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Its Eyes Are for the Stars


Here it is, the first part of the sequel to "Those Eyes." If you haven't read "Those Eyes," you'll be pretty confused so, I recommend going back and reading that story. You'll notice that this story is not in first person perspective. "Those Eyes" was Santana and Alex's story. This is all of their story. In my typical fashion, things move a little slowly as my characters develop. I hope you enjoy and please remember to comment and send feedback!

Once again, thank you Archangel for editing!


Its Eyes are for the Stars

"Love knows not distance; it hath no continent; its eyes are for the stars."

--Gilbert Parker

The sun peeked in through the blinds, alerting Zachary that it was now morning. He pulled the lithe, warm body beside him closer to his own and buried his nose into her auburn hair. He couldn't believe that he had found her. When he'd been feeling so lost and alone, she had appeared in his life like fate. He pulled her hair aside and nuzzled her slender throat, enjoying the scent that he found there.

She sighed contentedly as he urged her to roll onto her back. Jade eyes met green ones and both smiled broadly. She was his, and he loved these moments with her.

"Good morning," she said softly as his lips brushed against hers.

"Morning, Anna," he returned as he sneakily unbuttoned her nightshirt with a grin on his face. She moaned as his calloused hands rasped across her soft skin.

Each time they made love, he always wished that he had waited for her to be his first. His first had been a girl he had met on the road, a stranger he met while riding through a college town. She had been pretty and easy, just what he had needed to get his first time out of the way. His inexperience didn't seem to be an issue and if her moans and screams were any indication, he hadn't done a half bad job.

She was a Were. He had made sure to choose a girl that he couldn't break. His first time needed to be uninhibited, and he had always heard what sensual creatures Weres were. He had not been disappointed. But now, as he looked down at his Anna, he wished he had waited.

Her auburn waves spilled out around her as she threw her head from side to side in pleasure. He couldn't help but chuckle. She was always so open and free in expressing herself during moments like these. He watched his own hand slide down her pale body, the difference in their skin tones was so arousing. Dipping his head, he began sucking on the spot where her neck met her shoulder, his hand passing over her navel towards her bare, weeping core.

"Yes," she gasped out, her slim form squirming as he played her body perfectly.

He knew there wasn't enough time for a full session, but making her orgasm would be enough. Moving his hand in the way he knew she liked, he stroked her higher and higher until she shattered around his fingers

The sound of her breathing evening out was comforting to him as he watched her come down from her peak. She was so beautiful, so his but he knew he couldn't keep her.

"Do you have to go to class today?" Anna asked as she snuggled back into the warmth of the blankets.

"I do, yes. I have a test next week. You want me prepared, don't you?" he responded, buttoning up his gingham-patterned shirt.

Ash Carlisle had pulled some strings to get him enrolled in university midway through the semester. The generous scholarship he received from the Carlisle family was enough to pay for his tuition, housing, and other costs. He had made Ash swear not to tell his siblings where he was, and to his knowledge the man had kept his secret. He called his siblings weekly, but was adamant about them not visiting despite their near begging.

He could tell that they were still angry that he'd left, but he wouldn't let their yelling or tears dissuade him. Being here felt right, especially now that he had Anna.

He kissed her forehead before he headed out. She listened for the sound of his motorcycle as he rode away. There was something about that sound that she had always loved. It seemed so familiar and comforting.

When he was with her, she felt safe and loved. It was in these moments when he was gone that everything felt so wrong. She felt misplaced.

She had been so lost when he had found her. She hadn't understood what she was, or why she could do the things that she could do. They had bonded quickly as he mentored her as best as he could. Anna had been attempting to live on human food alone, and it had been Zach who explained to her that she needed blood to live. He had explained to her that she was special, just like he was, but she often felt that he was keeping something from her, something vital.

Disregarding those thoughts, she focused on being grateful. He had done so much for her and all she had done was lie to him. Nearly everything he knew about her life had been made up, but the lies had spilled out before she could stop them. It was as if it was second nature to her.

