tagIncest/TabooIt's Good to Be Wrong

It's Good to Be Wrong


Author's note: Story is dedicated to Danielle, whose love for erotica helped to create this story. I hope you all enjoy!

Danielle slowly opens the door to her brother's room. As she looks into the darkness, she feels a little guilty about invading his privacy. After all, she asks herself, didn't she get enraged when she found him digging through her room just a couple of years ago. Yes, she tells herself, but this is different. Kyle is hiding something, she knows this. While their relationship has not always been the strongest, he would always talk to her, offer to do things with her. Little things.

She came home for spring break almost six days ago. Kyle had said hello when she entered the house and that has been the only word he has used.

Every morning, she would come down to the kitchen table, he would say hello and then leave for work.

Every evening, she would be helping her mother with the dishes, he would come home, say hello and go to his room.

Every night she could hear him typing away at his computer and that was all she knew of her brother.

At first she figured that it was because he had turned eighteen. His birthday had been in January and he was getting ready to graduate high school in only a month. She had remembered how she was only two years ago when she was going through graduation. She had pretty much locked herself away from the outside world as well.

After several days, though, she became worried and asked her parents. Her father hadn't noticed anything. Not really a surprise since he spent almost twenty hours a day at his office. It was never a lifestyle that Danielle had approved of, but he did have the money to buy them many nice things. Her mother, however, had noticed the change. It was only recently, she had told Danielle. Almost right after his birthday party. She, too, thought that it was due to becoming an adult and the forthcoming graduation.

Danielle thinks back to the birthday party as she enters the dark room and approaches the computer. That was the last time that she can remember him being himself. He had smiled the whole time she was there. He had loved her present and thanked her repeatedly for it. He had hugged her on more than one occasion that night, expressing his gratitude.

She turns on a small lamp and looks at his desk clock. She has thirty minutes before he gets home. She wished that she had more time but she had to wait for their mom to leave on her shopping run before she could do this. She knows the answer is on his computer. That has been his friend lately.

She pushes the power button and waits for it to boot up. What if he is chatting with a girl, she asks herself. That would definitely explain his behavior. Why chat with your sister when you could be talking to some hot internet babe?

What if that is the answer, she ponders as the monitor flickers to life. After all, he is not bad looking. If he wasn't her brother, she knows that she would jump him in a second. He stands almost six feet tall, no fat, muscular, deep blue eyes, and she knows that he is well endowed. She smiles as she thinks back to the night before his birthday party. She had arrived a day early and went out with an old friend. She had gotten home, late, and proceeded to tiptoe to her old room. As she walked by Kyle's room she heard his bed creaking. Not knowing what to think, she noticed he had not closed his door so she slowly pushed it open to see what was going on, half expecting to see him with a girl he had snuck into the house.

However, that was not what she had seen. Instead, he was lying, on his back, stroking his cock very fast. She remembers just standing there, staring at it. She had never dreamed that a dick could be that large. No wonder Kyle had so many girlfriends, she had thought.

She had to get the strength to slowly close the door, reminding herself that this was her brother. She had gone to sleep that night and dreamed of Kyle's cock and woke up to find her panties soaking wet. Danielle looks at the computer screen, surprised that those memories came back to her. She had been able to bury them under school and work and they had not resurfaced since his party at all.

She finds the files folder and clicks it open. A series of dates appear on the screen. She scrolls down and notices that they all are after his birthday. She clicks on the first one and waits for the file to open.

Danielle suddenly shivers as the air conditioner starts up and cold air touches her skin. She had been swimming, so that she could keep an eye on her mother, and didn't have time to change. She wishes she would have grabbed a towel as the file opens. Instead, she has to sit here in her semi-damp bikini. Well, this will not take long, she thinks as she begins to look at the text.

To her surprise it looks like a story. It starts off simple, telling about a family living in an upscale neighborhood. The introduction is very detailed. She had no idea that Kyle enjoyed writing but, after the first page, she finds that he is indeed very good. The characters remind her of their family. The descriptions are correct. The sister in the story could be her twin: small, thin, chestnut brown hair, her love of swimming, her love of shopping... It is like looking at herself. He has even gotten her breast size of 34 C correct. He must have stolen a peek at one of my bras, she thinks as she clicks the mouse and the next page comes up.

