tagBDSMIt's Been Such a Long Time

It's Been Such a Long Time


Simon cut the cards, Christine dealt.

Alex suggested predicament poker, which was predictable enough.

My name is Jo and I sleep with all of them, quite regularly.

Not seriously, not as a planned or committed thing, and we all have secrets from each other, but we are, quite casually, in each other's beds whenever there are no other propositions on the horizon. We have a permanent fuck-buddy relationship that has endured adolescent jealousies, time apart, political arguments and an inexorable drift in the direction of a middle age we are all giving a cheerful finger to from the mid thirties.

We are all bisexual, as well. When I said "each other", I meant it. In fact, for one whole year Simon and Alex didn't sleep with anybody else. Christine and I entertained ourselves during that time, but it was too boring for all of us and didn't last.

At the moment, Christine and Alex were experimenting exclusively with each other. Normally, that would mean Simon and I became regular boff buddies. But, things just haven't worked out this time.

Simon had gone through a rapid string of girlfriends and numerous one-night boys, and I had strung along a couple of boys and a girl, but we were both a little bored with just the two of us and were missing the other two. This night was as inevitable as it was potentially enjoyable.

It had been some time since all four of us have been around a table together. The sexual tension in the air could be smelt.

"Right!" Christine said as she started dealing out the cards. "All the losers of every hand have to truthfully answer questions set by the winner."

There was general ribald laughter at this.

"The winner," she continued, "has to remove one item of clothing."

There was general applause at that.

"These questions," Simon asked as he picked up his cards. "The same ones for everyone or one for each?"

"Same one for everyone," Christine replied cheerfully as she sorted her hand.

In predicament poker there is no point in betting or bluffing and no point in folding. The only real skill is in what to discard and get re-dealt, and we all turn over together.

It makes for a quick game and one that encourages drinking. When we plan on using it as a prelude for sex, we stay sober. Christie had made up several pitchers of iced tea.

I thought I had a good chance on the first hand, but Simon managed to pull off a royal flush.

"Right!" He said gleefully. "When was the last time you sucked cock?"

"Jumping right in, then?" Christine asked with a laugh. "Two hours before you got here."

"You, last year!" Alex said.

"Last Sunday night, and I am gagging!" I contributed.

I got the biggest laugh.

"Is this just one item of clothing?" Simon asked hopefully. But he was already pulling his shirt over his head and didn't need the regretful but standard answer he got.

It looked for a second as though Simon was going to win the second hand as well, but Christine smugly turned over her cards last and was already taking off her blouse as we stared at her hand.

"When was the last time you licked pussy?" She asked sweetly.

"One hour before they got here!" Alex said instantly.

"Last Sunday night and I am gagging," I said, almost as fast.

Simon had his mouth open but laughed instead when he heard me, and had to start again.

"Three days ago at lunchtime!" he gasped out.

Simon did win the next hand, took his pants off (we all have bare feet inside) and asked when was the last time we had been spanked.

Christine and Alex gave the same answers. So did I.

"All right!" Alex said. "Less boring questions next time!"

As fate would have it, Alex won the next hand.

This meant that I was sitting with two boys with no shirts and one girl in her bra. I was rather happy about this, even though they now knew that my favourite sex toy was a double penetration vibrator. Simon's was still a butt-plug, and Christine nominated Alex but we forced her to choose again and she selected a strap-on dildo, which surprised nobody.

It was finally my turn to win it next, which was interesting because I was not wearing a bra. I tried to act coy at the chorus of cat-calls but my nipples responded for me.

I demanded to know what was the most orgasms they had ever had in one session.

Simon lead with two, a little shamefaced. Alex claimed four, and not surprisingly Christine top-scored with seventeen.

My personal record was eight, which looked good next to anyone but Christine.

Christine lost her bra next round but found out that we all had the same fantasy celebrity threesome of Scarlet Johannsen and Nathan Fillion, and accused us of being boring.

Alex joined Simon in underwear next, and wanted to know our favourite chaser for cum.

Christine chose whiskey, Simon chose beer and I won a moral victory by saying "more cum!"

Christine took her skirt off next, revealing matching underwear ("It is not a fucking coincidence!" she protested when Simon suggested it) and pondered for a few seconds before declaring that we all had to reveal our favourite position for threesomes.

