tagIncest/TabooIt's Good To Have an Older Sister Ch. 02

It's Good To Have an Older Sister Ch. 02


After Joann and I had fingered and had oral sex with each other that first time, we knew how much fun it was for both of us. So we decided to spend a few hours each week whenever we could in order that she could teach me what sex was all about. As a type of payment to my older sister, I would lick her pussy and make her cum. Joann would sometimes then lick my pussy after I licked hers. It drove me wild and she loved the way she could get my young body to cum.

But she wanted me to experience other things too. We had been doing that to each other now for a week or two when she asked me when I was going to let Tommy fuck me for the first time? I told her I wasn't sure, but would know when the time was right and just do it. We had taken my cherry with the vibrator she had, one night when my folks were gone, which although it hurt also felt wonderful. We cleaned everything up and washed her sheets and no one ever knew but her and I what had happened.

The time we spent together sucking and fucking each other on that fun toy of hers was good training preparing me for the time when I let Tom have my body and fill my pussy with his cock. It was true she taught me great many things like how to strengthen my pelvis and squeeze my pussy muscles. And now she was teaching me to learn the ABCs of fucking in different positions with that vibrator. It was also wonderful for her, as I never left before eating her pussy, I never felt closer to my big sister. She loved the way I would curl up with her and then lick her pussy without any hesitation. I was always able to make her cum and loved it when her cum would spill all over my face and hands.

One of the coolest things we ever did together was shaving each other's pussy and then sucked on the clean openings until we both had orgasms. I shaved her and then licked her into a hell of an orgasm in the bedroom afterwards.

Then she did me and when I had an orgasm, I was so worked up, I shot cum out of my pussy this time. It was so fucking hot, even Joann was surprised, as she had never seen a woman spurt cum like that before. Here's what happened!

Our parents were away on their 10-day cruise for their 20th wedding anniversary. My sister Joann was in charge. Oh God!! That's funny because it's like having no one in charge, as you will soon see. After we had shaved each other, Joann sat on the bed playing with her new no hair toy, rubbing her shaved pussy. She said, "Why are you sitting over there looking at your pussy in the mirror Jane?"

I said, "I can't get over how damn sexy our pussies look without any hair around them! We look like little kids now between our legs!"

Joann said, "More like porn stars if you ask me. Well at least you could come over here and kiss my little slit for me. Let me know how it tastes with no hair around it. I can't wait to feel how a kiss will feel and effect my new baldheaded pussy. Come here Jane and kiss it for me. Try it out, please sis!"

I laughed and said, "OK! OK! I'm coming. You just want your pussy licked again!"

She laughed and said, "Yea! You're right Jane. You do me and then I'll do you. You know you're getting very good at eating pussy little sister! I can't wait to see how you'll fuck Tommy for the first time. When are you going to give in and let him have your body?"

I told her again, "I'm not sure but soon, I mean we have done everything else but fuck. and I really want to try a real cock and not a vibrator. He has seen me completely nude and I have seen him too. His cock is nice and solid and gets so red when he cums, I love the taste of him too. Do all guys taste the same?" I asked.

Joann told me, No. It depends on the food they eat and the guy's makeup. I bet that if you suck Danny he'll taste different to Tommy. Hey I got a great idea. Why don't you suck Dan and I'll do Tommy today when they come over. It will shock the hell of both of them. Come on it will be fun and the guys will love it."

I don't know why but I finally gave in and agreed but told her she should take Tommy into her room so he wouldn't see what I'm doing to Danny."

She agreed as I moved over her as she sank down on the bed and lay on her back as she smiled at me and opened her legs bending them at the knees. I smiled down at her seeing her pink and white pussy where hair should have been. She had her knees bent and laid there wide opened for me so I could get between them and lick and suck on her pussy. As I did, I put my head between her thighs and began to lick her baldheaded pussy up and down. She moaned really loud and I laughed when I heard her. She held my head and pumped her sweet pussy into my face in a minute cumming like a garden hose.

She did smell better without the hair around her hole and the smooth skin was a turn on for me as I ran my fingers and tongue all over it.

Now, as I continued to lick my sister we heard the back door open and then close. Then we heard the guys walking up the stairs and Danny saying, "Where are you girl? Your men are here to service you and please you to your heart's desire. Where are you hiding those sexy bodies? Where are you?"

