfft," Eurydice dismissed, "he's got plenty. Don't you, baby?"

Dee, his face still buried in raspberry heaven, tried to protest but only managed, "Bff."

"'Course ya do. Besides…" Eurydice shrugged, her syrupy lips descending toward Dee's captive prick, her gaze rolling up to stay locked with Raspberry's. "I'm better at this than you are."

Raspberry froze, then purpled. She rocked forward, peeling away from Dee's jam-plastered face, until she and the green girl were nose to nose. "What did you just say?"

Dee said, "Oh, shit."

"You heard me," Eurydice purred before treating herself to a mouthful of half-hard cock. "'Oo canth handle the dich. Wah'ch dis…" She deep-throated Dee with a greedy hum.

Raspberry wrenched Dee's dick from Eurydice's mouth. "Dee," she said as Dee writhed and gasped. "Have you ever noticed Miss Cum-Chugger here has only one blowjob Technique?" Her lavender fingers wormed around his lime-lubed root.

"There's more than one?" Dee panted, dick responding to Raspberry's ministrations. Two fingers, he thought, she's just using two fingers. Raspberry pushed and pinched. Exhausted, still in afterglow, Dee found himself growing hard. I think I'm in trouble.

"Thousands," Raspberry hissed, wrapping her hand around his reborn erection. She went cockeyed as her lids slid shut. "Jesus fuck that's solid." Her thumb stroked his shaft, never touching the crown of his glans. "This is no dick, this is an honest-to-shit, solid fucking rock."

"Nothing tops the Bowling Ball Through Eight Feet of Garden Hose Technique," muttered Eurydice. Dee thought he heard an undercurrent of triumph in her petulance and knew he was in trouble.

Raspberry sighed, chewed her lip, and rolled her palm over the head of Dee's dick like she were polishing a doorknob. "I know limes've got the greatest cunts, but nobody, nowhere has a mouth like mine."

Deep trouble.

Eurydice tipped her head, meeting Dee's anxious gaze. He had never seen a more wicked smile in his life. "Go through them all, Raz," she said, "I'm sure Dee'll tell us whose Technique is best."

Deep, deeeep trouble. "She's kidding, Raz," Dee said. Eurydice cocked her brow and angled Dee's dick up toward Raspberry's mouth with a fingertip. "Eurydice, please" he said, "tell Raz that you're kid—" The lavender girl eased her ass back and Dee was smothered in steamy, creamy raspberry pie. "Dnf."

"Quiet, kid," Raspberry growled at him, "I'm getting ready for work." Her hand slipped down his shaft, her thumb shivering across the very tip of his dick, toying with the extremely sensitive slit. "Gotta prime the pump with some yummy nummy pre-cummy, then I'm gunna milk Mine like we're goin' down to cow town."

Dee jerked under Raspberry's electric touch. Tomoe squeezed her legs and reached down to massage Dee's shoulders, a tenderness reinforced by an iron grip. In his weakened state, her touch proved immobilizing. "Aw, poor baby," Tomoe said. "So tense. Your life sure must suck."

"Actually," Eurydice said, fist against her cheek, watching enrapt. Raspberry flexed her jaw and brought her mouth down around her thumb, scraping her teeth across the ridge of Dee's glans and slurping up the strings of sticky pre-ejaculate she teased from his cock with her fingers. "I think it's about to blow."

A fluttering tongue replaced Raspberry's teasing thumb as she screwed her mouth onto Dee's knob, her hand swiveling around his shaft. Her jaw was muscular, her teeth sharp. Dee felt the sweet sting of flowing precum grow stronger. Raspberry groaned in depraved delight. She pressed her ass atop the bridge of his nose and humped his chin, coating his face and neck with runnels of purple honey. She slobbered up his cock in earnest, her hand slick around its root.

Dee lanced his tongue into her sex. A muffled, guttural chuckle rose in her lavender throat. She gyrated in furious little circles, grinding her clit against his chin. Her lips latched around Dee's glands, her fist blurred around his shaft, pumping faster and sucking harder until Dee's orgasm crested and crashed through him.