"Right!" Simon said, rubbing his hands together. "Getting serious now! On my back, with a woman sitting on my face, and anybody going down on me."

"Going hard at a girl who's going down on another girl," Alex declared.

Both of those descriptions got me a little wet, and flustered, and I had to endure a chorus of "Come on, don't be shy!" when I hesitated a quarter-second too long.

"Getting fucked hard by Alex while going down on Christine!" I retaliated.

"Later," Christine shot back without missing a beat.

Next round, I lost my pants. "Now, you really should have gone with matching underwear as well," Simon said when my black lacy boy-leg panties were revealed. I ignored him.

I was also, unfortunately, at a momentary loss for a question.

"You've got ten minutes to fuck a complete stranger," I began, as an old memory surfaced. "What position do you use. Man and woman!" I added as they looked a little impressed at the question.

"Both," Alex whispered. "Damn..."

"Bent over, holding onto something, while he fucks me as hard as he can," Christine began, "Aaand, fingering each other, up against the wall, tongues locked together, tits out."

Damn, that got me wet as well.

"On top, face to face, her ankles around my ears, hard as I can," Alex said, "And taking him from behind, standing, against a wall."

"Alright," Simon said. "I'll have to go for... Taking it from behind, against a wall, and... 69, her on top."

"Later," Alex said, before Simon had even finished talking.

"Before we continue," Alex continued, in a drawl, "is there a penalty or prize for first naked?"

Christine cackled with glee, and clapped her hands together. "House slut!" she said, which was traditional.

We ignored her, which was traditional whenever she said that.

"How about," I said, on a simple and completely unexpected impulse, "Every hand they win after that, they have to go down on someone."

Everyone else stopped, mostly with their mouths open.

"I like it!" Simon said, finally. Alex agreed. Even Christine perked up and agreed to that.

"And when we're all naked?" Simon asked. "Do we just sort of have a general orgy? I think we should have an ultimate hand."

For once, we agreed with Christine. It would have to be house slut.

"And no playing to lose," Alex said casually, as he picked up his cards for the next hand.

Simon lost his underwear, revealing the half boner we had already seen through the fabric, and made us reveal that Christine's favourite nipple clamps were the highly scary Japanese clover clamps, Alex much preferred applying them but admitted he did sometimes appreciate good, old-fashioned clothes pegs, and I couldn't see a way out of admitting that since the last time they tested me, I had discovered the joys of rubber-tipped clamps with weights attached to them.

Alex gave me a disconcerting look then, which made me feel either incredibly sexy or incredibly scared, I wasn't sure which.

As Simon sat there naked, I was willing him to win the next hand, but it went to Christine, who finally lost her bra, both her nipple rings gleaming, and demanded to know how we felt about being whipped. Alex tried to dodge until admitting it was the thing that turned him on most about subbing, Simon still preferred flogging, and I was forced to say it still got me incredibly hot, but I still didn't trust many people to do it.

Alex put his hand up. "Can I request a special vote to skip the rest of the game and make her house slut?" he asked.

Despite Christine and Simon agreeing with him, they had to admit that wasn't fair, and fate made him lose his underwear next hand.

"Orgasm denial," he said bluntly. "Good or bad?"

We almost unanimously said "Good, but only if it gets paid back!"

With the boys both naked and Christine and I still wearing panties, there was an air of anticipation in the next hand, turning to universal near-disbelief when Simon actually won with a measly high pair.

My glass was empty, so I spun it as Simon wet his mouth in preparation.

Alex won. He pushed back his chair, spread his legs and said "I'll tell you when to stop."

Simon wasn't an amateur at cock, and was one of those beautiful boys who pay attention to whoever they're doing and develops some style. I knew from experience and watching him that Alex was effective but workmanlike, yet watching Simon ease into giving Alex's cock a full-throat working made me so horny I was dizzy by the time I finished, and my fingers were digging into the arms of my chair so I didn't play with myself. Christine looked exactly the same.

Alex was certainly enjoying himself, and it didn't take him long at all to grunt "Enough!"

When Simon stood up, making a show of massaging his jaw, Christine reminded him that he hadn't asked a question yet. At this point, I was so horny I had forgotten all about that and didn't care either.

