tagMatureIt's Good To Be Me Pt. 02

It's Good To Be Me Pt. 02


As an 18-year-old high school graduate, I have a hard-on 24/7/365. Despite my average looks, I've had my fair share of sexual experiences. It also helps that I have a 8" cock which is average in girth. That combo, makes my cock look longer than it is, so I get a good bit of female attention. The shenanigans started out with girls just wanting to see it. Then it progressed into them wanting to touch it and of course you can imagine how things advanced even further.

My willingness to eat pussy with proper technique happens to be a big attraction too. Most guys my age just fuck and run, but not me. It's just something that I take a keen interest in, when most guys don't even bother. Girls really dig it and I've even had a couple girls request my services, even though they have full-time boyfriends. They just want me to go south with the mouth. I don't mind being used.

I am 6' tall and 170 lbs. with light brown hair which stays quite shaggy. I'm not packing a lot of bulk muscle, but keeping in good shape with high school lacrosse. I'm a top player in the area, so the girls have multiple reasons to want to hang with me. Who am I to deny them? I've got several girls whom I regularly fuck, some of them have boyfriends, including Jessie, from the previous episode.

The last 3 summers, I've split my working time between my dad's renovation business and the Tate's landscaping company. Mr. and Mrs. Tate live 4 houses down the street and have a very successful commercial landscape design company. They get large contracts when a new neighborhood is being built. From installing the starter lawns to making the common land and neighborhood parks look beautiful. This summer, Mr. Tate asked my dad if I could do landscaping full time for him. The timing was good as my dad has some new guys working for him, so it worked out well for both.

Come to find out, Mr. Tate is hiring me to do some custom work on his own personal pool landscape and other projects around the house. It would normally take one of his crews a few weeks to do all this, but he's having me work on my own which will take most of the summer. Not sure why, but no big deal. The biggest perk, will be getting to see his hot wife, Mrs. Tate.

Rose Tate was the heir to her family's landscape business. Both her and her husband worked it as kids growing up, moved up the food chain and when her dad hit bad health several years ago, he signed it over to Rose and Sam. They've continued to make it bigger and better every year and now they're filthy stinking rich.

You really wouldn't know it by looking at them, because they're the most genuine and down to earth people you could ever meet. Their son Dean, is grown and gone and they've always treated me like 2nd son. She's always quick with a hello or goodbye hug and peck on the cheek. It was just in this last year, that I began to see Rose from a different perspective. They love to entertain and host the best pool parties around. Rose is a true hot wife and the husband/dads are always drooling all over her. At their pool parties, she always wears a bikini top, and usually a pair of tight shorts. When she does wear the bikini bottoms, she always wears a sarong style wrap. I'm sure all the dads/husbands have used her as a masturbation fantasy at least once. Even when she dresses down, she's still hot.

Rose is 52 and is about 5'-10" tall and goes about 135 lbs. with a gorgeous deep brown tan from years of spending a lot of time outside. She's not a Barbie doll by any stretch, but smoking hot. Her fake 34D cup boobs are a bit large for her slim figure, but look great as she usually wears clothes that are on the snug side. I absolute love her peroxide bleached blonde hair with the dark roots and eyebrows.

She keeps it short and has a sexy neck. Her slow southern drawl just makes my dick hard, whenever she talks to me. Her long lean legs resemble that of a female swimmer. She has all the lines, creases and wrinkles that go with a woman her age, but they make her foxy as fuck. She rarely wears makeup. She doesn't dress slutty, but does like to wear clothing that accentuates her body, and that's her typical daily home attire. Fine by me.

These days, Rose spends a few days working at the office in their shop, about 20 miles away, and a few days working from home. On the days she's home, she's going to be doing some work right alongside me. She has no hesitations about getting sweaty and dirty, which pushes my buttons even more. I love to see women sweat and she gets the sexiest sheen of glistening perspiration in her cleavage when she's in the sun. I'm gonna need to rest my eyes in preparation for the workout they'll be getting this summer.

Anyhow, I'm spending all day with them today, going over the drawings and plans. We spent a lot of time in the warm sunshine, taking measurements and photos of the 'before' status of the pool area. At various times, I'm having a tough time concentrating due to Rose's outfit. She is wearing a pair of snug gym shorts and a v-neck crop top style workout top which exposes her sexy tanned tummy. Of course, her pierced belly button is like a neon sign that says, 'LOOK AT ME'.