Raspberry cackled as Dee came, her face split into a jack-o'-lantern grin. She aimed his prick at her gaping mouth and painted her tongue and lips with spurts of silver. Her thighs clenched and relaxed around his head, aftershocks of her own orgasm. She smeared his spunk around her lips with her fingers, ran her tongue over her teeth, and laughed with a mouth full of cum. "Ha! Now I can get started."

Dee's unbelieving outcry—"Wff?"—was swallowed by her pussy and his deflating dick vanished down her throat.

A few years ago, one of Dee's ex-girlfriends got curious about something she had read on the Internet and chewed on a couple of curiously strong breath-mints before giving him a blowjob. After a surprisingly pleasant first thirty seconds or so, Dee spent the next fifteen minutes hopping around her apartment with a wet washcloth in his crotch. Galatea's seltzer-blowjob had been as intense but ticklish and sparkling.

None of it had prepared him for the full onslaught of a Raspberry deep-throating. Dee's dick could not have felt more stimulated if Raspberry had chewed an entire tin of breath-mints, chased them down with a few pouches of Pop Rocks and a liter of cola, and then hooked herself up to a car battery for good measure.

Dee lurched, breaking free of Tomoe's leggy headlock, arms windmilling, his erection resurging just as fast. Raspberry whooped like a cowgirl and rode him like a mechanical bull, legs wrapped around Dee's head, hands clinched around the base of his cock. Dee sat upright, Raspberry dangling from his neck, the world's most fuckable albatross. Her tits squashed against his abdomen and her face dug into his crotch. She released his dick from her throat and crowed, "Yippie-kay-yay! How'd you like that, motherfucker?"

"Wow." Dee teetered, thunderstruck, between shock and awe. "Wuh…Wow."

"What the Hell did you do to him?" Eurydice demanded, still glued to Dee's legs but quivering, her gel-flesh rocked by Dee's twitches and kicks.

Raspberry shuddered. "My mouth ain't even halfway done nanogasming, thanks to Dee's super-spooge." She pushed up with her hands and cinched her legs tight around Dee's head, ramming her streaming sex back into his mouth, and prostrating him back onto the ground and into Tomoe's lap. "That was just a few thousand nanogasms," she said, massaging Dee's hard dick with both hands. "Let's see what Mine thinks of a million of 'em."

Her lips curled into a salacious snarl. Raspberry scarfed up Dee's entire cock, drenching it in a tempest of nanogasmic gel. She encircled his root with her fingers. She disgorged slowly, pumping down with her hands while pulling up with her mouth, lips and tongue lazing over every inch of his dick as she withdrew. She sucked on the head, a demented Lolita with a well-loved lollipop, before gobbling his cock down for another slow pump-and-pull.

"Holy shit," Tomoe said as Raspberry's pump-and-pulls grew faster and sloppier, "I ought to be taking notes."

"Jesus wept," Eurydice said, head bobbing as she followed the action like a spectator at a professional ping pong ball championship. "Raz, you'd stop if Dee said the safeword, right?" Raspberry's slavering filled the field with syrupy slurch noises. "Right?"

Dee gurgled, lost in the sensorial storm of Raspberry's cosmic sixty-nine. He wrapped his arms around the lavender ass astride his face, kissed her clitoris into his mouth, and clung for dear life. Raspberry's eyes rolled back into her head. She went berserk, pump-and-pulling in double time, then treble.

Dee's onrushing orgasm nearly smashed his brain to bits. He arced in a grand mal seizure ellipse and he came, hard and wild, hips bucking. Raspberry neither slowed nor skipped a beat. She pump-and-pulled, milking Dee through spurt after uncontrollable spurt.

