tagCelebrities & Fan FictionIt's an Interracial Friday Ch. 01

It's an Interracial Friday Ch. 01



This series is loosely based on the Friday movies... It focuses on black women/white men sex... It's fucked up and filthy... Light 'em up and kick back... It's time to get faded and XXX rated homies...

"Can I please get in my friggin' bathroom... thank you very friggin' much!" My Dad (Dr Evil)

"In a minute... calm down. My baby has a cramp and I'm stretching it out for him." My Mama (Anna Maria Hosford) is riding my big white cock in her phat black booty. DAMN, it feels good.

"Yeah baby... fuck mama's ass. Give me that big ol' white dick baby. YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!" Mama is bouncing hard on my cock, her thick booty swallowing up my thick cock. We're passing the blunt back and forth as Mama rides my cock, sliding back and forth in my lap, slamming up and down on my crotch.

"Damn baby, you got that good dick. Wish I could marry you... instead of your father. (Mama rolls her eyes) His little dick can't compete with yours." Mama says, puffin', then passin', the blunt to me. "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!" She cums for the third time, squirting all over the floor, just as I blow my wad up her phat booty.

I fill mama's ass full. We kiss... and I play with her big black titties. I suck her tongue, kissing her deeply, squeezing those big black melons, her milk oozing out all over my fingers.


"I'M COMIN'... (Mama looks at me) I already did... three times... thank you baby." Mama kisses me, her right hand in my chin. She gets up and bends over, sucking my cock clean. My mama can fuck and suck with the best. She kisses my lips gently... puts her towel back on... then opens the bathroom door. "There... calm down. James had a big cramp... a very big one." Mama winks at me, smiles and blows me a kiss. I get up and walk past dad, naked.

"Sorry about the wait dad. Mama stretched out my cramp real good." I smiled at her and headed back to my room.

"Be careful with those cramps son... drink more fluids and eat a ba-nana." Dad's weird pronunciations.

Back in my room, my sister Dana (Regina King) is in her knees, sucking and jerking me off. She looks up at me and bobs her sexy head on my throbbing man eat, quicker and quicker. She tickles my balls, pushing me to the brink... My idiot best friend Fuzzy (Seth Rogen) pops his big head through my open window. Dana sees him and pulls her mouth off of my cock.

"Blast off, before you get blasted on, fool..." Fuzzy says... Dana jerks me off, so I blast his face with my seed. I cover it as Dana laughs. She sucks me clean as Fuzzy is shocked by my cum facial.

"DAMN DUDE! WHAT THE FUCK!" Fuzzy can't see. Dana laughs again and stands up.

"Aww... poor Fuzzy. Here... I'll clean you up." Dana slowly licks his cum glazed face clean, swallowing down my cum cocktail. She looks back at me and smiles, winking, as she licks Fuzzy's face clean. She keeps the last few drops on her tongue and wiggles it at me. She gulps it down, smacking her lips.

"Thanks Dana." I smack her sweet little booty.

"You're welcome big bro... Love you." She kisses my left cheek.

"Love you too... make sure you're home by 5...got a client coming over."

"Ok...but please don't tell my boyfriend... he doesn't know I cheat, much less that I'm a ho...my brother's ho. He doesn't even know about us."


Dana nudges me and kisses my left cheek again... "please."

"My lips are sealed lil' sis." (Making a zipper motion on my lips)

Dana smiles. "Thank you handsome... I'll be here by 5." Dana heads to her room, happy.

"Thanks for the facial dude... damn." Fuzzy, wiping his eyes.

"Well... you said something about getting blasted on. So..." I smirk.

"Come outside dude... Mrs Jaguar is doing her sexy dance, watering her flowers." Fuzzy heads out to stare at Mrs Jaguar... our neighbor across the street. Her and her 38K tits have been driving us crazy forever. She's aways wearing sexy outfits. She makes hot YouTube videos. She loves to tease. I put my green and yellow sweatpants... pimp colors... and my gold chain on and head outside. I grab a case of beer first... Fuzzy has some blunts ready for us.

"What's up James?" Fuzzy and I fist bump. He's my best friend. He... like I... is adopted. We both have black mothers. His mom... Latifah (Queen Latifah)... and I are close... fuck buddies... Fuzzy doesn't know about it, but his mom is hot... so I fuck the bitch... pimp her too. She loves pussy too, so we have some real fun threesomes with other chicks. He doesn't have to know how close his mom and I are. I always hook him up anyway... so he can't really say anything.

"Check her out dude." Fuzzy hands me a blunt... I hand him a beer... and we both watch Mrs Jaguar water her flowers, bending over, her low cut halter top barely containing those massive black tits.

"DAMN!!" We both blurt out.

"Dude... Mrs Jaguar is finer than a motherfucker... she needs some young... or relatively young... white meat. Mr Jaguar (Danny DeVito) ain't in there right." Fuzzy blazes up... I drink two beers, then start smokin'.