"Okay," Alex said as he settled back into his chair. "Suck cum from a cock, or lick it off a pair of breasts?"

Christine gave a whistle of appreciation at that question, and I went a little dizzy again.

"Lick," Alex said almost instantly, his saliva-wet cock gleaming where it lay like a challenge on his belly.

"Suck," Christine said. "And then splash the rest on my breasts for someone else to lick off."

"Suck, and then splash the rest on Christine's breasts for me to lick off!" I said.

"Later!" Everyone said, in unison.

Next hand, Christine did lose her panties, and I could only stare lustfully. "You've got a new piercing," Simon said in appreciation.

She twirled it with a fingernail. "Yes," she said smugly. "You know how a nipple piercing makes it more sensitive? Oh god, yes!"

For only the second time in my life, I considered getting my nipples pierced.

"Also," Christine said as she sat down, "Tell me this: Vibrator in the arse for half an hour, or fucked for five minutes?"

"Fucked," Simon said, almost instantly. We all knew he wasn't great on vibrators.

Alex agreed, but only because he preferred it fast and rough.

"Don't make me choose!" I wailed, but I faced an implacable opposition.

"Oh fuck it," I said, resigned. "Vibrator. I like drawing things out."

Next hand, I knew I was going to win even before we turned over. There was a feel in the room that sportsmanship be damned, fate needed a helping hand.

I stood up theatrically to remove my panties, and stayed standing as I pointed at each one in turn and said "Right! You're in a dungeon, and you're the main course. What's your upper limit?"

I got the distinct sense that Alex had been wanting to ask me that.

"Piercing and blood-letting," Simon said first.

"Pissing," said Christine. "Can't stand the thought."

"Watersports and the sort," Alex said evenly, looking at me even more evenly.

When I sat down, there was an almost electric charge in the room. We were all naked now. The next hand would decide the game, but also the entertainment for the evening.

I couldn't help glancing around as Simon dealt us in. He wouldn't mind, Christine was always up for it, I wouldn't mind, and Alex had the least sub in him but would enjoy himself anyway.

There was definitely a feeling that everybody was playing to win.

My heart nearly stopped when I looked at my hand. I had the 10, king and ace of hearts, and 7 and 3 of spades. I discarded the 7 and 3, and Simon wordlessly handed me two face-down cards in return.

Christine discarded one, Alex looked a bit grumpy and discarded three.

Simon discarded two, and took two more off the top of the deck.

I saw Christine as she looked at her cards, and she couldn't hide the triumphal flash in her eyes.

That made me almost able to see my cards and still breathe. I almost stopped when I saw the jack and queen of hearts staring back at me.

Well, that was that then.

Alex didn't even have a pair, and Simon managed a full house with aces and twos, which he was smug about until he saw that Christine and I hadn't turned over, and were staring at each other stonily.

Christine broke first, or at least was more eager to get things started.

She had four eights, and smiled a deep and terrible smile for about a second.

I sighed theatrically, and threw my royal flush down on the table.

"Fuck me," Alex said as he saw my cards.

"Oh now," I said sweetly, turning to look at him. "I think that's what I'm for."

He looked me up and down with the intense, lustful gaze that never failed to turn my insides to molten iron, and said "Yes, I rather think it is."

We moved next door. We were meeting in Christine's house, because she had a house and the best the rest of us could manage was small apartments.

Christine had done well, financially, and owned this house, which meant that she could afford to put some effort into customisation.

For a start, she had an entire room that appeared, to the innocent mind, to be some sort of gymnasium, but with a very soft, padded floor.

"Well," Christine said, as I gravitated to the centre of the floor and the others encircled me, "what shall we do with our pretty little slut?"

I was intensely conscious of the fact that two very rigid cocks were pointing straight at me, and of Christine's soft, velvety voice behind me.

I heard her step closer to me, and I felt my insides spasm.

"Kneel," she said softly behind me.

I knelt, with alacrity.

Christine pulled me backwards, until I was lying on the floor with my ankles next to my hips.

I had always been flexible, and rigorously kept myself so, and they had of course always known this.

Christine knelt above me, spreading her knees wide to clear my elbows, and leaned forward to get her pussy properly on to my mouth.

I was already reaching upwards with my tongue before she had properly settled, and I was eagerly licking her as soon as she was within range.

