tagIncest/TabooIt's Gonna Suck, Maybe So? Ch. 03

It's Gonna Suck, Maybe So? Ch. 03


Shit! Jake hadn't thought of that, considered that Ellen might look for him at school. He'd been so entranced by his aunt, he hadn't thought that far ahead. He had to say something to Ellen. "I went but I was so bummed over being caught, I couldn't concentrate. I cut today. I just got home a while ago. Your mom didn't seem to notice I was earlier than normal though."

Ellen was staring him down. She was furious. Her plan had been to meet up with him at school where they could talk without being afraid her mom would catch them. She'd spent a miserable day trying to hang there, hoping Jake would show. "You didn't even answer your cell!"

"I'm sorry Ellen. I turn it off when I get to first class. Guess I forgot to turn it back on." She didn't soften in the least, so he laid it on her. "Ellen, I'm in deep shit here. If your mom tells, I'm more screwed than you are. I'll have to leave here and I'll lose my first term of school. I had to get away today to think about it."

That took hold of her. "I'm sorry. I guess I forgot that part. I just wanted to talk to you about it. Now isn't the time for it either. I've probably fucked up by walking up here. I better go. Turn on your cell. I'll call you from my room."

"Ok." Jake was relieved. He turned on his cell, smacking himself in the forehead. How did they forget about Ellen? He KNEW she'd be looking for him. How was he going to get through a phone call with her? He didn't have to wait long to answer that question, the cell rang.

Over the next hour, Jake managed to get Ellen to agree to back off. He truly was worried her mom would throw him out if they got caught again.

Downstairs, Angela knew that Ellen would go right to Jake because of course she'd been looking for him at school. She had to let Jake work it out with Ellen. She wasn't sure how she felt about sharing him with her. It would be natural for him to want to keep up something with her, but was Angela capable of letting it go on? What if Ellen got pregnant? What if Harold caught them? For now she was sure Jake would put a stop to it. She hadn't told him to, but he was smart enough to figure it out.

That evening, Jake ensconced himself in his room saying he had a project he needed to concentrate on. He didn't want to have to contend with any of his relatives, especially his uncle Harold. Having now had carnal knowledge of both women under Harold's roof, he wasn't sure he could look at much less speak to his uncle. It also left him time to contemplate the afternoon with Angela. Jake found her powerfully attractive, more so than he could've imagined. He had felt women of her age would be more sensual and sexual and now he had the proof. He also felt he'd made a choice between a fine wine aged to perfection and a cheap wine bought at the Safeway.

It was very late when he finally turned out the light and got in bed. He had avoided masturbating, mostly out of fear of being caught. He didn't know if one of them might show up, but since the light was out now, he no longer felt any restraint was necessary. He had not permitted himself a full revisiting of his hours of pleasure with his aunt, but now he would. Her body was different than her daughter's, her belly was flat but soft and luscious; he remembered sinking into her sweet pink flesh, its firm caress of his hardened meat. Her mature pussy as it grinded down on his manhood, the moves of the younger woman didn't compare to Angela's intensity. Her breasts, having nurtured a baby; mature nerves replacing inexperienced, giving her another level of sensitivity. His thoughts were stimulating him as massaged his cock, bringing him to the brink of climax. He had found a home with his aunt and realized what he was missing with his mother, a revelation to him. As he shot hot semen onto his stomach he heard, "oh Jake honey. Don't waste that alone in the dark." Aunt Angela had silently entered his room.

Though Jake had spent hours in close sexual contact with her and it was dark, he was still embarrassed. Angela padded over to his bed, let her nitey slide off her body and got in. Her arms enfolded him, bringing his face to her chest where his head rested on her pliant tits. Angela's natural maternal instincts caused her to smooth his hair and tenderly rub his back as he began gently sucking on her nipples.

"So, I don't have to ask. Our afternoon doesn't trouble you." She quietly giggled. Discontinuing his attention to her lovely mammaries and looked up towards her even though he couldn't see her in the darkness.

"No Aunt Angela, it doesn't," immediately returning to his task. He teased them with his tongue, then drew as much as he could into his mouth and began almost nursing from her. Angela's pussy almost ran with moisture. This sweet 18 year old brought out not only the mother in her, but the very sexual woman in her as well.