"And that," Raspberry gasped when she finally allowed Dee's dick to flop free of her throat, "is the 'Sucking the Chrome off a Caddy' Technique." She wiped her oozy mouth with the back of her hand, trembling and giddy with nanogasm. "Well, that's one down."

"That counts as two," Eurydice scolded, "and that makes us even. So it's time for Dee to fess up." She peered around Raspberry's tummy. Raspberry threw Dee a harrowing glance over her shoulder and bore her full weight onto his face.

"Dee," Eurydice said, ignoring the squishy sounds rising up from Raspberry's crotch as she rode him. "What kind of man are you, Chrome or Bowling Ball?"

Dee slowly raised one hand, fingers splayed. "Ffth."

Raspberry frowned. "Wuzzat mean?" she asked. Dee's arm drooped down into a nearby flower patch.

"Dee pled the Fifth Amendment," Eurydice sighed, shaking her head. "He's not going to tell us."

Raspberry threw her hands in the air. "Hasn't he seen any porn before?"

"Yeah," Eurydice said, propping herself up by the elbows. "Sure. Lots."

"Oh." Raspberry perked up, bouncing atop Dee's forehead. "So he knows what happens when the guy says he can't decide." Emerald eyes met amethyst.

"Tag team," the green and lavender girls sang.

"Come on down, Raz," Eurydice said, sitting up on her knees, straddling Dee's thighs. "Dee's gunna want to see this."

"Okay." Raspberry scooted around and knelt by Dee's side, then glanced at the surrounding girls. "But no one better call dibs on his face. I've got squatter's rights."

Dee blinked, eyelashes sticky with essence of raspberry. "Guys, wait." Eurydice and Raspberry shared shy smiles, bent toward one another. "I wasn't really thinking…" The two girls kissed, a tentative brushing of parted lips. "That is, I didn't really mean…" Eurydice pulled away, eyes heavy lidded and downcast, but her smile was sly and her mouth met Raspberry's again. Green fingers wound through orchid hair. "Um, at least, I don't think I really meant…"

"Dude," said Tomoe, staring, as Raspberry and Eurydice's delicate kisses lingered and emboldened. "Shut up."

Dee swallowed. "I'm trying." The green and lavender girls sighed and cooed and kissed open-mouthed. "But it's like I don't know how." Purple and jade tongues danced. The translucency of their gelled cheeks heightened Dee's impression of bearing witness to something remarkably tender and intimate. His manhood rose to the occasion.

"Wow," Dee said. Raspberry slid her arms around Eurydice's shoulders. Their deep soul kiss stretched longer and longer without pause for breath. "Oh, wow." Together, kiss unbroken, the green and lavender girls slowly bowed their heads down toward Dee's rising dick. "Uh. Wait." They nuzzled Dee's glans between their chins, their mouths working against each other in languorous, drawn-out smooches, chewing on each other's tongues. "Wait a minute."

The stealthy caresses of their necks against Dee's cock set his pulse pounding. Their elastic gel-flesh gave against his dick. His glans slid upward and was trapped between their lower jaws, a tight but oh-so-soft fit. Dee fell dead quiet.

Eurydice shivered and moaned in the sudden silence. Raspberry squirmed, as if infected by the thrill in Eurydice's flesh. Without unlocking their lips, they inched downward, and Dee's dick was in their kiss.

At first, the opposing suction of Eurydice and Raspberry's lips and the liquid lashing of their tongues was so gentle and luscious it drove Dee mad. He trembled with the impulse to feel more but was too overcome by the sensation to move. The green and lavender girl's eyes flew open at Dee's first spasm within their mouths, but their startled gazes soon dimmed, eyes hazing over. They mashed their mouths together, kissing harder.

Dee groaned and tipped his hips up, desperate for the double-suckle. Eurydice keened, her jellied dreadlocks flowed down her back like green icing from a cake left out in the rain. Beaded sweat, sparkling like precious amethyst, streaked Raspberry's flesh. The two girls' suckling became ravenous and their faces lost focus.