Her hands settled on my breasts and squeezed me hard and I moaned into her mons, arching up into her grip. She began mauling me, pulling back to pinch my nipples cruelly, right on the verge of what I could stand. Pinned underneath her, my legs stretched back so I may as well have been tied down, the just-pain she was give me was making my head spin and my pussy ache.

Dimly, buried in her muff, I heard the men step in and soon I heard Christine hungrily slurping on both cocks, although she kept her hands on my tits.

I couldn't get to Christine's clit with my tongue from this position, so I rubbed my chin against it and tried to bury my tongue inside her as much as I could.

I could dimly hear her moaning around the cocks, gasping with lust whenever she pulled back, and when she suddenly pulled off me, I made an unbidden mewing sound of disappointment.

Suddenly the three of them were standing in front of me as I lay on my back, all three faces wearing the driven, hungry look of unsatisfied lust.

Christine was almost dripping down her thighs, and the men were almost dripping with her saliva as they throbbed.

"It's been such a long time," Christine said, her voice husky with arousal. "I think we need to do something special."

Alex nodded. Simon said "Alex, why don't we tie her up properly?"

Alex nodded again. Christine's face split in a long, lazy grin.

Alex had always been our best rigger. He practiced. He cared about it, and took great pride in it. We had all been tied by Alex at some point, and I went even weaker, whimpering softly.

Christine stepped forward to stand over me again. "Before we begin, you slut, let's be very clear: do you submit to us as our toy, slut and plaything?"

I had to swallow a few times before I could answer. "Yes."

"And what is your safeword?"

They all already knew that, of course. "Penguin."

Christine stepped to one side. "Get the bitch ready, boys."

The two men hauled me to my feet and half-carried, half-lead me to a box with a padded top, as long but twice as wide as a vaulting horse, and draped me over it, face down.

I felt Christine's hands spreading my legs, and then her fingers spreading my lips, then she pushed a thick, ribbed shaft inside me. I clenched around it, automatically, but she pushed firmly until it was buried deep inside me. She pumped it in and out of me a few times, then pulled it out thoroughly lubed and gently pushed it into my arse. Then she turned it on.

I remembered what I had said earlier, and moaned in a mixture of anticipatory lust and dread.

The buzzing ripped through me, making me spasm on top of the box, my legs curling up and my fingers, hanging to the floor, weakly scrabbling on the sides of the box.

"Leave that there until you boys are ready," she said pleasantly. "Let's see how she goes."

I squeezed my eyes shut as the buzzing destroyed my ability to concentrate.

Then I felt my hands grasped, and opened my eyes to see both men, squatting before me, begin to tie a rope cuff around each wrist. Their cocks were at full tilt before them, futile for the moment, and my mouth watered.

When they had finished the cuffs, leaving rope dangling from each wrist, they moved around behind me and began doing the same to my ankles.

Christine moved in front of me, knelt, took my head in her hands and began kissing me.

I'm not sure which of us was hungrier for the other's mouth, but with the buzzing buried deep inside me, she could certainly concentrate better than I could.

Then, as I felt Alex's powerful hands pull my hair back and begin tying that, I felt myself floating, any uncertainty disappearing in the face of an absolute feeling of submission.

She pulled back, still holding my sweaty face in her hands. "Good girl," she said fondly, staring into my eyes, still hungry. "You're ready."

The buzzing inside me, unrelenting, was the background to everything else as my body was manipulated for their pleasure.

I felt a wooden rod placed across my shoulders, and my arms lifted out to the sides. Christine returned to kissing me, but only in short pecks, flirting with my lips as my body sought out the contact, her lips curving into a smile as she teased me.

My arms were tied to the rod, out straight to the sides, with rope cuffs just below my shoulders and around my elbows as well as at my wrists.

Then my legs were lifted, leaving me lying solely on my belly on the box. My ankles were tied to a point above me, and then my calves securely laced to my thighs. The rope around my thighs was used to pull my legs wide apart.

Then my head was pulled back and my hair tied to keep my neck arched backwards. I was in a hogtie position but with my legs spread wide apart and my arms out horizontal.

And all the while, the vibrator continued its relentless torture and Christine's soft, wet, lips claimed mine.

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