Despite the lies and convoluted webs she wove, she could never shake the feeling that there was someone she should be missing. There were people that she should be missing.

Closing her eyes, she thought back to the last thing she vividly remembered. The memory was never fluid, merely snapshots of images and feelings. There was darkness and pain, a suffocating feeling, panic, more pain, cold stone, then more darkness. She thought of the woman who had found her and smiled fondly. Marian, the older woman, had never told her where she was found, and Anna wasn't sure if she wanted to know.

It was Marion who had given her clothes, a place to stay, and gotten her a job at the diner where she had met Zachary. She owed Marion so much.

There were times when she'd remember. Someone would ask an obscure question and she'd just know the answer. One day, two customers had sat in a booth and argued over marketing techniques. Growing frustrated with their bickering, she'd provided her input and was met with stunned expressions that were almost comical. Retrograde amnesia is what Marion had called it. She had retained facts that she had learned, but couldn't remember the details of her previous life.

The woman inspired a feeling of safety and security, and her words had truly resonated with a very confused Anna. "I know it's scary now, not remembering. But keep in mind, dear, that now you can be anything... anyone that you choose to be. Some of us are locked in place in this life, but you... you've been given another chance."

Even with this new mentality, she still craved to recall her life before the darkness. It was in these moments when she was alone that she strained her brain to remember, but it was always the same. All she ever saw was soulful, brown eyes, nothing else, and all she ever remembered was one name: "Anna."


She watched the sky. The gray clouds rolling in were fitting for how she felt that day. Sighing, she tore her eyes away from the impending storm and back to the homework in front of her. Biochemistry seemed less important in comparison to the fact that everything she had grown to love and trust was falling apart.

"Santana?" she heard, seemingly out of nowhere. Looking up from her textbook, she noticed a concerned looking Audrienne standing in the doorway. Her nearly white hair was pulled back into a neat bun that sat high on her head, highlighting the elegant features of her angelic face. She wore a sheer black blouse tucked into a teal pleated skirt that reached mid-thigh. Gold ballet flats and a gold Kate Spade watch finished the ensemble.

Santana filled with a slight pride for her younger sister. The young woman had worn a uniform of some sort her entire life, and had acclimated quickly to living on the outside world... or at least looking like it.

"You look very pretty, Audrienne." Santana said with a smile. Stephen, Carmendi, and Aara all called their older sister, Audri. Santana had yet to fill comfortable with saying the nickname. "What's the occasion?"

A small smile graced the blonde's full lips followed by a blush. "I'm going to see Dr. Otto today."

Dr. Ryan Otto had asked to meet with each hybrid rescued from the lab. He took blood samples and assessed any known abilities. This was part of a plan to slowly acclimate each new addition to the family into the rest of the world.

Her reaction was slightly confusing to the older sister. "Why would a doctor's appointment require you to look like this? Last time I went to see the doctor I was in a t-shirt and yoga pants."

The younger woman blushed once more and opened and closed her mouth like she couldn't quite form the right words. "When Carmendi came back from seeing the doctor that day... the day you found out about her, there was this... scent that came back with her. It wasn't her scent, I know her scent. It belonged to someone else and there were these eyes... these dark green eyes," her voice stated, taking on a breathy quality that hadn't been there before. "Each time someone comes back from seeing him, it's like this... anxiety inside of me increases and intensifies. I can't blink without seeing those damn eyes. He's my mate."

Mate. Hearing that word made Santana think of her own recently distant mate. Since the death of Aislyn, she saw him less and less. He had thrown himself into school and working with the hybrids. The children needed to be placed in school, some needed counseling, and others were too dangerous and unpredictable to be around humans yet.

At first he would sleep on the other side of the bed, no longer holding her. Now, he came home less and less. She was waking up alone nearly every morning, his side of the bed always cold.

His blame and guilt was nearly palpable. He seemed to alternate between two looks, disdain or looking straight through her, and she felt a piece of her soul die each day.

"Santana? Santana, are you alright? You've seemed distant lately. Is..." the young girl paused, suddenly uncomfortable, "...everything okay between you and Alex?" The concerned voice of her sister broke through her haze.