So he is writing, Danielle tells herself. Many famous writers were known to be reclusive when they wrote, Kyle looks to be no different. She begins to feel guilty looking at this when the story starts talking about the brother's eighteenth birthday party. He is writing about life, she thinks as she goes to click the file closed. As she drags the pointer to the red X... the next couple sentences catch her attention:

-"Tom pulls his sister close to him, to thank her for the beautiful present. As they hug, she whispers in his ear that she had seen him stroking his huge cock the night before and subtly grabs his ass."-

Danielle freezes but reads on.

-The sister invites the brother up to her room after the party. There, she tells him how she had seen him playing with his dick and that she fingered herself to sleep, thinking about it. She tells the brother that she has an extra birthday present for him, The sister then reaches down, pushes his shorts down and takes his hardening cock in her hand.-

Danielle cannot believe that Kyle is writing stories about incest.

He is very good, she tells herself and knows that she needs to stop reading, but she finds that she can't. She is mesmerized by his story telling. Kyle's writing is so graphic and raw.

Danielle finishes the first story that ends with the brother and sister, lying in bed, his huge cock slowly sliding into the sister's pussy. She finds the next one and begins reading it, not realizing that her hand has slowly traveled to her bikini bottom. Danielle can feel the heat of her pussy against the thin fabric. She can feel her hardening clit against the bikini. She is also aware of her erect nipples pressing against the thin material of her top.

She has to get out of here, Danielle thinks. This is wrong. She begins to close the two files and starts to click on the item that will allow her to turn off the computer when a deep voice cuts through the silence.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

Danielle jumps to her feet, looks at the clock and then at the shadowy figure of her brother.

Kyle stares at her.

"I took off a half hour early, sis. I realized I hadn't been too polite to you, and thought I would come home to spend some time with you. Instead, I come home to find you going through my stuff."

He turns on a light and looks at her. She knows that he can see her hard nipples against her bikini.

"So, you enjoyed it, didn't you, sis?"

Danielle is shocked by the question. She knows that she cannot tell him the truth. How is she supposed to tell him that she is horny from reading the stories and thinking of his huge cock.

"Fuck no," is her answer. "That is pure trash. Writing about brothers and sisters. That's sick."

"Get your stories straight, sis," Kyle replies.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, your brain is telling me one thing, but your pussy is saying something different."

Danielle looks down at her bikini bottom. A large wet sot is evident against the bright yellow fabric.

"I had been swimming," she begins to protest.

"Then why isn't the rest of your bikini wet?"

Danielle pretends to get angry. She folds her arms across her chest and steps away from the desk.

"Why are you questioning me," she asks. " I am the one who should be asking you questions. After all, your stories are involving people who looks an awful lot like you and I. I should be angry, not you."

"At least I am being honest, " Kyle replies as he shuts the door behind him.

"Next time," he says as he locks it, "Lock the damn door, unless you want to be caught."

Danielle freezes as the image of his unlocked door springs back into her mind. Kyle had always been careful about locking his room, so why did she not find it weird for it to be unlocked unless....

"So you....."

Kyle smiles.

"Yes, sis. I saw you come late that night. I got out of my bed. Opened it just enough to tempt you and put on one hell of a performance. I know you enjoyed it because you stood there for several minutes. I saw you in a mirror."

"I did not enjoy your show."

Kyle turns off the main light, leaving the room bathed in the glow of the desk lamp and the computer monitor.

"Lies, sis, lies. Now why do you think I hugged you so many times on my birthday? I was hard as hell and I wanted you to know it."

Danielle thinks back. She remembers him hugging her but she doesn't remember the feel of his cock pressing against her. She would have remembered that.

"Don't think too hard, sis. Every time I got the nerve up, I lost my erection before I could touch you."

He walks to his drawer and pulls out a piece of rope.

"Now what," she asks.

"You, my dear sis, need to be taught a lesson about lying. I have told you the truth. You haven't. I wanted you to see me stroking my cock. I know I am well endowed. The girls at school have told me so. However, the only girl I ever wanted was you."