Not wanting to break the spell, but mindful of the danger and her need to have her nephew one more time, she gently rolled over, straddling him. Easing her hips up, she located his stiffened member, rubbed it around her sodden snatch then briskly descended upon it, wiggling her ass all the way down.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh oh God." Jake's turn to moan Angela smiled to herself. She rocked forward, placing her hands on his shoulders, then went back down, making a small circle with her torso, tilting her pelvis forward pulling up again, putting downward pressure on him and at the same time her clit. Jake was amazed at this undulating move, the fully developed knowledge of a mature woman. It was almost as if her cunt was dancing with his cock. He wished he could see her. Angela repeated this move over and over until her orgasm would not be held in check any longer causing her to pitch back and forth, quick and hard.

"Jake, ahhhhhhhh....ahhhhhhhhhhh....I'm going to cum....honey..." she roughly whispered.

"Yessssssssssss...go...just go." He urged her. Even though he had cum only a short while earlier, his balls were a throbbing, begging to send his seed into his aunt. She continued with great enthusiasm, riding him hard, until they came almost simultaneously in hushed but ardent tones. Jake launched jets of cum into her, Angela's pussy clinched him tightly, pulsing with every tremor until she gave way, resting on him, panting quietly in the stillness of the night.

Jake wished she'd stay for a while, but knew she'd recover and return to her own bed. He would love nothing more than her body, next to his all night, while he rested on her motherly bosom. But she would have to go and she did. Lifting herself from his softening dick, she climbed off him, put her nite gown back on and bent down to kiss him. Her natural scent mixed with his own encompassed him as she kissed him with her open mouth. "Jake, get some rest. We'll talk tomorrow. Remember we have to keep a lid on this, so never forget to be cool around me."

"Yes Aunt Angie, I won't forget." She kissed him once more and left. Jake was mentally exhausted from the day. He rolled over, breathing in what was left of the evidence she'd been in his bed and was asleep before he knew it.

Angela called Jake on his cell after he left the house the next morning. He was relieved. He didn't know how they'd manage any conversation with Ellen around.

"Jake, like I said last night, we have to be real careful. We can't let on that anything has happened between us. Just be yourself, joke with me like you always do. I spoke with Ellen already. She understands that nothing can happen between the two of you and as long as it doesn't, I'll stay quiet. I told her to forget it happened and let's go back to the way things were. I think she'll relax and it will be ok."

"Great Aunt Angie. But..." Jake couldn't ask, he was too embarrassed.

"But what about us Jake?"


"Well, what do you want to do?"

"I, um, want to, um..."

"You want to continue as we've started?" She smiled at his shyness, something he never displayed to her before.

"Ah, yeah, I would like that, if you want to Aunt Angie." Jake exhaled. It was out.

"Honey, nothing would please me more. You'll just have to follow my lead though. I'll know when the time is right, so don't push ok? Do as I say and suggest and we'll be safe; so will everyone else."

"OK, no problem. I'll wait for you to tell me what's up." Jake could deal with that. He now had something he'd always wanted, an intimate relationship with her. He wouldn't do anything to blow that.

"Alright Jake. Now get to school and do good. I think we'll have another chance soon. Just be patient. Ok?"

"Yes Aunt Angela. I'll see you later." He wanted to say more but he didn't know what.

"Ok. Later honey. Bye." Angela hung up and contemplated how and when would be the next time they'd have together. She was probably as eager as him. She'd allowed herself to fantasize about him on two occasions. The real experience was well beyond her imaginings.

As it worked out, Angela didn't want to risk another quick nighttime foray into his room for a couple reasons. She realized being caught out of her bed for long periods could lead to Harold getting up to find her. What she really wanted was another entire day, but since he was in school, and Ellen might look for him, she'd have to wait on that.

Angela ended up waiting until the following Sunday night. Harold would go to bed early for work and was unlikely to wake. She knew Jake was anxious for her to visit him. She could see the change in his attitude when she whispered to him "tonight dear," in passing and her own brightened at the thought too.

About 1:00 a.m. she slipped out of bed and tip toed to Jake's room, which she entered without knocking. "Jake, I'm here."

Jake flung the covers back "come here then."

She stripped as she walked to the bed, then got in naked. She felt his hardon brush her leg as she lay down. He didn't wait for her invitation, he began sucking at her nipples but quickly moved to her pussy with his mouth. He couldn't wait to get her honeyed juices into his mouth, lapping at her entire cunt then shoving his tongue deep into her. Jackpot! Taking a breath, he said, "you taste so good."