"Uh... uh yeah. We're fine. I'm fine. Just stressed, ya know? A lot going on." Santana answered but she sounded fake to even her own ears.

The look Audrienne gave her said that she was unconvinced. "Okay, well I'm here if you ever... want to talk," she said with a reassuring smile.

Santana couldn't help but smile back. This was what she had always needed, family who cared, and with her mate being so detached, her sister's offer meant more to her than she could ever know. "Yeah, thanks, Audri."

She watched her younger sister leave, excited for the girl. Suddenly, a buzzing commenced in her body and she knew her mate was home. She heard him exchanging some pleasantries with Audrienne as she left and called out to him, "Babe, I'm in here!"

Smoothing her hands through her hair, she waited for him to enter but his footsteps headed in another direction. Running water alerted her to the shower starting. She tried convincing herself that he hadn't heard her, but she wasn't so delusional. Before she had time to think it though, she was in the bathroom, watching his naked form behind the mosaic glass.

"Alex?" she called out even though he surely sensed her. There was no response for what seemed like minutes but was only seconds.

"Yes, Santana?" His voice was level and without feeling.

"Can I join you? I feel like I haven't seen you in days." She began undressing, sure that he would accept her request. If she had been watching him, she would have seen his body tense. Pulling her dark waves into a bun, she placed her hand on sliding glass door.

"No, not tonight. I just want to relax. I'll be out soon."

"Oh... alright. That's fine," she responded as she picked her clothes up from the floor, careful to keep the sob working its way up her throat contained.

He paused beneath the spray of nearly scalding water. He was pushing her away, he knew that, but looking at her was too hard. He didn't want to blame her. Blaming her killed him inside. He had promised her he wouldn't hurt her, but that's what he was doing... hurting her. He was breaking her heart, and he could see it in her eyes. Each day it seemed as if the cyan ring surrounding her pupils dimmed and there was a little less light in those green eyes he loved so much.

It was all so forced these days. He did the bare minimum to show his existing affection. The occasional touch, a light kiss, the forced smiles. He'd climb into bed and it'd feel as if they were worlds apart. Neither moved, but he felt her desperate longing for his touch through their bond.

His side of the bond had been closed for weeks. When her despair seemed overwhelming, he'd open it and send any love he could muster her way. She was like a starving parasite, seeking and relishing any love and affection he could give her, and it was killing them both.

She was still the other half of his soul. Before that day in the lab, he would have sworn that he would have done anything for her, for his perfect Ana. But now he felt like a liar, like he had deceived her in the worst way possible. Before he could stop himself, his fist slammed into the shower wall, breaking several tiles.


Zach sat in the booth and watched her as she moved from table to table checking with her customers. As if sensing his stare, she looked his way and smiled briefly before offering a customer a refill. He couldn't help smiling as he observed her.

It had been less than a month since he had met her, and she already meant so much to him. In those short weeks, she had become his everything, his only tether to the world. He had left all that he knew behind... twice. He felt as if nothing belonged to him anymore; everything seemed so temporary, but she was his. A gift. That's how he looked at her. And though it was selfish and thoughtless, he couldn't let her go.

There were times when he looked at her and tried to convince himself that she was someone else. And there were times when he almost believed it. The story she had told him about moving to the Mid-west to start a new life after a bad break up could have been true, she was so convincing in her lie.

She was so different from before. His Anna wore jeans and t-shirts on her days off from the diner where the other had worn impossibly high heels and designer dresses. There was no aloofness to Anna, no haughtiness. There was only warmth and transparency.

He had considered telling her the truth, her truth, and putting her on the next flight out. Then she'd smile at him, her jade eyes sparkling and his mind would change. After all, she was his gift.

Sometimes he'd ponder how it had all happened. The supernatural were more like humans than any would admit. They were only immune to disease and old age. They were stronger and faster and could heal themselves, but that ability was limited. Her body wasn't able to expel the bullet, and she couldn't have healed the wound on her own heart.