She's a touchy feely type and constantly makes contact with my arm or shoulder when emphasizing certain details. That glistening layer of sweat has built up on her cleavage and I'm straining to keep from getting an erection. At the end of our meeting she gave me a big hug, crushing her firm boobs against my chest and gave me a peck on the cheek. She smelled of sweat, from her early morning workout, but it was quite intoxicating. She spoke in that sexy smooth voice.

"I'm soooo happy to finally be getting this done. I'll be the best little helper you ever had."

Yeah, I bet you will.

"Well Mrs. Tate, I look forward to working with you. See you next Monday."

I made a beeline for home and hopped in the shower for a torrid jerk session with a fresh image of Rose Tate implanted firmly in my brain. My cock felt bigger and the cumshot felt harder as I spewed my goo on the shower floor. Then I just spent the next 10 minutes letting the scalding hot water relax my tense body. I must have jerked off a record amount over the next few days as I looked with great anticipation of see Rose in her sexy revealing clothing for the next couple months.

The first week of work sucked and was a major letdown as it was dreary and drizzly all week. Rose took that time to work at the shop every day and catch up on paper work. She does all the estimates, so she spends a considerable amount of face time with customers. No doubt, her appearance is a significant reason they get so many big contracts. My weekend was spent with 2 different girls, both of whom I should have been happy to be with. But I was distracted with the disappointment of not seeing Rose all week. Neither girl was happy with my substandard performance as my dates each left after being grossly unfulfilled.

Monday dawned warm and sunny with just enough breeze to provide relief from the heat. Rose came out in a pair of short snug khaki shorts and very worn out company t-shirt. The sleeves of the shirt were cut off and the sides were ripped down to the bottom hem. She wore a sports bra underneath and had on a ratty old baseball hat. She looked hot.

"Alrighty partner, let's get to work. You're in charge, what do you want me to do?"

In my warped, demented and dirty mind, I came up with something she could do alright, but as I smiled, I gave her some tasks that would help me out, but with her not having to do anything over exhausting. Despite her appearance, I was actually able to focus on my work. We talked about various things throughout the day, but not anything overly significant. I was having a good time. The work didn't seem hard, and Rose's help was just enough to make a significant impact and make the day go by quicker. Not that I wanted it to.

Over the next couple weeks, we had a good time working and talking. A couple times during the week, she offered me a dip in the pool, but disappointingly, she never joined me. She regularly wore some sort of short shorts and belly baring shirt. She wasn't intentionally showing off, it was just Rose being comfortable like Rose does. Sometimes the cleavage was overflowing and sometimes covered up. She caught me ogling her a couple times, but never indicated as such.

It wasn't until the 3rd week when things transpired along the lines of my fantasies. We were having trouble removing a stubborn old bush. With her being shorter than me, she stood in front while I stood behind her. We both took hold of the roots as if we were on the same team in a tug of war. After 3 good yanks, the roots gave way, launching us both backwards with me landing flat on my back. She landed in a sitting position, somewhat sideways, with her butt directly on my cock.

After the initial shock of the moment, we both bust out laughing hysterically like a couple goons. It wasn't until she stopped and gave an inquisitive look that I realized what was occurring. My cock was hard and she was sitting on it. She didn't react any further beyond her initial notice of it but got up and offered me a hand to help me up.

She went inside as my eyes followed her ass as it was painted in the material in her short shorts. They were white denim cut-offs and they were now filthy, which made her even hotter. I had no idea is she was pissed or embarrassed or what, so I followed her in the house like a puppy.

"Ummmm......Mrs. Tate......uhhhh......I'm really........sorry........I mean..........aw shit.........sometimes.........ummmmmmm..... that thing.....has ahhhhh.........mind of its own........."

"How many time do I have to tell you to call me Rose."

"ummm....ok.....Rose......ya see.........."


Was the only thing she muttered as she came over to me and put her finger to my lips to put a halt to my stuttering and stammering.

"I'm flattered. A young man like yourself, getting excited over an old lady like me? Well.......I take it as a compliment. How does that sound to you?"

