tagBDSMIt's Finally Saturday

It's Finally Saturday


It's Saturday morning... something I look forward to all week. It is when I get to spend time with my Master in a pretty hotel room away from all our every day problems and obligations.

He tasked me this past week with buying a couple things for our session. Yesterday after work I went to an adult shop. I was embarrassed but completed my task of buying a set of restraints and nipple clamps. A woman at the store was very helpful. She saw that I was confused on what to buy so she guided me to pick what she liked. She even took the clamps out of the bag and demonstrated how they pinched onto her own nipples over her tee shirt, I was a bit shocked but played it cool like I see this stuff every day. There were so many restraints to choose from I ended up buying a leopard print set of wrist, leg, collar, and leash restraints.

Today, I sit on the edge of the hotel bed waiting his arrival. I'm wearing a white bra and panties set I know he will like...the panties are lace boy shorts that show off my ass.

Ever since we found each other online, I have a new found desire to show myself off. I used to be shy and not open to displaying myself, but with Him, I have learned to be more expressive with my body.

Back to the room... I sit perched, nervously listening for the knock at the door. Along with my bra that pushes up my 36c breasts and the matching panties, I am also wearing black patent leather high heels and the leopard collar that came in the kit. My nipples are hard from the air conditioning but also from my anticipation. I also took out my toys and spread them on the nightstand next to my bed. I've never done that before..it feels bold.

There's the knock! I jump to my feet and open the door. There he stands..all six foot one of him. He is the sexiest man alive to me. He's happy to see me and pulls me in for the first kiss. I lean in and reach up for him. I look forward to his kisses, they show possession and passion..they make me weak. We pull away and I nervously explain I am wearing the collar for him and laugh. He seems pleased.

I should explain...when I am nervous I talk incessantly...so of course that's what I did.

He does what he usually does, tells me "shhhhh".

As we walk towards the bed he sees the toys spread out and turns to me with a confident smile. I am blathering on about my choices and nervously fingering the restraints. Without any further ado, he turns me to face the bed and presses me forcefully face down telling me again to stop talking.

He gathers my hands behind my back and puts the restraints on my wrists and then repeasts the process with my ankles. He then takes the leash and ties the two together and trusses me up with my back arched and my wrists pulled towards my bent knees. He spanks me a couple times to warm my ass up. I love it.

I forgot to mention that along with my toys laid out I also placed a camera for him to take photos if it pleases him. I bring this up, because I hear a click. He is capturing me tied up tight on the bed and the idea of it makes me even wetter.

He places the camera back down and lies back on

the bed tugging me on my side with my head resting between his legs. He is naked now and his cock is growing by the minute. I don't have any leverage since my hands are trapped behind me, so he guides his cock into my mouth. I love sucking Master's cock...I think about it all the time. The taste, the texture, his unique and wonderful smell, his hands in my hair, his low moans...giving him pleasure like this makes me feel at ease. Today is a little more difficult with my position though. Also He seems very intent on fucking my mouth harder than usual. I bend my neck to accommodate his deep thrusts. I wish my hands were free so I could hold onto his staff and stroke it while I suck him, but instead I focus on the task at hand. I bob my head up and down lying on my side. It is an awkward position for me and I feel very vulnerable like this. His hand is now on my head and holding me down. I gag a bit but relax the back of my throat and stretch my lips around his beautiful staff. I feel totally overpowered by him at the moment.

He puts his hand in my hair and pulls it back hard so my face is towards the camera as he thrusts. I swallow him fully and he snaps a picture. I know that at a later date, we will look at these pictures together and relive the day. Thinking about how exciting this all is I moan as I deep throat him happy with the fact that he must feel the vibrations on his cock. As I suck him, I get to taste a little of his pre-cum.

We continue like this for a while. He touches my body as I suck him and it drives me wild. He is rubbing my clit with one hand and pinching my left and then right nipple with the other, knowing how much I adore that. I am getting so worked up that I am rubbing up against him, practically humping his leg, ready to cum but he stops everything and sits up again turning me to another position.

I have no ability to move on my own with the wrist and ankle restraints, he places me back on my tummy. Next thing I know he proceeds to spank me...hard. I cry out. It stops, I think he is going to go light on me today...but instead he lifts my head and shoves a knotted scarf in my mouth to gag me. I feel his hand slap down on my ass cheeks again. I try my best to protect my now stinging ass from the blows but he just tugs my wrists further up my back by tightenin ghte leash.

My screams are muffled now and I don't know if I'm protesting the sting of the slap or asking for more because He is alternating spanks with rubbing my thighs and between my legs through the lace. The panties are now tugging between the lips of my pussy and my ass.

He picks up my bullet vibrator and places it right on my clit. It shoots through me. I try to move away from the intensity but he takes my mind off of it by spanking me some more. His back is up against me now, I am braced to him. He is still pinching my nipples and rolling one in his finger. I scream into the scarf and shake in his arms as I cum.

Master is always so thoughtful in letting me recover for a moment in between orgasms. He holds me and ever so gently strokes my pussy and legs as I start to breath normally again. He leans over and gently sucks my nipples. I put strawberry gloss on them and I assume he likes the taste as he tugs on them harder now with his teeth sending chills up my spine.

Soon he proceeds to tug down my panties and touch me again. It is a little too soon yet for me but he puts his fingers on my bare clit and starts rubbing me anyways. I try to stop him but he swats my hands away and presses my legs apart. Just as I start to feel my arousal building he surprises me by tickling my waist. I am super ticklish and don't take it well. I was screaming at him to please stop while laughing hysterically but it came out all muffled through the scarf in my mouth. He stopped after a bit, thank god and decided to take the restraints and gag off.