Jo yelled, "In my room! Jane, quick get up here and sit next to me."

We sat on her bed with our legs wide open rubbing and showing both of our bald pussies as the guys walked into the room. Danny smiled and said, "Oh My God! Look Tom it's the baldheaded pussy sisters!"

Tommy laughed and said; "They sure look like sisters now don't they?"

We all laughed as the guys moved towards us. Danny said, "You both look good enough to eat. Tom which bald pussy would you like this morning for breakfast?"

Tommy said, "I think I would like the one on the left."

That was I, and I smiled and got up off the bed and took his hand as we walked to my bedroom. Danny patted my ass as I walked past him. Then he stopped me and said, "Wait a minute! Wait a minute Jane! Let me see that pussy of yours!"

I stood there while Danny knelt and touched me spreading the lips of my wet pussy. His touch sent shock waves all over my body and I shivered. Danny was the second guy to ever touch me. Tommy was the first. Dan smiled and said, "Umm Jane you look better every day baby! Have fun Tommy she is already really wet for you!"

I stopped him and we both stood by Joann's bedroom door and watched as Danny got undressed and climbed on my sister's bed. Then we walked out of her doorway. Tommy and I looked back and saw Danny sitting on the bed touching my sister's baldheaded pussy. She smiled at us and said goodbye as we saw her open her legs as wide as she could for Danny to explore.

Tommy and I walked into my bedroom and Tommy got undressed. His cock was already hard. We got on the bed and Tommy asked me, "Open your legs for me Jane. Let me see you up close."

I gladly opened them for him. I loved his mouth on my pussy and couldn't wait to feel him lick me there, now that I had shaved the hair off of it. He sat between my legs and as I stroked his hard cock, he fingered my pussy exploring every inch of my new smooth pussy! It felt so nice and he told me how dam sexy I looked without any hair around my pussy. We spend a while letting him touch and kiss me before he moved up and kissed my mouth. I moaned, "Make love to me baby. Eat me and make me cum."

He started to kiss and tongue me as we held each other. I whispered in his ear, "Oh Tommy. I'm so glad you and I are together. I love you baby."

He was licking his way down my chest and took one of my nipples into my mouth. He sucked on one as his hands worked on the other one. I continued to slowly jerk him off as he knelt next to me.

He was so gentle and easy with me. I felt his hard cock growing more in my hand as I rubbed it with both of my hands now. His mouth now licking over my thigh and I opened my legs wide so he could get between them. He moved his body around and got between my legs as he continued to lick and suck his way down and around my lower stomach, slowly moving over each leg and the skin where my pussy hair use to be.

My nipples were hard and long. He said, "God Jane! You taste so good. shaved"

I said, "New soap! You feel so good too Tommy. I'm so wet! Are you ready for me to ride your tongue? I'm so hot for you right now."

He smiled up at me from between my legs now and said, "Yes I'm always ready to make love you Jane. I want to try something my brother told me about last night."

I asked, "What's that?"

He said, "I want to tit fuck you first Jane. Can we try it? I think I know how."

I said, "Sure, if you know how to do it. I'm not sure, I would have liked to see Joann and Danny do it first."

He said, "Danny told me how last night. Can we try it?"

I smiled at him and said, "You know I would do anything for you Tommy. I love you babe!"

He said, "Well from what Danny told it's hot!"

I laughed and said, "Well if it involves a tit and a fuck how bad can it be. Sure let's try it."

He smiled and said, "OK! Here's what we do it."

He laid me on my back and moved up on top of me and told me to push my tits together around his hard cock that was lying on my chest. I did, and he began to move his cock in and out between them. His cock looked bigger today. Bigger than it did the last time my face was this close to his cock, yesterday!

I said, "Your cock is all shinny Tommy and it looks much bigger than it ever did before."

He smiled and took my hand pressing them against my tits harder. They formed a tighter seal around his hard cock that he was pumping between then. I knew what he was doing now and when I saw the fat red cock head peeking out the top of my tits I took my tongue and tried to lick it. He said, "Wait a minute Jane I have to get it fully hard for you to do that. Fuck. I wish I was a long as my brother."

I did too but didn't say anything. I smiled and pushed my breasts harder still around his cock. God I was getting so excited seeing his cock this close to my face. As I wondered if he was going to cum in my face, my nipples were sticking up hard as rocks. Each time he pumped his cock between my tits, his cock head got closer to my mouth.