The tension of yet another approaching orgasm welled up within him. The pressure building in his abdomen and groin was so strong, the sensations surrounding his dick so strange, it made Dee dizzy, his thoughts swimmy and unsure. Raspberry and Eurydice devoured one another in the ferocity of their kiss. As if in a dream, Dee felt their mouths melt and merge into a vortex of need and greed and velvet and lightning and—cumming, cumming, cumming—He gushed in a shattering climax, his body jolting as he came, over and over and out of control.

The green and lavender girls slithered apart, tongues and mouths ungluing, their runny-honey faces trailing sticky tendrils. They splat down on either side of him, gulping and crooning as they reformed. "We," Raspberry wheezed, "we just—woo—we just invented a new Technique." A cascade of nanogasm transported her into giggling, helpless pleasure. " Chrome—ha—Chrome Bowling—Ha!—Chrome Bowling Ball—hahaha..."

"So much," Eurydice murmured, planting kisses on Dee's ribs and bellybutton. "You came so fucking much."

A shadow fell over the three of them. They glanced up.

CeeCee's eyes were nothing like the Sun. "And there'd better be plenty left."

Dee draped the crook of his arm over his eyes but did not bother hiding his smile. "Lord all-mighty."

"Yeah," Raspberry said, pulling herself together, arms high and chest outthrust in a glorious, rise-and-shine stretch. "I've got more nanomek in me than ever." She relaxed, one hand falling close to Dee's groin. "But I'm still a virgin."

"Oh, come on," Dee protested.

"I'm serious!" Raspberry cupped his balls. "I need good, hard cherry popping. Real bad." Her fingers stole up his shaft, working their revitalizing magic. "Real soon."

Eurydice sat up and swatted Raspberry's hand away. "Nuh-uh. That's Mine." Her nose twitched. "There's only so much I'm willing to share." She leered up at CeeCee. "Unless you've got a better idea."

Raspberry turned to Dee, her mouth puckered into childlike moue and her eyes wide and innocent. "There's a party in my cunt," she baby-talked, "and everyone's invited."

CeeCee swaggered over behind Eurydice. She placed two big, buttery yellow hands on Eurydice's shoulders of polished jade. Dee was amazed how petite Eurydice appeared beside CeeCee's towering, brick house figure. Combined with the hungry, mischievous glint in the amber woman's eyes, CeeCee reminded Dee more of Galatea at that moment than Eurydice did herself. Seeing the two of them together aroused but disquieted him in a way he could not put his finger on.

Raspberry had taken advantage of Eurydice's distraction and snuck her fingers around Dee's prick again. She sniggered, ears waggling, when she found him halfway hard already. "Attaboy. Just make sure you don't blow your wad over what's about to happen next."

Eurydice reached up and caressed CeeCee's cheek. CeeCee turned her head and kissed the green girl's palm.

"What's going to happen next?" Dee asked.

CeeCee's wet kiss broadened and Eurydice's hand vanished into her mouth. Raspberry's forefinger and thumb clapped around the root of Dee's dick like a cockring. "Don't you dare cum," Raspberry hissed into his ear as Eurydice stretched her other arm up to CeeCee's face. "We want you good to the last drop. And after this, you are not going to want to piss us off."

CeeCee's mouth yawned and Eurydice slid her other hand into it. CeeCee quivered and bent forward, her hands creeping down from Eurydice's shoulders to cosset her breasts. Purls of champagne cream traced over Eurydice's chest and arms. The two meliae presented a phantasmagoric tableau—CeeCee, her head bowed, standing behind Eurydice, sitting with both arms rising straight above her head until they disappeared into CeeCee's mouth—some carnal grotesquery of Hieronymus Bosch or sensual vision of William Blake. Dee felt no fear, only an anxious wonder that, over the past week, he had learned to love. And lust for, Dee admitted to himself as blood rushed into his face and groin. Damn me if Raspberry isn't right. The weirder things get, the hornier I get. What if this is as weird as it gets?

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