tagMind ControlIt's Best Not to Think Ch. 02

It's Best Not to Think Ch. 02


"Mr. Evans?" the young blonde woman asked from his office door. She was slim and fit and her normal attire always tried to show off her desirable physique. Unfortunately for Michael he was not in the condition to notice.

"Yes," he replied quietly.

"Um Mr. Evans I wanted to know if I could leave early today?" she gave him her best smile but his eyes stayed on the screen in front of him.

"Can you leave early today?" he asked.

"Um well...are you okay Mr. Evans?"

"I am okay."

"Is it all right then for me to leave early?" she returned to her original reason for coming into his office.

"Is it all right for you to leave early?" he asked.

Tiffany's head tilted to the side as she pondered what was going on. Her boss almost seemed oblivious to her presence and she knew he liked to look at her. She liked his attention, especially if it got her preferential treatment over Sandra. Sandra was kind of average, in her mid-forties, and not the friendliest person in the world so Tiffany played up her attractiveness and bright personality to her boss. In most cases it worked but for some reason Michael Evans did not seem aware of what was going on at all.

"Mr. Evans...," Tiffany took a breath to muster up the courage," I am leaving for the day," she finished and waited for the reply she was hoping for.

"You are leaving for the day," he droned.

"I will be in tomorrow later than usual."

"You will be in tomorrow later than usual."

Tiffany giggled and walked out of his office not really understanding what had happened but enjoying the fact she could take advantage of it all the same. A few minutes later Sandra showed up at Michael's office door," Tiffany said she was leaving for the day."

"Tiffany is leaving for the day," he replied.

"Do I need to cover for her?" she asked dreading what was to come. Sandra always seemed to have to pick up the slack while Tiffany got away with everything.

"Do you need to cover for her?" Michael asked.

"Yes," she replied," I just want to know if you need me to take up any of her load for the day."

Sandra stood there but no reply came. Her boss had a distant look in his eyes like he was...elsewhere. "Mr. Evans are you feeling okay?"


"You don't seem yourself. Maybe you should leave for the day too," Sandra liked her boss even if he sometimes got taken in by Tiffany. He was a young man after all and not married. A young girl like Tiffany was quite hard not to take notice of.

"Should I leave for the day?" he asked.

Sandra was taken aback by the question. "Would you if I told you to?" she asked.

"Yes," Michael replied.

She walked into his office and around the side of his desk. When she saw what was on his computer screen she was a bit shocked," Mr. Evans what are you looking at?"

"Women in stockings and garters," he replied.

"Don't you think work is a bad place to do that Mr. Evans?"


"Mr. Evans...you're not yourself right now are you?" Sandra was starting to get an idea of why his behavior seemed so strange but was not sure.


"And why not?" she asked to confirm her suspicion.

"I am hypnotized," he replied.

"Why are you hypnotized Mr. Evans?"

"I have been looking at pornography."

"Will you follow anyone's commands?" Sandra's shock was turning into excited anticipation.


"Whose commands will you follow?"

"Any woman's commands," Sandra felt her panties starting to get moist as her excitement grew. She looked down at his lap and saw a noticeable bulge in his pants. She leaned her head down next to his ear and whispered," Michael you have been a bad boy haven't you?"


"Michael you need to do only as I tell you from now on. Is that understood?"


"That's a good boy. You like it when I tell you that you are a good boy Michael because it make you feel good," Sandra was not sure where she was going with this but to get her hands on this young man was turning her on so much she could not help herself. Being forty-four and single she seemed to date her vibrator more than anything and now she had a living specimen that would do whatever she asked him to. She had brown hair and eyes, she was an average weight and really unremarkable in most ways. Now she was about to get what SHE wanted and not the other way around. Always doing things to please now she was going to turn the tables. She was getting caught up in the power trip.

"Good boy," she purred in his ear before walking back to the door of his office and closing it. She noticed the blinds had already been pulled as she turned the bolt on the door. She walked back around his desk and perched herself on it turning his chair towards her.

"Now Michael wouldn't you like to rub my legs and feel the stockings that encase them?"


"I know you would. I want you to think about rubbing my stockings, and kissing your way up my thighs. You want so desperately to lick my pussy Michael. Feel that need building in you," Sandra was getting more turned on by the second," you want to take your cock Michael and stick it inside me." The anticipation of feeling him in her was almost too much for her," you are going to fuck me when I snap my fingers Michael. You are going to remember every last detail and you are going to want to do it every time you see me but you will only do it when I let you. Is that understood?"

"Yes," his breathing had gotten heavier while she spoke.

Sandra was getting turned on even more by his submission. She reached down and unfastened his belt. Her hands deftly moved to unbutton and unzip his pants then reaching into his boxers and pulling out his engorged cock. She could not wait any longer.

Michael heard the snap and his eyes set on the woman sitting on his desk in front of him, legs spread to each side of his chair. His cock was hard and he wanted the fuck her. All he needed was to fuck her. She looked at him hungrily and he ran his hands over her legs leaning his head towards her crotch. He began kissing his way up the insides of her thighs as her fingers grabbed hold of the hair on his head. She was moaning,"yes Michael," over and over again.

He pulled her panties to the side as his tongue began tracing over her pussy licking up and teasing her clit gently before sucking on it," oh fuck me now Michael," she cried. Michael stood up and pulled her to him taking his cock and placing the head against her saturated pussy lips then began to slowly enter her," oh faster damn it," she said irritably. He feet locked behind him pulling his cock into her and as he pulled back they pulled again. Over and over, faster and faster they went. Sandra was feeling to long building orgasm. She could feel his release coming. "Yes Michael, yes," she moaned," the best you ever had Michael."

He cried out as his orgasm began. Sandra felt herself give over just after he had. He pumped and pumped but suddenly was losing steam as his orgasm began to subside. He slowly sank down to his knees trying to catch his breath. Sandra looked down at him feeling the rush of the power she had over him coursing through her.

"Good boy," she purred and watched as his body shivered in response. "Now, I am going home for the day. You have work to do but I will see you tonight at my house." Without waiting for a response she got down from his desk and straightened herself up before walking to the door of his office and unlocking the door on her way out.

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