I said, "Oh Tommy. Pump baby. I want that cock head in my mouth so bad. I want to suck you baby. Push! Push! Push!"

He was trying, but he was just to short. His cock was just not long enough. But, I could see the pre-cum leaking out of his cock hole and I said, "Why don't you just bring that big cock up here and let me suck you baby. I'll make you feel so good Tommy. Let me suck that big fat cock of yours."

He moaned and let my hands around my tits go. He moved up to my chin very quickly and put the big cock head into my mouth. I sucked it happily for him. He was sliding his cock in and out of my mouth now fucking my mouth as I sucked him into heaven. He told me later that it was the best blowjob I ever gave him. I could taste his cum as he began to ejaculate. More and more cum was shooting out of his cock as his tight ball sack kept hitting my chin and neck as he fucked and fucked my mouth.

I was so happy to get him off and make him happy. He was my wonderful lover and the only man I had ever really wanted. I dreamed about other guys and how big their cocks were, but I only wanted Tommy, forever. I knew when I did it the first time it would be with him. I continued to suck Tom's cock and he continued to fuck my mouth until I had drained all the cum in his balls. It was now in my mouth and in my stomach. Yes I swallowed it this time just like Joann told me to do. It wasn't that bad, a little bitter and thick but not bad at all!

When he had finished he rolled off of me and kissed and held me until he had calmed down a little. His cock was still semi-hard and was leaving a little cum trail on my leg as it leaked a little of his wetness when he moved around on my body.

Now it was his turn. He licked his way down my body and reached my shaved pussy. I opened my legs again saying, "Oh yes! Oh Tommy you'll never know how much I love this and you baby. Yes Tommy! Eat me baby. Lick me and make me cum. Mummm your mouth feel so good. Oh yes Tommy. Like that baby. Oh god yes. I love your tongue in my pussy. Oh Tommy eat my bald headed pussy. Oh yes. Oh Yes!! Oh yes!!"

He was working so hard when I saw Joann and Danny come back into my room. I had climaxed twice already from his tongue and was trying to get Tommy up from between my legs. Joann said, "Well that looks nice! I bet Tommy loves to eat your shaved pussy as much as Danny loved licking my new baldheaded pussy."

I was moaning as he moved up my body licking it all the way. His cock was super hard again. Joan said, "Well Tommy I understand that you would ready like to tit fuck sometime? I heard you were going to try it with Jane today."

He turned around to see both Joann, my older sister and Danny her boyfriend standing there completely nude. Danny's cock was hang down semi-hard and Joann's tits were covered with cum. She was so beautiful! Tommy looked at me and I said, "Go for it Tommy. Fuck my sister's tits! I need to rest a minute anyway."

I whispered, "And cum on her face for me."

He laughed and she said, "What? What's so funny?"

Tommy got off the bed and she took Tommy's hand and walked him out of my bedroom and into hers. Danny was standing there looking at my naked body laying on my bed. He came over and began to slowly stroke my inner thigh up and down. He said, "So what would you like Jane while your sister has your boyfriend in her bed? While Tommy tit fucks your sister, what would you like me to do?"

I don't know where it came from but I told him, "I want to try 69 with you."

He smiled and said, "I was hoping you would say something like that my little cock hound! But your sister just made me cum so fucking hard I'm not sure I can get this big old cock up again so soon without your help."

He moved up now on his knees right in front of me as I sat with my back against the bed. He held his semi-hard cock was out in front of my face and he said, "Maybe you can help me little sister. Is there something my little cock hound could do to help get me hard again? What do you think Jane? You get me hard and I'll lick your shaved little pussy and we'll see where that leads us."

He smiled as he knelt there shaking his cock into my face. I took my hand and wrapped it around his big cock. With it somewhat soft and I could actually get my fingers around it now. I began to stroke it and pump on it as my other hand cupped his balls that were also hanging down.

He said, "Yea, that's it Jane. That should help me. Lick it baby! Suck the head for me too!"

I did and could taste my sister's pussy on his cock. I worked on his cock for a long while but it wasn't getting that much hard. It had grown a little and I loved watching this big cock get hard. But he was still somewhat soft. I continued to play with it until he said, "Put the head in your mouth deeper and suck it harder little sister. Suck it real hard and use your hand to jerk me off. That will help I'm sure."