Angela smiled in the darkness, closing her eyes, allowing only the stimulation of her clit by her nephew to penetrate her senses. He put two fingers into her, fucking in and out as he nibbled and tickled her hardening pearl. Jake loved everything about cunnilingus. Having his face buried in a woman's pussy was a sensual delight. The sight, though he couldn't see it now, was beautiful. Delightful shades of pink and the various textures of the delicate flesh. Smooth and silky, slick, or wrinkly inner labia, it was a prize to behold and partake of. The delectable flavor and intoxicating scent only enhanced his appreciation. He continued to earnestly lick and suck, goading her with each flick to give him her release, that he might ingest more of her juices. She obliged him after he applied some more sustained suction to her clit; he then enthusiastically gathered every drop.

They spent a half hour more together, Angela calculating that's all she could afford to be out of bed without arousing suspicion. Jake took her from behind causing her to bury her face in the pillows to muffle her cries of pleasure upon attaining another stellar climax. His own trip up the mountain was just as satisfying, gushing semen into her pussy, so much so, it came oozing right back out, but then her convulsing might have pushed it out too.

After catching her breath, she got up, grabbed some tissue from the box she'd placed in his room a couple days ago so she could clean up. She didn't want to attract attention by going to the bathroom. Bending down to kiss him goodnight, he pulled her back down to embrace her tightly. "Goodnight Jake, sleep well honey."

"I will mom. That was great." and he rolled over.

Angela was in shock. He said mom. Was that what she was to him? She thought about it. Was that bad? Did it bother her? She'd have to think it over.

A few weeks later, Jake's parents came for a visit. It was the first time in a couple months he'd seen them. He was nervous. He and Aunt Angela had been meeting late at night a couple times a week now. How was he going to face his mother when he'd been having sex with her sister? He'd managed to find a way to look at his uncle Harold without too much discomfort and Ellen as well. His mom was going to be a new can of worms. She knew when he was hiding something and boy was he hiding a whopper.

Angela was concerned about their visit too for the same reasons as Jake. She could tell as the day for their arrival drew closer, he was getting nervous. She had done her best to alleviate his fears, telling him to just act natural. To that end, she didn't go to his room for a couple nights before they'd see his mom and dad. That way, it wasn't fresh on his mind or hers.

When they knocked on the door that Friday afternoon, only Angela was home. She welcomed them with warm hugs and Bonnie remarked right away, "Hey Angie, you're looking great!"

"Thanks honey. I'll say the same for you too! Been working out?" Angie wanted to be solicitous.

"Oh, just a little more than usual. Having made you Jake's new mom, I've got more time. Hahahaha."

They came in and Angela took them up to the guest room she'd set up in the fourth bedroom. Bonnie and Steve put their stuff down and they all went off to get something to drink. The rest of the afternoon was passed catching up on what was going on with both families and by the time they ran out of the first wave of conversation, the kids were coming in the door. Jake hugged and kissed his mom and dad and so did Ellen. He felt a bit stilted, but was able to get through the afternoon and evening without losing his mind. When he dared to steal glances at Angela, she seemed ok and that bolstered him.

By the time he got to bed, he was ready to sleep due to emotional exhaustion. Feeling guilty, he was fine right now if he and his aunt didn't have sex for a week.

Several days passed when finally the sisters could visit alone, the kids were at school and the men were on a day trip to look at some land. The sisters were sitting at the table trying to plan their day when Bonnie said, "Look we're sisters. I know you like a book. You have to tell me what's wrong. Something is askew, I can feel it."

"Why ever would you say such a thing?" Angela was floundering already. She couldn't imagine what made Bonnie ask a question like this out of the blue.

"Angela. You have to come clean with me now. What is going on? It's something to do with Jake. I know it. What are you keeping from me Angela?"

Angela thought carefully. She was never able to hide anything from Bonnie.

"I'm asking you as Jake's mother and your sister, is there anything I should be aware of about him? Is there a girl? I'm taking a stab at it. I can tell when he's thinking about girls. He's always told me. We've always been close enough for him to share that with me but since you're his mom here, I thought maybe he'd tell you."

Angela didn't have a response for this. Of course Jake was thinking about her and she hadn't noticed it. She'd been watching him surreptitiously since his folks got here, but there wasn't an obvious change in his demeanor that she could see. Her silence was deafening.

"Angie?" She felt like she was under a microscope. "Angie, I'm going to have to ask you, has Jake made any overtures to you, that weren't aunt/mom and son like?"

Like a TV set in Angie's mind, the channel clicked back to that night when Jake called her mom. Recognition must've been all over her face.

Then it struck Bonnie like a lightening bolt, "did you...and JAKE???" Bonnie was ashen faced.

Recognition flashed on both sisters faces.

"Did you...and Jake...??" Angie shot back.

Both women, now with new found knowledge in their heads, stared at one another.

"We have to talk Angie."

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