He approaches her.

" I remember watching you and your friends play at the pool after you developed those lovely titties. I would sit in the living room and watch you swim, while I jacked off. I have had such fantasies for you. It wasn't until my birthday party that I actually had the nerve to show you."

"Now," he says as he stands beside her. "Sit down."

"What are you going to do," Danielle asks.

"Like I said, sis. This is about lying. Now, tell me the truth. Did you enjoy the stories?"

"No," Danielle answers.

Kyle sighs.

"Sit down."

Danielle looks at the rope and then at the chair. Her pussy gets wetter by the second as she thinks about what may be happening. However, she finally convinces herself that it is wrong.

"I don't think so," she says as she heads for the door.

"Okay, sis. If that is your decision. However, I don't think mom and dad will understand about you and Jamie."

She stops her hand as it reaches the doorknob.

"Jamie," she asks.

"The waitress down at Joe's pub."

'What do you mean," she asks as she turns to face him.

"Look, sis, just sit down. I know all about you getting drunk at the pub the day before my birthday. That was why you were late that night. Jamie fixed you lots of drinks and then you two went to her apartment and , well, it was a nice video."

"Video," Danielle asks, clearly angry now.

"Yeah, Jamie has this thing about seeing herself do it. She has some great tapes of her and me. One night, about a month ago, I told her my secret fantasy about you and me. She wanted to hear details. I got very graphic as she rode my cock. I could feel her pussy become wetter and wetter as I told her my fantasy. After she came, she showed my the video. Needless to say, I was quite sore the next morning."

Danielle is stunned. She doesn't know what to say. A few minutes ago she was getting horny but now she is scared. If their parents found out she has been with women, they would not understand and cut her off. She realizes that she doesn't have a choice.

"Mom will be home soon," she says. "It's obvious what you want to do. How are you going to explain me being tied up."

"You really need to do your homework, if you are going to sneak around the house. This note was left by mom, telling us that she is going to see Mrs. Johnson this evening. Dinner is in the fridge."

Their eyes meet.

'We, my sweet sister, are alone for quite some time."

"Now, sit down."

Danielle walks back to the chair. As she passes him, she can feel Kyle's eyes glued to her body. The thin bikini doesn't hide much at all. She sits down and he kneels by her with the rope. Slowly, he takes her arms and places them behind the chair. She notices, when he is done, that he hasn't tied it tight enough to hurt, just enough for her not to be able to move.

Kyle kneels in front of her and she just stares into his blue eyes as she feels his rough hands on her ankles. One by one he ties her legs to the chair so that she sits, legs spread, in front of him. She should fight this, she thinks and twists. Kyle laughs as he watches his half naked sister struggling with the ropes.

"You forget, sis. Eagle Scout. I tied the best damn knots in the troop."

He gets up and turns to the computer screen. She watches as he clicks several things and then the story files are back.

"You said, you didn't like the stories, right?"

"Of course, I didn't," Danielle protests.

"Let us see who was right and who was wrong... because I think you did."

He stands back from the computer and pushes her chair closer.

"Story 3...open."

The command is swift and Danielle is surprised to see a file open on the screen.

"What the fuck..." she whispers.

Kyle laughs as he begins to unbutton his shirt.

"Voice recognition technology, sis. Isn't America, Bill Gates, and E-bay fuckin' great?"

She stares back at her brother as his shirt comes off. Her heart begins to beat faster at the sight of his muscular chest. Her breathing becomes heavier as he begins to unzip his jeans. In less than a minute they are on the floor, next to his shirt, and his limp cock is inches away from her face. Even flaccid, it is huge.

"Now, sis. I want you to read."

She looks at the monitor and reads the story as he leaves the room for a second.

- This story opens as the brother and sister are on vacation in Florida. Sun bathing in the nude. The brother takes suntan lotion and applies it to the sister's breasts. He fondles her tits until there is no chance that she will burn. The sister than covers her brother's body, from head to toe ( including his large dick) with lotion.-

The story begins to get to her but Danielle has to act like it doesn't. She tries to mentally tell her pussy to calm down. However, as she reads each sentence, it begins to want her brother's cock more and more.