"Well... she's been gettin' my 10 inches for the last year dude." I broke it to him.

"Damn... You're one lucky ass motherfucker. What about Eden? That crazy bitch might cut your dick off." We watch Mrs Jaguar and jack off... smokin' while we do.

I got her under control homey... I'm the king pimp... ain't no bitch cuttin' this big ass dick. She doesn't have to know anyway... you hear me." I look at Fuzzy with a very serious look.

"My lips are sealed dude. (Making a lips zipped gesture) This bud has their attention anyway. She may be crazy, but your girl has some great titties too... just like Mrs Jaguar." Mrs Jaguar is shaking her top, spraying her cleavage with the water hose, fanning herself. She sees us watching her.

"Hey boys." She waves at us, smiling so fuckin' sexy.

"You coming over later James? Hubby will be out." Mrs Jaguar asks, shaking those 38K's.

"If you flash us baby." I tell her... as Fuzzy and I jerk off to her.

"Well..." Mrs Jaguar opens her top... looking around to make sure no one else sees... and pulls those massive ebony melons out of her black bra. She shakes them for us, smiling.

"I'll see you in a little while babe." I tell her, jerking my cock for her.

"Oh honey... I'll be nice and wet for you sweetie." She smiles so big for me, shaking those giant ebony melons again.

"Well, how nice of you... two white cocks for little ol' me." My girlfriend Eden (British ebony pornstar Eden Adore) smiles and sits in my lap, her right arm on my shoulders.

"Hey babe." We kiss, deep tongue action, as she strokes my half hard cock.

"He there handsome. I missed my big cock boyfriend. It's been a long time since last night." She smiles. I gore those huge natural tits of hers. Eden bites her bottom lip and moans. I roughly play with her ebony melons, squeezing them, licking the tops of them. We kiss some more. Eden strokes my cock faster.

"Hey Fuzzy... poor baby feels left out. Here." Eden spits in her hand and grabs Fuzzy's cock, jerking it. "Don't nut though... save it for my arse." Eden smiles... she's teasing poor Fuzzy... but he's happy. She strokes him faster. Fuzzy smokes and leans his head back. Eden smirks at me. We kiss. My hands are under her tight black blouse, molesting her huge titties in her bra.

Fuzzy grunts and cums... even though Eden told him not to. "What the fuck! I told you not to nut, you clown. Now look at this mess." Eden smirks at me again and gets up. "Look what you did Fuzzy... YOU IDIOT! Now I have to clean it up." Eden leans over and licks the jizz off of Fuzzy's cock, slowly. Fuzzy stares in disbelief. Eden licks up every drop, then licks her hand clean. She sucks Fuzzy's cock, jerking it into her gorgeous mouth.

Eden gets up, pulls the blunt from Fuzzy's mouth and kisses him. Fuzzy starts to kiss Eden, then realizes she has his cum in her... and now his... mouth. Eden spits it all in Fuzzy's mouth and won't let him pull away. She twists his nipple really hard and when he screams in pain into her mouth, Fuzzy ends up swallowing all of his own jizz. Eden backs off and sits back in my lap, puts the blunt in her mouth and calmly smokes, as Fuzzy tries to vomit out his jizz, that he swallowed.

I fondle my girls huge titties, while she smokes. "I gotta go talk to Mrs Jaguar for a minute babe...ill be right back." i get up, hug my bitch and go across the street for some fun with the fucking gorgeous Mrs Jaguar.

"OK sweetie. I'll stay here and tease Fuzzy..." Eden winks at Fuzzy, with a devious smirk on her beautiful face.

I head across the street. Mrs Jaguar leads me in her house.

"WHAT... that bitch... I bet she's taking him inside to fuck him. I can't believe he would do that right in front of me. The nerve." Eden is shocked and disgusted.

"Huh?... I thought you knew about his other women." Fuzzy wipes his mouth.

"OTHER WOMEN... WHAT OTHER WOMEN? TELL ME WHO THEY ARE FUZZY!!" Eden demands. Fuzzy realizes he fucked up and tries to back peddle out of the mess.

"I... I... no one... I don't know about any other women... None."


"I... I mean... I..." fuzzy shakes his head, putting it in his hands, knowing he got me in big trouble. He feels terrible.

"Well... Two can play that game. Wanna fuck my arse Fuzzy?"

"Huh? Yeah... but no... I mean... you're my best friends girl... I can't."

"How much money do you have on you?"



Fuzzy looks in his pockets. "$500."

"Good... give it to me."

Eden snatches the $500 from Fuzzy and stands up. "C'mon... I need a dick in my arse... It might as well be yours." Eden grabs Fuzzy and pulls him up, leading him over to the side of my house. She pulls his cock out and smacks it. "Get it hard Fuzzy... dirty boy... you're gonna fuck your best friend's girlfriend in her arse... you cheeky bastard. Mmmmmmmm... it's so dirty... I'm wet. Here... feel." Eden grabs Fuzzy's hand... while she jerks his cock and smacks it. She rubs his hand on her wet, black pussy.