"Good, thank you for understanding."

Her demeanor and tone of voice was very calming and soothing.

"Relax honey. It's good to see you're a red blooded American boy. If a man didn't get an erection after something like that, then he must either be dead or gay."

We both laughed, which helped ease my nervousness. And she took a moment to ponder something.

"I guess you must have a girlfriend, huh?"

"Uhhhhh.....not really......I like to go out with different girls."

"Wait, let me guess. Playing the field? Right? Don't wanna be tied down when you can sample the goods all around. Right?"

I felt my face redden with embarrassment and looked down.

"Now, now. Don't be shy. You have the rest of your life to focus on one woman. Test drive as many as you can now, so you can see what you like."

I looked back up at her with a goofy grin. She glanced down at my still hard crotch and grinned right back at me. Suddenly, the front door opened and in walked Sam. What a total bummer. My erection subsided in record time. Talk about a major fuckin cock blocking moment. Sam waltzed in and kissed his wife and shook my hand. After a good 10 minutes of giving him updates, I respectfully excused myself to head home. Another jerk session in the shower is certainly in order as I've got some fresh material in my spank bank.

The next day started out simple enough as Rose was on appointments for the morning. Around noon, the sun was bright, and the temp was high. I was sweating bullets and fortunately wasn't covered in dirt for a change. I heard the sliding door open but wasn't in a position to turn around. I heard a splash in the pool and set down my tools. I turned around in time to see Rose climbing up the ladder, out of the pool. The scene was reminiscent of the pool scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, where Phoebe Cates is climbing the ladder out of the water. Except that Rose didn't unsnap her bikini top like Phoebe did. Major fantasy killer, but the view was still simply stunning. I've never seen her actually in the pool or wet before, so this was all new at it was very arousing.

My mind ran at warp speed as I took in her neon pink bikini which was straining to contain those large boobs. I never even liked fake tits before, but now's not the time to worry about insignificant things like that. The vertical seam of the bikini bottoms had wedged their way in her pussy slit, creating the hottest camel toe in town. Her dark auburn hair was dripping as she wringed out the excess water. This is going to be another spank bank entry worthy of a mental snapshot.

I turned and then stood, getting ready to apologize for yesterday's uncomfortable moment. But before I had a chance to say anything, Rose pulled me by the arm towards the pool. I didn't even realize what she was doing until it was too late. She jumped back into the cool refreshing water, yanking me along with her. We tumbled into the water with a big splash and both surfaced laughing like school kids. I removed my clingy wet shirt and tossed it onto the patio and noticed that she didn't even blink while she gazed. We're in the 3' deep section, so the water is just barely to our lower waists. Rivulets of water cascaded down her cleavage and sexy bronzed tummy. Good thing my cock is below the surface, so I don't suffer more erection embarrassments. I began to say something as she stepped within arm's reach.

"Rose, about yesterday......"

She put her finger to my lips again to shush me up, stopping me cold. Then she let that sexy manicured finger, blaze a trail down my neck, chest and finally to my stomach, causing an earth shattering shiver to rip through my body. She rubbed my stomach with her soft finger tips, adding to the arousal already present.

"Relax Jam, nothing needs to be said."

"But I don't want you to get the wrong idea."

Wait, what the fuck did I just say.

"It's okay baby, you did nothing wrong. If anything, I'm the one responsible for the dirty thoughts you must be having right now. Besides, I'm a big girl, I can handle myself. But right now, I wanna see if it's true."

I looked at her not knowing at all what she was getting at. Which was pretty stupid, considering this moment is a fantasy come true.

"See if what's true?"

"The rumors."

Again, my brain is so overloaded with stimulation right now, I'm not even picking up on her advances. Looking back in hindsight, what fuckin idiot I am right now.

"Rumors? About what?"

"You know. Your cock. I heard some of the cheerleaders talking about you and your.......... gift...... and I was gonna find out yesterday, but, well, we both know how that ended up. So here we are now, and I wanna find out."