I asked him to please fuck me now. I need him inside of me.

One of my favorite things to do is sit on top of og Him and ride him. He knows this and enjoys it as well. I straddle him after applying the condom and sit down spreading my thighs. As I feel him inch by inch pressing inside, it's like stars explode in my head. I get hot and cold at the same time. I squeeze my muscles around his cock. I grip his hips with my thighs and think that it is times like this I am happy I work out a lot and can keep up with my sexy Dom. As I raise up then sit back down he pulls and pushes his beautiful cock in and out of me. He is stretching me, filling me...I am moaning and arching my back, riding him as he fucks me pressing his pelvis up and grasping my hips hard. He is in so deep that I feel him pressing up far inside of me..it hurts but also feels incredible. He holds me tight to him as he grinds into me, forcing me to cum. I shudder above him, my muscles squeezing him tight...falling apart and leaning forward resting on him for support.

He strokes my back as we catch our breath. Rubbing my back as his cock still sits planted rock hard inside of me.

He is more a man of action then words. He is often silent in bed except sometimes like now as he whispers in my ear a reminder of all the things he is doing to me and of what he plans on doing in the future. With his hands on the nape of my neck, he pulls my face to his and kisses me on the lips, slowly moving his hips with mine. He makes me sit back up and ride him again until he finally cums. His release is so strong he holds my hips tight to his and I feel his cock pulsing.

After a bit, He lifts me off of him and lays me next to him. My legs are shaking now. We cuddle as lovers, caressing and kissing. It never ceases to amaze me how he can be so strong and forceful one minute and so gentle and sensual the next..always seeming to know what I need when.

Eventually he presses my head down to suck him again and I am soooo happy to do so. I adore worshiping his cock. Licking, sucking, nibbling, the sides of his shaft, his balls and taking the head deep dowm my throat again. He won't let me do this long enough though and I am a bit disappointed when he forces me to sit up and pulls my mouth off of him. I love when I get to drink his juices.

Today he was a Dom on a mission I think and I was along for the ride and whatever he wanted next.

He turns me onto my tummy again and pulls me up on my knees. Next thing I feel is the sting of a whip marking my thighs and ass. It smarts but not half as much as his hand does when he spanks me. I shouldn't have thought that because next thing I know he spreads my legs further apart and I feel the sting of the lashes hitting my pussy. I jump in surprise. It hurts but it also creates a tingle. He touches me after this and comments on how wet I am.

I then feel him pour lubricant over my pussy and ass and feel something a little cold and hard press into my pussy. It's the handle of the whip! He is fucking me with the handle..omg, I can't believe I am in this doggie style position with my head in the pillow and having this toy pressed in and pulled out of me. He starts using it faster and faster on me. It is so stiff and presses relenlessly up against my cervix that it brings me to another orgasm as he reaches under and plays with my clit.

I am embarrassed I have just cum being used like that. I reach back and touch his cock and see that he is very hard again. He presses on my lower bck so my ass tilts up. I feel him position his hips to me and feel his cock press between my ass cheeks. He is pressing his cock steadily now. It has been a while since we have done this and it hurts a lot at first. I am having trouble accommodating him and he tells me to take my time and to press back when I am ready. I always appreciate that he is gentle with me when we do this...because it hurts so much at first that I can't relax for a bit. So I take shallow breaths as he rubs my back and slowly relax and press back. I feel him enter me fully. I reach under to touch my clit and that always has a way of taking the edge off the pain. It starts to feel good after a few strokes and he can tell I am starting to enjoy it now. It is at this point he fucks me hard and long and deep. I feel his hips hitting my ass over and over as he grips my hips in is large hands. I reach under and hold his balls for a time. He moves my knees a bit further apart in order to fuck me even deeper. I don't know how long he took me like this, but I explode in another mind blowing orgasm..screaming his name into my pillow. There is something so intense about anal sex when it is done right. It is one of the times I feel the most submissive..being taken this way.

I am so spent at this point. We lay together on the bed, face to face on our sides. He kisses my ear and gently fondles my nipples in his fingers as I recover. He tries to rub my clit again and I close my legs being over sensitive now and not being able to take it. I like this time together alot...being able to slowly touch him and run my hands all over him. He rubs little circles tracing my hip bone. We relax like this for a while.

I then sit up assuming we are going to get dressed now and next thing I know he grabs me and puts me back on my hands and knees. I am thinking at this point...he can't really want to fuck again...can he?

The answer is yes. I almost tell him I don't think I can take it again but thought better of it not wanting to know what he would do to me if I tried to deny him something.

He pulls another toy off the nightstand and I feel him press my butt plug slowly up inside of me. After him fucking me there, it didn't hurt a lot since his cock is larger. It did however sting a bit, being sore from his cock. As it slides in, he presses it to the hilt. I then feel him again enter my pussy. I am so full now, He is filling me and stretching me. I reach under and rub my clit which is swollen and soaking wet. He fucks me like this for what feels like an eternity. The intensity of him pressing his cock over and over inside of me while being this full takes me over the edge once again. I put my head back into the pillow biting it now to stop from screaming out loud in another mind blowing orgasm. I feel him cum again and it is so satisfying to me to feel him pulsing inside of me...knowing he feels as much pleasure as I do.

We lay leisurely together for a while in bed after all of this. All I want to do was say thank you like a hundred times. To think I get to have this kind of pleasure each and every week, I am one happy submissive girl.

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