"Oh my God." Fuzzy gets rock hard.

"Good boy." Eden turns around and bends over, spreading her phat booty cheeks. She grabs Fuzzy's hard white cock and shoves it up her own ass. "FUCK ME... NOW!!"

Fuzzy obeys and drill Eden's thick booty hard and fast. His head shakes in delight, never smiles his big, goofy smile and he ass fucks Eden, her huge tits hanging down, flopping WILDLY. "YES... GOOD BOY FUZZY... FUCK MY ARSE... FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEE!!" Eden bites her lower lip and holds on the face, as she enjoys Fuzzy's thick cock in her arse. Her head bobs back and forth... she moans.

Eden reaches back and smacks Fuzzy. He reaches up and squeezes her huge black titties as he pounds her thick ass. "Uhhhhh...Yeahhhhhh!" Eden squirts, right as Fuzzy leans his head back and cums in her bum. Eden grabs his face. "Good boy Fuzzy... that'll show him." They straighten their clothes and go back to the front yard. Fuzzy is happy, but also scared... and feels bad about ass fucking my girl. He begs Eden to never tell me.

Across the street meanwhile...

I'm straddling Mrs Jaguar's massive chest. My 10 thick inches of white meat is buried in between her awesome 38K ebony tits. Mrs Jaguar spits on my cock and squeezes those massive jugs around my aching, but happy, cock. I pound them relentlessly, looking at her. She opens her mouth... I spit in it. She swallows it with a smile, licking her luscious, thick red lips. She licks my thick head as it crosses her lips.

I squeeze those massive jugs and pound them mercilessly hard and fast. My precum oozes out, all over her tongue and lips. Her red lipstick smears all over my throbbing, white cock. Mrs Jaguar smiles and sucks my head. I drill her 38K titties and her wet mouth. I pound both for another 10 minutes. I groan very loud and BLAST HER MOUTH WITH MY CUM.

Mrs Jaguar drinks down two mouthfuls of my white cream, then pulls my cock out of her mouth, letting me finish jizzing on her gorgeous face. I paint that gorgeous, ebony face with my white jizz. She loves it. She jerks out every last drop. Mrs Jaguar sucks me clean. I take several pictures of her face with my jizz all over it. She smiles, blows kisses and poses with my cock. She licks the cum from around her mouth and swallows it down.

I put Mrs Jaguar's legs on my shoulders and fuck her pussy silly for thirty minutes, her face still covered in jizz. I squeezes those huge fucking melons and pound the fuck out of her bald, black pussy. My thick cock stretches that ebony twat wide, as I drill it deep. "YESSSSSSSSSS... FUCK ME BABYYYYYYYYYYYY... I LOVE YOUR COCK JAMESSSSSSSS!!"

Mrs Jaguar squirts for the fourth time, right as I fill her pussy with my cum. I pump wave after wave of jizz up that ebony pussy. She smiles and blows me kisses as I fill her gorgeous, soaked, black pussy.

"Thank you baby... come back anytime." Mrs Jaguar smiles, licking my cock.

I come back on my house and sit down again... Eden in my lap. Fuzzy looks really nervous, scared I'll find out about him and Eden. "Here you go honey." Eden hands me the $500 she got from Fuzzy. He looks at us bewildered. Eden sets him straight.

"Fuzzy... James is my boyfriend and pimp. I know he fucks other girls. I get paid to fuck other guys... so of course he knows about me fucking other guys... and I give him the money sweetie." Eden smirks, her arm around my neck.

"Damn... you got me again dude... Eden's got a great ass though. You're a lucky motherfucker."

"I know. She's got great titties too." I pull her top up and suck on those huge natural tits, with her pierced nipples. I flick the pierced nipples and Eden moans, smiling sexy at me. I pull them and lick them. I work over her pierced nipples for fifteen minutes, sucking, softly biting and licking them.

Later in the afternoon...

Dana is getting fucked by the client I got $1000 from while I'm fucking mama again. I'm fucking her on her and dad's bed. Her smooth legs on my shoulders, my big hands squeezing her big, natural black titties, while I plow that mature black pussy.

"FUCK ME BABYYYYY... GET ME PREGNANT JAMES... I LOVE YOUR BIG WHITE COCK BABY!!" Mama squirts all over my huge cock as I pound her ebony pussy harder and harder. I push all the way up mama's cunt and pump my huge load of jizz up it. I close my eyes as my thick white dick jerk and pumps my seed in my black mother's pussy. I suck her huge tits, working over each one, drinking down her sweet milk as I finish filling her pussy with my man milk.

"Mmmmmmmm... my baby and his big white dick...always making mama so happy." Mama hugs me. We kiss as I fondle her beautiful titties. "I hope you get me pregnant baby. I wanna have a bunch of babies with my handsome baby." We smile and make out. I love my mama.

To be continued...

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