Holy fuckin shit. She spelled it out in big bold letters. It doesn't get any clearer than that and even a retard like me can spell. As my mind raced, I remembered that she's still a consultant for the college and high school cheerleading programs. I was awoken from my dream like state as her fingers slipped into the front of my gym shorts. I almost busted my nut, when her hand touched my cock. She gave me the most seductive stare as she wrapped her fingers around my cock. Fantasy come true dudes. She slowly slid her hand up and down, jerking me off, getting a feel for my cock.

"Mmmmmm, very nice. I wanna see it. Take your shorts off and sit on the wall."

This wasn't a request as much as it was a demand. Because she didn't give me a chance to comply, she just yanked them off and pushed me towards the side. I lifted myself to sitting on the side of the pool with my legs in the water. She didn't waste time in kneeling down in the water and resting her forearm on my thigh, while taking my cock in her hand again. She watched herself intently as she jerked me off with a firm grip and fast pace. She smiled.

"Yep. Nice. Just like the little sluts told me it would be."

Then, just like that, she leaned over and took my knob into her mouth. Not only was she sliding those sexy lips up and down my shaft, she was sucking me hard as if she were trying to suck a Wendy's Frosty through a straw. I knew I wouldn't last long, with her effort bring so close. But she was on a mission. She suddenly stopped and stood upright. She took my hand and pulled me back down into the water.

She pulled me in tight and stuffed her tongue in my mouth, while I wrapped that sexy body up in my arms. Our tongues were in a duel to see who could kiss the other the hardest. Despite my youthful effort, she was winning, but I'll be a very satisfied loser. I spun her around, so her back was to me, without breaking the connection of our tongues. She just turned her head sideways as if nothing had changed. I took the liberty of playing with those large fake D-cup boobs. They felt good, even though I have no idea what they're supposed to feel. She jiggled and wiggled, massaging my crotch with her shapely ass.

Her nipples were hard as my lightly pinched and tweaked them. After a moment, I tugged on the side strings of her bikini bottom and slid them off. She didn't resist so I knew exactly where this was headed. She gripped my cock and slid it in her thigh gap, nestled tightly against her smooth pussy. She pumped her pelvis back and forth while squeezing my cock with her thigh muscles, ultimately jerking me off in a different manner. She purred.

"Mmmmmmmm, that feels good baby."

Crazy thoughts were racing through my mine at the speed of light. With my cock between her legs, I initiated a move towards wall. I lifted her up into the seated position I was in just a few minutes ago. She willingly lay back on her elbows in a reclined position and raised her legs without any prompting from me. She pulled her knees back to her ears and put her feet straight up in the air. She didn't hesitate at all, as she knew full well what she wanted.

The sight of that 52 year old pussy was a beauty to behold. Just a barely thin layer of fuzz and the sexiest little lips peeking out from between some nice wrinkled outer lips. I dove right in and licked her cunt 8 ways to Sunday. She was purring and cooing as I alternated between licking inside then out. After several minutes, I squatted lower and tongued her little puckered cinnamon ring. She nearly jumped off the side of the pool.

"Awww fuck.......You little devil."

She wrapped her fingers in my hair, keeping me firmly between her legs. I finally zeroed in on her hardening nubby little clit.

"Oh yes, lick me baby. Lick my bean. Make me cum........... ahhhhhhhh yes..."

I pinched her firm nubby little clit between my lips and tongued it until she couldn't take it anymore. I felt her body begin to spasm as strong waves of pleasure coursed through her body.

"Fuckkkkkk........yes....yes.....I'm cummmmmming.........ahhhh ............."

After a few moments or orgasmic bliss, she pushed my head away and slid back into the water, kissing me with as much gusto as before. After a moment, she pulled back and looked me in the eye very seriously with satisfaction on her face.

"Every bit as good as the younger girls have said."

"Thanks, but we're not done yet."

I quickly spun her around and positioned her hands on the pool deck, bent over at the waist. I spread her legs and placed my bulbous knob at the entrance to her already prepped pussy. I met no resistance as I slid my knob passed her PC muscle and imbedded itself into her slick honey hole as she yelped with pleasure. I gripped her tiny hips and eased myself in and out until I was balls deep. I was quite surprised with how tight her pussy is, for a woman her age, and after giving birth. I've heard the horror stories. There was no time for niceties, so I just let it rip. I gave her the fucking that I've been dreaming about for years.

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