Kyle walks back in.

"How is it, sis?"

"It's good, Kyle, really good. However, it does nothing for me. Brother and sister stories are sick."

Danielle hopes that she can convince him that she is lying but he just laughs.

"By the way, Danielle, if you need to go the next page, just say Next and the page will turn."

Danielle turns back to the monitor. The end of page one is getting closer with the brother and sister beginning to fuck on the beach with the hot sun beating down on them.


Kyle looks at her.

"Very good, sis."

Danielle watches as he kneels down in front of her.

"I don't want you to say that I didn't give it an honest try," she says as she turns her attention back to the story.

-The sister is riding her brother's cock and is screaming out things like: 'Fuck my pussy, you big bull!", "Pound that hard cock into my tight, wet, pussy."-

As the story continues, Danielle finds that she wants to be that girl. She wants that cock to be in her. She wants to hide that huge cock. She wants to fuck that man. She wants to fuck Kyle.

She is interrupted from the story as Kyle places a small kiss on her ankle. It's gentleness surprises her but she enjoys it. She still cannot let him know that he was right so she tries to distract herself by going back to the story.

-The brother and sister collapses on their beach towel and a big tittied girl in a thong bikini walks up to them. She proceeds to sit with them and gently caresses the sister's wet, pulsing, clit. With the other hand, the stranger reaches over and begins to stroke the brother's cock until it, once more, sticks out like a flagpole-

Danielle feels the heat on her legs as Kyle kisses her knee. The kisses are still gentle and he is moving very slowly upwards. A slight moan escapes her lips and she wonders if he heard. She ignores that and reads some more.

- The stranger has lost her bikini and lies, naked on the beach towel. Her pussy is naked and glistens in the sun. -


The command is swift and Danielle knows it was. Kyle laughs as he replaces his kisses with his tongue. Danielle feels the soft tongue traveling up her leg and moans a little louder.

- The stranger spreads her legs and allows Tom, the brother to slide into her. He begins to fuck her slowly and the sister gets closer to them. She bends down and manages to lick the stranger's pussy while the brother slowly fucks it. The brother and the stranger moans as they feel her tongue alternate on the wet cunt and the hard dick, never knowing which one to completely enslave -

Danielle knows that Kyle is getting closer to her pussy. She knows he can see her growing wet spot. She knows he can smell her sweet aroma as he approaches the bikini.

"You were right," she moans as his tongue touches her damp fabric. She cannot take it anymore. Thoughts of Kyle's cock and Jamie's pussy fill her head.

"I do like this story, Kyle. I like it a lot. The brother's cock is so huge. Just like yours."

He looks up at her and smiles.

"I knew you would, sis."

He looks at the wet bikini.

"I bet that is really uncomfortable, sis."

Danielle nods her head.

"Yes, it is."

He reaches down and rips it down the side. Danielle's horniness grows stronger as she feels his strong hands brush against her , as he pulls the bikini bottom away. She sees the smile on his face as he stares at her wet pussy.

"Yep, you did enjoy it sis. However, there is one problem...."

"What is it," Danielle hopes that this wasn't a trick. He is probably going to say that this was wrong. That they shouldn't do this.

"Your small, patch of hair is really cute but I like to wrap my lips on naked skin, sis."

Kyle stands up and she is able to see that his cock is fully erect. It sticks out a good nine inches and is quite thick. She knows her small hands will never be able to wrap around it. She turns back to the story as he walks into his bathroom.

-The sister is now devouring the stranger's pussy as the brother is fucking her from behind. His balls slap against her, pushing her into the stranger's cunt.-

"Next," Danielle commands the computer as she hears water run. As the page turns, Kyle walks out, carrying a small bowl, shaving cream, and a razor. He kneels in front of her and places the bowl next to her.

Her pussy can feel the hot steam coming from the bowl. Danielle is mesmerized as Kyle scoops up some water and covers her already wet pubic hair with it. Next he takes the shaving cram and sprays some into his hands. He then begins to place it on her wet hair. It tickles, at first, but as he applies it, he allows his hand to brush against her clit and she shudders.

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