It was Stephen who had brought her back. He had seemed the weakest of them all, but he was invincible. His blood possessed the ability to not only bring himself back from the dead but any who ingested it. Zach shuddered involuntarily as he imagined what the doctor would have done with this knowledge.

Things happened for a reason, he thought as he watched his auburn-haired beauty. He had known her less than a month, and already he couldn't bear the thought of losing her. It was that feeling that often compelled him to confess. One month and already her presence was a necessity. What effects had her absence had on those who had known her so much longer?


Aaron watched his mate stretch outside of the apartment complex before her run. Her words kept repeating over and over in his head.

"Do you hate me because Aislyn is dead?"

He hadn't given her a reply. Not because he hadn't known his answer but because he was taken aback by the question.

It had been two months since he had met Aara. He had envied the whirlwind that was Alex and Santana's relationship, but he found himself starting to enjoy breaking down the intricate walls his mate had constructed around herself. Every single break and crack in her barrier thrilled him to no end.

He lacked inhibitions and was outspoken where she was contained and introverted. He often found himself wondering if she would be the same in bed, quietly taking everything he offered without giving herself in return.

"Stop staring at me," she said in her stern, no-nonsense tone. Her back was to him, but he knew she had sensed his gaze, he was practically boring a hole into her backside. And what a beautiful backside it was.

He knew that he needed to talk to her after last night. She was slowly getting used to his presence. Each night, she curled up in his bed and they watched a movie together. She always started off on the other side of the bed but would gradually move in closer until he was holding her. A nearly silent sigh of contentment was always her response when he pulled her flush against his body. When the movie ended, she would kiss him lightly on the lips and leave to go sleep in her own room. Last night, she had not moved closer.

The routine was sweet and he enjoyed the time they spent together, but he wanted her so badly it hurt. How could she not see that? How could she ever think he hated her?

"Aara?" he called out. He knew he had her attention by the slight stiffening of her spine though she never quit stretching. "Why would you think I hated you?"

She didn't respond; she simply kept going through the motions of limbering up.

"Aara, baby, why did you ask me that last night?" he tried again.

She sighed and turned to face him, her bright green eyes meeting his ice blue ones. "I'm only answering you now because I know you'll just keep asking and annoy me," was her response.

He couldn't help but chuckle at her response. His little ice queen would thaw eventually. He had already compiled a mental list of all the ways he could warm her up and cause her to melt. "I'll take it. Now answer the question. You've got to know that I don't hate you. You're quickly becoming my whole world."

If he hadn't been staring at her, he would have missed the brief softening of her eyes. As if suddenly feeling awkward, she looked away. "Because..." she paused, "I'm the reason that Aislyn is dead."

He was once again speechless. How could she think such a thing? "Aara?" he began, but was quickly cut off by her quick movement. She was suddenly in front of him, staring up at him. He had never seen her cry, but he was certain that this is what she would look like right beforehand.

"If I hadn't taken Santana, none of this would have happened. It's all my fault." There they were... tears. He had never thought he'd see this day. None fell, but they were there, gathering in her olive-colored eyes. Considering the tears welling up, her voice was surprisingly even. He pulled her into his arms, running his fingers through her silky, black hair. He could tell by her breathing that she was willing herself not to cry and he longed to tell her to just let go.

"I don't blame you for any of that. Things work out the way they're supposed to, even if it's shitty and sucks. I blame the man who shot her, not you. I could never blame you." He pulled her back slightly and tilted her head up using his finger on her chin. He needed to see her eyes; he needed to make sure she understood.

"You promise?" she asked, her face holding so much innocence. He nearly laughed at the childish question.

"I promise," he responded, smiling down at her. She returned his smile and as if returning to her normal self, moved to leave his embrace. He held her tighter. "Did you really believe that?"

She sighed deeply and tried pulling away again but his grip grew firmer. "Ugghhhh," she moaned as she began to slightly struggle. He now openly laughed. He knew she really didn't want to leave his embrace. She was much stronger than this.

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