As I sat there looking directly at his cock, Danny stayed kneeling right in front of me. I took his cock head and slowly licked all around and over the head making it all wet. I could really taste my sister on his cock now as I took more and more of his shaft into my mouth as he started to fuck my lips. He moaned and I felt it start to grow more. He said, "Suck it harder. Suck it Jane. Work your magic baby. Mumm. That's it take more of it into your mouth. Yes! Oh fuck yes. That's feels so good . Suck me baby."

And as he started to fuck my mouth faster now, his cock now began to grow faster too. It beginning to gag me and I had to pull it back. I took a deep breath and took all of him I could into my mouth and down my throat. My pussy was leaking it's own juices now as he continued to grow and I continued to suck him.

Once he hardened to around his hard 8 inches, I popped his cock out of my mouth and said, "Enough sucking Danny!! Now eat me as I do you. You owe me big for the blow job!"

And Danny dove into my cunt as I slid down on the bed. We changed positions and were in a 69 when Tommy and Joann came back into the room. They saw me lying under Danny as he was licking my very wet shaved pussy and I was sucking his cock as his cum covered my lips and chin. He had tried to push it down my throat as I lay under him. We were both panting like wolves!

I moved and sat up when I saw Joann's chest closer it was covered with cum. Tommy's cum was running down her body as she showed me what he did with her. She had some on her chin and around her lips! He had tittie fucked her and she had gotten him off.

I made a note to ask her how she did it so well. Joann came around and took Dan's cock in her hand. She smiled and said, "Well you finally sucked my boyfriend Jane. When are you going to let one of these guys fuck you little sister?"

I blushed and said I didn't know. I told her I wasn't going to give Danny my cherry that was for Tommy. She smiled and said, "Even so little sister, it looks like you drained my boyfriend. Look how soft he is. Good job Jane!"

She smiled and I smiled as Danny said, "Her pussy is so tight I had trouble getting two fingers in her Tommy you are going to love it when Jane is ready. But I was able to get her off at least 3 timers with my tongue and fingers. God she is really a cock hound."

He and my sister smiled as she played with his soft cock jerking him off as she sat there talking to me. She said, "So Jane how was it sucking his big cock?"

Tommy came over and held me as I told my sister, "Well it sure is long and he sure knows how to use it. It took forever to get him to cum, my jaws hurt!"

Joann said, "Well that's because I made him cum twice hard before he came into your room. We planned it that way so it would take a very long time for you to make him cum a third time. He wanted to see how good you were at sucking. We both knew it would take a long time before he shot his load in your mouth! It worked."

She looked at Tommy and asked, "So when are you guys going to fuck each other?"

I blushed again and told her I didn't know. Danny got up and said he had to work for a few hours.

Joann said, "Well Tommy, you don't work today do you?"

He said, "No, I can hang around if you want."

Joann laughed and said, "Well, you won't be hanging long if I have anything to do about it"

She patted my bed and Tommy sat down on it still holding me. She said, "Get between us Tommy."

He did and we all said goodbye to Danny. As soon as he left, Joann said, "OK. Now everyone into the shower. It's time Jane and I'll be there to help you."

I looked at her with a question on my face and said, What are you talking about?"

She said, "Time to have Tommy fuck you little sister. You do want him to do it don't you?"

I said, "You're such a whore! Yes I do but when the time is right for both of us."

She laughed and said, "Well you're the one who just sucked my boyfriend for almost an hour Jane! OK. Tommy is the time right for you?"

He smiled and said, "Hell yea!"

She looked at me and said, "And you, Jane? "

I said, "I.....I guess so. But I didn't think you were going to be here with us Jo."

She said, "Has Tommy fucked anyone before?"

He shook his head no as he blushed. She said, "Then who's going to show you how to do it without him hurting you?"

I didn't know and so as the three of us stepped into the warm water of the shower, I agreed and wondered if today Tommy was really going to fuck my shaved pussy. And I wondered if Jane was going to help us. I shivered again as I looked at Tommy and saw his cock hardening and pointing out at me. Joann laughed as she washed us both. She paid particular attention to Tommy's cock and I was afraid he would cum again and not be able to get hard. She kept him right on the edge. Then we all dried off and got into my bed but as usual.

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